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 17 2016-04-13T02:20:56  <GitHub177> [bitcoin] mrCertified opened pull request #7867: deleted Configure.ac restore bits to all networks(%master%masterCode[{rLi}]) (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7867
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 21 2016-04-13T02:54:59  <GitHub91> [bitcoin] theuni opened pull request #7868: net: Split DNS resolving functionality out of net structures (master...net-cleanup-resolve) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7868
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 54 2016-04-13T06:23:52  <cryptocoder> hi everyone
 55 2016-04-13T06:24:38  <cryptocoder> not sure if this is the right place for this, but how come the windows release for core 0.12 does not seem to have zmq support in it?
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 58 2016-04-13T06:38:14  <jonasschnelli> cryptocoder: IIRC there where problems with static linking...
 59 2016-04-13T06:38:22  * jonasschnelli is searching the exact reason
 60 2016-04-13T06:38:50  <jonasschnelli> cryptocoder: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/6681
 61 2016-04-13T06:40:21  <cryptocoder> ah! thank you jonasschnelli.  I was hoping i’m not missing something obvious
 62 2016-04-13T06:40:58  <jonasschnelli> cryptocoder: I think you could hack the depends/ build system to link it dynamic.
 63 2016-04-13T06:41:28  <jonasschnelli> Or compile it on a window machine (not cc), but not sure how this exactly works.
 64 2016-04-13T06:43:14  <jonasschnelli> sipa, wumpus: reindex with LMDB took ~11h (same machine where a full sync with master took 2h20'). Now reindexing the master levelDB node.
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 78 2016-04-13T09:12:50  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: LMDB reindex with -dbcache=9000: >11h, levelDB with -dbcache=8000: 2h25'.
 79 2016-04-13T09:13:07  <jonasschnelli> (the IBD from random peers was a couple of minutes faster... i'm confused)
 80 2016-04-13T09:13:33  <jonasschnelli> I wonder where we the performance bottleneck with LMDB is.
 81 2016-04-13T09:14:22  <sipa> that's very strange!
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 84 2016-04-13T09:28:54  <btcdrak> Completely backwards
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 86 2016-04-13T09:30:32  <sipa> especially since neither should be touched the database at all
 87 2016-04-13T09:30:42  <sipa> with such dbcache
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120 2016-04-13T10:35:05  <shangzhou> sipa:http://bitcoin.sipa.be/ data is not up to date
121 2016-04-13T10:38:57  <sipa> shangzhou: thanks, fixing
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123 2016-04-13T10:54:06  <sipa> shangzhou: done
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125 2016-04-13T11:04:02  <shangzhou> thanks @sipa
126 2016-04-13T11:04:42  <sipa> i upgraded my node to 0.12 and the new rpcauth mechanism, but didn't give the credentials to the script generating the website
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144 2016-04-13T11:43:40  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: interesting - so a reindex is slow with LMDB, but a sync from another node is fast? Greg did a benchmark with a sync from another node and LMDB came out much faster: https://github.com/laanwj/bitcoin/tree/2016_04_mdb#x86_64  . Also wonder where the bottleneck is, but will add it to the performance results
145 2016-04-13T11:44:18  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: Both are slower. IBD and reindex.
146 2016-04-13T11:44:25  <wumpus> okay
147 2016-04-13T11:44:41  <wumpus> have you tried with the default dbcache as well?
148 2016-04-13T11:44:58  <wumpus> maybe the 5GB write transaction is what gets it
149 2016-04-13T11:44:58  <jonasschnelli> No... you mean a reindex with default dbache?
150 2016-04-13T11:45:24  <wumpus> yes. You've done so with dbcache 9000, which means it fills to about ~5gb without using the database, then it writes everything at once
151 2016-04-13T11:45:36  <wumpus> lmdb seems to shine in read latency, but it could be the big write is slow
152 2016-04-13T11:45:50  <wumpus> with such a large dbcache it never reads so that part isn't measured
153 2016-04-13T11:46:23  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: From looking at the "log speed" (very efficient benchmark technique :) ), lmdb seems to be slower during non-write operations.
