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 59 2015-10-18T07:36:55  <JoeLiu>  Is there any book for Bitcoin developping?
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 62 2015-10-18T07:54:52  <Luke-Jr> JoeLiu: bitcoin.org has some useful documentation
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 64 2015-10-18T08:04:34  <dcousens> gmaxwell: you around?
 65 2015-10-18T08:04:52  <dcousens> Just had my node drop, was curious why
 66 2015-10-18T08:04:53  <dcousens> bitcoind
 67 2015-10-18T08:04:53  <dcousens> Killed
 68 2015-10-18T08:04:59  <dcousens> Nothing more on the console
 69 2015-10-18T08:05:43  <dcousens> last few messages on the debug.log are 2015-10-16 18:14:46 socket sending timeout: 37784s
 70 2015-10-18T08:06:28  <phantomcircuit> dcousens, run dmesg
 71 2015-10-18T08:06:32  <phantomcircuit> im guessing out of memory
 72 2015-10-18T08:06:42  <dcousens> ta, ya OOM.
 73 2015-10-18T08:07:00  <dcousens> Though shouldn't have bitcoind thrown an error std::bad_alloc etc?
 74 2015-10-18T08:08:18  <dcousens> is there any way I can stop this from happening?
 75 2015-10-18T08:08:22  <dcousens> I had a higher minrelaytxfee
 76 2015-10-18T08:11:08  <phantomcircuit> dcousens, how much memory do you have?
 77 2015-10-18T08:11:42  <dcousens> phantomcircuit: on this node? 2GB
 78 2015-10-18T08:12:05  <phantomcircuit> drop the maxconnections limit is probably what you have to do
 79 2015-10-18T08:12:07  <phantomcircuit> unfortunately
 80 2015-10-18T08:12:18  <dcousens> would just setting an even higher relay fee work maybe?
 81 2015-10-18T08:12:43  <dcousens> also,  whats the easiest way to track this data over time?
 82 2015-10-18T08:12:57  <dcousens> (like, say, process v mempool MB size)
 83 2015-10-18T08:14:30  <phantomcircuit> dcousens, you can call getmempoolinfo and dump that to a file somewhere
 84 2015-10-18T08:16:15  <Luke-Jr> 2 GB is plenty. Probably your relay policy is too broad and is storing spam.
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 86 2015-10-18T09:19:59  <dcousens>  Luke-Jr: default policy, so probably
 87 2015-10-18T09:20:08  <dcousens> 0.12 couldn't come sooner :)
 88 2015-10-18T09:21:05  <Luke-Jr> software versions are not for policies.
 89 2015-10-18T09:21:14  <Luke-Jr> you're supposed to configure that yourself
 90 2015-10-18T09:24:10  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: if I were to configure this node for what it is being paid to do,  it'd be a leech solely
 91 2015-10-18T09:24:34  <dcousens> I don't have time to allocate to configuring policy, so, the defaults matter
 92 2015-10-18T09:24:58  <dcousens> Maybe if policy was as simple as dropping in some pre-written CPP files that there were a library of somewhere
 93 2015-10-18T09:25:15  <dcousens> But, I'm not aware (nor is it advertised) of that
 94 2015-10-18T09:26:11  <dcousens> (by leech solely, I mean, it'd only download blocks, no relay whatsoever)
 95 2015-10-18T09:28:52  <Luke-Jr> then you get to deal with the unlimited resource consumption. we don't have time to help you.
 96 2015-10-18T09:30:18  <Luke-Jr> deciding and configuring policy is part of the job of running a node, *especially* if you're being paid to do it..
 97 2015-10-18T09:31:51  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: lol, conceptually I agree with you, but pragmatically things tend to be different
 98 2015-10-18T09:32:16  <Luke-Jr> instead you get paid to do it, and then go insist others do your job on their unpaid (at least by you) time..
 99 2015-10-18T09:33:37  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: I wasn't insisting anything?
