1 2016-01-15T00:01:04  <cfields> yea, forgot my scrollpad doesn't play nice with a default shell config
  2 2016-01-15T00:02:12  <Luke-Jr> is there a way to configure the shell to work nicer? :o
  3 2016-01-15T00:03:20  *** zookolaptop has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
  4 2016-01-15T00:03:38  <cfields> hmm, don't remember what i did to make it play nice
  5 2016-01-15T00:06:43  *** achow101 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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  8 2016-01-15T01:00:04  <Luke-Jr> cfields: back for a bit - anything interesting?
  9 2016-01-15T01:00:54  <cfields> Luke-Jr: no, got distracted by something else. probably won't poke at it any more tonight
 10 2016-01-15T01:04:06  <Luke-Jr> cfields: did you look further into that -static-stdc++ difference?
 11 2016-01-15T01:04:09  <Luke-Jr> or should I check that/
 12 2016-01-15T01:04:30  <cfields> Luke-Jr: yea, linked without that. still crashed
 13 2016-01-15T01:04:40  <Luke-Jr> hmm
 14 2016-01-15T01:04:47  <cfields> oh wait, sec
 15 2016-01-15T01:07:09  <cfields> nm, that fixed :)
 16 2016-01-15T01:07:18  <cfields> i forgot to re-link the test binary
 17 2016-01-15T01:07:51  <Luke-Jr> >_<
 18 2016-01-15T01:11:01  <Luke-Jr> so I guess the solution is something like: 1) use static univalue in Travis/depends/releases (until the entire build uses shared libs); and 2) don't use -static-libstdc++ when building for the system
 19 2016-01-15T01:11:32  <jgarzik> Luke-Jr, ACK 1.0.2 tag
 20 2016-01-15T01:12:43  <cfields> Luke-Jr: all depends are static
 21 2016-01-15T01:13:03  <cfields> it was a bug to have it shared anyway, i just didn't say anything because the crash looked like something worth fixing
 22 2016-01-15T01:17:29  <Luke-Jr> cfields: so that solution sounds good?
 23 2016-01-15T01:18:25  <Luke-Jr> jgarzik: 1.0.2 tag when? ;)
 24 2016-01-15T01:19:02  <cfields> Luke-Jr: i don't see the point of having it in depends, personally
 25 2016-01-15T01:19:29  <Luke-Jr> cfields: 1) easy install for users; 2) needed for Travis/gitian
 26 2016-01-15T01:20:09  <cfields> Luke-Jr: eh? both of those are easier as it is now
 27 2016-01-15T01:20:24  <Luke-Jr> cfields: as it is now is just plain broken
 28 2016-01-15T01:20:28  <cfields> Luke-Jr: to clarify, in-tree seems fine to me
 29 2016-01-15T01:21:06  <Luke-Jr> cfields: to clarify, in-tree is a bug
 30 2016-01-15T01:21:30  <cfields> Luke-Jr: i don't really care strongly, but until distros are shipping it and it's easy to apt-get/emerge/yum, moving it out would be premature
 31 2016-01-15T01:22:17  <Luke-Jr> no, it's just good software development practice
 32 2016-01-15T01:23:12  <cfields> Luke-Jr: good practice is modularizing your code base and creating new upstreams. check. bad practice is making life hard for compilers by making them jump through hoops until those upstreams are rooted.
 33 2016-01-15T01:23:38  <Luke-Jr> 1 extra step does not make life hard
 34 2016-01-15T01:24:29  <cfields> Luke-Jr: i can clone a huge number of codebases and ./configure && make. anything more than that and my interest plummets quickly.
 35 2016-01-15T01:24:35  <cfields> i'm sure i'm not alone
 36 2016-01-15T01:24:45  <Luke-Jr> …
 37 2016-01-15T01:25:31  <cfields> anything more being: digging through docs, c/p cmdlines, foreign scripts, etc
 38 2016-01-15T01:26:59  <Luke-Jr> we already require more
 39 2016-01-15T01:28:17  <cfields> ?
