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  6 2016-01-17T01:00:13  <midnightmagic> michagogo: I thought the build log getsiped everytime it tries a new stage.
  7 2016-01-17T01:00:18  <midnightmagic> wiped even
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 11 2016-01-17T01:19:47  <GitHub76> [bitcoin] esainane opened pull request #7359: Disable SSLv3 for QT < 5.5 (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7359
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 15 2016-01-17T01:55:55  <GitHub108> [bitcoin] achow101 opened pull request #7360: Fix osslsigncode patch url (master...doc-fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7360
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 19 2016-01-17T03:06:24  <michagogo> midnightmagic: correct
 20 2016-01-17T03:06:45  <michagogo> Wait, no
 21 2016-01-17T03:07:02  <michagogo> Build.log gets wiped once per build-script
 22 2016-01-17T03:07:46  <michagogo> So if gitian were to build on 2 archs like Linux used do, each of the two would clear build.log
 23 2016-01-17T03:08:28  <michagogo> But now build.log should cover a full gbuild
 24 2016-01-17T03:09:43  <Luke-Jr> michagogo: if you have time, would you be interested in getting the linux build to do ARM also?
 25 2016-01-17T03:10:30  <michagogo> I kinda doubt I "have time", but maybe -- what's involved?
 26 2016-01-17T03:13:49  <michagogo> And I'm still really confused how a process that's >ing to a file can just cut off/mangle the first major chunk of the file.
 27 2016-01-17T03:14:05  <midnightmagic> I have two odroid now I can build on.
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 29 2016-01-17T03:20:09  <Luke-Jr> michagogo: I have no idea what's involved.
 30 2016-01-17T03:20:20  <Luke-Jr> midnightmagic: it needs to be cross-compiled, for gitian
 31 2016-01-17T03:20:52  <midnightmagic> *build for :)
 32 2016-01-17T03:22:28  <fanquake> michagogo My osx build also died last night, spun it up again now so I'll see it happens again.
 33 2016-01-17T03:22:33  <michagogo> Well, does a normal cross-build with depends work with just installing the compiler and changing the HOST=?
 34 2016-01-17T03:23:31  <michagogo> If so, gitian may be as easy as adding the arm package and adding the right triplet to the HOSTS car
 35 2016-01-17T03:23:44  <michagogo> Var
 36 2016-01-17T03:23:56  <michagogo> fanquake: you using lxc?
 37 2016-01-17T03:24:29  <Luke-Jr> michagogo: I believe so
 38 2016-01-17T03:25:16  <fanquake> michagogo: Yes
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 40 2016-01-17T03:37:39  <BlueMatt> https://github.com/TheBlueMatt/bitcoin/tree/aliasing-fix in case anyone wants it
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 43 2016-01-17T03:49:00  <midnightmagic> lxc on OSX?  ohhhh, OSX build *under* LXC on Linux.
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 48 2016-01-17T04:34:02  <michagogo> Luke-Jr: do you know the package name(s) and host triplet for arm Linux?
 49 2016-01-17T04:34:07  <michagogo> I can try it
 50 2016-01-17T04:44:37  <Luke-Jr> arm-linux-gnueabihf I guess
 51 2016-01-17T04:45:20  <Luke-Jr> and pkg gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf ?
 52 2016-01-17T04:45:33  <Luke-Jr> not sure really
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 54 2016-01-17T05:07:08  <michagogo> Okay, I guess I'll give it a try. I guess we also need pkg-config-arm-linux-gnueabihf?
 55 2016-01-17T05:07:43  <michagogo> And binutils-arm-...
 56 2016-01-17T05:08:43  <michagogo> Luke-Jr: feel free to watch as I do this
 57 2016-01-17T05:09:55  <michagogo> ssh ro-thYmcEyGTTIm0RPJm3h2bJmCp@am2.tmate.io to see me editing and running the descriptor, and ssh ro-me6PDf23hOTHOloQFCzphFCPj@fk2.tmate.io to see a tailf of the install/build logs
 58 2016-01-17T05:10:10  *** brg444 has quit IRC
 59 2016-01-17T05:35:25  <michagogo> Okay, also need g++-4.8-multilib-arm-linux-gnueabihf
 60 2016-01-17T05:35:31  <michagogo> and gcc-…
 61 2016-01-17T05:35:48  <michagogo> Take 2.
