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  2 2015-12-08T00:11:16  <phantomcircuit> wumpus, opinion on modifying CONTIBUTORS.md to include "Reviewers should include the id of the commits which they reviewed in their comments."
  3 2015-12-08T00:14:40  <GitHub148> [bitcoin] pstratem opened pull request #7185: Note that reviewers should mention the id of the commits they reviewed. (master...2015-12-07-contributingackcommit) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7185
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  9 2015-12-08T01:08:31  <GitHub197> [bitcoin] pstratem closed pull request #5989: improve addr/inv trickle logic (master...trickle_fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/5989
 10 2015-12-08T01:09:31  <GitHub36> [bitcoin] pstratem closed pull request #6745: Net: Remove "Address refresh broadcast" logic. (master...addr_known_reset) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6745
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 13 2015-12-08T01:14:50  <Luke-Jr> phantomcircuit: s/id/commithash/
 14 2015-12-08T01:15:24  <phantomcircuit> Luke-Jr, please comment on pr mentioning commithash
 15 2015-12-08T01:15:26  * phantomcircuit runs
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 24 2015-12-08T02:31:16  <morcos> phantomcircuit: i apologize for the ultra bikeshed, but isn't it a bit annoying to print out two memory usage stats right next to each other, one 1000-based and one 1024-based
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 26 2015-12-08T02:48:24  <phantomcircuit> morcos, fixed
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 29 2015-12-08T03:29:40  <Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: for blocks 300031..309685 (excluding outliers), of 2,701,513 total non-generation transactions, approximately 160,289 (5.93%) were mined by priority
 30 2015-12-08T03:34:54  <morcos> Luke-Jr: and how many of those would not have made it in by fee?  (what do you mean excluding outliers?)
 31 2015-12-08T03:36:15  <Luke-Jr> morcos: excluding blocks which my code was unable to determine the priority/fee boundary
 32 2015-12-08T03:43:05  <aj> Luke-Jr: can you tell how much of a discount they got? (ie, delta between the max/avg fee priority txs paid, versus min/avg fee non-priority txs paid)
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 34 2015-12-08T04:08:49  <dcousens>  Luke-Jr: were those blocks full?
 35 2015-12-08T04:09:28  <Luke-Jr> dcousens: unlikely
 36 2015-12-08T04:09:48  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: so how can you definitively say they wouldn't have been included otherwise?
 37 2015-12-08T04:10:15  <Luke-Jr> dcousens: I can't, and it doesn't seem relevant.
 38 2015-12-08T04:10:39  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: " were mined by
 39 2015-12-08T04:10:40  <dcousens>                  priority"
 40 2015-12-08T04:10:45  <Luke-Jr> if impossible requests are made, I'm just going to go back to "onus of proof is on the remove-priority camp" :P
 41 2015-12-08T04:11:00  <Luke-Jr> dcousens: yes, that's true regardless of whether they would have been included otherwise
 42 2015-12-08T04:11:36  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: haha, agreed that onus on proof is definitely on remove-priority
 43 2015-12-08T04:12:49  <dcousens> simply because, if its being used, then, maybe the altruism is worth keeping
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 47 2015-12-08T04:37:52  <gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: I think people are just trying to get clarity on what you measured and now.
 48 2015-12-08T04:38:05  <gmaxwell> how*
 49 2015-12-08T04:38:26  <gmaxwell> 5% certantly sounds like more than just only benefiting old timers!
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 53 2015-12-08T04:55:20  <Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: this is specifically the results I am finding from http://codepad.org/VCZUhPe3
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 57 2015-12-08T06:07:47  <GitHub132> [bitcoin] jtimon reopened pull request #7091: Consensus build package (master...consensus-build) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7091
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 66 2015-12-08T07:14:07  <GitHub171> [bitcoin] luke-jr opened pull request #7186: Backports for 0.10.5 (updated to dc0305d) (0.10...backports-for-0.10.5) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7186
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 78 2015-12-08T09:05:35  <GitHub1> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/dc0305d15aa0...16ccb74ef2e0
 79 2015-12-08T09:05:35  <GitHub1> bitcoin/master e3bc5e0 Wladimir J. van der Laan: net: Account for `sendheaders` `verack` messages...
 80 2015-12-08T09:05:36  <GitHub1> bitcoin/master 16ccb74 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #7180...
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 82 2015-12-08T09:23:20  <GitHub88> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 4 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/16ccb74ef2e0...0800092fc252
 83 2015-12-08T09:23:20  <GitHub121> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #4906: Issue#1643: Coinselection prunes extraneous inputs from ApproximateBestSubset (master...Fix-#1643) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/4906
 84 2015-12-08T09:23:21  <GitHub88> bitcoin/master 5c03483 AlSzacrel: Coinselection prunes extraneous inputs from ApproximateBestSubset...
