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 3 2019-12-06T01:02:45  <maaku> Not exactly on topic, but responding to something that was just said in scrollback: is my understanding correct that if you need an adaptor signature, and you have any other signature of that key, you don't need cooperation to modify it to be the adaptor signature?
 4 2019-12-06T01:09:19  <aj> https://github.com/ElementsProject/scriptless-scripts/pull/5 uses the terminology that   R,s where s*G = R + H(R+T, P, m)P  is a partial signature for adaptor T over message m with pubkey P; and therefore (R+T,s+t) is an adaptor signature which is a valid signature because (s+t)G = R+T+H(R+T,P,m)P
 5 2019-12-06T01:10:44  <aj> maaku: so you could convert any signature R,s into a partial signature for adaptor T by calculating R-T,s-t which would make R,s = (R-T)+T,(s-t)+t the corresponding adaptor signature, but you'd have to know "t" for that, so it's maybe not that interesting?
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10 2019-12-06T04:12:19  <aj> waxwing: you can't caclulate the adaptor "t" without knowing the private key (it's q-s+H(Q,P,m)p); the key holder in that case can't complete the partial signature because they can't determine "t" without knowing "q"; and if they do, they reveal their private key because someone else knows the DL of the R part of their signature. but see the pull/5 above; (s,Q,R) would be a partial signature, and
11 2019-12-06T04:12:20  <aj> (s+t,Q) would be the adaptor signature which is only generatable by someone who knows the private key
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16 2019-12-06T09:16:51  <waxwing> aj, of course. i said exactly that in the mastodon thread i linked. i'm only talking about the naming.
17 2019-12-06T09:17:45  <waxwing> hence the 'feel free to argue it's not relevant ..' etc.
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21 2019-12-06T09:41:54  <aj> waxwing: yeah, i think calling (s+t,Q) the adaptor signature and the thing anyone can make a "partial signature" solves that?
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26 2019-12-06T10:13:16  <waxwing> hmm i see what you mean ... but in everything written on the top 'partial sig' is referring to partial-in-multi and it's the "completed" adaptor (s+t, R+T) .. i mean .. can we just call s' the "adaptor" rather than "adaptor signature"? but then i think people are sometimes calling the scalar t the adaptor.
27 2019-12-06T10:13:37  <waxwing> i guess t is usually called the "adaptor secret" if anything
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39 2019-12-06T14:46:08  <waxwing> "written on the top" = "written on the topic" sorry
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