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 11 2015-10-25T01:09:31  <GitHub74> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #6887: [qt] Update coin control and smartfee labels (master...MarcoFalke-2015-qtMaxMin_Fee_and_Max_Fee) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6887
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 29 2015-10-25T05:50:58  <CodeShark> I'm experiencing a very strange travis issue - everything works fine with one commit, then I just add this https://github.com/CodeShark/bitcoin/commit/6f42f34f03834b67cc09b53a3809bee9d2239b8e and suddenly I get the seemingly unrelated error: test/alert_tests.cpp(223): error in "PartitionAlert": check strMiscWarning.empty() failed - https://s3.amazonaws.com/archive.travis-ci.org/jobs
 30 2015-10-25T05:50:58  <CodeShark> /87276294/log.txt
 31 2015-10-25T05:52:00  <CodeShark> the previous commit has no issues: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6816/commits
 32 2015-10-25T05:53:51  <CodeShark> I'm completely stumped on this one
 33 2015-10-25T06:10:29  <phantomcircuit> jgarzik, you can do INSERT INTO table (column, column) VALUES (1,2),(3,4);
 34 2015-10-25T06:10:37  <phantomcircuit> batch the batches
 35 2015-10-25T06:10:57  <sipa> i doubt that makes any difference
 36 2015-10-25T06:14:52  <phantomcircuit> also you need to assert the returned data type
 37 2015-10-25T06:15:00  <phantomcircuit> sqlite doesn't strictly enforce the data types...
 38 2015-10-25T06:17:47  <phantomcircuit> <jgarzik> I think there is a background WAL checkpoint mode
 39 2015-10-25T06:17:55  <phantomcircuit> there isn't you have to do it yourself
 40 2015-10-25T06:21:59  <phantomcircuit> sipa, it can make a difference if the batches are very large
 41 2015-10-25T06:23:01  <phantomcircuit> you get the best performance with a wal and a background thread that's doing passive checkpoints in a loop
 42 2015-10-25T06:23:35  <phantomcircuit> iirc there's an api call to get stats on the journal which can tell you if a SQLITE_CHECKPOINT_FULL would be fast
 43 2015-10-25T06:24:25  <phantomcircuit> it'll still be slow probably though
 44 2015-10-25T06:25:13  <phantomcircuit> right it's the two output values from sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2
 45 2015-10-25T06:25:29  <phantomcircuit> pnLog tells you how many frames there are and pnCkpt tells you how many have been checkpointed
 46 2015-10-25T06:25:46  <phantomcircuit> nLog - nCkpt == frames left to checkpoint
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 49 2015-10-25T06:39:00  <CodeShark> hmmm - this won't work for versionbits at all: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/main.cpp#L2034
 50 2015-10-25T06:42:57  <sipa> bip9 specifies a replacement for the alert logic
 51 2015-10-25T06:45:53  <gmaxwell> heh. 25% of the design of versionbits is specificlly there to facilitate smarter warning behavior.
 52 2015-10-25T06:52:48  <CodeShark> the current spec says we should only warn if a lock-in is detected for an unknown bit - so if the bit is set in 94% of blocks for an interval no warning?
 53 2015-10-25T06:53:13  <CodeShark> I was thinking to warn if any unknown bit is detected...but that would make it easy for miners to trip off a bunch of clients with a single block
 54 2015-10-25T06:55:50  <CodeShark> furthermore, it presumes we can detect a lock-in for a fork we haven't even defined...so this would force the threshold to actually be a chain parameter (and would potentially complicate matters if we ever want to modify thresholds)
 55 2015-10-25T06:56:07  <CodeShark> I'd say we should warn if at least half of the blocks within an interval show an unknown bit
 56 2015-10-25T06:57:54  <gmaxwell> CodeShark: the document talks about this. :(
 57 2015-10-25T06:58:34  <CodeShark> yes, I'm referring to the document
 58 2015-10-25T06:59:53  <gmaxwell> The thresholds are specified but they are not consensus rules. If one uses another threshold, one can do so-- but one has to cope with whatever impact that has on warning behavior.
 59 2015-10-25T06:59:58  <gmaxwell> https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0009.mediawiki#Support_for_future_changes
 60 2015-10-25T07:00:44  <CodeShark> the document says "Whenever lock-in for the unknown upgrade is detected, the software should warn loudly about the upcoming soft fork. It should warn even more loudly after the next retarget period." - I'm saying if at least half the blocks in an interval show a particular set bit that we do not recognize, we should probably start warning
 61 2015-10-25T07:01:02  <CodeShark> regardless of whether or not it's locked in
 62 2015-10-25T07:04:17  <CodeShark> moreover, if we up the thresholds later on and still have soft forks deployed that have not locked in nor expired, it gets tricky
 63 2015-10-25T07:05:49  <CodeShark> 95% minimum for lock in is probably a good idea - but for warning I'd go WAY lower
 64 2015-10-25T07:06:42  <gmaxwell> but I think it should not be <50% in some analysis window.