 40 2016-01-15T01:29:32  <Luke-Jr> apt-get install or equivalent
 41 2016-01-15T01:29:45  <Luke-Jr> which you need to read docs to figure out
 42 2016-01-15T01:31:04  <Luke-Jr> cfields: how do you get the build to use depends/ without changing the prefix btw?
 43 2016-01-15T01:31:07  <cfields> yes, but more likely you'll just ./configure and i'll yell "you need openssl"
 44 2016-01-15T01:32:56  <cfields> Luke-Jr: i think that's the only trick that works.
 45 2016-01-15T01:33:04  <Luke-Jr> :/
 46 2016-01-15T01:33:13  <cfields> er wait, there's an env var
 47 2016-01-15T01:33:21  <midnightmagic> d/w 61
 48 2016-01-15T01:33:35  <cfields> CONFIG_SITE
 49 2016-01-15T01:33:47  *** dcousens has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 50 2016-01-15T01:34:11  <cfields> CONFIG_SITE=depends/foo/share/config.site ./configure
 51 2016-01-15T01:34:13  <droark> Is there a reason why the OSX deterministic build notes recommend Xcode 6.1.1 and not 6.2 when grabbing the SDK? Looks like 6.2 is the last version to support Mavericks.
 52 2016-01-15T01:34:14  <cfields> should do it, i think
 53 2016-01-15T01:34:49  <cfields> droark: the sdk corresponds to the clang version we use
 54 2016-01-15T01:35:51  <Luke-Jr> cfields: I wonder if it makes sense to add a --with-depends option to set up the paths
 55 2016-01-15T01:35:54  <droark> Okay. Looks like there's a minor revision in there. I thought it wouldn't be a problem but I guess it is, or at least, it's not but 6.1.1 gets everybody on the same page. Correct?
 56 2016-01-15T01:36:47  <cfields> Luke-Jr: maybe
 57 2016-01-15T01:37:14  <cfields> droark: hmm?
 58 2016-01-15T01:37:45  <droark> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xcode#Toolchain_versions
 59 2016-01-15T01:38:09  <droark> Looks like 6.1.1 and 6.2 are almost the same unless I'm missing something.
 60 2016-01-15T01:38:29  <cfields> droark: we don't use apple's clang
 61 2016-01-15T01:38:47  <cfields> (6.2 might be fine. more likely, it just wasn't out yet last time we bumped)
 62 2016-01-15T01:39:26  <cfields> once our travis build works on Trusty, we can do another toolchain bump
 63 2016-01-15T01:39:36  <cfields> (should be in the next two weeks)
 64 2016-01-15T01:39:49  <droark> Cool. Was just curious.
 65 2016-01-15T01:40:36  <cfields> also, in the apple world, there's no such thing as a "minor revision". they break things whenever they feel like it :)
 66 2016-01-15T01:40:50  <droark> Touché.
 67 2016-01-15T01:41:11  <cfields> iirc 10.0.2 (or something like that) changed signing rules in a big way
 68 2016-01-15T01:41:25  <cfields> er, 10.10.2
 69 2016-01-15T01:42:00  <droark> I think it was 10.9.5, or maybe there were multiple changes? Anyway....
 70 2016-01-15T01:43:05  <cfields> sure, that sounds good too :)
 71 2016-01-15T01:44:49  <Luke-Jr> cfields: correct way to resolve a relative path to absolute, in configure.ac? :p
 72 2016-01-15T01:45:14  <GitHub63> [bitcoin] dcousens opened pull request #7348: MOVE ONLY: move rpc* to rpc/ (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7348
 73 2016-01-15T01:45:24  <cfields> Luke-Jr: i believe that one's always voodoo
 74 2016-01-15T01:46:15  <Luke-Jr> :|
 75 2016-01-15T01:47:49  *** adam3us has quit IRC
 76 2016-01-15T02:08:08  <Luke-Jr> cfields: `make -C depends HOST=i686-pc-linux-gnu libevent` does not populate depends/i686-pc-linux-gnu/ - any idea why?