 62 2016-01-17T05:36:22  <michagogo> Luke-Jr: running again
 63 2016-01-17T05:37:28  <cfields> BlueMatt: ouch, heh
 64 2016-01-17T05:41:46  <michagogo> cfields: wb
 65 2016-01-17T05:41:52  <michagogo> So, it failed again...
 66 2016-01-17T05:42:22  <michagogo> I don't get how a process >ing to a file can wipe out the beginning like that after it's already been written
 67 2016-01-17T05:43:32  <michagogo> cfields: and fanquake was also having it fail. Is anyone who has successfully built OS X using LXC?
 68 2016-01-17T05:43:42  <cfields> michagogo: i gave up on lxc ages ago
 69 2016-01-17T05:44:01  <michagogo> "Gave up"?
 70 2016-01-17T05:45:06  <cfields> michagogo: lxc has always been problematic with gitian, i go with what's stable
 71 2016-01-17T05:45:33  <michagogo> For yourself? Or for making it work at all?
 72 2016-01-17T05:51:42  <cfields> nah, just for myself
 73 2016-01-17T05:55:12  <michagogo> Well, something seems broken
 74 2016-01-17T05:55:29  <michagogo> And at least right now KVM isn't an option for me, so…
 75 2016-01-17T05:56:39  <michagogo> Until we can figure out a way to run gitian on Windows, I can only use LXC, and I imagine other people are in the same situation
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 77 2016-01-17T06:07:53  <michagogo> Luke-Jr: looks like it fails in the libX11 depends build. https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/6ct2I6Yh/
 78 2016-01-17T06:08:11  <Luke-Jr> Travis does ARM though :/
 79 2016-01-17T06:08:46  <michagogo> there's probably a way around this
 80 2016-01-17T06:09:37  <cfields> travis skips qt because X is a nightmare for arm
 81 2016-01-17T06:09:40  <cfields> NO_QT=1
 82 2016-01-17T06:10:00  <Luke-Jr> :|
 83 2016-01-17T06:10:11  <michagogo>       env: HOST=arm-linux-gnueabihf PACKAGES="g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf" DEP_OPTS="NO_QT=1" GOAL="install" BITCOIN_CONFIG="--enable-glibc-back-compat --enable-reduce-exports"
 84 2016-01-17T06:10:23  <Luke-Jr> I suppose bitcoind-only builds for ARM would be an improvement still
 85 2016-01-17T06:10:57  <michagogo> I'll try to add NO_QT=1
 86 2016-01-17T06:11:01  <cfields> yea. any graphical arm build would be chipset/gpu/environment specific. just skip qt.
 87 2016-01-17T06:12:58  <cfields> for that matter, arm binaries are very much the same way. i'm not sure how much value there is in aiming for a generic one
 88 2016-01-17T06:12:58  <michagogo> Okay, take 3. Tmate sessions still live.
 89 2016-01-17T06:13:38  <Luke-Jr> cfields: it'd be nice to get one that works on RPi and Android phones
 90 2016-01-17T06:13:44  <cfields> for ex, that toolchain will limit itself to armv7 hf at a minimum, iirc. so that rules out rpi
 91 2016-01-17T06:14:04  <Luke-Jr> even the new rpi?
 92 2016-01-17T06:14:26  <cfields> Luke-Jr: exactly my point. arm != generic
 93 2016-01-17T06:14:52  <Luke-Jr> cfields: how does Android do it?
 94 2016-01-17T06:15:10  <cfields> Luke-Jr: ever use a tegra2 on android?
 95 2016-01-17T06:15:25  <Luke-Jr> no
 96 2016-01-17T06:15:27  <cfields> (the answer is no, because they didn't ship with neon, so everything broke at runtime)
 97 2016-01-17T06:16:14  <cfields> Luke-Jr: android phones are a better target, but you'll still need to set a base-line.