100 2015-10-18T09:33:53  <Luke-Jr> [09:20:08] <dcousens> 0.12 couldn't come sooner ☺ [09:24:34] <dcousens> I don't have time to allocate to configuring policy, so, the defaults matter
101 2015-10-18T09:33:57  <Luke-Jr> sure sounds like it
102 2015-10-18T09:34:11  <dcousens> I understand the implications of OSS,  its all I do all day
103 2015-10-18T09:34:17  <Luke-Jr> pragmatically, you're the one left without a working node, and having to explain to whoever is paying you why you're not doing the job
104 2015-10-18T09:34:27  <dcousens> Doesn't mean I can't express interest in some of the changes that will be deployed as defaults in 0.12
105 2015-10-18T09:35:02  <Luke-Jr> dcousens: we adopted a "don't change default policy" principle a bit ago. maybe we should have stuck to it stronger..
106 2015-10-18T09:36:46  * Luke-Jr goes to bed.
107 2015-10-18T09:37:24  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: night,  sorry you took my comments the wrong way.  phantomcircuit thanks for the help
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109 2015-10-18T10:03:30  <GitHub28> [bitcoin] dcousens opened pull request #6846: bitcoind: alias -h for --help (master...aliash) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6846
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124 2015-10-18T16:29:12  <GitHub58> [bitcoin] rnicoll opened pull request #6848: Add DERSIG transaction test cases (master...bip66-tests) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6848
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135 2015-10-18T18:26:39  <GitHub31> [bitcoin] afk11 opened pull request #6849: Mention PHP bindings to libbitcoinconsensus (master...bitcoinconsensus-php-bindings) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6849
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140 2015-10-18T19:32:29  <GitHub197> [bitcoin] bittylicious opened pull request #6850: Improve AddToWallet performance when rescanning (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6850
141 2015-10-18T19:34:50  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: ^
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145 2015-10-18T20:17:13  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: So I'd rather remove smart times completely than have rescans take 9.5 hours longer in that case. :P so you should help him figure out how to get the behavior right.
146 2015-10-18T20:17:41  <gmaxwell> we never would have merged smart times knowing that it added hours to the rescan of a 200k key wallet.
147 2015-10-18T20:18:38  <Luke-Jr> :/
148 2015-10-18T20:19:12  <Luke-Jr> this is the first complaint of that nature, whereas we used to have regular complaints about tranasction times before smart-times got released..
149 2015-10-18T20:19:27  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: we have had regular complaints about rescan taking forever for a long time.
150 2015-10-18T20:19:34  <Luke-Jr> O.o
151 2015-10-18T20:19:36  <gmaxwell> Just didn't know smarttimes were part of it until now.
152 2015-10-18T20:19:47  <gmaxwell> heck, even I've complained about it. :)
153 2015-10-18T20:19:49  <Luke-Jr> it's rare enough I assumed he meant reindex
154 2015-10-18T20:20:06  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: no, rescale! as in zapwallettx (which he mentioned specifically)
155 2015-10-18T20:20:12  <gmaxwell> er rescan.
156 2015-10-18T20:20:32  <Luke-Jr> I mean, rescan and zapwallettx are not daily tasks
157 2015-10-18T20:20:35  <Luke-Jr> reindex is getting to be :/
158 2015-10-18T20:21:04  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: people are zaping frequently because of the malleation attacks.
159 2015-10-18T20:21:18  <gmaxwell> still, this also means reindex would be slow, as we run the same code there.
160 2015-10-18T20:23:39  <Luke-Jr> if it's really 9.5 hours longer, then any significant optimisation is likely to require changing the database non-trivially, which is dangerous. I consider slow better than dangerous, since we plan to go away from bdb someday anyway. So if bad times in day-to-day use is preferable to slow rescan, reverting it may be our best option. :|
161 2015-10-18T20:25:11  <Luke-Jr> I'll take a look and see if I'm wrong about the risk, but that's what 9.5 hours suggests to me.
162 2015-10-18T20:35:32  <Luke-Jr> ok, we can probably get a lot of improvement by caching the ordered tx list rather than sorting it every add
163 2015-10-18T20:35:40  <Luke-Jr> >_<
164 2015-10-18T20:38:16  <Luke-Jr> any simple way to benchmark?
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168 2015-10-18T21:08:29  <Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: this would be easier if I could remove accounting first; thoughts?
169 2015-10-18T21:08:31  <Luke-Jr> wumpus: ^
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176 2015-10-18T23:45:26  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: why do you need the sorted list?
177 2015-10-18T23:45:37  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: can you not cache a min or max?