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  5 2019-11-14T01:40:30  <sipa> q&a in 20 minutes?
  6 2019-11-14T01:43:45  <aj> yep
  7 2019-11-14T01:44:11  <aj> sipa: you able to be around for the full hour? i'll need to get on a plane part way through
  8 2019-11-14T01:44:54  <sipa> no, i probably won't be
  9 2019-11-14T01:45:19  <sipa> or rather, i'll be here the whole hour but only intermittently
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 11 2019-11-14T02:00:55  <aj> #startmeeting
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 15 2019-11-14T02:01:38  <aj> hey all, might be an abbreviated session this time
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 17 2019-11-14T02:05:45  <instagibbs> hi
 18 2019-11-14T02:06:09  <fanquake> hi
 19 2019-11-14T02:09:12  <instagibbs> did we run out of topics for this week or am i disconnected
 20 2019-11-14T02:09:58  <aj> doesn't seem like anyone's got any questions
 21 2019-11-14T02:10:01  <fanquake> instagibbs I'm not seeing any chatter either
 22 2019-11-14T02:11:03  <instagibbs> were they any lingering disccusions from last QA? I missed t
 23 2019-11-14T02:13:12  <aj> there was a fair bit of discussion about upgrade stuff -- OP_SUCCESS and annex things
 24 2019-11-14T02:16:54  <aj> there's also a few suggestions/PRs along the lines of improving motivation/rationale
 25 2019-11-14T02:17:45  <instagibbs> i found the rationale helped a lot with disambiguating the meaning of the text, especially successx section
 26 2019-11-14T02:17:55  <instagibbs> might mean a slight cleanup warranted
 27 2019-11-14T02:21:17  <aj> yeah, PRs welcome :)
 28 2019-11-14T02:21:38  <instagibbs> the only thing bothering me really is the definition of codeseparator_position, if we get 4GB+ blocks it is undefined what happens when the marked position is beyond 2^32 :P
 29 2019-11-14T02:22:13  <instagibbs> now that scripts are unbounded in size, only implicitly bounded by blockweight
 30 2019-11-14T02:22:22  <aj> we already bumped that from 16 bits when the 10k script length limit got dropped
 31 2019-11-14T02:28:15  <aj> anyway, big blocks would be a hard fork, so if we made it more of a hard fork we could add another spend_type bit to allow for encoding the codesep pos via compactsize (if 64bit numbers are enough for you) or similar
 32 2019-11-14T02:28:42  <aj> or we could reintroduce a script size limit that's more than 4M but less than 4G
 33 2019-11-14T02:31:15  <instagibbs> yes was not a particularly pressing/serious concern
 34 2019-11-14T02:32:48  <aj> any more progress with the multisig tree jupyter notebook?
 35 2019-11-14T02:33:42  <instagibbs> no sorry :) it works, dies a combinatoric death at 21-of-30
 36 2019-11-14T02:34:31  <instagibbs> vast majority of the computation is computing the musig pubkeys, someone noted that the tweak could just be the superset of all n signers, might bring down the computation
 37 2019-11-14T02:38:17  <aj> any thoughts on whether it makes more sense to stay below ~30 signers, or go unaccountable with threshold-musig, or use checksigadd or similar script?
 38 2019-11-14T02:39:57  <aj> ah, i see there's a magazine article where samson mow talks about having "hundreds" of functionaries
 39 2019-11-14T02:41:13  <instagibbs> there's a scheme for quasi-accountability, but I'd have to defer to andytoshi for that
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 42 2019-11-14T02:42:31  <aj> i guess if you have that many, one approach might be to group them into sets of 5 and allow unaccountable 4/5 musig between them, and do checksigadd to require 18/20 groups to sign or similar for between 72 and 92 of 100 multisig
 43 2019-11-14T02:43:37  <aj> there's a scheme where the honest participants in the multisig can track who the other co-signers were, so long as you have some honest participants
 44 2019-11-14T02:44:49  <instagibbs> anyways, that's Future Work with threshold
 45 2019-11-14T02:46:25  <aj> okay, about time for me to put the laptop away, so i guess we'll call it
 46 2019-11-14T02:46:29  <aj> #endmeeting
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 51 2019-11-14T02:47:10  <aj> might send out a poll to see if there's some other time people would prefer for a second q&a
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 65 2019-11-14T12:19:04  <elichai2> instagibbs: well in practice you won't use the python impl but libsecp so it should be ~10X faster I think
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 87 2019-11-14T14:27:59  <pyskl> omg there's a return code in the text i copied, ignore me
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