 85 2015-12-08T09:23:21  <GitHub88> bitcoin/master af9510e Murch: Moved set reduction to the end of ApproximateBestSubset to reduce performance impact
 86 2015-12-08T09:23:22  <GitHub88> bitcoin/master fc0f52d Murch: Added a test for the pruning of extraneous inputs after ApproximateBestSet
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118 2015-12-08T16:45:37  <wumpus> curious, two nodes w/ /bitcoinj:0.12.2/ send almost 150kB of ping messages in less than a day:   "ping": 145376,   that's... abnormal at the least
119 2015-12-08T16:46:35  <wumpus> one vps at linode and one at fdcserver.net
120 2015-12-08T16:48:56  <wumpus> looking at their conntimes about ~10.5 bytes of ping traffic per second
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122 2015-12-08T16:50:28  <wumpus> (for normal nodes this is ~0.15)
123 2015-12-08T16:50:50  <wumpus> I wonder why...
124 2015-12-08T17:00:47  <tulip> wumpus: just from observation nodes seem to ping an awful lot. even if you just did a pong a second ago you can end up pinging again in the next. maybe we could have a cool down for pings just to reduce the chat a bit?
125 2015-12-08T17:01:13  <wumpus> I'm seeing none of this behavior from bitcoin core nodes
126 2015-12-08T17:01:34  <tulip> I'm not sure anything stops wonky node implementations from going crazy with pings.
127 2015-12-08T17:01:48  <wumpus> either this is some specific abuse/attack, or a bug in a certain spy node implementation :-)
128 2015-12-08T17:02:37  <tulip> hm well you'll ping late if you're loaded down right? maybe there's some cpu usage related leakage somewhere.
129 2015-12-08T17:03:56  <tulip> it would reveal your process block time for example, as you don't reply to pings while doing that. you'll end up dropping your peers if you sit for 20 minutes reorganising for example.
130 2015-12-08T17:04:29  <tulip> I don't see that as useful information. buggy is probably more realistic and more likely.
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145 2015-12-08T19:24:13  <gmaxwell> wumpus: :(
146 2015-12-08T19:24:24  <gmaxwell> wumpus: there is a privacy attack that looks like that.
147 2015-12-08T19:24:46  <gmaxwell> In the current code, sending lots of pings destroys any trickle delays.
148 2015-12-08T19:25:05  <gmaxwell> thus the patch from pieter that pulls back out the patch from phantomcircuit.
149 2015-12-08T19:34:52  <gmaxwell> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7125
150 2015-12-08T19:35:12  <gmaxwell> Sad to hear that its being actively exploited, happy that we already have a fix.
151 2015-12-08T19:36:42  *** JackH has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
152 2015-12-08T19:45:20  <GitHub96> [bitcoin] morcos opened pull request #7187: Keep reorgs fast for SequenceLocks checks (master...fastReorgBIP68) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7187
153 2015-12-08T19:57:51  <gmaxwell> wumpus: same nodes seem to be connecting to everyone; also supporting that theory.
154 2015-12-08T20:03:37  <GitHub65> [bitcoin] morcos closed pull request #7187: Keep reorgs fast for SequenceLocks checks (master...fastReorgBIP68) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7187
155 2015-12-08T20:03:37  <GitHub133> [bitcoin] morcos reopened pull request #7187: Keep reorgs fast for SequenceLocks checks (master...fastReorgBIP68) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7187
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158 2015-12-08T21:18:06  <phantomcircuit> jonasschnelli_, ./configure doesn't detect qt4 on my debian jessie system
159 2015-12-08T21:18:17  <phantomcircuit> i had to manually specify --with-gui=qt4
160 2015-12-08T21:18:43  <MarcoFalke> Is qt5 installed as well?
161 2015-12-08T21:19:42  <phantomcircuit> i dont think so
162 2015-12-08T21:20:01  <phantomcircuit> dpkg-query: no packages found matching libqt*5*
163 2015-12-08T21:21:02  <MarcoFalke> Only if both are installed it chooses qt5: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6938/files
164 2015-12-08T21:21:12  <MarcoFalke> If qt4 is installed it chooses nothing
165 2015-12-08T21:21:40  <phantomcircuit> ah
166 2015-12-08T21:21:42  <phantomcircuit> hmm
167 2015-12-08T21:21:43  <MarcoFalke> Not sure if a bug or feature
168 2015-12-08T21:22:24  <phantomcircuit> MarcoFalke, definitely a bug
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177 2015-12-08T23:15:12  <GitHub130> [bitcoin] smenglish opened pull request #7188: Update sha512.cpp (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7188
178 2015-12-08T23:15:30  <MarcoFalke> phantomcircuit, mind to report a bug?
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