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 5 2015-10-17T01:41:23  <GitHub32> [bitcoin] ptschip opened pull request #6842: limitfreerelay edge case bugfix: (master...limitfreerelay_edgecase) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6842
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42 2015-10-17T19:12:38  <michagogo> Hm. Turns out -? is the documented way of doing it
43 2015-10-17T19:12:41  <michagogo> And --help works too
44 2015-10-17T19:12:46  <michagogo> but -h just starts the node
45 2015-10-17T19:12:56  <michagogo> ...which can't easily be immediately stopped...
46 2015-10-17T19:21:02  <gmaxwell> our commandline has never been very unixy. It's gotten better.
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56 2015-10-17T20:17:12  <GitHub179> [bitcoin] lclc opened pull request #6844: [REST] Add sendrawtransaction (master...sendrawtransactionREST) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6844
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58 2015-10-17T20:29:01  <morcos> so script checking is only single threaded in AcceptToMemoryPool?  Is that so we are saving our processing power to process blocks quickly?
59 2015-10-17T20:29:15  <morcos> But if we're pushing the signature validations into a cache, isn't that a bit backwards?
60 2015-10-17T20:32:52  <morcos> hmm, no that doesn't make sense b/c cs_main is locked, so they wouldn't conflict
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63 2015-10-17T21:06:37  <gmaxwell> it's just inherently single threaded due to locking orginization. and the threading overheads mean that threading just two signatures is probably not a win.
64 2015-10-17T21:09:20  <morcos> huh?
65 2015-10-17T21:09:32  <morcos> doesn't ConnectBlock also only thread 1 tx at a time?
66 2015-10-17T21:09:39  <morcos> why would it be a bigger win there?
67 2015-10-17T21:10:09  <morcos> i just hacked it together, it does seem faster, although its not a huge gain, it significantly reduces the big outliers in ATMP
68 2015-10-17T21:10:28  <morcos> in the recent spam attack with a lot of 100txin txs, i think it would be nice
69 2015-10-17T21:10:54  <morcos> of course i'm sure my hacked together code might not be thread safe, so i might still be missing what you're talking about
70 2015-10-17T21:17:01  <gmaxwell> well perhaps the world has changed since I tried it before!
71 2015-10-17T21:19:07  <morcos> i've only done a cursory look, it seems like the signature cache already has a lock..
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