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 19 2019-11-06T04:20:30  <instagibbs> r251d, i think those variables could stand to be named, I agree
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 30 2019-11-06T08:36:37  <aj> sipa: what's with the swap/if/endif for 4-of-10k ? just use CSA directly for that?
 31 2019-11-06T08:45:30  <digi_james> Hmm. Wondering what the witness stack size limit is? Straight-up CSA would require 10k-4 wit stack elements for all the 0's?
 32 2019-11-06T08:48:22  <digi_james> If I understand correctly, in sipa's example the 0's are in the tapscript, which is one wit element.
 33 2019-11-06T08:49:15  <gmaxwell> aj: Probably because I needlessly primed him with mention of IF-gating.
 34 2019-11-06T08:52:05  <digi_james> gmaxwell: There are no witness stack length limits, right?
 35 2019-11-06T08:52:32  <digi_james> I mean, nr of elements in wit stack.
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 37 2019-11-06T09:00:55  <gmaxwell> Just that implied by the maximum transaction size.
 38 2019-11-06T09:02:01  <digi_james> Thank you
 39 2019-11-06T09:02:06  <gmaxwell> One of the ideas behind taproot is that it makes vastly more expensive scripts reasonable to use-- because mostly you use a cooperative resolution, and the complex script just exists as a threat.
 40 2019-11-06T09:02:45  <gmaxwell> So thats a good reason to be pretty permissive with limits.  Limits also greatly complicate automated script generation, composition, etc.
 41 2019-11-06T09:05:05  <aj> digi_james, gmaxwell: the witness stack has a 1000 element limit including during execution
 42 2019-11-06T09:05:37  <aj> (see script/script.h MAX_STACK_SIZE)
 43 2019-11-06T09:10:18  <digi_james> aj: Oh thx, whereas witness element can be <= 10k I recall. So it seems one would have push the null's required for csa to the tapscript.
 44 2019-11-06T09:10:32  <digi_james> Sorry, 10kB
 45 2019-11-06T09:23:44  <aj> digi_james: for segwit v0  the script can be 10k in length; the witness data then fulfils that. taproot drops that limit
 46 2019-11-06T09:24:59  <aj> digi_james: there's limits on how big each element on the stack can be, see MAX_SCRIPT_ELEMENT_SIZE eg
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 48 2019-11-06T09:39:03  <digi_james> aj: I am thinking through our (4-of-largeN) CSA example again: So our (CSA) tapscript occupies just one witness element, right? If its satisfaction requires 10k witness elements (mostly nulls), we hit MAX_STACK_SIZE upon execution, because these are pushed on the script stack at once before tapscript evaluation. If we use the (if gated) modified CSA tapscript, only 4 satisfying witness elements are
 49 2019-11-06T09:39:03  <digi_james> pushed to the stack before modified CSA is run, and no limits are hit, is this correct?
 50 2019-11-06T09:44:06  *** willcl_ark has joined ##taproot-bip-review
 51 2019-11-06T09:57:43  <aj> digi_james: see https://github.com/sipa/bips/blob/bip-schnorr/bip-tapscript.mediawiki "Stack + altstack element count limit" -- you'd be limited to 996 empty signatures and 4 valid signatures on the stack
 52 2019-11-06T10:01:28  <digi_james> aj: Thanks. So we have a workaround for that limit now :)
 53 2019-11-06T10:01:43  <aj> digi_james: i think something like   DEPTH {2k+1} EQUALVERIFY { IFDUP NOTIF <p> CHECKSIGVERIFY ENDIF 1SUB }*n DEPTH 0 EQUAL
 54 2019-11-06T10:02:39  <aj> digi_james: would let you have a witness stack of {number of keys to skip, valid signature}*k + {nuber of keys to get to the end}  to get to a k-of-{very large n} multisig
 55 2019-11-06T10:12:34  <digi_james> aj: Oh you mean without CSA? Nice!
 56 2019-11-06T10:16:54  <aj> oh, maybe there needs to be a OP_DROP before the DEPTH in the above? probably some other tweaks needed to make it actually work too
 57 2019-11-06T10:19:25  <digi_james> I had to look up op_depth :)
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 59 2019-11-06T10:49:14  <gmaxwell> sounds like a good script for someone to flesh out and test.