154 2016-04-13T11:46:43  <jonasschnelli> But i'll do now compare a reindex with no other options.
155 2016-04-13T11:46:57  <wumpus> but with such a high dbcache, syncing from scratch, it doesn't touch the database at all
156 2016-04-13T11:47:12  <jonasschnelli> That is what is really strange...
157 2016-04-13T11:47:25  <jonasschnelli> maybe another change from your lmdb branch causes this.
158 2016-04-13T11:47:33  <jonasschnelli> Haven't had time to debug it tough.
159 2016-04-13T11:47:35  <wumpus> if everyone used dbcache=9000 we wouldn't need a database at all, we could just store the utxo set in a linear file
160 2016-04-13T11:48:41  <jonasschnelli> Indeed. Just hope there is no crash before the big write. :)
161 2016-04-13T11:48:49  <sipa> jonasschnelli: can you run with debug=bench, and show the resulting debug.log?
162 2016-04-13T11:49:01  <jonasschnelli> sipa: ah. Right. Let me do that.
163 2016-04-13T11:49:27  * jonasschnelli is shutting down bitcoind with -dbcache=9000,... waits...
164 2016-04-13T11:50:22  <sipa> --- 3 hours later ---
165 2016-04-13T11:51:10  <jonasschnelli> Hei! There is a SSD! :)
166 2016-04-13T11:51:35  <jonasschnelli> Example bench (lmdb): height: 82804, Connect total: 0.14ms [22.08s]
167 2016-04-13T11:51:48  <jonasschnelli> Verify 0 txins: 0.03ms (0.000ms/txin) [15.22s], Index writing: 0.05ms [3.19s]
168 2016-04-13T11:51:51  <jonasschnelli> Maybe index writing?
169 2016-04-13T11:52:02  <wumpus> height 82804 isn't very interesting yet :)
170 2016-04-13T11:52:14  <jonasschnelli> Yeah. Can't start top down. :)
171 2016-04-13T11:53:24  <wumpus> but anyhow in one light I like your result jonasschnelli, it would mean that leveldb is ok+ and there's no need to even spend time investigationg switching to something else
172 2016-04-13T11:54:15  <wumpus> if both sqlite and lmdb came out slower - then again Greg's benchmark showed something completely different that's curious
173 2016-04-13T11:54:50  <wumpus> you're using a SSD? don't know what his storage device was
174 2016-04-13T11:55:39  <sipa> except if lmdb's final full UTXO set dump took ~9h longer than leveldb's, i can't explain jonasschnelli's result
175 2016-04-13T11:56:15  <jonasschnelli> Yes. Lets first find out where the time/cycles is/are consumed.
176 2016-04-13T11:57:46  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: Yes. I'm using SSD. The write speed is somewhere around 1GB/s.
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223 2016-04-13T14:01:27  <jonasschnelli> Verify 1245 txins: 131.58ms (0.106ms/txin) [6447.02s]
224 2016-04-13T14:01:34  <jonasschnelli> Is the value in the [] the total value so far?
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226 2016-04-13T14:03:06  <sipa> yes
227 2016-04-13T14:04:35  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
228 2016-04-13T14:05:25  <jonasschnelli> Running two hours so far. Looks like most time is consumed for verify (as expected). But still not clear why lmdb takes ~5 times longer...
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231 2016-04-13T14:22:01  <jonasschnelli> Current Master at block 200'000: Connect total: 33.82ms [331.59s]
232 2016-04-13T14:22:14  <jonasschnelli> LMDB at block 200'000: Connect total: 125.55ms [1466.35s]
233 2016-04-13T14:22:43  <sipa> are you sure the LMDB is with dbcache set high?
