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 6 2019-10-23T19:12:09  <afk11`> hi folks, nice initiative! i don't remember something being opened like this for segwit
 7 2019-10-23T19:14:02  <afk11`> are we expecting many more changes to the proposal on foot of review? I recall a few devs being stumped when bip-141 changed quite substantially after the initial BIP
 8 2019-10-23T19:18:18  <harding> Hi, afk11.  I think for segwit there was a much more vocal response in support of it (think of the letter signed by many devs in support of it on Bitcoin.org).  Also, segwit was arguably a smaller change since it didn't involve any new cryptography (except going from 20-bit hashes for scripts to 32-bits, and double-sha to single-sha).  Finally, I think we have a bigger "community" now so maybe we need more widespread buy-in.
 9 2019-10-23T19:21:32  <harding> I don't have an answer for the question about whether or not to expect many more changes to the current proposals.  In part that depends on each of our reviews.
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28 2019-10-23T22:57:06  <afk11`> harding: thanks, great points