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 48 2018-09-09T08:16:12  <wumpus> there is a feature for manual pruning, isn't  there?
 49 2018-09-09T08:16:43  <wumpus> I remember something like that was merged at some point, a command line flag to prevent automatic pruning as well as a RPC to prune
 50 2018-09-09T08:17:47  <wumpus> client software could use this to prune only what they no longer require
 51 2018-09-09T08:21:53  <wumpus> (I don't think any lightning daemons do this, at the moment, but would be useful)
 52 2018-09-09T08:37:53  <CubicEarth> wumpus: yeah, sipa was also saying there is manual prune option
 53 2018-09-09T08:39:53  <CubicEarth> so that should be able to be used by lightning nodes to ensure the only blocks pruned are ones they don't need anymore
 54 2018-09-09T08:42:01  *** hebasto has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 55 2018-09-09T08:42:57  <gmaxwell> the design of manual prune is kinda not ideal if you have multiple potential things that need data. :(
 56 2018-09-09T08:44:47  <CubicEarth> if there was a DoNotPruneAbove, it could be set by different things, with the lowest one controlling
 57 2018-09-09T08:45:30  <gmaxwell> indeed but then you'd need interface elements to remove zombie DNPAs.
 58 2018-09-09T08:45:55  <CubicEarth> Yeah :)
 59 2018-09-09T08:46:09  <CubicEarth> If too many things want the data, not pruning at all might be favorable
 60 2018-09-09T08:50:43  <gmaxwell> it might be more useful if there were just a way of setting it up so you won't process blocks unless your lightning is running, or you've removed the binding.
 61 2018-09-09T08:51:00  <CubicEarth> In either case though, if blocks are to be retained until the pruning command is given by another service, it seems useful to have bitcoin have an option to not download more than some MBs or GBs worth of blocks
 62 2018-09-09T08:51:12  <CubicEarth> ahead
 63 2018-09-09T08:53:23  <CubicEarth> gmaxwell: are we saying the same thing?
 64 2018-09-09T08:59:21  <wumpus> it's not ideal, but nothing is even using the current functionality as far as I know, so I'm kind of reluctant to discuss adding even more
 65 2018-09-09T09:00:12  <wumpus> once it works for the 1 bitcoind - 1 lightningd case, it'd be more fruitful to discuss extending it to other cases
 66 2018-09-09T09:01:16  <wumpus> instead of adding a lot of logic for something that no one will be using in practice
 67 2018-09-09T09:02:43  <wumpus> FWIW "DNPA" could be implemented by an external process using the current RPC interface
 68 2018-09-09T09:02:57  <wumpus> have it manage the list of requirements and manage manual pruning
 69 2018-09-09T09:03:01  <wumpus> accordingly
 70 2018-09-09T09:05:01  <CubicEarth> Yeah. DNPA is mostly the same as manual pruning it seems.
 71 2018-09-09T09:05:13  <CubicEarth> And that makes sense about not adding complexity.
 72 2018-09-09T09:05:55  <CubicEarth> Maybe it would be simple to add a DoNotValidateBeyond ?
 73 2018-09-09T09:06:21  <wumpus> what I mean is that manual pruning provides the required low-level interface, DNPA would be one strategy to manage it at a higher level with multiple data consumers, but likely not the only way (at some point you might want to kill off consumers if they're too slow, for example, depending on disk space etc)
 74 2018-09-09T09:08:15  <CubicEarth> I understood as such ^^ even if my reply suggested otherwise :)
 75 2018-09-09T09:08:23  <wumpus> something like that, though validation is not the problem in this case, block download is - you'd want to tell it to pause downloading new blocks
 76 2018-09-09T09:08:58  <wumpus> I think there's a command that more or less does that, pause networking, but might be GUI-only I don't remember exactly
 77 2018-09-09T09:10:04  *** SopaXorzTaker has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 78 2018-09-09T09:10:55  <wumpus> "setnetworkactive"
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 80 2018-09-09T09:12:35  <wumpus> it can continue validating the blocks it already has, that won't fill up disk space
 81 2018-09-09T09:13:13  <wumpus> with manual pruning, it's not the validation that triggers pruning anyhow
 82 2018-09-09T09:15:09  <CubicEarth> hmmm, but block are not downloaded sequentially anymore, right?
