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 73 2016-07-22T09:46:11  <GitHub78> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/381917f610e3...0df9ea42b888
 74 2016-07-22T09:46:11  <GitHub78> bitcoin/master b50e1ac Jonas Schnelli: [Wallet] Correct hdmasterkeyid/masterkeyid name confusion
 75 2016-07-22T09:46:12  <GitHub78> bitcoin/master 0df9ea4 Jonas Schnelli: Merge #8390: [Wallet] Correct hdmasterkeyid/masterkeyid name confusion...
 76 2016-07-22T09:46:21  <GitHub185> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli closed pull request #8390: [Wallet] Correct hdmasterkeyid/masterkeyid name confusion (master...2016/07/hd_masterkeyrename) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8390
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 78 2016-07-22T09:46:49  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: should I open a PR for the 0.13 backport of https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8390? Or how do you do this normally?
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 85 2016-07-22T10:53:07  <btcdrak> jonasschnelli: if it cherry-picks cleanly he can just cherry-pick.
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110 2016-07-22T13:46:26  <sipa> wumpus: there is much more wrong with the best chain activation...
111 2016-07-22T13:46:47  *** laurentmt has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
112 2016-07-22T13:46:47  <sipa> wumpus: it's apparently doing the activation from within the 'check the blockchain at startup' phase
113 2016-07-22T13:46:58  <sipa> if you reindex
114 2016-07-22T13:56:38  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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117 2016-07-22T14:09:04  <GitHub135> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #8392: Fix several node initialization issues (master...fixactivatewait) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8392
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121 2016-07-22T14:22:05  <instagibbs> jl2012, longer term we should probably just check up to what version of witness has been softforked, and then make those witness programs standard. Otherwise each version SF will require a similar PR
122 2016-07-22T14:23:43  <jl2012> instagibbs: that should be part of the next softfork
123 2016-07-22T14:26:19  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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128 2016-07-22T15:22:32  <GitHub93> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #8393: Support for compact blocks together with segwit (master...segwitcb) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8393
129 2016-07-22T15:23:44  <instagibbs> so, did no one scream for a SW backport?
130 2016-07-22T15:24:25  <sipa> i started writing one; i don't think the actual backport will be hard
131 2016-07-22T15:24:39  <sipa> getting review for it will be
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134 2016-07-22T15:25:23  <instagibbs> indeed
135 2016-07-22T15:25:54  <sipa> i'll continue working on it, but it's not my highest priority
136 2016-07-22T15:26:13  <btcdrak> sipa: is #8393 unchanged from when we were testing segwitcb a while ago?
137 2016-07-22T15:26:26  <sipa> btcdrak: yup, only trivial rebase + squash
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167 2016-07-22T15:56:42  <btcdrak> sipa: Travis needs a gentle tap on #8393 - the last job barfed for no good reason
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171 2016-07-22T16:12:59  <instagibbs> while we're improving CB, lets get https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8235 if for nothing else me not having to scan the source to figure out how to log debug messages :P
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176 2016-07-22T16:52:48  <sipa> instagibbs: good idea
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182 2016-07-22T17:08:34  <pedrobranco> \cl
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188 2016-07-22T17:26:48  <achow101> I'm doing some stuff for segwit with Armory, and one part of it is sending a getdata message to bitcoin core about a transaction that it just sent. The transaction was clearly accepted by core (I see it in the transaction list) but it keeps returning a notfound message. Any reason why?
189 2016-07-22T17:28:32  <sipa> achow101: is this only for segwit, or generally true?
190 2016-07-22T17:29:11  <sipa> achow101: is this from the same node that sent the transaction?
191 2016-07-22T17:29:22  <achow101> I think it is only for segwit, I haven't seen this behavior anywhere else, but I'm not sure
192 2016-07-22T17:29:38  <sipa> there have been significant changes to tx relay in 0.13
193 2016-07-22T17:29:50  <sipa> you can only query for transactions now after they've been inved to you for privacy reasons
194 2016-07-22T17:30:01  <sipa> but if you're the sender yourself that doesn't make much sense
195 2016-07-22T17:30:41  <achow101> no, Armory is the sender. It connects as another node. It sends the transaction then asks for it back to check that it was accepted
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197 2016-07-22T17:33:27  <sipa> let me check
198 2016-07-22T17:36:31  *** anu0 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
199 2016-07-22T17:37:32  <sipa> achow101: if you wait a few seconds, that should work
200 2016-07-22T17:37:47  <achow101> how so?
201 2016-07-22T17:37:55  <sipa> can you test whether that's the case?
202 2016-07-22T17:38:07  <achow101> I can try
203 2016-07-22T17:38:20  <sipa> we delay inserting the transaction into the relay pool until we actually relay it somewhere
204 2016-07-22T17:38:29  <sipa> but there is a randomized delay before that happens
205 2016-07-22T17:39:26  <sipa> it's probably easier to check for a reject message instead...
206 2016-07-22T17:40:17  <achow101> what is the longest the randomized delay can be?