 98 2016-01-17T06:17:12  <cfields> cpu-intensive apps use generic builds and switch to tuned asm at runtime, based on cpu
 99 2016-01-17T06:17:21  <cfields> ffmpeg is a good example
100 2016-01-17T06:18:04  <michagogo> cfields: did you get a chance to look for anything obvious in the log from the OS X build?
101 2016-01-17T06:18:26  <cfields> michagogo: no, sorry. i can try to look tomorrow if it's still acting up
102 2016-01-17T06:19:08  <michagogo> cfields: did you get a chance to see if there's anything obvious in the log from the Mac build? And is there a way to not let the early part of the log get wiped out?
103 2016-01-17T06:19:14  <michagogo> (How is that even happening?)
104 2016-01-17T06:19:42  <michagogo> Sorry, lag
105 2016-01-17T06:26:27  <michagogo> Looks like using `script` should give a raw log including control characters
106 2016-01-17T06:29:58  <michagogo> Hrm, even with no_qt=1 appended it's trying and failing to build libX11
107 2016-01-17T06:30:08  <michagogo> Luke-Jr cfields: ^
108 2016-01-17T06:30:23  <Luke-Jr> uppercase?
109 2016-01-17T06:36:25  <michagogo> Yes
110 2016-01-17T06:36:35  <michagogo> But I must have been mistaken, I was sure it failed
111 2016-01-17T06:36:47  <michagogo> But just now it was running
112 2016-01-17T06:37:14  <michagogo> Maybe it was frozen or something
113 2016-01-17T06:41:08  <michagogo> Deps are built, looks like it's building okay
114 2016-01-17T06:41:28  *** Thireus has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
115 2016-01-17T06:47:05  <michagogo> Luke-Jr: build finished fine
116 2016-01-17T06:47:38  <michagogo> (Except that it failed at the very last line, renaming the output, but that's trivial)
117 2016-01-17T06:50:16  <michagogo> cfields: okay, I g2g now, but I started the build again and this time I'm capturing the tailf of the build log with `script`, which should give us the whole log (I hope).
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119 2016-01-17T07:19:33  <fanquake> cfields: What's your gitian setup at the moment? I've been meaning to update mine for a while, probably worth upgrading now that I'm having an issue.
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124 2016-01-17T09:22:26  <gmaxwell> sipa: phantomcircuit: I want to give you some congrats on the a privacy improvement direct hit.
125 2016-01-17T09:23:52  <gmaxwell> Note "compliance tracking" here https://github.com/bitcoinclassic/bitcoinclassic/pull/15 and the dishonest suggestion that restoring the trickle behavior helps '0 conf' at https://github.com/bitcoinclassic/bitcoinclassic/pull/16
126 2016-01-17T09:25:24  <gmaxwell> kinda interesting to see 'Classic' also making privacy negative changes like XT.
127 2016-01-17T09:34:40  <paveljanik> gmaxwell, why do you think they are going to merge this in?
128 2016-01-17T09:35:10  <paveljanik> if gmaxwell pakes a PR to Classic uping the limit to 8MB  fix, will gmaxwell' say here that they are going to merge it?
129 2016-01-17T09:35:21  <gmaxwell> read the thread.
130 2016-01-17T09:35:25  <paveljanik> I read it ;-)
131 2016-01-17T09:35:42  <paveljanik> I do not care at all about Classic, but you made me curious :-)
132 2016-01-17T09:36:04  <paveljanik> but we age going OT here ;-)
133 2016-01-17T09:36:24  <paveljanik> but anyway, I'm happy to see you "back" ;-)
134 2016-01-17T09:42:32  <midnightmagic> it looks like he intends to commit it to me
135 2016-01-17T09:47:27  *** murch has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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137 2016-01-17T09:53:43  <paveljanik> even if so, do we care?
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140 2016-01-17T10:37:57  <petertodd> https://github.com/bitcoinclassic/bitcoinclassic/pull/19 <- lol, 3GB mempools
141 2016-01-17T10:38:30  <haakonn> just multiple everything by 10
142 2016-01-17T10:44:46  <paveljanik> looks like the next one will be maxconnections to 80...
