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 54 2016-07-17T07:31:24  <phantomcircuit> wumpus, is 0.13 tagged?
 55 2016-07-17T07:33:54  <luke-jr> …
 56 2016-07-17T07:34:04  <luke-jr> of course not, we didn't even do rc1 yet
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 59 2016-07-17T08:38:09  <phantomcircuit> luke-jr, branched i mean
 60 2016-07-17T08:38:11  <phantomcircuit> words
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 65 2016-07-17T08:59:01  <btcdrak> not yet
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 67 2016-07-17T09:26:12  <jtimon> NicolasDorier: When it's complete because it does too many things at once and when it's not complete because it's not complete? come on, make up your mind...
 68 2016-07-17T09:27:16  <btcdrak> jtimon: my observation about ISM logic in versionbits.cpp is that it's got nothing to do with versionbits.cpp. its like you're stuffing a piece of code in there because it doesnt have anywhere else to live.
 69 2016-07-17T09:27:38  <gmaxwell> ISM code should all leave now.
 70 2016-07-17T09:27:57  <btcdrak> right, and now it seems useless to preserve that logic since we can just hard code it
 71 2016-07-17T09:28:14  <gmaxwell> I was planning on doing that as soon as we branch.
 72 2016-07-17T09:28:14  <btcdrak> the softforks have happened and are long since burred deep.
 73 2016-07-17T09:28:20  <btcdrak> gmaxwell: +1
 74 2016-07-17T09:28:43  <jtimon> btcdrak: and which of the alternatives I offereded you suggest?
 75 2016-07-17T09:28:45  <gmaxwell> I have the patch done already (this is why I was checking to find out where the last couple softforks activated a month or so ago)-- or I think I have it, might have been in that repo I corrupted.
 76 2016-07-17T09:28:55  <jtimon> hardcoded or not, it has to be somewhere
 77 2016-07-17T09:29:08  <gmaxwell> jtimon: there will be no ISM code.
 78 2016-07-17T09:29:17  <jtimon> I'm open ofr almost anything but main.cpp, please tell me what you like
 79 2016-07-17T09:29:33  <gmaxwell> The code will be gone, it doesn't go anywhere.
 80 2016-07-17T09:29:53  *** G1lius has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 81 2016-07-17T09:30:19  <gmaxwell> jtimon: we have soffork activations coded in chain paramters. (vDeployments) the places that call ISM are just changed to check that.
 82 2016-07-17T09:30:36  <jtimon> well, at the very least we have to maintain this failure: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/main.cpp#L3547 don't we?
 83 2016-07-17T09:31:24  <jtimon> gmaxwell: mhmm, not sure I understand, I thought you were going to hardcode a height for activation or something
 84 2016-07-17T09:32:00  <jtimon> btcdrak: where do you think Consensus::GetFlags should be?
 85 2016-07-17T09:33:29  <gmaxwell> jtimon: the if condition on that code just changes to a test of nHeight vs a vDeployments setting.
 86 2016-07-17T09:33:48  <jtimon> but vDeployments uses BIP9
 87 2016-07-17T09:34:20  <gmaxwell> sorry, not vDeployments (I wasn't looking), see:
 88 2016-07-17T09:34:30  <gmaxwell>          consensus.BIP34Height = 227931;
 89 2016-07-17T09:34:31  <gmaxwell>         consensus.BIP34Hash = uint256S("0x000000000000024b89b42a942fe0d9fea3bb44ab7bd1b19115dd6a759c0808b8");
 90 2016-07-17T09:36:05  <gmaxwell> just elements of consensus.  consensus.BIP65Height  yadda yadda.
 91 2016-07-17T09:37:03  <jtimon> yeah, so hardcoding a height for activation, what I was saying
 92 2016-07-17T09:37:13  <btcdrak> jtimon: for flags, why not in consensus.h?
 93 2016-07-17T09:37:23  <gmaxwell> (which also makes block processing a bit faster, as the ISM checks are surprisingly slow)
 94 2016-07-17T09:37:57  <jtimon> btcdrak: because that would be more of a "layer violation" concern when we have verifyBlock and a bunch of other functions in consensus.h
 95 2016-07-17T09:38:09  <jtimon> btcdrak: why not consensus/flags.h ?
 96 2016-07-17T09:39:08  <jtimon> gmaxwell: we still need to maintain the check I was talking about, right? (although it can be simplified to use the hardcoded heights too)
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 99 2016-07-17T09:40:41  <jtimon> btcdrak: can you respond to the getflags question? do you mind if that is in versionbits or do you prefer some other place? (not, I won't count "wherever, just not there" nor "let's leave that code in main for now" as answers)
100 2016-07-17T09:40:46  <jtimon> note
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102 2016-07-17T09:42:54  <gmaxwell> jtimon: yes the if statement at the top changes, e.g. into nheight >= consensusParams.bipblahblahHeight  -- the check itself would logically remain in ContextualCheckBlock.
103 2016-07-17T09:43:16  <jtimon> it's so hard to get negative feedback on this on a timely manner...we always need more reviewers, but specially of the type that can be less nice and more direct...
104 2016-07-17T09:43:20  <btcdrak> jtimon: I dont have any objection to consensus/flags.h - i only have an objection to stuffing unrelated things into units which have a specific purpose. versionbits.cpp is clearly for BIP9 logic. I would have thought this is self evident :-p :)
105 2016-07-17T09:43:24  <jtimon> gmaxwell: fair enough, I can do that
106 2016-07-17T09:43:58  <jtimon> the goal was getting issupermajority out of main, destroying it counts ;)
107 2016-07-17T09:44:05  <gmaxwell> well I think I've already done it, just need to find the code in a corrupted repository.
108 2016-07-17T09:44:48  <jtimon> gmaxwell: oh, if you've done it no need for me to do it again, please ping me on the PR
109 2016-07-17T09:45:09  <jtimon> well, if it takes you too long to PR it, I will rewrite it ;)
110 2016-07-17T09:46:00  <gmaxwell> the only thing that takes more than 10 minutes is finding the precise heights to set it.
111 2016-07-17T09:46:38  <btcdrak> I think we should update softfork BIPs directly with activation heights.
112 2016-07-17T09:47:21  <btcdrak> something like
113 2016-07-17T09:47:21  <btcdrak> ==Activation==
114 2016-07-17T09:47:21  <btcdrak> This BIP was activated on mainnet at height #nnnnnn
115 2016-07-17T09:47:34  <jtimon> btcdrak: your feedback would be much more useful if you proposed an alternative or at least chose one of the alternatives suggested to you. Where do you think GetFlags should be ? is header_verify.cpp ok?
116 2016-07-17T09:47:38  <gmaxwell> in prior places where we hardcoded softforks we actually bakcdated them.
117 2016-07-17T09:48:43  <jtimon> it seems different people find different preferences (some times incompatible between them) "self evident" it would all be much easier if we all verbalize what is "self evident" to us but doesn't seem to be for other people
118 2016-07-17T09:49:45  <jtimon> btcdrak: I would like to do that encapsulated inside Consensus::GetFlags from now on
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120 2016-07-17T09:50:37  <jtimon> gmaxwell: can we have an array in Consensus::Params with its own little struct ala vDeployments instead of having two new fields for every old deployment?
121 2016-07-17T09:51:08  <jtimon> say, vPastDeployments
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123 2016-07-17T09:53:38  <jtimon> btcdrak: oh, you meant in the BIP's doc, nevermind then, agreed
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125 2016-07-17T09:55:06  <jtimon> gmaxwell is the hash of the block really necessary here? In a super-reorg where that block is changed, shouldn't it be activated anyway?
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