 83 2018-09-09T09:16:08  <CubicEarth> or non-sequentially within a sliding window?
 84 2018-09-09T09:16:13  <wumpus> I don't see how that is relevant to this, stopping block download is stopping block download, whether they're downloaded sequentially or not, if you want it to stop filling up disk you want to pause block download
 85 2018-09-09T09:17:49  <wumpus> the blocks it downloads can be non-sequential in a consensus sense, but on disk, they're all simply to the block files in a first come first serve basis
 86 2018-09-09T09:17:56  <wumpus> +appended
 87 2018-09-09T09:19:13  <CubicEarth> I was thinking it wouldn't be as helpful to have downloaded and storing a bunch of blocks, and yet be missing an earlier one, at the point networking was shut off
 88 2018-09-09T09:19:36  <wumpus> why not?
 89 2018-09-09T09:20:02  <CubicEarth> validation couldn't proceed
 90 2018-09-09T09:20:03  <wumpus> that stops filling the disk; once it's turned on again, it will download the rest and connect them
 91 2018-09-09T09:20:09  <wumpus> of course validation cannot proceed
 92 2018-09-09T09:20:20  <wumpus> you're essentially shutting down your node without really shutting it down
 93 2018-09-09T09:20:53  <wumpus> so it will respond to RPC queries to get the blocks and other data already there
 94 2018-09-09T09:21:01  <wumpus> and to pruning commands
 95 2018-09-09T09:21:44  <wumpus> once the clients have caught up, and a pruning command has been issues, the networking can be waken up again, but maybe I'm missing something I don't know...
 96 2018-09-09T09:22:44  <wumpus> and validation will continue as far as it can with the blocks that it had at the time of network shutdown, not further
 97 2018-09-09T09:24:30  <CubicEarth> I need to think about it more (not from the lightning perspective ... I am no lighting expert). What you are describing might be totally workable. I was just thinking if blocks are not downloaded sequentially, and networking was turned off, there will be storage being taken up with blocks that can't be validated due to gaps. I wasn't thinking practically so much. Just in theory, it would be nice to only be storing
 98 2018-09-09T09:24:30  <CubicEarth> what could be validated
 99 2018-09-09T09:25:09  <CubicEarth> Yes, those gaps would be filled as soon as networking was turned back on, and it would proceed.
100 2018-09-09T09:25:46  <wumpus> yes I think it makes sense to get a clear idea of what you practically need, otherwise you'll by definition drag unrelated concerns into it
101 2018-09-09T09:25:59  <wumpus> exactly
102 2018-09-09T09:29:37  <wumpus> from the perspective of the lightning clients they will see the block number stop increasing when validation is blocked, which will negatively affect their usefulness as lightning nodes, channel status updates will no longer be detected
103 2018-09-09T09:31:55  <CubicEarth> the block download window is 1024, btw
104 2018-09-09T09:32:52  <gmaxwell> CubicEarth: no, above I meant a something much simpler. A setting in bitcoind where it just won't run unless your lightning daemon is connected.
105 2018-09-09T09:33:55  <gmaxwell> but as wumpus was saying, they aren't even bothering to use the existing functionality.
106 2018-09-09T09:37:30  <CubicEarth> those lazy lighting devs!
107 2018-09-09T09:39:51  <gmaxwell> more like they only recently graduated to not requiring -txindex...
108 2018-09-09T09:41:55  <jl2012> I have a question about this: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/secp256k1/src/scalar_8x32_impl.h#L78
109 2018-09-09T09:42:34  <jl2012> if no becomes true in line 78 to 81, yes must be false
110 2018-09-09T09:42:46  <jl2012> why don't it return the result earlier?
111 2018-09-09T09:44:09  <gmaxwell> Because there is no need to, it might well even be slower to do so.
