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  8 2015-10-10T02:19:59  <morcos> has anybody really looked into the recent attack closely?
  9 2015-10-10T02:20:17  <morcos> one thing i find curious is when i start up a new node, it fills up pretty quickly
 10 2015-10-10T02:21:03  <morcos> at a much faster rate than an old node's mempool is growing, so that implies old txs are still showing up
 11 2015-10-10T02:21:59  <morcos> the question is, is that because somebody is rebroadcasting them over and over and if so, how come they are propogating?  people keep starting up fresh nodes with empty mempools?
 12 2015-10-10T02:22:21  <morcos> or is this behavior just a "natural" feedback cycle of the network
 13 2015-10-10T02:22:42  <morcos> would it go away when the recentRejects code is widespread?
 14 2015-10-10T02:23:01  <morcos> do we need to reconsider how wallet rebroadcast works?
 15 2015-10-10T02:28:49  <morcos> hmm.. maybe the recentRejcts code isn't going to help that much since it resets
 16 2015-10-10T02:30:14  <morcos> BlueMatt: sipa: sdaftuar: this seems like it could be a problem with limited mempools if there is some way to induce this kind of behavior
 17 2015-10-10T02:31:37  <morcos> where you are relayed many many times.
 18 2015-10-10T02:32:11  <morcos> some of these txs seem to have been requested by my nodes half a dozen times or more
 19 2015-10-10T02:32:52  <morcos> maybe its particularly bad b/c of peer churn now too?
 20 2015-10-10T02:38:03  <petertodd> morcos: the random drop strategy of XT may be helping these txs get rebroadcast
 21 2015-10-10T02:38:57  <morcos> i think that'd be mostly true for any eviction strategy though right?
 22 2015-10-10T02:39:12  <petertodd> morcos: no, the random drop stategy means they can be rebroadcast
 23 2015-10-10T02:39:28  <petertodd> morcos: deterministic strategies don't let that happen in the same way
 24 2015-10-10T02:39:55  <morcos> sort of, you could evict it but then later accept it (and relay it again)
 25 2015-10-10T02:40:00  <petertodd> morcos: exactly
 26 2015-10-10T02:40:08  <morcos> even with 6722 i'm saying
 27 2015-10-10T02:40:17  <morcos> you wouldn't immediately accept it again
 28 2015-10-10T02:40:27  <petertodd> morcos: less of an issue there though, as minfee will rise accordingly
 29 2015-10-10T02:40:35  <petertodd> morcos: random drop allows that to happen wholesale
 30 2015-10-10T02:40:47  <Luke-Jr> oh.
 31 2015-10-10T02:41:10  <Luke-Jr> are we rebroadcasting received wtx still? could spammers target real users to get the amplification?
 32 2015-10-10T02:41:13  <morcos> yeah i guess you might be right that its a lot better
 33 2015-10-10T02:41:41  <morcos> Luke-Jr: ooo, hadn't thought about that..  htats terrible
 34 2015-10-10T02:41:56  <morcos> dont' think thats happening here, since the txs tend to be 100 inputs -> 1 output
 35 2015-10-10T02:42:05  <morcos> and so no room to target somebody else
 36 2015-10-10T02:42:08  <petertodd> Luke-Jr: wouldn't be an issue w/ deterministic dropping mind you
 37 2015-10-10T02:42:13  <Luke-Jr> a possible risk tho
 38 2015-10-10T02:42:21  <Luke-Jr> petertodd: it's an issue as long as you rebroadcast your own crap
 39 2015-10-10T02:42:42  <petertodd> Luke-Jr: it's a privacy issue, but much less of a network-wide DoS one
 40 2015-10-10T02:42:52  <Luke-Jr> petertodd: get enough nodes doing it..
 41 2015-10-10T02:43:17  <petertodd> Luke-Jr: not very likely; too few btc core wallets out there (sadly!)
 42 2015-10-10T02:43:27  <Luke-Jr> :|
 43 2015-10-10T02:43:48  <morcos> i agree with Luke-Jr, seems like its worth thinking about more. increase min fee helps a lot, but once there is enough diversity in the network
 44 2015-10-10T02:44:02  <morcos> it may be able to keep bouncing around
 45 2015-10-10T02:44:10  <morcos> ha!  too few core wallets saves the day
 46 2015-10-10T02:44:35  <petertodd> morcos: well, clever attackers would have some anyone-can-spend outputs and do it that way...
 47 2015-10-10T02:44:48  <petertodd> morcos: which incidentally, I have seen before
 48 2015-10-10T02:45:07  <petertodd> bbl
 49 2015-10-10T02:46:22  <Luke-Jr> petertodd: anyone-can-spend outputs are not recognised by the wallet..