234 2016-04-13T14:22:45  * jonasschnelli is checking if the wumpus lmdb branch uses libsecp
235 2016-04-13T14:23:00  <sipa> jonasschnelli: show me the verify lines
236 2016-04-13T14:23:00  <jonasschnelli> no. Now its with default dbcache
237 2016-04-13T14:23:09  <sipa> both leveldb and lmdb?
238 2016-04-13T14:23:13  <jonasschnelli> yes.
239 2016-04-13T14:23:16  <sipa> oh, ok
240 2016-04-13T14:23:25  <jonasschnelli> LMDB block 200k: Verify 1231 txins: 121.49ms (0.099ms/txin) [1385.86s
241 2016-04-13T14:23:44  *** TGYRKCLVLB has quit IRC
242 2016-04-13T14:23:49  <jonasschnelli> leveldb: Verify 1231 txins: 28.88ms (0.023ms/txin) [262.67s]
243 2016-04-13T14:24:09  <sipa> are they running with the same -par?
244 2016-04-13T14:24:20  <jonasschnelli> Yes. Passed only -debug=bench
245 2016-04-13T14:24:52  <jonasschnelli> nononono!
246 2016-04-13T14:25:23  <jonasschnelli> lmdb node -> git branch -> master!
247 2016-04-13T14:25:32  <sipa> ?
248 2016-04-13T14:25:55  <jonasschnelli> I'm actually not testing against LMDB i'm testing again non-libsecp-master from nov 1st!
249 2016-04-13T14:26:01  <jonasschnelli> Damit!
250 2016-04-13T14:26:06  <sipa> lol
251 2016-04-13T14:26:19  <sipa> libsecp was merged on nov 5th :)
252 2016-04-13T14:26:43  <sipa> thank for benchmarking the improvements we've made the past 5 months, then... they turn out to be significant
253 2016-04-13T14:26:47  <jonasschnelli> Somewhere during git re-set I forget to pass a "git checkout 2016_04_mdb".
254 2016-04-13T14:29:22  <GitHub190> [bitcoin] mrbandrews opened pull request #7871: Manual block file pruning. (master...ba-manual6) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7871
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271 2016-04-13T15:04:19  <sdaftuar> so, MAX_OPS_PER_SCRIPT includes op codes not executed?  i didn't expect that.
272 2016-04-13T15:05:26  <Chris_Stewart_5> ^^^^
273 2016-04-13T15:05:55  <Chris_Stewart_5> even more interesting, if MAST is implemented what does that mean???
274 2016-04-13T15:06:22  <Chris_Stewart_5> if I understasnd correctly MAST only reveals branches of our control structure that are actually executed
275 2016-04-13T15:06:27  <sipa> exactly
276 2016-04-13T15:06:36  <sipa> and for the ones not executed, you give their hash
277 2016-04-13T15:07:01  <Chris_Stewart_5> sipa: Does MAST change the data structure from a List to a Tree inside of interpreter?
278 2016-04-13T15:07:09  <sipa> that depends on the implementation
279 2016-04-13T15:07:21  <sipa> it's just a generic idea
280 2016-04-13T15:07:31  <sipa> i haven't looked at jl2012's specific proposal
281 2016-04-13T15:08:26  <Chris_Stewart_5> sipa: Going off what we were talking about yesterday, are we constrained to realistically implementing this as a list for fear of unintended consensus changes?
282 2016-04-13T15:08:37  <sipa> no
283 2016-04-13T15:08:49  <sipa> no script versions can easily use a completely independent interpreter
284 2016-04-13T15:08:54  <sipa> *new script versions
285 2016-04-13T15:08:57  <Chris_Stewart_5> ahh ok
286 2016-04-13T15:10:54  <jl2012> sipa: It's like your tree signature. I just compact everyone to become 3 arguments: position, path, script . (Actually I borrowed your original segwit code when the commitment was a Merkle tree)
287 2016-04-13T15:13:05  <jl2012> and the depth is implied by the size of path
288 2016-04-13T15:14:59  <jl2012> Chris_Stewart_5: it's very similar to P2SH and P2WSH. Just with 2 extra arguments
289 2016-04-13T15:16:04  <Chris_Stewart_5> jl2012: I understand that part, I for specific implementation details I"m getting caught up on 'Position' and 'Path' and how they are different
290 2016-04-13T15:16:28  <Chris_Stewart_5> It seems that if you have the path that the script takes in the tree you could derive its position..