143 2016-01-17T10:45:25  <paveljanik> joined today. Some troll...
144 2016-01-17T10:45:26  <paveljanik> 8)
145 2016-01-17T10:51:57  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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150 2016-01-17T11:43:53  <gmaxwell> sorry, I didn't mean to push this channel OT in that way.
151 2016-01-17T11:44:35  <gmaxwell> My bringing up that repo was exclusively to point out to patrick and sipa that fixing the trickling was a meaningful enough improvement in privacy that people attacking the privacy of Bitcoin Core users are trying to undermine it.
152 2016-01-17T11:45:22  <gmaxwell> The particular venue was uninteresting except perhaps that it wasn't at core: showing that we have a reputation for competence and caring about privacy enough that they wouldn't bother trying it on us.
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154 2016-01-17T12:20:47  <paveljanik> gmaxwell, sure. Everyone in this channel knows it...
155 2016-01-17T12:21:57  <paveljanik> The question is how to make general public aware of this (without finger pointing).
156 2016-01-17T12:22:18  <paveljanik> Writing articles to our web pages...
157 2016-01-17T12:22:20  <paveljanik> e.g.
158 2016-01-17T12:22:23  <paveljanik> blogging about it.
159 2016-01-17T12:25:27  <paveljanik> and BTW, several days ago jonasschnelli closed plain 1M->2M PR as well... So "they" are trying to do it to Core too.
160 2016-01-17T12:25:55  *** drnet has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
161 2016-01-17T12:26:43  <jonasschnelli> paveljanik: how is trying what (don't read the backlog)?
162 2016-01-17T12:27:01  <jonasschnelli> Was the close of this PR to harsh? Looked really trollish.
163 2016-01-17T12:28:33  <jonasschnelli> s/how is trying../who s trying...
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178 2016-01-17T14:32:48  <paveljanik> jonasschnelli, I do not know who. It was just to illustrate that trolls troll this and other projects.
179 2016-01-17T14:33:45  <paveljanik> and we can't judge the quality of the project purely on the PRs.
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182 2016-01-17T14:45:28  <paveljanik> jonasschnelli, you did perfect job in closing it...
183 2016-01-17T14:45:39  <paveljanik> the reporter was troll
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186 2016-01-17T15:15:50  <michagogo> cfields: Yeah, as I thought, script caught this. Something really bizarre is happening when building Qt... https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ZiTK1ujG/1453043699.JPG
187 2016-01-17T15:23:20  <michagogo> I'm going to try booting up my sandbox VM (that has a clean snapshot) and installing the packages to see if I can try to build outside a container
188 2016-01-17T15:23:32  <zookolaptop> michagogo: filesystem or storage device failure ?
189 2016-01-17T15:23:50  <zookolaptop> Sorry, gotta go play Dominions 4 with my 6-year-old. BBIAB
190 2016-01-17T15:23:53  <michagogo> zookolaptop: nah, Windows and Linux builds are working fine
191 2016-01-17T15:24:19  <michagogo> And the OS X build has failed in the same way at the same place 4-5 times now
192 2016-01-17T15:24:45  <zookolaptop> Hm.
193 2016-01-17T15:28:09  <michagogo> If you scroll back a while I uploaded the build.log
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198 2016-01-17T16:18:23  <PRab> Some quick feedback on the 0.12 RC. I'm not a big fan of the font change on the Console tab. It appears to be using a smaller font than it did before and it is harder (IMO) to read.
199 2016-01-17T16:18:48  <PRab> (Windows 7 64bit, standard DPI)
200 2016-01-17T16:23:23  <PRab> Another minor cosmetic issue that could be improved is that by default the User Agent column gets cut off, and the Ping Time column is huge. I would give up some of the white space in Ping Time to avoid cutting off text in User Agent.
