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  3 2016-01-19T00:32:25  <sdaftuar> lpersona: the way rbf works is that a new transaction must pay more in total fee than all the transactions it evicts
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  5 2016-01-19T00:36:05  <lpersona> sdaftuar: tks - i'm trying to find on the code where the sum of descendant fees is kept to be used by RBF, and also check if it's only for immediate descendants or if it keeps the entire tree of descendants - is it part of txmempool?
  6 2016-01-19T00:37:46  <sdaftuar> in main.cpp, see AcceptToMemoryPoolWorker
  7 2016-01-19T00:38:26  <sdaftuar> while each transaction in the mempool caches its fee with descendants, for RBF purposes we walk the descendants of all the transactions that are conflicted, so that we don't double count
  8 2016-01-19T00:38:50  <sdaftuar> (ie in situations where a child transaction has 2 parents, both of which are being replaced)
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 12 2016-01-19T01:12:50  <sdaftuar> cfields: around?
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 15 2016-01-19T01:16:01  <cfields> hi
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 19 2016-01-19T01:18:03  <sdaftuar> if you have a few minutes i was hoping to get some help with a build issue i'm having in #7222
 20 2016-01-19T01:18:22  <sdaftuar> (sorry to bother you with this, i'm sure i'm doing something silly)
 21 2016-01-19T01:19:07  <cfields> sdaftuar: sure. looking
 22 2016-01-19T01:19:11  <sdaftuar> somehow i broke the qt build when i took some code out of rpcblockchain.cpp
 23 2016-01-19T01:20:21  <cfields> sdaftuar: do you see the error locally too? or just on travis?
 24 2016-01-19T01:20:29  <sdaftuar> yeah i see it locally as well
 25 2016-01-19T01:20:57  <sdaftuar> i added a new file, policy/rbf.h and policy/rbf.cpp
 26 2016-01-19T01:21:20  <sdaftuar> the functions added were previously used in both rpcblockchain.cpp and wallet/rpcwallet.cpp
 27 2016-01-19T01:21:23  <sdaftuar> and linking was fine
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 29 2016-01-19T01:21:45  <sdaftuar> when i deleted the code that invoked it from rpcblockchain.cpp, linking bitcoin-qt broke
 30 2016-01-19T01:21:59  <sdaftuar> i assume i screwed up the makefile?
 31 2016-01-19T01:22:10  <cfields> ah, some dependency thing then. i'll pull it down and build
 32 2016-01-19T01:22:19  <cfields> sdaftuar: probably created some circular dep
 33 2016-01-19T01:24:53  <sdaftuar> ah, ok if the makefile is fine, then i can probably track down my circular dependency.  <embarrassed>
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 35 2016-01-19T01:26:58  <cfields> sdaftuar: nm, not that. i don't see where it was moved from (different commit?), but looks like you need rbf.cpp in a lib other than _server
 36 2016-01-19T01:27:44  <sdaftuar> yeah i force pushed (too quickly it seems!), blew away the commit where it was building
 37 2016-01-19T01:27:53  <sdaftuar> is there a simple fix to the Makefile?
 38 2016-01-19T01:28:23  <cfields> building now. i'm not familiar with what's changing here, so i'll have to poke around for a min
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 44 2016-01-19T01:37:00  <sdaftuar> hmm, moving policy/rbf.cpp from libbitoin_server to libbitcoin_wallet appears to make the build work, with the wallet and without
 45 2016-01-19T01:39:48  <cfields> sdaftuar: right, i'm seeing the same. so turns out there is a circular dep between wallet and server
 46 2016-01-19T01:40:02  <sdaftuar> ah, is that something i introduced?
 47 2016-01-19T01:40:32  <cfields> hmm, maybe not circular. bitcoind links with the order jumbled around...
 48 2016-01-19T01:40:38  <cfields> let me see if everything links this way
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 53 2016-01-19T01:52:20  <cfields> sdaftuar: still trying to understand. i don't see how this is altering the wallet's deps
 54 2016-01-19T01:52:48  <sdaftuar> well, rpcwallet.cpp depends on policy/rbf.cpp
 55 2016-01-19T01:53:35  <sdaftuar> and nothing else does now
 56 2016-01-19T01:53:45  <cfields> sdaftuar: yea, but wallet depends on tons of other stuff from server
 57 2016-01-19T01:53:50  <sdaftuar> somehow does that cause libbitcoin_server to optimize it out?
