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19:01:13 <aj> hey! last one!
19:01:41 <michaelfolkson> A sequel planned for the new year? ;)
19:02:27 <andytoshi> hiya
19:02:35 <pyskell> hi
19:04:40 <sipa> i have a tiny suggestion: instead of calling the (c[0] & 0xfe) the leaf version, and having weird requirements on its top bits, what baout calling (c[0] & 0x3e)/2 the leaf version, so that it's just a number from 0 through 31
19:09:13 <michaelfolkson> Sounds reasonable. I don't think that change would cause confusion at this stage
19:09:51 <sipa> i had difficulty explaining in my talk yesterday why the version number for tapscript is 0xc0 instead of just 0
19:10:32 <michaelfolkson> Can you share your slides from yesterday? It might take a while for the video to go up
19:10:38 <aj> doesn't that just make it hard to explain why there's a 0x32 and /2 constant instead of <<1 ?
19:11:13 <sipa> maybe
19:12:02 <sipa> just gave the link on twitter: https://prezi.com/view/AlXd19INd3isgt3SvW8g/
19:12:10 <aj> michaelfolkson: i was thinking that maybe something focussed on adding test cases (and test vectors for bip-taproot/tapscript) could work...
19:12:33 <michaelfolkson> sipa: Thanks
19:12:35 <sipa> aj: yeah, that'd be a good idea
19:13:27 <sipa> the slides don't contain that much; they're mostly word clouds to remind me of what to mention
19:13:45 <aj> michaelfolkson: i think gmaxwell's suggested the idea of accompanying test cases with small patches to the code it's testing that would trigger the bug, so you can see why the test case is necessary... not quite sure how it'd work, but seems like it could be interesting
19:15:03 <michaelfolkson> Yeah sounds interesting
19:15:42 <michaelfolkson> Ok cool. So this is the wrap up Q&A. What needs to be covered? I have a couple of questions
19:15:57 <sipa> shoot
19:16:03 <andytoshi> can someone remind me - is this (and tomorrow) the last review session? or is thre one next week/next year
19:16:23 <sipa> this week is the final week
19:17:16 <michaelfolkson> We covered use cases in a previous week. What is the status of those? Does Blockstream have a toy implementation of Schnorr/Taproot in Liquid?
19:18:02 <andytoshi> no, blockstream is waiting on Core so we can steal code :P
19:18:22 <michaelfolkson> I'm assuming lots or people are waiting until there is a "reference implementation" on testnet before expending resources on use cases? People like BitGo, Bitfinex who have large multisig schemes
19:18:31 <sipa> i believe so
19:18:40 <sipa> and it's an unfortunate cyclic dependency
19:19:23 <andytoshi> so, at blockstream our plan is to pull taproot into Elements as soon as there is a "reference implementation", and then we'll be able to spawn testnets for our own usage
19:19:32 <andytoshi> if it would help deployment i think we could prioritize pulling it into liquid production
19:19:44 <sipa> where we really need to focus on hammering out the specification, but most of the interesting applications will probably only be even discovered once there are production ready implementations
19:19:51 <andytoshi> deployment/surrounding tooling development
19:20:22 <michaelfolkson> And you're hoping that people will build new wallets for complex "smart contract" inheritance planning like use cases? No existing wallets are likely to go down this route?
19:20:41 <sipa> michaelfolkson: i don't think so
19:20:56 <michaelfolkson> Excluding Lightning for now because that will definitely take advantage naturally
19:21:06 <sipa> complex use cases will benefit specialized applications that need them
19:21:32 <sipa> i don't expect end-user wallets to expose any "develop your own smart spending policy!" features
19:21:37 <aj> michaelfolkson: there's been some effort at doing a signet (kallewoof's signed testnet stuff) with taproot enabled but i don't think it's gotten very fair; as far as i know now of the proof-of-concept stuff beyond the optech taproot workshop code made it very far
19:22:29 <andytoshi> michaelfolkson: so, liquid has support for covenants, and afaik nobody has taken it upon themselves to push this forward and implement this
19:22:52 <andytoshi> part of this is that the entities in liquid are, as a group, less focused on custody and long-term planning than the rest of the ecosystem
19:23:03 <michaelfolkson> I don't know if the inheritance planning use case has legs long term. I'm guessing it will eventually. I know you talked about this use case briefly on Noded podcast I think andytoshi
19:23:19 <andytoshi> yes, but probably in the context of miniscript
19:23:24 <andytoshi> which you can do in bitcoin today
19:24:19 <michaelfolkson> But inheritance planning is one use case that could take advantage of the key aggregation of Schnorr too right
19:24:40 <michaelfolkson> Not too many use cases I can think of that need those large multisig arrangements
19:24:41 <andytoshi> right, yeah, it would make multisigs/threshold sigs more appealing because they would no longer be expensive
19:26:21 <michaelfolkson> OK. So on Lightning. Did you guys look over the post from ZmnSCPxj on Lightning and Taproot?