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212 2016-01-17T17:15:46  <GitHub53> [bitcoin] pra85 opened pull request #7363: Update license year range to 2016 (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7363
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226 2016-01-17T18:16:02  <adnn_> Ihttp://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160105-the-man-who-studies-the-spread-of-ignorance
227 2016-01-17T18:16:34  <adnn_> Relevant for obvious reasons.
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229 2016-01-17T18:31:08  <GitHub184> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #7364: [qt] Windows: Make rpcconsole monospace font larger (master...Mf1601-qtWinFontSize) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7364
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233 2016-01-17T18:37:40  <michagogo> Anyone around who gitian builds?
234 2016-01-17T18:37:49  *** laurentmt has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
235 2016-01-17T18:37:51  <PRab> I do.
236 2016-01-17T18:38:09  <michagogo> Did the 0.12.0rc1 OS X build work for you?
237 2016-01-17T18:38:21  <michagogo> If so, what's your gitian setup?
238 2016-01-17T18:38:27  <PRab> I never do OS X builds. I only do windows and linux.
239 2016-01-17T18:38:32  <michagogo> Got it.
240 2016-01-17T18:38:38  <michagogo> No sdk?
241 2016-01-17T18:38:55  <MarcoFalke> michagogo, you need to patch the local descriptor
242 2016-01-17T18:39:05  <michagogo> MarcoFalke: that's just the signer IIRC
243 2016-01-17T18:39:05  <MarcoFalke> See the 0.12 branch
244 2016-01-17T18:39:18  <michagogo> And I'm using the descriptor from the 0.12 branch anyway
245 2016-01-17T18:39:56  <michagogo> The issue is that it's crashing and burning in a really bizarre way when trying to build Qt
246 2016-01-17T18:40:11  <MarcoFalke> What OS and gitian builder?
247 2016-01-17T18:40:13  <michagogo> (See scrollback)
248 2016-01-17T18:40:43  <michagogo> I'm using LXC running on Ubuntu Trusty in a Virtualbox
249 2016-01-17T18:40:57  <michagogo> (on Windows, but that shouldn't matter)
250 2016-01-17T18:41:22  <michagogo> Linux and Windows built fine
251 2016-01-17T18:41:34  <michagogo> And I think fanquake had the same failure
252 2016-01-17T18:43:50  *** arowser has quit IRC
253 2016-01-17T18:43:53  <MarcoFalke> The docs mention debian, iirc. But Trusty should work as well...
254 2016-01-17T18:44:16  *** arowser has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
255 2016-01-17T18:45:42  <michagogo> MarcoFalke: Ubuntu is gitian's first-class platform afaik
256 2016-01-17T18:51:11  *** MarcoFalke has quit IRC
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260 2016-01-17T19:07:34  <zookolaptop> michagogo: curious what happened with that weird truncated build log last night.
261 2016-01-17T19:08:11  <MarcoFalke> michagogo. Do you have the build script as well?
262 2016-01-17T19:08:13  <michagogo> zookolaptop: yeah, didn't know a truncated > file was even possible
263 2016-01-17T19:08:21  <michagogo> MarcoFalke: sure, one sec
264 2016-01-17T19:09:41  <michagogo> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14555571/
265 2016-01-17T19:10:57  *** challisto has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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267 2016-01-17T19:11:08  <michagogo> Pretty sure there's nothing abnormal there
268 2016-01-17T19:11:34  *** challisto has left #bitcoin-core-dev
269 2016-01-17T19:11:41  *** challisto has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
270 2016-01-17T19:11:42  <michagogo> And the build log looks pretty normal until the screenshot I posted
271 2016-01-17T19:14:01  *** trippysalmon has quit IRC
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281 2016-01-17T20:21:15  <michagogo> hmm, what's this?
282 2016-01-17T20:21:22  <michagogo> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/hAWpvStd/
283 2016-01-17T20:29:39  <michagogo> cfields: I'm getting a 403 when depends as of v0.12.0rc1 tries to pull from the bitcoincore.org fallback server
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344 2016-01-17T23:28:09  <randy-waterhouse> hammering v0.12rc1 on the mainnet, smooth like silk ... good work guys.
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