 60 2019-11-06T10:49:29  <gmaxwell> (and potentially somewhat useful)
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 81 2019-11-06T14:27:29  <instagibbs> warning, OP_DEPTH isn't in miniscript :P
 82 2019-11-06T14:27:32  <instagibbs> IIRC
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 86 2019-11-06T15:15:52  <aj> OP_DEPTH doesn't compose so isn't miniscript friendly
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 97 2019-11-06T18:02:43  <gmaxwell> miniscript has a lot of limitations, so that isn't a surprise.
 98 2019-11-06T18:03:35  <gmaxwell> though I think this example has the largest spending weight difference I've seen yet for an optimized script vs what miniscript could make. (for thing which miniscript could model)
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108 2019-11-06T19:28:55  <sipa> aj: a more composable/depthless version would be:
109 2019-11-06T19:30:00  <sipa> 0 (SWAP IFDUP 0NOTEQUAL IF SUB1 SWAP ELSE <key> CHECKSIGADD ENDIF)* 4 EQUAL
110 2019-11-06T19:31:33  <sipa> aj: i think you need 0NOTEQUAL somewhere as well due to minimalif rule
111 2019-11-06T19:35:56  <sipa> the (SWAP IFDUP 0NOTEQUAL IF SUB1 SWAP ELSE <key> CHECKSIGADD ENDIF) sequence turns a stack ending with [sig,c>0,n] into [sig,c,n], and a stack ending in [sig,0,n] into [n+(sig valid)]
112 2019-11-06T19:39:41  <sipa> actually, this does not work, as it doesn't guarantee exactly 8 elements were popped off the stack
113 2019-11-06T19:41:49  <sipa> you'd need something (SWAP IFDUP 0NOTEQUAL IF SUB1 SWAP ELSE SWAP <key> CHECKSIGVERIFY ADD1 ENDIF)* 4 EQUALVERIFY
114 2019-11-06T19:42:06  <sipa> there must be a way to avoid 3 SWAPs
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116 2019-11-06T19:53:34  <gmaxwell> stuff like that makes me wish every opcode had two bits for 'swap' and 'dup' embedded in them, and great sympathy for CISC cpu designers.
117 2019-11-06T19:54:17  <sipa> and a conditional execution bit, and control register? :)
118 2019-11-06T19:55:12  <sipa> having a separate explicit input stack and temporary variables stack would also do wonders
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120 2019-11-06T21:18:42  <Chris_Stewart_5> Has anyone committed to updating the hard coded test vectors found here? https://github.com/sipa/bitcoin/tree/taproot/src/test/data
121 2019-11-06T21:19:10  <Chris_Stewart_5> It's useful for library developers
122 2019-11-06T21:19:22  <Chris_Stewart_5> sighash.json 6 years :$
123 2019-11-06T21:20:22  <pinheadmz> sipa: https://github.com/sipa/bips/blob/bip-schnorr/bip-tapscript.mediawiki#transaction-digest says key_value is 0x00 but in the code I see 0x02
124 2019-11-06T21:20:24  <pinheadmz> https://github.com/sipa/bitcoin/blob/527ed7d4b230a694ee223a000cd5fd7495a00fcb/src/script/interpreter.cpp#L1447
125 2019-11-06T21:20:44  <pinheadmz> s/key_value/key_version
126 2019-11-06T21:20:50  <sipa> pinheadmz: fix it!
127 2019-11-06T21:21:26  <pinheadmz> :+1:
128 2019-11-06T21:22:25  <pinheadmz> any rationale for 2 instead of 0?
129 2019-11-06T21:23:49  <sipa> yes, because it used to be equal to the first byte of the pubkey (ignoring the sign bit)
130 2019-11-06T21:23:56  <pinheadmz> ah
131 2019-11-06T21:23:56  <sipa> 0 makes most sense now
132 2019-11-06T21:24:24  <pinheadmz> oh wait haha, "fix it!" -- the BIP or the code?
133 2019-11-06T21:24:45  <pinheadmz> sounds like change the code to 0 in both those places i linked?
134 2019-11-06T21:26:20  <sipa> yes, the bip was updated from 2 to 0 when xonly was introduced
135 2019-11-06T21:26:24  <sipa> but the code wasn't
136 2019-11-06T21:26:30  <pinheadmz> ok
137 2019-11-06T21:26:31  <sipa> i'll do it in my next rebase
138 2019-11-06T21:26:37  <pinheadmz> ok! cheers
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142 2019-11-06T22:50:02  <maaku> gmaxwell: have you seen the J1 forth CPU? it has those sorts of bits embedded in its opcode decoding
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