 58 2016-01-19T01:53:55  <cfields> (unless i'm missing somehting obvious?)
 59 2016-01-19T01:54:27  <sdaftuar> no, that's what i understand too!
 60 2016-01-19T01:55:00  <sdaftuar> is it crazy for me to put policy/rbf.cpp in libbitcoin_wallet?  it looks funny, though it seems to work...
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 62 2016-01-19T02:00:45  <cfields> sdaftuar: mm, i'd prefer to figure out what make it different
 63 2016-01-19T02:00:47  <cfields> still poking
 64 2016-01-19T02:01:22  <sdaftuar> i see what you mean about the library order being different for qt than for bitcoind
 65 2016-01-19T02:04:23  <sdaftuar> if i rearrange the library order for qt, i think that also solves the problem.  testing a bit more
 66 2016-01-19T02:04:50  <cfields> well the wallet order is tangled anyway. worth fixing even without this issue
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 68 2016-01-19T02:08:46  <sdaftuar> no, looks like that change i made to the qt build didn't actually fix it
 69 2016-01-19T02:11:03  <cfields> heh, built with a stale .a? i did that :)
 70 2016-01-19T02:11:13  <sdaftuar> yeah i think so :)
 71 2016-01-19T02:13:53  <sdaftuar> uh, i'm not sure how i overlooked this.  bitcoind also doesn't compile. this qt stuff is a red herring.
 72 2016-01-19T02:13:58  <sdaftuar> er
 73 2016-01-19T02:14:02  <sdaftuar> bitcoind doesn't link i mean
 74 2016-01-19T02:15:02  <phantomcircuit> sdaftuar, git clean -fdx
 75 2016-01-19T02:15:15  <cfields> sdaftuar: right. it was the same on travis
 76 2016-01-19T02:15:24  <cfields> i've been playing with bitcoind here
 77 2016-01-19T02:15:56  <cfields> sdaftuar: i'm pretty sure this is building up to a facepalm. i just don't see what sets this apart.
 78 2016-01-19T02:18:54  <cfields> rpcwallet locks cs_main ffs. it's obviously not a new dep.
 79 2016-01-19T02:29:44  <cfields> sdaftuar: ok, here we go
 80 2016-01-19T02:30:05  <sdaftuar> cfields: solution?
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 82 2016-01-19T02:31:06  <cfields> sdaftuar: yes. let me build clean before i spout more dumb stuff though.
 83 2016-01-19T02:31:40  <cfields> sdaftuar: ok, you were right a long time ago
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 85 2016-01-19T02:31:58  <sdaftuar> when i said i probably did something silly?
 86 2016-01-19T02:31:59  <cfields> <sdaftuar> somehow does that cause libbitcoin_server to optimize it out?
 87 2016-01-19T02:32:00  <sdaftuar> :)
 88 2016-01-19T02:32:28  <cfields> looks like if an object isn't use at all in the lib, it'll leave it out
 89 2016-01-19T02:33:30  <cfields> which also doesn't make any sense, but one step at a time :)
 90 2016-01-19T02:33:31  <sdaftuar> wow, okay. i really don't understand computers, because i would have thought that the whole point was you don't know if something linking against your library might use it?
 91 2016-01-19T02:33:53  <cfields> if(!OptInRBF(CTransaction())) return false;
 92 2016-01-19T02:34:11  <cfields> throw that in main.cpp somewhere, and it'll link
 93 2016-01-19T02:34:43  <sdaftuar> hm.  so where does that leave us?  are we building the libraries the wrong way somehow?
 94 2016-01-19T02:34:50  <cfields> er, fix the func name. I nuked the "Signal" cause i thought the preprocessor might've been screwing with it
 95 2016-01-19T02:35:46  <cfields> sdaftuar: still investigating.
 96 2016-01-19T02:36:19  <sdaftuar> oh interesting, somehow referencing just one function must pull in teh whole file?
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 99 2016-01-19T02:42:31  <cfields> sdaftuar: still not making any sense. playing around.
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101 2016-01-19T03:14:48  <sdaftuar> cfields: i'm going to call it a night soon.  i've pushed up a temporary hack (just moved rbf.cpp -> libbitcoin_wallet) to make travis happy for now while we figure out the right way to solve this
102 2016-01-19T03:14:59  <sdaftuar> cfields: Thanks for diving into this, sorry if I sucked away your evening!
103 2016-01-19T03:15:32  <cfields> sdaftuar: np. i'm not sure there's much of a fix. our libs don't work how libs usually do, they're all inter-connected...