291 2016-04-13T15:17:17  <jl2012> First you divide the size of Path by 32, which is the Depth of the tree
292 2016-04-13T15:17:52  <instagibbs> Chris_Stewart_5, I believe path is the hashes in the tree, the position will tell you how to build the branch
293 2016-04-13T15:18:08  <instagibbs> jl2012, you might want to make it explicit, as I had trouble understanding it first go around as well
294 2016-04-13T15:18:16  <instagibbs> and if I'm wrong, doubly so :P
295 2016-04-13T15:18:34  <jl2012> instagibbs, yes, you are right
296 2016-04-13T15:18:38  <Chris_Stewart_5> hmm ok
297 2016-04-13T15:18:58  <instagibbs> I had to read between the lines tbh, since path had to be multiple of 32 bytes, i inferred it was sha hash
298 2016-04-13T15:19:25  <jl2012> for Depth (d), you may have at most 2^d possible Position
299 2016-04-13T15:19:45  <jl2012> Position = 0 means the leftmost position in the tree
300 2016-04-13T15:20:11  <Chris_Stewart_5> jl2012: Leftmost... what exactly doe that mean? THe left most leaf node if you were to draw the tree out?
301 2016-04-13T15:20:17  <instagibbs> yes
302 2016-04-13T15:20:22  <jl2012> yes
303 2016-04-13T15:20:45  <jl2012> same as the Merkle Root in the block header
304 2016-04-13T15:21:08  <instagibbs> jl2012, mind if I write a clarification text? do I PR directly against the bip repo or yours?
305 2016-04-13T15:21:48  <jl2012> instagibbs, please feel free, just a direct PR to BIP repo, thanks
306 2016-04-13T15:23:32  <Chris_Stewart_5> So path is essentially a vector of sha256 hashes.. why do we exactly need the position arg again? instagibbs said for building the branch, can you be more explicit than that? Some how reconstructing the script from the hashes?
307 2016-04-13T15:25:07  <sipa> Chris_Stewart_5: if your leaves are (a,b,c,d) then root=H(H(a,b),H(c,d)), right?
308 2016-04-13T15:25:15  <Chris_Stewart_5> yes
309 2016-04-13T15:25:27  <sipa> if you want leaf b, you need to reveal a and H(c,d), right?
310 2016-04-13T15:25:40  <Chris_Stewart_5> yes
311 2016-04-13T15:25:40  <sipa> so your path would be (a,H(c,d))
312 2016-04-13T15:26:06  <sipa> if you want leaf c, however, you reveal (d,H(a,b))
313 2016-04-13T15:26:35  <Chris_Stewart_5> so position = 3?
314 2016-04-13T15:26:49  <sipa> if you reveal b, position = 1
315 2016-04-13T15:26:52  <sipa> if you reveal c, position = 2
316 2016-04-13T15:26:57  <sipa> etc
317 2016-04-13T15:26:58  <Chris_Stewart_5> ahh zero based index
318 2016-04-13T15:27:02  <Chris_Stewart_5> gotcha. Thanks.
319 2016-04-13T15:27:03  <sipa> of course :p
320 2016-04-13T15:27:34  * instagibbs fortran user detected
321 2016-04-13T15:28:27  <Chris_Stewart_5> lol
322 2016-04-13T15:29:11  <jl2012> programmers count from 0
323 2016-04-13T15:29:31  *** niels_ has quit IRC
324 2016-04-13T15:31:05  <Chris_Stewart_5> I think I forgot to turn on the CS part of my brain this morning... it was almost like I was a normal person for a while :P
325 2016-04-13T15:31:40  *** Thireus has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
326 2016-04-13T15:31:41  <Chris_Stewart_5> *looks around for more coffee*
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340 2016-04-13T15:49:33  <instagibbs> jl2012, https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/pull/369
341 2016-04-13T15:49:35  <instagibbs> let me know of quibbles etc
342 2016-04-13T15:51:28  *** laurentmt1 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
343 2016-04-13T15:51:34  <jl2012> thanks!