 77 2016-01-15T02:08:44  <cfields> Luke-Jr: what's with the libevent target?
 78 2016-01-15T02:09:10  <Luke-Jr> cfields: I only want libevent built/installed
 79 2016-01-15T02:09:23  <cfields> Luke-Jr: heh, depends weren't made to work that way :)
 80 2016-01-15T02:09:26  <Luke-Jr> :/
 81 2016-01-15T02:10:43  <Luke-Jr> trivial to make it work that way?
 82 2016-01-15T02:11:37  <cfields> Luke-Jr: the result is meant to be deterministic, so each package is built in its own staging area, then all packages are installed into the prefix at the end
 83 2016-01-15T02:11:50  <cfields> not really :\
 84 2016-01-15T02:12:03  <cfields> only option would be something like the NO_QT or NO_WALLET options
 85 2016-01-15T02:12:34  <cfields> but i don't like that, it's kinda abusing the system
 86 2016-01-15T02:13:01  <Luke-Jr> ok, so depends basically only makes sense for travis/gitian :/
 87 2016-01-15T02:13:57  <cfields> yes, it was designed to be a means of reproducing release build conditions reliably
 88 2016-01-15T02:16:09  <jgarzik> Luke-Jr, v1.0.2 passed local univalue travis
 89 2016-01-15T02:18:09  <Luke-Jr> thanks
 90 2016-01-15T02:18:21  *** Ylbam has quit IRC
 91 2016-01-15T02:23:59  <dcousens> when does cs_main need to be locked?
 92 2016-01-15T02:24:18  <dcousens> (is there a reference for that?)
 93 2016-01-15T02:24:26  <dcousens> (I have a rough idea)
 94 2016-01-15T02:26:18  <dcousens> also, whats the difference between EXCLUSIVE_LOCKS_REQUIRED and just using AssertLockHeld?
 95 2016-01-15T02:26:51  *** adam3us has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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101 2016-01-15T03:22:08  <GitHub94> [bitcoin] luke-jr opened pull request #7349: Build against system UniValue when available (master...sys_univalue_opt) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7349
102 2016-01-15T03:22:18  <GitHub199> [bitcoin] luke-jr closed pull request #7340: Replace univalue subtree with proper dependency on external UniValue (master...sys_univalue) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7340
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108 2016-01-15T04:51:46  <Luke-Jr> cfields: ok to destroy that VM?
109 2016-01-15T04:51:56  <cfields> sure
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113 2016-01-15T05:16:44  <GitHub170> [bitcoin] luke-jr opened pull request #7350: Banlist updates (master...20150703_banlist_updates) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7350
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117 2016-01-15T05:55:46  <dcousens> Luke-Jr: interesting, but how can I review that merge in any reasonable way?  How do I know you haven't just injected some malicious code in there?
118 2016-01-15T05:56:05  <dcousens> I guess I could manually verify it by checking the diffs locally with my own merge?
119 2016-01-15T05:56:22  <Luke-Jr> or just view the diff on github?
120 2016-01-15T05:56:33  <Luke-Jr> but yeah, locally checking is the best way
121 2016-01-15T05:56:45  <Luke-Jr> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7350/files <-- works fine
122 2016-01-15T05:57:34  <dcousens> Assuming the merge was sane (its diff won't appear regardless)
123 2016-01-15T05:58:10  <Luke-Jr> …
124 2016-01-15T05:58:13  <dcousens> nvm
125 2016-01-15T06:01:04  <dcousens> Been so long since I've used merges... forgot the semantics lol
126 2016-01-15T06:01:34  <dcousens> well, more to the point, non-fast-forward merges
127 2016-01-15T06:31:03  *** jcorgan is now known as jcorgan|away
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136 2016-01-15T08:43:33  <GitHub190> [bitcoin] btcdrak opened pull request #7351: Update Makefile backup URL (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7351
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138 2016-01-15T08:44:16  <GitHub4> [bitcoin] btcdrak opened pull request #7352: Update Makefile backup URL (0.12...patch-2) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7352
139 2016-01-15T08:46:40  <GitHub195> [bitcoin] btcdrak opened pull request #7353: [0.11] backport "Update Makefile backup URL" (0.11...patch-3) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7353
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161 2016-01-15T10:31:31  <GitHub58> [bitcoin] rsmoz opened pull request #7354: I have fixed the block size issue (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7354
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163 2016-01-15T10:43:37  <paveljanik> OMG
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167 2016-01-15T10:49:10  <michagogo> Wow, Qt builds are seriously painful.