19:26:35 <michaelfolkson> https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/lightning-dev/2019-December/002375.html
19:26:38 <andytoshi> i didn't find time :(
19:27:15 <aj> andytoshi: if you take a week off over xmas/new year, that's probably long enough for a first read? :)
19:27:55 <andytoshi> yep :) there's maybe a 50% chance that i'll be able to do it then
19:28:08 <andytoshi> but there are lots of things i'd like to use that week for
19:28:26 <michaelfolkson> I didn't absorb all of it but it is great that there is sketched out planning on what to do if things take too long or don't happen at all
19:28:36 <andytoshi> such as fixing my own wallet tooling to use psbt+miniscrip
19:29:31 <kabaum> Are there any ideas on how to deploy taproot/tapscript/schnorr? Is it reasonable to believe that this will be less contentious than segwit? BIP8? BIP9? Something else?
19:31:33 <michaelfolkson> The impression I get is that something like BIP148 is more likely than BIP9 but that discussion will be left to others and not the authors of Schnorr/Taproot in case it becomes controversial. Am I hot or cold? :)
19:32:37 <sipa> i have no opinion on activation
19:32:45 <michaelfolkson> It could get messy because it essentially sets a template for future upgrades too if it goes smoothly. Which is unfortunate and hopefully it doesn't
19:33:23 <aj> the people who thought bip148 was too risky when it happened still think it's risky for the same reasons they did then; something like the mechanism BlueMatt proposed for the great consensus cleanup would be the other approach to bip148 i think. i think picking one or the other of thse is likely to be the most controversial part
19:34:39 <aj> "hopefully it doesn't" -- hope that refers to the "get messy" part not the "goes smoothly" :)
19:34:50 <michaelfolkson> I'm not aware of the mechanism for the great consensus cleanup. Is there a good resource?
19:36:25 <michaelfolkson> Yeah that's what I meant aj :/
19:37:22 <aj> https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2019-March/016714.html -- deployment section and last paragraph of discussion just prior to the reference implementation section
19:37:53 <michaelfolkson> One other question I wanted to ask about was the section in Week 6 where there were questions posed on the upgrade paths and which upgrades would be best for various future possible upgrades
19:38:42 <aj> ( https://github.com/ajtowns/taproot-review/blob/master/week-6.md#upgrade-paths )
19:39:05 <michaelfolkson> Yeah we thought they were interesting questions and we struggled to answer them on the group call
19:39:40 <michaelfolkson> Part of it was just not being familiar with the low level details of things like CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY
19:40:20 <sipa> i believe CTV wants to be usable in bare outputs for efficiency, which means it needs to use the NOP-redefinition approach
19:41:22 <michaelfolkson> I can post a question on this on StackExchange for a more permanent resource
19:41:31 <michaelfolkson> But I can't answer it
19:41:38 <sipa> what is the question exactly?
19:42:47 <michaelfolkson> Why those upgrade paths are listed in order from worst to best? ie the rationale for that order
19:43:34 <aj> michaelfolkson: there isn't really a single best answer; i was thinking "of these, just use OP_SUCCESS would work fine". but you could do an unknown pubkey, so "<hash> OP_2 CHECKSIG"; you could have it be PUSHTEMPLATE instead of CHECKTEMPLATE via an OP_SUCCESS, and have to do an EQUALVERIFY or other check, etc
19:43:59 <michaelfolkson> And then which would be best for the various possible future upgrades listed?
19:45:58 <michaelfolkson> It requires an understanding of all those possible future upgrades so maybe too broad for a StackExchange question
19:46:07 <aj> michaelfolkson: no method is "best" or "worst" they've got different tradeoffs and are appropriate at different times, the order's more least-specific to most-specific
19:46:24 <michaelfolkson> Ah ok cool, thanks for the clarification
19:46:44 <kanzure> will someone be writing a summary of all the review weeks
19:47:47 <michaelfolkson> I was thinking of doing a Bitcoin Magazine article if someone (or multiple people) are willing to review it
19:48:01 <michaelfolkson> Is that what you meant kanzure?