112 2018-09-09T09:47:25  <gmaxwell> it would also make the function non-constant-time if it terminates early.
113 2018-09-09T09:47:47  <jl2012> oh, I think this is the real reason?
114 2018-09-09T09:48:52  <gmaxwell> if that were the only reason we'd have two versions.
115 2018-09-09T09:49:13  <gmaxwell> But as I said, I wouldn't be surprised if branching out earlier was slower.
116 2018-09-09T09:52:51  <jl2012> thanks!
117 2018-09-09T09:59:28  <wumpus> CubicEarth: please, don't call anyone lazy just because they don't focus on your specific issue, everyone is more like overworked
118 2018-09-09T10:00:36  <wumpus> btw, wow, lightiningd's API to get the last log messages for a specific node is very nice
119 2018-09-09T10:01:50  <wumpus> even works to get log messages at a lower logging level (say, debug) than are written to disk
120 2018-09-09T10:02:29  <gmaxwell> I had aspirations of doing all our logging into a ringbuffer... with disk just taking a feed off it.
121 2018-09-09T10:02:49  <gmaxwell> which would allow us to do things like no logs normally, but dump the ring on crash.
122 2018-09-09T10:02:59  <wumpus> that's what they do, I think, well I don't know if it's implemented as a ringbuffer but it acts that way on the outside
123 2018-09-09T10:03:54  <wumpus> but yes that would be neat to have
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125 2018-09-09T10:04:10  <wumpus> at least for log messages that don't cost a lot of overhead to format unnecessarily
126 2018-09-09T10:04:23  <CubicEarth> wumpus: you are right. I meant it not seriously, but things don't always come across as intended on irc. Nothing but respect for lightning devs from me!
127 2018-09-09T10:04:37  <wumpus> CubicEarth: okay, sorry for misreading you then
128 2018-09-09T10:05:32  <gmaxwell> wumpus: yea, I wondered about that but IIRC other than the format strings themselves there are only ~two places in the code where we totally skip some processing according the the log flags.
129 2018-09-09T10:05:57  <gmaxwell> and I seem to recall thinking that those could probably just go away.
130 2018-09-09T10:06:24  <wumpus> gmaxwell: agree, my concern i not relevant to many places and there we already skip the processin explicitly, so the ring-buffer thing would just work
131 2018-09-09T10:06:37  <wumpus> (except for those messages, obviously)
132 2018-09-09T10:07:45  <gmaxwell> I think in general, for most users, the logging provides no real value, just wastes disk space even becomes an attack vector (e.g. via spam up the disk attacks). So as a result we've made default logging pretty conservative, but then useful stuff isn't there when something goes wrong.  perhaps more interesting is how any of this would interact with concurrency.
133 2018-09-09T10:12:47  <wumpus> it'd have to synchronize around writes to the ringbuffer, instead of around disk writes like now
134 2018-09-09T10:13:54  <wumpus> there is a PR that moves part of logging to a thread I suddenly remember, #13200, should look into it in more detail
135 2018-09-09T10:13:56  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/13200 | Process logs in a separate thread by jamesob · Pull Request #13200 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
136 2018-09-09T10:14:10  <gmaxwell> right but if the ringbuffer is getting more logs into it because it logs more things than disk, that might be annoying. Of course we could have a seperate buffer per thread(group) and only take locks for all of them to merge output for display.
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138 2018-09-09T10:15:14  <wumpus> yes, fair enough
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193 2018-09-09T21:28:32  <phantomcircuit> it seems kind of awkward to me to use the new naming convention in the same (small) function as the old one
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196 2018-09-09T21:36:24  <sipa> phantomcircuit: if it's a small function, just change it all
197 2018-09-09T21:38:46  <phantomcircuit> sipa, im looking at https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/718843aed5e60e42ebbe822457511b4fbbf318eb/src/net.cpp#L1225
198 2018-09-09T21:39:01  <phantomcircuit> which is mostly moveonly, changing it would change that
199 2018-09-09T21:39:09  <phantomcircuit> but the nMicroTime variable is new
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