104 2016-01-19T03:16:06  <cfields> they're supposed to be listed from most to least dependent, and the linker makes a note of what syms are needed along the way...
105 2016-01-19T03:18:18  <cfields> but in our case, they need eachother. so there's no ordering where the linker can sanely mark unresolved deps along the way. i suppose we just happen to be inter-connected enough to trick it into working :)
106 2016-01-19T03:18:34  <sdaftuar> that is more than a little disturbing :)
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113 2016-01-19T03:44:40  <PRab> I think I found a bug with the RC's Banned peers display.
114 2016-01-19T03:45:10  <PRab> I had a peer that was supposed to be unbanned about an hour ago, but it is still showing up there.
115 2016-01-19T03:45:23  <PRab> Should I report this as an issue on github?
116 2016-01-19T03:45:50  <Luke-Jr> PRab: probably
117 2016-01-19T03:46:27  <PRab> I wonder if it doesn't refresh until the gui is closed and reopened. Testing...
118 2016-01-19T03:46:37  <PRab> Nope, still there.
119 2016-01-19T03:49:44  <PRab> I think I got the relevant details in https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/7377
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142 2016-01-19T08:42:12  <GitHub199> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 3 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/21376af183ff...668906fcf27b
143 2016-01-19T08:42:13  <GitHub199> bitcoin/master fada0c9 MarcoFalke: [travis] Fail when documentation is outdated
144 2016-01-19T08:42:14  <GitHub199> bitcoin/master faeda0e MarcoFalke: [travis] Run contrib/devtools/check-doc.py early
145 2016-01-19T08:42:14  <GitHub199> bitcoin/master 668906f Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #7280...
146 2016-01-19T08:42:18  <GitHub66> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #7280: [travis] Fail when documentation is outdated (master...MarcoFalke-2015-travisDoc) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7280
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154 2016-01-19T09:15:28  <GitHub40> [bitcoin] laanwj opened pull request #7378: devtools: replace github-merge with python version (master...2016_01_python_github_merge) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7378
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170 2016-01-19T11:29:37  <GitHub178> [bitcoin] jtimon closed pull request #6597: Chainparams: Don't check the genesis block (master...chainparams-genesis-no-check-0.12.99) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6597
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175 2016-01-19T11:59:14  <GitHub134> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/668906fcf27b...3b43cad9d059
176 2016-01-19T11:59:15  <GitHub134> bitcoin/master 39a525c ptschip: Do not download transactions during inital sync
177 2016-01-19T11:59:15  <GitHub134> bitcoin/master 3b43cad Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #7164: Do not download transactions during initial blockchain sync...
178 2016-01-19T11:59:19  <GitHub58> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #7164: Do not download transactions during initial blockchain sync (master...tx_getdata) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7164
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181 2016-01-19T12:23:49  <GitHub104> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/3b43cad9d059...f9fd4c288484
182 2016-01-19T12:23:50  <GitHub104> bitcoin/master fd83615 Peter Todd: Improve CheckInputs() comment about sig verification
183 2016-01-19T12:23:51  <GitHub104> bitcoin/master f9fd4c2 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #7281: Improve CheckInputs() comment about sig verification...
184 2016-01-19T12:24:00  <GitHub3> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #7281: Improve CheckInputs() comment about sig verification (master...2016-01-improve-checkinputs-comment) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7281
185 2016-01-19T12:27:29  <wumpus> sdaftuar: I'm not sure I quite understand why rbf.cpp should be part of the wallet - does it use any wallet functions?
186 2016-01-19T12:29:31  <wumpus> I understand it's only used in the wallet, but having it in policy then linking it only into the wallet is a bit strange
187 2016-01-19T12:29:56  <wumpus> cfields, what circular dependency is this? we should get rid of it
188 2016-01-19T12:30:35  <wumpus> come on, this linker behavior can't be so random we have to do something random to make a problem seem to go away
189 2016-01-19T12:31:11  <wumpus> I'll take a look...