19:48:22 <kanzure> maybe on the level of an optech email (pointing out specific technical details of interest), but sort of yes.
19:48:47 <kanzure> alright, thanks.
19:48:49 <devrandom> question re OP_CODESEPARATOR - it seems like the design of this opcode never supported any actual use cases.  should it be disabled, so we don't carry the baggage forward?  perhaps it could be redesigned and reintroduced in the future.
19:48:55 <aj> michaelfolkson: ANYPREVOUT - unkonw pubkey; CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY - op_success but unknown pubkey type /could/ work; extra opcodes - OP_SUCCESS; extend math opcodes - OP_SUCCESS or maybe taproot leaf version; commit to block hash - annex; simplicity - leaf version; graftroot or g'root, cross-input sig agg - want to change key path spends, so new segwit version or maybe key length -- those are my
19:48:56 <aj> current answers anyway
19:50:07 <aj> devrandom: https://github.com/NTumbleBit/NTumbleBit/blob/master/NTumbleBit/EscrowScriptBuilder.cs -- it's theoretically used in tumblebit, not sure how needed it is
19:51:26 <kanzure> michaelfolkson: transcript of great consensus cleanup talk https://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/bitcoin-core-dev-tech/2019-06-06-great-consensus-cleanup/
19:52:05 <michaelfolkson> Thanks kanzure
19:53:15 <michaelfolkson> I'm also going to try to organize a Hangout call for people to discuss what happened in the various study groups. A couple of people have expressed interest in such a call
19:53:51 <michaelfolkson> I don't know if all groups made it to the end or not. We had a few drop out in our group
19:54:05 <michaelfolkson> It seems some definitely did
19:57:04 <aj> i think it'd be interesting to know how people went with the irc vs slack vs hangouts/zoom meetings too
19:57:34 <kabaum> michaelfolkson: Same in our group. It's natural that people drop out. I'm surprised I managed to more or less go through with it, though I had fewer and fewer questions.
19:58:49 <devrandom> I also worry about the interaction of OP_CODESEPARATOR and OP_SUCCESS
19:58:49 <sipa> kabaum: it's reassuring that the drop in questions is partially because you just had fewer questions (and not purely because people gave up or so)
19:59:23 <sipa> devrandom: if there is an OP_SUCCESSx anywhere, no execution happens, and thus OP_CODESEPARATOR is irrelevant in that cade
19:59:55 <michaelfolkson> Our group just struggled with time commitments rather than any other negative reason for dropping out
20:00:37 <devrandom> the use case I was thinking of: a signature is applied with OP_CODESEPARATOR, with the intent that another party prepends some additional code to the scriptSig at a later date
20:01:09 <devrandom> if the other party prepends an OP_SUCCESS, the script will trivially succeeds, which might not have been the intention of the first party
20:01:19 <sipa> devrandom: those semantics (the delegation one) are gone in the current bip-tapscript draft
20:01:25 <kabaum> sipa: I can just speak for myself. My questions dropped because 1) the reading got harder and 2) I devoted less time
20:01:43 <sipa> devrandom: all OP_CODESEPARATOR does is make signatures commit to the last executed OP_CODESEPARATOR
20:02:06 <sipa> there is no scriptCode concept anymore (which used to be the OP_CODESEP-modulated executed script)
20:02:34 <devrandom> sipa: OK.  with the delegation use case gone, is there any utility left?
20:03:30 <sipa> devrandom: yes, making scripts whose signatures commit to the IF/THEN/ELSE branch taken during execution
20:03:56 <devrandom> I see
20:04:09 <sipa> i explained this in my talk yesterday ;)
20:04:41 <michaelfolkson> The video is highly anticipated
20:05:59 <michaelfolkson> Ok. It is 8pm. Anyone who wants to join that cross-group call, message me either here now or on the Slack later
20:06:18 <michaelfolkson> Thanks all
20:07:56 <kabaum> Thanks everyone. It's been a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience! Special thanks to the organizers (aj, harding et al?)
20:08:34 <michaelfolkson> Indeed. Great initiative, thanks for everyone's efforts. I learnt a lot
20:08:42 <devrandom> sipa: I guess I missed a couple of crucial sentences ;)
20:08:50 <sipa> devrandom: i know, it was long :)
20:09:08 <sipa> i talked far longer than i had expected
20:10:21 <andytoshi> thanks everyone! this was encouraging and really productive
20:11:05 <aj> #endmeeting