 65 2015-10-25T07:06:53  <CodeShark> right - at least 50%
 66 2015-10-25T07:07:25  <CodeShark> it indicates that there's sufficient hash power on the network to enforce it
 67 2015-10-25T07:07:44  <CodeShark> regardless of what the actual activation mechanism might be
 68 2015-10-25T07:10:48  <gmaxwell> it also means that if someone is just trying to trigger the warning for lulz they need enough hashpower to cause much more trouble. :)
 69 2015-10-25T07:11:31  <CodeShark> right
 70 2015-10-25T07:12:31  <CodeShark> and we also need to consider cases where nVersion is not a versionbits version
 71 2015-10-25T07:12:57  <gmaxwell> CodeShark: treat as unknown versionbits.
 72 2015-10-25T07:13:58  <CodeShark> what if 25% set bit 4 and a disjoint 25% set bit 5 (and we don't recognize either bit 4 nor 5)
 73 2015-10-25T07:14:42  <CodeShark> that means 50% of versions are unknown, but they are different versions - still no hashpower majority on either
 74 2015-10-25T07:15:33  <CodeShark> the logic I was considering was checking whether nVersion starts with bits 001. If so, count each unknown bit separately for the interval. If not, use different logic
 75 2015-10-25T07:16:33  <gmaxwell> my expectation is that we should warn if half the hashpower is doing something we don't know about.
 76 2015-10-25T07:17:23  <CodeShark> that would be easiest - just count how many blocks have unrecognized nVersion (versionbits or no) within an interval
 77 2015-10-25T07:18:06  <CodeShark> if at least 50%, warn (which is similar to the current logic...except that the test is not > CBlock::CURRENT_VERSION
 78 2015-10-25T07:18:13  <sipa> but within which interval?
 79 2015-10-25T07:18:15  *** danielsocials has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 80 2015-10-25T07:18:32  <CodeShark> well, for ISM we were using a window of 1000, right?
 81 2015-10-25T07:18:51  <sipa> if the versions _are_ versionbits compatible, you can treat them as an unknown versionbits, and warn if it trigger
 82 2015-10-25T07:18:51  <CodeShark> and for the current warning system we use a window of 100
 83 2015-10-25T07:19:05  <sipa> which remains the case potentially after the window expires
 84 2015-10-25T07:19:55  <CodeShark> right - so we would check a moving window of 100 and continue warning regardless of whether or not anything strange happens afterwards
 85 2015-10-25T07:21:15  <CodeShark> I'm concerned about reading too much into the deployment mechanism...especially if we're presumably running obsolete software
 86 2015-10-25T07:22:12  <CodeShark> if half or more of hashing power is doing something we don't recognize, we better figure out what's going on
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 88 2015-10-25T07:25:23  <CodeShark> easiest would be to replace if (pindex->nVersion > CBlock::CURRENT_VERSION) ++nUpgraded; with if (CheckVersion(pindex->nVersion) != VALID) ++nUpgraded;
 89 2015-10-25T07:26:02  <CodeShark> or CheckVersion(pindex, blockRuleIndex, consensusParams) rather
 90 2015-10-25T07:26:34  <CodeShark> in
 91 2015-10-25T07:26:37  <CodeShark> UpdateTip
 92 2015-10-25T07:27:12  <CodeShark> where CheckVersion handles all the logic for determining what constitutes a recognized and valid version
 93 2015-10-25T07:27:54  <CodeShark> and use a sticky flag...once it's triggered it remains set
 94 2015-10-25T07:29:11  <CodeShark> if it *is* versionbits compatible, we can check whether it is a versionbits version and check for lock-in windows and stuff like that
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109 2015-10-25T09:49:58  <GitHub9> [bitcoin] CodeShark opened pull request #6888: Clear strMiscWarning before running PartitionAlert (master...alert_tests) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6888
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121 2015-10-25T12:32:07  <CodeShark> wumpus: should I open an issue for PR #6888?
122 2015-10-25T13:13:25  <wumpus> don't think that's necessary
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158 2015-10-25T22:34:33  <gmaxwell> uh. hm. this looks wrong in my logs.  "connection from x:y accepted" then after ver/verack "Moving x:y to tried".
159 2015-10-25T22:34:51  <gmaxwell> Just becausewe got a connection _from_ something does not make it addrman tried.
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