190 2016-01-19T12:32:33  <wumpus> also I don't understand why github says #7222 has 'conflicts that need to be resolved', even though travis apparently builds it
191 2016-01-19T12:36:28  <wumpus> I don't think server can depend on the wallet in any way, if we do a --disable-wallet build the wallet library won't even be built
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193 2016-01-19T12:47:28  <wumpus> oh it does - the problem is that the RPC calls for the wallet are referenced from libbitcoin_server. this may be solved by something like #7307, which moves the registration of the wallet RPC calls to the wallet itself
194 2016-01-19T12:48:35  <wumpus> and that's only part of it, there are other parts of e.g. init.cpp which are part of the server and make direct calls into the wallet
195 2016-01-19T12:50:09  <wumpus> basically, we need to get rid of all #ifdef ENABLE_WALLET code in bitcoin_server library
196 2016-01-19T12:50:36  <wumpus> that's too much for 0.12 backport so I agree on sdaftuar 's intermediate "hack"
197 2016-01-19T12:58:55  *** jtimon has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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199 2016-01-19T13:09:08  <sdaftuar> wumpus: thanks for taking a look.
200 2016-01-19T13:09:51  <sdaftuar> wumpus: will look at the new merge conflicts (was clean when i last pushed)
201 2016-01-19T13:10:13  <wumpus> oh sorry if I broke your pull
202 2016-01-19T13:11:10  <wumpus> seems a conflict in listtransactions.py
203 2016-01-19T13:11:13  <sdaftuar> yeah
204 2016-01-19T13:11:16  <sdaftuar> hmm
205 2016-01-19T13:12:03  <sdaftuar> oh yeah the mocktime thing
206 2016-01-19T13:12:05  <sdaftuar> in #7164
207 2016-01-19T13:12:56  <wumpus> yeah
208 2016-01-19T13:14:28  <wumpus> should be easy to resolve
209 2016-01-19T13:14:37  <wumpus> (add-add conflict)
210 2016-01-19T13:14:38  <sdaftuar> yep agreed.
211 2016-01-19T13:15:07  <sdaftuar> just want to make sure the 0.12 backport will be clean before i push
212 2016-01-19T13:19:23  <sdaftuar> ok when i fix the issue and try to cherrypick to 0.12, i get a conflict to resolve.  it's easy to fix, but would it better to open a second PR for the 0.12 branch which is clean?
213 2016-01-19T13:22:55  *** wumpus has quit IRC
214 2016-01-19T13:30:05  <sdaftuar> ah, if i just move my new method to further down in the file, then no conflict in 0.12.  i'll just do that for simplicity
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235 2016-01-19T14:53:12  <bsm117532> Is it possible to be invited to the bitcoincore slack channel?  Is relevant dev discussion happening there or is it essentially all here?
236 2016-01-19T14:56:04  *** bronzehedwick has left #bitcoin-core-dev
237 2016-01-19T15:26:49  <michagogo> Slack?
238 2016-01-19T15:32:31  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
239 2016-01-19T15:35:21  <jonasschnelli> bitcoincore.slack.com (no invitation required)
240 2016-01-19T15:41:01  <instagibbs> bsm117532, mostly a community outreach deal. CEOs, press, others actually idle there now
241 2016-01-19T15:43:50  <bsm117532> Ok thanks
242 2016-01-19T15:47:05  <bsm117532> instagibbs: It looks like I can't log into bitcoincore.slack.com without an invitation.  But not so concerned about it, the last thing I need is another chat I have to pay attention to!
243 2016-01-19T15:47:46  <michagogo> What is that, who uses it, and what for?
244 2016-01-19T15:48:12  <bsm117532> Let's just use IRC. ;-)
245 2016-01-19T15:50:50  *** d_t has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
246 2016-01-19T15:56:25  <instagibbs> michagogo, "mostly a community outreach deal. CEOs, press, others actually idle there now"
247 2016-01-19T15:58:17  *** Cory has quit IRC
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263 2016-01-19T16:42:30  <btcdrak> bsm117532: you can get an invitation from https://slack.bitcoincore.org
264 2016-01-19T16:42:35  *** xiangfu has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
265 2016-01-19T16:43:15  <btcdrak> instagibbs: it's also for Bitcoin Core community to gather
266 2016-01-19T16:43:35  <btcdrak> it's not a replacement for IRC or developer collaboration though, that remains in IRC.
267 2016-01-19T16:43:42  <instagibbs> ^^ that's what I meant
268 2016-01-19T16:46:49  *** GAit has quit IRC
269 2016-01-19T16:47:42  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
270 2016-01-19T16:49:48  <bsm117532> Thanks btcdrak.  Looked briefly, this looks like it's probably about as useful as the #bitcoin IRC channel (very low signal/noise, no serious dev discussion)...
