1 2015-10-03T00:20:47  <phantomcircuit> maaku, there's a typo in BIP 68 "block-heigh" -> "block-height"
  2 2015-10-03T00:21:01  <maaku> phantomcircuit: thank you will correct
  3 2015-10-03T00:22:16  <phantomcircuit> maaku, also "the remaining bits reduced by 2^14" does that mean the remaining 30 bits - 2^14 ?
  4 2015-10-03T00:22:32  <maaku> it means ">> 14"
  5 2015-10-03T00:22:37  <maaku> have a better way of phrasing that?
  6 2015-10-03T00:22:41  <maaku> you're the 2nd person to comment on it
  7 2015-10-03T00:23:29  <jgarzik> Writing it as pseudo-C code may be more clear.
  8 2015-10-03T00:24:03  <phantomcircuit> maaku, wouldn't that be the same as simply saying "the next 16 bits are interpreted as"
  9 2015-10-03T00:25:32  <maaku> phantomcircuit: yeah that's pretty clear. I'll do that
 10 2015-10-03T00:25:43  <maaku> the normative C code is included below it
 11 2015-10-03T00:25:50  <phantomcircuit> i assume you're not using the full range of 30 bits such as to preserve the most bits possible as undefined meaning?
 12 2015-10-03T00:25:52  <maaku> *C++
 13 2015-10-03T00:25:58  <maaku> phantomcircuit: correct
 14 2015-10-03T00:26:14  <phantomcircuit> probably want to note that explicitly, otherwise the format is super confusing
 15 2015-10-03T00:26:37  <phantomcircuit> (as in appears to make no sense :)
 16 2015-10-03T00:27:02  <maaku> right ok
 17 2015-10-03T00:33:07  <phantomcircuit> maaku, OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY is in master currently for mempool checking right?
 18 2015-10-03T00:34:18  <maaku> phantomcircuit: mempool-only CLTV is in master, yes
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 23 2015-10-03T02:12:28  <phantomcircuit> BlueMatt, still working on the mempool limiter?
 24 2015-10-03T02:12:48  <BlueMatt> no, please review
 25 2015-10-03T02:12:52  <BlueMatt> I mean yes, needs unit tests
 26 2015-10-03T02:12:54  <BlueMatt> but please review
 27 2015-10-03T02:17:00  <phantomcircuit> lol
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 57 2015-10-03T10:18:12  <petertodd> btcdrak: I'll open a pull-req for FSS-RBF soon, now that the mempool is settling down a bit
 58 2015-10-03T10:28:10  <petertodd> dgenr8: the attack spree after f2pool turned full-rbf on happened *after* they turned full-rbf *off*
 59 2015-10-03T10:37:14  <CodeShark> petertodd: I'm a good ways along in implementing versionbits
 60 2015-10-03T10:38:02  <CodeShark> I hope to have a PR ready next week
 61 2015-10-03T10:39:29  <CodeShark> and we can merge all this and still continue to use IsSuperMajority for the time being
 62 2015-10-03T10:43:23  *** rusty has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 63 2015-10-03T10:52:00  <petertodd> CodeShark: cool!
 64 2015-10-03T10:52:35  <petertodd> CodeShark: yeah, deploying versionbits in parallel to IsSuperMajority() is fine
 65 2015-10-03T10:56:59  <sipa> CodeShark: i've been busy, but i'll review your code soon
 66 2015-10-03T10:58:06  <CodeShark> thanks, sipa
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 69 2015-10-03T12:06:10  <btcdrak> where did --with-gui=no go as a ./configure option?
 70 2015-10-03T12:06:18  <btcdrak> has it been renamed?
 71 2015-10-03T12:08:53  <sipa> --without-X is an alias for --with-X=no
 72 2015-10-03T12:08:59  <btcdrak> ty
 73 2015-10-03T12:09:18  <btcdrak> --with-gui=no now returns an error
 74 2015-10-03T12:14:37  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 75 2015-10-03T12:15:08  <sipa> oh?
 76 2015-10-03T12:15:19  <sipa> really?
 77 2015-10-03T12:15:42  <btcdrak> yeah, said unrecognised option, --without-gui worked
 78 2015-10-03T12:17:08  <btcdrak> sipa: interesting, --with-gui works, but not --with-gui=no
 79 2015-10-03T12:18:11  <sipa> works for me
 80 2015-10-03T12:18:29  <sipa> maybe it depends on what version of autoconf you use?
 81 2015-10-03T12:19:45  <btcdrak> 2.69
 82 2015-10-03T12:23:00  <CodeShark> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/saucy/man3/endian.3.html
 83 2015-10-03T12:23:14  <CodeShark> err, wrong window :p
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 86 2015-10-03T12:48:15  <btcdrak> has something else changed recently in the build requirements? I've been struggling to build master on a fresh Ubuntu instance https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/35OCOFYh/ - doesnt make sense.
 87 2015-10-03T12:48:16  *** CodeShark has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 88 2015-10-03T12:51:31  <wumpus> btcdrak: something is very wrong with your autoconf/configure run, looks like presence of byte-swap primitives is misdetected
 89 2015-10-03T12:54:46  <wumpus> --without-gui works fine here
 90 2015-10-03T12:55:02  <wumpus> what version of ubuntu is that? are you sure it's a fresh checkout, or an old polluted tree?
 91 2015-10-03T12:56:20  <btcdrak> wumpus: yeah it was an old tree, git clean -dfx solved it.
 92 2015-10-03T12:59:11  <wumpus> ok
 93 2015-10-03T12:59:25  <GitHub18> [bitcoin] petertodd opened pull request #6751: Document pull-req #6424 in release-notes (master...pull-req-6424-release-notes) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6751
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 96 2015-10-03T13:23:23  <wumpus> cfields, jonasschnelli: looks like we collected some warning cruft in the build system, probably introduced by the unicode subtree change: make[2]: Circular univalue/lib/libunivalue.la <- univalue/lib/libunivalue.la dependency dropped.
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101 2015-10-03T15:07:35  <GitHub103> [bitcoin] ptschip opened pull request #6752: Changed rpc-tests.sh to rpc-tests.py in README.md (master...readme) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6752
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103 2015-10-03T15:09:56  <wumpus> AddLocal(addr) automatically sets SetReachable(addr.net). Although I understand why, I don't think this is always correct, for example listening on an ONION address (-externalip=XXX.onion, or through #6639) doesn't mean we can do outgoing connections to them
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114 2015-10-03T18:09:49  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: yes. I also saw the "circular reference" warning. Will have a look at it soon.
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