 50 2015-10-10T02:56:21  <phantomcircuit> for good reason
 51 2015-10-10T02:58:15  <Luke-Jr> multiple good reasons :p
 52 2015-10-10T03:00:04  <midnightmagic> w 19
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 56 2015-10-10T03:13:58  <attar66> hi
 57 2015-10-10T03:14:05  <attar66> no body talk?
 58 2015-10-10T03:21:04  <petertodd> Luke-Jr: there's a bunch of people automatically grabbing anyone-can-spend outputs, of all types (e.g. known privkey too)
 59 2015-10-10T03:27:12  <gmaxwell> morcos: normally there is no rebroadcast, but over the years there have been no shortage of idiots who amplify.
 60 2015-10-10T03:27:27  <gmaxwell> it would be useful to check to see which peers are giving you these transactions (turn up debugging)
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 74 2015-10-10T06:24:39  <wumpus> morcos: sure, mintxfee could be reduced again in e.g. a later 0.10.x/0.11.x version, if 0.12 is released and mempool limiting works - if those versions still matter by that time
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 82 2015-10-10T07:00:04  <paveljanik> wumpus, 0.10 doesn't contain 649f5d9c1100bb3cbace724900f035939df5ea11. It was backported to 0.11 only. OK?
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 90 2015-10-10T07:39:22  <wumpus> paveljanik: it's not on 0.10
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 92 2015-10-10T08:13:06  <bitcoin-wiki> Hi all
 93 2015-10-10T08:13:11  <bitcoin-wiki> I have a question
 94 2015-10-10T08:13:16  <bitcoin-wiki> can anyone help me?
 95 2015-10-10T08:18:18  <CodeShark_> if it pertains to the channel's topic, don't ask whether you can ask - just ask. if it doesn't pertain to the channel's topic, don't ask anything at all
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100 2015-10-10T09:09:10  <Luke-Jr> am I correct that quantum computers shouldn't break HD wallets particularly? ie, knowledge of old pubkeys/privkeys won't expose the other pubkeys for the HD wallet (unless the watch seed is shared)?
101 2015-10-10T09:09:56  <paveljanik> wumpus, but 0.10 has the same issue...
102 2015-10-10T09:12:28  <CodeShark> Luke-Jr: quantum computers will break ECDSA
103 2015-10-10T09:12:41  <Luke-Jr> CodeShark: yes, I know that..
104 2015-10-10T09:12:54  <Luke-Jr> CodeShark: context https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3o6khf/quantum_computer_how_is_bitcoin_prepared_for_that/cvun6a9?context=3
105 2015-10-10T09:16:58  <wumpus> quantum computers is more of a #bitcoin-wizards topic I think
106 2015-10-10T09:17:35  <wumpus> paveljanik: is it easy to backport?
107 2015-10-10T09:17:58  <paveljanik> sure - it is very simple and could be done easily.
108 2015-10-10T09:18:59  <paveljanik> I think it should be the same as you did for 0.11...
109 2015-10-10T09:19:03  <paveljanik> I'll check
110 2015-10-10T09:26:58  <paveljanik> wumpus, #6797
111 2015-10-10T09:27:02  <GitHub25> [bitcoin] paveljanik opened pull request #6797: Do not store more than 200 timedata samples (0.10...patch-13) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6797
112 2015-10-10T09:27:22  <paveljanik> hmm, I could save typing 8)
113 2015-10-10T09:38:36  <GitHub131> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/8c7e6138dbcb...b94ae81576c1
114 2015-10-10T09:38:36  <GitHub131> bitcoin/master 21d27eb Wladimir J. van der Laan: net: Disable upnp by default...
115 2015-10-10T09:38:37  <GitHub131> bitcoin/master b94ae81 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #6795...
116 2015-10-10T09:38:41  <GitHub102> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #6795: net: Disable upnp by default (master...2015_10_disable_upnp_default) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6795
117 2015-10-10T09:40:07  * btcdrak cheers
118 2015-10-10T09:41:44  <GitHub114> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 1 new commit to 0.10: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/f2778e0ce6581f68382a4812ef847d387b35f2a0
119 2015-10-10T09:41:44  <GitHub114> bitcoin/0.10 f2778e0 Wladimir J. van der Laan: net: Disable upnp by default...
120 2015-10-10T09:42:40  <GitHub186> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 1 new commit to 0.11: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/4dbcec03ab1e0bc312378cbc16c1b11116f5e506
121 2015-10-10T09:42:40  <GitHub186> bitcoin/0.11 4dbcec0 Wladimir J. van der Laan: net: Disable upnp by default...
122 2015-10-10T09:50:17  <GitHub184> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 1 new commit to 0.10: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/91ef4d93d4952759a6c766fd94eaf2c1df78c372
123 2015-10-10T09:50:17  <GitHub184> bitcoin/0.10 91ef4d9 Pavel Janík: Do not store more than 200 timedata samples....
