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  4 2019-12-05T01:06:24  <sosthene> Hi there, sorry if it has already been said here but I've been off those days and might have miss the information, I just noticed I didn't get an email last sunday, is the code review over?
  5 2019-12-05T01:07:04  <sipa> no
  6 2019-12-05T01:07:48  <aj> nope, missed sending the email; the content's at https://github.com/ajtowns/taproot-review/blob/master/week-5.md
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 11 2019-12-05T02:16:11  <sipa> no second Q&A session this week, i guess?
 12 2019-12-05T02:16:15  * sipa is here
 13 2019-12-05T02:21:23  <aj> well, as a meta-question, i've been wondering what we want to ask everyone at the end of the review, beyond just "hey how cool is taproot/tapscript/schnorr? 1=very cool 5=extremely cool"
 14 2019-12-05T02:27:24  <aj> https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/P2SH_Votes https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Segwit_support https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/BIP_0016_QA might be comparable
 15 2019-12-05T02:37:59  <gmaxwell> I think it's harder to get a comprehensive review without also reviewing the implementation, which this process wasn't doing.
 16 2019-12-05T02:38:54  <sipa> yeah, i think that kind of yay/nay (if needed at all) is for a later stage
 17 2019-12-05T02:39:06  <aj> should get bip numbers assigned first, and i think we want to improve the implementation before heavy review of it?
 18 2019-12-05T02:39:28  <sipa> the tests need improvement
 19 2019-12-05T02:39:46  <sipa> otherwise i'm (personally) pretty happy with the code already
 20 2019-12-05T02:40:00  <aj> oh, that's great
 21 2019-12-05T02:40:15  <gmaxwell> sipa: right, but I think people haven't been looking at the implementation (at least not as part of this process)
 22 2019-12-05T02:40:25  <sipa> gmaxwell: yes, i've been actively suggesting not to
 23 2019-12-05T02:40:36  <aj> i've been redoing anyprevout on the new code, and it seems good. i had a couple of tweaks to make it easier to do unknown pubkey updates
 24 2019-12-05T02:40:48  <aj> but the tests are hard :(
 25 2019-12-05T02:41:50  <gmaxwell> sipa: If there is a backcompat minor revision of BIP-173  would it make sense to make v8-v16 explicitly reserved as non-encodable versions?
 26 2019-12-05T02:42:17  <sipa> possibly, yes - or non-encodable versions could use non-length-32 ;)
 27 2019-12-05T02:42:37  <aj> non-length 20 and 0x20 ?
 28 2019-12-05T02:42:41  <sipa> yeah
 29 2019-12-05T02:42:55  <gmaxwell> oh good point.
 30 2019-12-05T02:43:17  <sipa> if that sounds crazy (because we shouldn't let tx output lengths depend on a weird address encoding problem), i think there is actually an independent good reason for that
 31 2019-12-05T02:43:42  <sipa> things that we actually expect on-chain should be prioritized to be given 32-byte outputs (without other marker bytes)
 32 2019-12-05T02:44:19  <sipa> as there are only 16 of them
 33 2019-12-05T02:44:32  <sipa> and i believe there were some vague arguments why these non-encodable things would actually be only useful in non-cooperative scenarios anyway (even their creation)
 34 2019-12-05T02:46:19  <gmaxwell> Sure, 4wu is not the end of the world in any case.
 35 2019-12-05T02:48:36  <aj> using up one of 3840 v1-v16 33-bytes for weird rare cases that only programs should deal with instead of the 14 v2-v16 32-byte possibilities makes sense to me
 36 2019-12-05T02:50:32  <aj> the idea for the v16-identifiable-anyprevout stuff was that you'd only create it programmatically not manually via an address, and only do so if you were forced to a non-cooperative thing to remain indistinguishable in the cooperative case, so that would fit -- the extra 4WU in the address would just be noise due to the uncooperativeness anyway probably
 37 2019-12-05T02:56:49  <sipa> gmaxwell: anyway, my wasn't that because i'm ok with the code it's somehow completsly ready - just that once we're done with the bips i don't there is much left to do before it can be code reviewed
 38 2019-12-05T02:56:59  <sipa> *completely
 39 2019-12-05T03:00:22  <gmaxwell> right, my only point is that aj's yea/ney suggestions need to have the benefit of people having looked at an implementation.
 40 2019-12-05T03:06:32  <aj> well, yea/nay at this point is only really "any big problems with the bips or are we ready to get them numbers and move onto serious code review?" i think?
 41 2019-12-05T03:23:14  <sipa> yeah
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141 2019-12-05T14:02:09  <instagibbs> kind of helps to not look at code so people demand clarity from the bips, at least at this stage
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153 2019-12-05T16:27:05  <waxwing> so how about not calling adaptor signatures 'signatures'. i mentioned this to andytoshi and he correctly countered "yes of course, it's just another way to say they're deniable". Clearly very true, i just have a vague concern that people may think they have the properties of a signature.
154 2019-12-05T16:27:37  <waxwing> gave an example here: https://x0f.org/web/statuses/102897691888130818 although for those in the know i realise it's trivial.
155 2019-12-05T16:28:10  <waxwing> so like when we say in the BIP "Adaptor signatures can be produced by a signer by offsetting his public nonce.." of course it's true but .. so can anyone else.
156 2019-12-05T16:28:35  <waxwing> feel free to argue that it's not really relevant as there isn't a plausible way someone can misconceive this and then somehow set up a protocol that fails because of it :)
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160 2019-12-05T17:19:33  <instagibbs> it doesn't say it's a secure signature ;)
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174 2019-12-05T21:30:32  <gmaxwell> Would the thing roconnor is suggesting be accomplished by having each executed codesep appened its 1-indexed position to the signature hash preimage followed by a final 0x00?  OP_BREADCRUMB
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