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284 2016-01-19T17:54:54  <GitHub38> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #7380: [qa] Disable salvagewallet check (master...Mf1601-qaDisableSalvagewalletCheck) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7380
285 2016-01-19T18:05:18  <cfields> wumpus: thanks for having a look. yes, of course fixing the real dependency issue is the way to go :)
286 2016-01-19T18:11:41  <gmaxwell> Freeking malloc in glibc on linux calls open on files in proc.
287 2016-01-19T18:21:00  *** GAit has quit IRC
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298 2016-01-19T18:57:18  <GitHub27> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #7380: [qa] Disable salvagewallet check (master...Mf1601-qaDisableSalvagewalletCheck) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7380
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300 2016-01-19T19:00:45  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
301 2016-01-19T19:15:29  <michagogo> cfields: just checking, you saw that wumpus figured out the fix, right?
302 2016-01-19T19:15:58  <cfields> michagogo: the gitian issue, you mean?
303 2016-01-19T19:15:58  *** drnet has quit IRC
304 2016-01-19T19:16:09  <michagogo> yeah
305 2016-01-19T19:16:37  <michagogo> (at the cost of a non-matching in hash)
306 2016-01-19T19:16:52  <cfields> michagogo: yea, i saw. did't look into it, though. I guess lxc doesn't install python but kvm does, somehow?
307 2016-01-19T19:17:01  <michagogo> It would seem so.
308 2016-01-19T19:17:14  <cfields> weird
309 2016-01-19T19:17:30  *** MarcoFalke has quit IRC
310 2016-01-19T19:18:24  <cfields> i suppose we should put it in the descriptor then. obviously it's needed, even if it happens to be pulled in by something else already
311 2016-01-19T19:18:28  <michagogo> I guess it boils down to debootstrap vs pxc
312 2016-01-19T19:18:32  <michagogo> lxc*
313 2016-01-19T19:19:02  <michagogo> Yeah, I wonder what changed from 0.11 to 0.2
314 2016-01-19T19:19:36  <michagogo> 0.12*
315 2016-01-19T19:19:37  <cfields> michagogo: does trusty only install python3 by default, maybe?
316 2016-01-19T19:19:50  <cfields> (or default to it)
317 2016-01-19T19:19:51  <michagogo> If so, kvm should also fail
318 2016-01-19T19:20:16  <michagogo> And I don't think they're there yet. IIRC I saw on the MLs that they're working on removing it from the default packages in xenial...
319 2016-01-19T19:20:48  <cfields> michagogo: i was thinking part of the kvm install switched the default somehow
320 2016-01-19T19:20:57  <cfields> but yea, that doesn't really make sense
321 2016-01-19T19:21:07  <michagogo> the question is really what does debootstrap do different from vmbuilder
322 2016-01-19T19:21:46  <michagogo> And yeah, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python confirms. Under "Plans for 16.04": UOS for Xenial had a session on the removal of Python 2.7 from the default images/seeds.
323 2016-01-19T19:21:58  *** BashCo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
324 2016-01-19T19:24:00  <cfields> ok
325 2016-01-19T19:30:24  <michagogo> so there are 3 real questions. 1) why does debootstrap not install python? 2) what changed from 0.11 to 0.12? and 3) why does this only affect OS X?
326 2016-01-19T19:30:33  <Luke-Jr> cfields: I'm trying to add a depends pkg for qtsvg, and I have it with a dependencies on qt, but how do I get qmake? :/
327 2016-01-19T19:35:05  <cfields> michagogo: unsure on all counts :\
328 2016-01-19T19:35:13  <cfields> Luke-Jr: yuck, what's qtsvg for?
329 2016-01-19T19:35:23  <Luke-Jr> cfields: I want to make the icons SVG only? :/
330 2016-01-19T19:35:51  <cfields> Luke-Jr: isn't that just a config switch for the qt build?
331 2016-01-19T19:35:59  <cfields> to enable the svg module?
332 2016-01-19T19:36:23  <Luke-Jr> no, qtsvg is the svg module
333 2016-01-19T19:37:36  <cfields> Luke-Jr: right. ./configure ... -svg
334 2016-01-19T19:37:47  <Luke-Jr> …
335 2016-01-19T19:39:07  <cfields> Luke-Jr: oh, i see the confusion, i think
336 2016-01-19T19:39:43  <cfields> Luke-Jr: we grab the modules, put them in place, then tell qt's main configure which ones to build
337 2016-01-19T19:40:05  <Luke-Jr> cfields: yuck? :P
338 2016-01-19T19:40:28  <Luke-Jr> why can't packages use their dependencies?