168 2016-01-15T10:55:52  <michagogo> BDB needs a rebuild?
169 2016-01-15T10:55:56  * michagogo looks at the diff again
170 2016-01-15T10:58:20  *** laurentmt has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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175 2016-01-15T11:14:51  <michagogo> What's OBJCXXLD?
176 2016-01-15T11:16:10  <michagogo> TIL that Objective C++ is a thing.
177 2016-01-15T11:17:01  <michagogo> (wait, why are we using that in Linux? I thought ObjC was a Mac thing.)
178 2016-01-15T11:17:31  <michagogo> (or rather, Apple)
179 2016-01-15T11:21:27  <michagogo> cfields: Why does Linux build 32-bit first and then 64, while Windows does it the other way around?
180 2016-01-15T11:21:57  <michagogo> Does that have any effect, and would it be unsafe/noisy/have side effects to change them to match?
181 2016-01-15T11:22:20  <michagogo> It's annoying when you're trying to look at the tailf of build.log to figure out how far along in the build you are.
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184 2016-01-15T11:25:22  <GitHub151> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli closed pull request #7354: I have fixed the block size issue (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7354
185 2016-01-15T11:38:04  <jonasschnelli> michagogo: darwin crosscompile uses "OBJCXXLD" in order to make use of apples frameworks (they are objc and are required by Qt)
186 2016-01-15T11:38:26  *** Thireus has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
187 2016-01-15T11:38:28  <michagogo> jonasschnelli: this isn't a darwin crosscompile
188 2016-01-15T11:38:29  <jonasschnelli> And also our source base uses some objc (some tweaks)
189 2016-01-15T11:38:37  <michagogo> this is the gitian linux build
190 2016-01-15T11:38:43  <michagogo> And... really? didn't know that.
191 2016-01-15T11:39:07  <jonasschnelli> Hmm... linux build does use OBJCXXLD?! strange...
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212 2016-01-15T15:44:04  <morcos> MarcoFalke: https://travis-ci.org/bitcoin/bitcoin/jobs/102467961
213 2016-01-15T15:44:37  <morcos> I haven't reproduced this, I bumped travis and it passed, but I don't know if it was an oddity related to my changed or an underlying issue
214 2016-01-15T15:45:03  <morcos> Anwyay, if anyone else sees wallet.py fail in the maintenance tests again, we should probably look into it
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225 2016-01-15T16:28:31  <MarcoFalke> morcos, thx I will look into this tomorrow
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241 2016-01-15T18:33:09  <GitHub157> [bitcoin] btcdrak closed pull request #7353: [0.11] backport "Update Makefile backup URL" (0.11...patch-3) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7353
242 2016-01-15T18:33:14  <GitHub76> [bitcoin] btcdrak closed pull request #7352: [0.12] backport "Update Makefile backup URL" (0.12...patch-2) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7352
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276 2016-01-15T21:51:52  <paveljanik> Luke-Jr, what was the solution for error: 'enum_type' is not a member of 'boost::future_errc'?
277 2016-01-15T21:52:44  <Luke-Jr> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7322
278 2016-01-15T21:53:12  <paveljanik> thanks! will check it if it helps here - gcc 4.8.3
279 2016-01-15T21:53:44  <Luke-Jr> 4.8.5 here
280 2016-01-15T21:55:14  <paveljanik> BTW - the logs referenced from $topic do not contain 2016...
281 2016-01-15T21:56:07  <paveljanik> (at least the erisian)
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283 2016-01-15T22:06:16  <paveljanik> Luke-Jr, passed compile, will test and ACK too
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