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347 2016-04-13T15:52:52  <instagibbs> the merkle branch also has to be "minimal", but I figure anyone who skims the merkle root function would arrive at that
348 2016-04-13T15:53:04  <instagibbs> and really should just copypasta that function if need be
349 2016-04-13T15:53:41  <instagibbs> maybe branch singular already means that, no idea
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353 2016-04-13T15:59:54  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: hahah oops! good to know that's the issue, that was an old branch
354 2016-04-13T16:01:21  *** abritoid has quit IRC
355 2016-04-13T16:02:13  <wumpus> I remember having made a similar mistake at least once, testing another branch then I thought I was testing, then spending quite some time debuggin why it didnt work as expected. I think around the time of the boost to evhttpd switch.
356 2016-04-13T16:05:21  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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360 2016-04-13T16:09:00  <jl2012> instagibbs: what do you mean by minimal?
361 2016-04-13T16:11:18  <instagibbs> it only deals with the nodes it needs to compute a single path
362 2016-04-13T16:14:47  <jl2012> I think it's implied by the design
363 2016-04-13T16:28:05  *** cryptocoder has quit IRC
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365 2016-04-13T16:32:52  <Chris_Stewart_5> probably better to be explicit..
366 2016-04-13T16:34:33  <instagibbs> Copying and pasting the tiny function call is pretty explicit and no work
367 2016-04-13T16:38:26  *** TomMc has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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372 2016-04-13T16:55:51  <jl2012> Chris_Stewart_5, instagibbs: more comments added to the reference implementation https://github.com/jl2012/bips/blob/bip114ref/bip-0114.mediawiki#Reference_Implementation
373 2016-04-13T16:56:25  <instagibbs> ACK :)
374 2016-04-13T17:09:10  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has quit IRC
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441 2016-04-13T19:54:32  <jonasschnelli> Now correct: LMDB branch sync from random peers took 2h 30min up to progress=1
442 2016-04-13T19:54:34  *** nkuttler_ is now known as nkuttler
443 2016-04-13T19:54:43  <jonasschnelli> Now comparing reindex with default dbcache
444 2016-04-13T19:56:44  <jonasschnelli> First shutdown of LMDB IBDed node with dbcache=9000 took just a couple of seconds (write speed didn't felt different to leveldb).
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477 2016-04-13T20:20:23  <GitHub79> [bitcoin] morcos opened pull request #7874: Improve AlreadyHave (master...speedAlreadyHave) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7874
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531 2016-04-13T23:38:26  <cfields_> mm, what's the real-world use-case for getaddednodeinfo rpc?
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534 2016-04-13T23:39:08  <cfields_> the resolving logic is kinda wonky, and i'm not sure it's worth trying to maintain compatibility with the net refactor
535 2016-04-13T23:41:42  *** gevs has quit IRC
536 2016-04-13T23:42:34  <cfields_> BlueMatt_: ^^. Looks like you added it. In particular, the issue is that it (for dns entires) it does a resolve in the rpc, though that doesn't represent the ips that the network thread will end up trying
537 2016-04-13T23:44:55  <cfields_> so I'm not sure that it's really worth trying to enumerate them. seems like keeping a map of dns->resolved would be enough to determine if a dns entry is connected or not, which i think is the useful info there?
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540 2016-04-13T23:57:25  <sipa> cfields_: i doubt it is important to keep its exact semantics
541 2016-04-13T23:59:41  *** Pasha is now known as Cory
542 2016-04-13T23:59:43  <cfields_> ok