339 2016-01-19T19:41:01  <cfields> Luke-Jr: shrug, it never seemed to work well for me to try to split it into native/target builds
340 2016-01-19T19:41:08  *** lpersona has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
341 2016-01-19T19:41:11  <Luke-Jr> oh!
342 2016-01-19T19:41:11  <cfields> you're welcome to give it a shot, of course :)
343 2016-01-19T19:41:19  <Luke-Jr> so I need to depend on native too, makes sense
344 2016-01-19T19:41:50  <michagogo> So the answer is to add ..qtsvg....tar.gz to the qt package file list, and then add the configure flag?
345 2016-01-19T19:41:50  <cfields> Luke-Jr: yea, the tools are native, but qt doesn't make it easy to _just_ build the native parts. so in the end, it's easier to just build it all in one go
346 2016-01-19T19:41:53  <Luke-Jr> eh, but there's no native-qt pkg
347 2016-01-19T19:42:31  <cfields> Luke-Jr: what michagogo said. see qttranslations as an example
348 2016-01-19T19:42:41  <Luke-Jr> cfields: that's ugly though :<
349 2016-01-19T19:42:55  <cfields> Luke-Jr: very.
350 2016-01-19T19:43:07  <cfields> Luke-Jr: maybe they've fixed it up lately and you'll have better luck these days splitting it up
351 2016-01-19T19:43:18  <Luke-Jr> :|
352 2016-01-19T19:43:27  <Luke-Jr> so how would I get access to qmake?
353 2016-01-19T19:43:35  *** laurentmt has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
354 2016-01-19T19:43:58  <cfields> Luke-Jr: you'd have to create a native package for just qmake/rcc/etc
355 2016-01-19T19:44:09  <Luke-Jr> eh, nothing else already uses qmake?
356 2016-01-19T19:44:43  <cfields> then add that as a dependency to the child package
357 2016-01-19T19:44:54  <cfields> Luke-Jr: no, only qt internally
358 2016-01-19T19:45:04  <Luke-Jr> i c
359 2016-01-19T19:45:21  <cfields> Luke-Jr: see protobuf as an example of native/target split
360 2016-01-19T19:46:18  <Luke-Jr> nah, if you and Gentoo both couldn't figure it out, I'll give up and go the qttranslations route
361 2016-01-19T19:46:31  *** GAit has quit IRC
362 2016-01-19T19:46:45  <cfields> Luke-Jr: heh, they do it the same way?
363 2016-01-19T19:46:47  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
364 2016-01-19T19:47:13  <Luke-Jr> no, but they don't make qmake available independently
365 2016-01-19T19:47:30  <cfields> Luke-Jr: from what i could tell last time, trying to build just the native tools was painful, as well as trying to force the rest of the build stuff to use an out-of-tree qmake/rcc
366 2016-01-19T19:48:22  <cfields> Luke-Jr: they probably make lots of assumptions that the versions being built are the ones used to compile the rest. kinda understandable.
367 2016-01-19T19:52:49  *** BashCo_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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370 2016-01-19T20:13:21  <Luke-Jr> //home/ubuntu/cache/common/qttools-opensource-src-5.5.0.tar.gz: OK
371 2016-01-19T20:13:23  <Luke-Jr> tar: /home/ubuntu/cache/common/qtsvg-opensource-src-5.5.0.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
372 2016-01-19T20:13:27  <Luke-Jr> cfields: any idea why it wasn't fetched? :x
373 2016-01-19T20:15:23  <cfields> Luke-Jr: not without seeing what you changed
374 2016-01-19T20:47:06  *** belcher has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
375 2016-01-19T20:49:53  <Luke-Jr> cfields: http://codepad.org/dioh3N8s
376 2016-01-19T20:51:14  *** GAit has quit IRC
377 2016-01-19T20:53:55  *** GAit has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
378 2016-01-19T21:00:02  <cfields> Luke-Jr: looks ok to me...
379 2016-01-19T21:00:18  *** BashCo_ has quit IRC
380 2016-01-19T21:00:39  <cfields> Luke-Jr: though i just noticed, our hash-check isn't actually working there. we need to change those "echo foo > bar" to "echo foo >> bar"
381 2016-01-19T21:00:44  <cfields> only the last one's getting hashed :\
382 2016-01-19T21:01:28  <Luke-Jr> :/
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