124 2015-10-10T09:50:39  <GitHub90> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #6797: Do not store more than 200 timedata samples (0.10...patch-13) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6797
125 2015-10-10T10:09:00  <Luke-Jr> where is the code that re-requests blocks from another peer, if the one we already requested it from has disconnected?
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127 2015-10-10T10:13:05  <CodeShark> how do you add a new unit_test.cpp to the build?
128 2015-10-10T10:34:25  *** rubensayshi has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
129 2015-10-10T10:37:01  <CodeShark> ah, you need to add it to src/Makefile.test.include and reconfigure
130 2015-10-10T10:37:09  <CodeShark> should add that to the README...
131 2015-10-10T10:46:41  <GitHub12> [bitcoin] CodeShark opened pull request #6798: Clarification of unit test build instructions. (master...unit_test_readme_fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6798
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136 2015-10-10T12:51:06  <wumpus> would decoupling the dust threshold from mintxfee make sense? context: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6793
137 2015-10-10T13:01:55  <paveljanik> wumpus, after complete redefinition of Dust, yes.
138 2015-10-10T13:02:38  <sipa> dust right now means "output that is expected to cost more to spend than it transfers"
139 2015-10-10T13:03:15  <sipa> if the relay fee is accurate, then i think that definition is right
140 2015-10-10T13:04:14  <wumpus> right
141 2015-10-10T13:12:13  <wumpus> the definition of dust is based on the minimum fee accepted, so decoupling it makes little sense
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147 2015-10-10T14:15:38  <GitHub176> [bitcoin] sightisanillusion opened pull request #6799: Merge It (master...trivial-next) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6799
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149 2015-10-10T14:24:55  <GitHub131> [bitcoin] theuni opened pull request #6800: build: fix dmg-mount crashes on OSX 10.11 (0.11...dmg-crash-0.11) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6800
150 2015-10-10T14:26:27  <GitHub187> [bitcoin] fanquake opened pull request #6801: [depends] Latest config.guess and config.sub (master...update-config-guess-sub) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6801
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154 2015-10-10T15:56:45  <GitHub142> [bitcoin] ptschip opened pull request #6803: Automatically adjusting Spam Block (master...spamblock) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6803
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161 2015-10-10T18:45:02  <GitHub145> [bitcoin] gmaxwell closed pull request #6799: Merge It (master...trivial-next) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6799
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163 2015-10-10T18:59:42  <michagogo> Hm. I think something's wrong with the 0.10.3rc1
164 2015-10-10T19:00:02  <michagogo> Not sure if it's just a problem with the builds or if it
165 2015-10-10T19:00:10  <michagogo> Not sure if it's just a problem with the builds or if it's indicative of something bigger.
166 2015-10-10T19:00:26  <michagogo> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/GLAKxP3u/
167 2015-10-10T19:01:23  <michagogo> The files are also wrong: Generating report
168 2015-10-10T19:01:23  <michagogo> be1e69c5d6f1dd57a28d2ae3778d6fbd98bb3f9c86c82855d3404aa80ff11a69  bitcoin-0.10.2-linux32.tar.gz
169 2015-10-10T19:01:23  <michagogo> 6d8942b5ee59549b23080320bcce18077c10ef9e07b3b0fa1305c88dd07e1e52  bitcoin-0.10.2-linux64.tar.gz
170 2015-10-10T19:01:23  <michagogo> 15ec97be9bb843dd315c9835a8791c874bedb41cb994f88508fc5767f4043121  src/bitcoin-0.10.2.tar.gz
171 2015-10-10T19:03:24  <michagogo> 18:58:21 <wumpus> my gitian build spends a lot of time in "Upgrading system...". Does making new images avoid that?
172 2015-10-10T19:04:13  <michagogo> wumpus: well, bringing the base image up to date does
173 2015-10-10T19:05:39  <michagogo> IIRC since the way the VMs are created was changed, it actually creates an image that *only* pulls from precise and not from -updates/-security, so it's ~mandatory for a usable build
174 2015-10-10T19:05:51  <michagogo> But I'm not sure if that was KVM too or only LXC
175 2015-10-10T19:05:57  <michagogo> One sec
176 2015-10-10T19:08:00  <michagogo> Actually, yeah, looks like it's only LXC that uses debootstrap now. KVM still uses vmbuilder, so yeah, simply recreating the base image should (I think) give you an up to date one
177 2015-10-10T19:11:19  <michagogo> What I do to upgrade my base image is this: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/vHn9M0LP/
178 2015-10-10T19:29:41  <michagogo> wumpus: Oh, BTW, you mis-signed 0.10.3rc1. You signed as 0.10.3rc1-win-unsigned, should have been 0.10.3rc1-win. The Windows detached signature process wasn't backported to 0.10.
179 2015-10-10T19:30:52  <michagogo> (also, I hope you made sure to keep the OS X unsigned bundle for 0.10.3rc1 and 0.11.1rc1 separate... I almost blew away the 0.11.1rc1 version, but fortunately I realized in time)
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