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10 2019-12-08T03:36:06  <ZmnSCPxj> Given that R is sometimes called an "ephemeral key", why cannot we compose R using the same function as MuSig pubkey aggregation?
11 2019-12-08T03:36:54  <ZmnSCPxj> i.e. MuSig(A, B) = h(sort({A, B}) | A) * A + h(sort({A, B}) | B) * B
12 2019-12-08T03:37:28  <ZmnSCPxj> Then just use the same for R contributions from each aggregate member?
13 2019-12-08T03:39:20  <ZmnSCPxj> Hmmm.
14 2019-12-08T03:39:38  <ZmnSCPxj> Because you can still perform a Wagner attack on this method of aggregating R.
15 2019-12-08T03:40:27  <aj> it's usually H( H(A,B), 1 )  not H(sort(A,B), A) isn't it? (to cope with duplicate keys)
16 2019-12-08T03:41:50  <ZmnSCPxj> My understanding of MuSig is that it requires some canonical ordering of the keys, which is done by sorting the keys
17 2019-12-08T03:42:06  <ZmnSCPxj> And duplicate keys are handled fine by a sort, they just get duplicated right next to each other
18 2019-12-08T03:42:27  <aj> sure, but the |A part doesn't distinguish between them
19 2019-12-08T03:46:44  <ZmnSCPxj> I see, but MuSig paper uses that.
20 2019-12-08T03:47:38  <ZmnSCPxj> a[i] = h[agg](L, X[i]), then MuSig(X[1..n]) = sum where i = 1 to n of a[i] * X[i]
21 2019-12-08T03:48:12  <ZmnSCPxj> And L is "uniquely encoded, e.g. lexicographical order", i.e. sorted
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23 2019-12-08T03:50:22  <aj> yeah; but requires X[i] to be distinct. https://github.com/ElementsProject/secp256k1-zkp/blob/secp256k1-zkp/src/modules/musig/musig.md uses ,i and assumes P_i have some fixed ordering not necessarily sorted, i think
24 2019-12-08T03:53:18  <aj> (i mean having the same key twice at the same level in a musig does seem pretty daft)
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26 2019-12-08T03:59:53  <gmaxwell> SECURE HARDER. TWO KEYS MORE STRONG THAN ONE KEY!
27 2019-12-08T04:05:10  <aj> you've heard of 2-of-3 multisig, now try our battle hardened 5-of-3 multisig?
28 2019-12-08T04:06:25  <aj> provides full access to all funds even with total loss of up to two of the original three keys!
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54 2019-12-08T16:40:00  <elichai2> What do people think about adding `r > 0` and `s > 0` to the verification algorithm in bip-schnorr https://github.com/sipa/bips/blob/bip-schnorr/bip-schnorr.mediawiki#verification
55 2019-12-08T16:45:47  <elichai2> altough because P and R are in the hash then technically not verifying this doesn't allow you to "solve" for anything to create fake sigs AFAICT
56 2019-12-08T16:47:03  <elichai2> (and I don't like the amount of PRs to the repo :/ it's a BIP it should try to be short and readable IMHO)
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