207 2016-07-22T17:40:33  <sipa> infinity
208 2016-07-22T17:40:36  <sipa> it's poisson distributed
209 2016-07-22T17:40:40  <achow101> great...
210 2016-07-22T17:40:45  <sipa> but on average it's 5 to 10 seconds
211 2016-07-22T17:42:27  <sipa> as an alternative, you can send a ping after the getdata, and if the pong returns before you get a reject message, the transaction is accepted
212 2016-07-22T17:43:17  <sipa> or even better, check whether _other_ peers inv the transaction back to you
213 2016-07-22T17:43:38  <sipa> that way you can actually see whether it propagated across the network
214 2016-07-22T17:43:42  *** goatpig has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
215 2016-07-22T17:43:49  <goatpig> hi
216 2016-07-22T17:44:16  <goatpig> @anchow i fixed that in the upcoming version, don't bother with it
217 2016-07-22T17:44:24  <achow101> ok
218 2016-07-22T17:47:16  *** d_t has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
219 2016-07-22T17:50:46  <jtimon> NicolasDorier: is your comment https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8391#issuecomment-234586998 regarding my comment in https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8391#discussion_r71896343 ?
220 2016-07-22T17:51:33  <jtimon> bip34Hash can still be deleted, right?
221 2016-07-22T17:57:27  *** Samdney has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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225 2016-07-22T18:23:13  *** gmaxwell has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
226 2016-07-22T18:23:33  <gmaxwell> petertodd: CodeShark: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-core-ethereum-hard-fork-unsettling-precedent/ why are you making untrue statements to the media about hardforks in Bitcoin in the past?
227 2016-07-22T18:26:00  <instagibbs> lack of quotation makes me think of a noisy channel output
228 2016-07-22T18:32:51  <CodeShark> gmaxwell: I got misquoted
229 2016-07-22T18:33:00  <CodeShark> talking to the author now
230 2016-07-22T18:34:46  <gmaxwell> stab stab stab
231 2016-07-22T18:35:22  <gmaxwell> cfields: I am currently compiling old versions and it is reminding me to thank you for all the wonderful things you did to the build process.
232 2016-07-22T18:35:48  <cfields> heh
233 2016-07-22T18:35:57  <cfields> building pre-0.7?
234 2016-07-22T18:37:17  <sipa> i tried building 0.3.x a while ago
235 2016-07-22T18:37:21  <sipa> that was painful.
236 2016-07-22T18:39:29  <sipa> it's probably fair to say that ever since the concept of backward compatible consensus changes was invented (now called soft forks), bitcoin has not had any hard forks (apart from potentially the march 2013 one, but that's dubious)
237 2016-07-22T18:40:05  <sipa> and bitcoin 0.2.10 should be able to sync the full chain (due to a p2p change in 0.2.10)
238 2016-07-22T18:40:24  <gmaxwell> Trying to compile 0.2.10 right now... in wxhell
239 2016-07-22T18:41:02  <gmaxwell> doing earlier is possible, I synced the _original_ release up to the current chain last sometime in 2013 I believe, but its a PITA due to the p2p proto change.
240 2016-07-22T18:41:12  *** GAit1 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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243 2016-07-22T18:45:38  <gmaxwell> sweet. C++ languauge drift...
244 2016-07-22T18:46:00  *** netsin has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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247 2016-07-22T18:52:59  <kanzure> gmaxwell: plz make an archive of the dependencies if you find them
248 2016-07-22T18:56:38  *** zooko has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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250 2016-07-22T19:03:43  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
251 2016-07-22T19:03:52  <gmaxwell> got 0.2.10 compile but darn thing can't change its listening port. :)
252 2016-07-22T19:04:28  <btcdrak> that was fast.
253 2016-07-22T19:04:49  <gmaxwell> I was working on it two hours ago actually, before seeing that fool article.
254 2016-07-22T19:05:04  <gmaxwell> because of some other person repeating the same claim elsewhere.
255 2016-07-22T19:05:05  *** achow101 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
256 2016-07-22T19:06:08  <gmaxwell> (and I have 0.7 synced to mid 2013... though it's slow and going to take forever to finish)
257 2016-07-22T19:18:55  *** zooko` has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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259 2016-07-22T19:25:10  <sipa> gmaxwell: i did get 0.3.x to compile at some point and needed to change the listening ports too
260 2016-07-22T19:25:13  <sipa> when was that
261 2016-07-22T19:26:15  <sipa> maybe for 0.8 or 0.10
262 2016-07-22T19:54:49  *** Guyver2 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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272 2016-07-22T20:58:36  <gmaxwell> interesting failure mode, user manages to manually create a zero fee txn for something where they don't care if takes forever...
273 2016-07-22T20:58:41  <gmaxwell> then we spend the unconfirmed change.
274 2016-07-22T20:58:53  <gmaxwell> and then they're unhappy wth all their txn stuck.
275 2016-07-22T21:02:24  <sipa> gmaxwell: cpfp!
276 2016-07-22T21:02:42  <luke-jr> ^
277 2016-07-22T21:02:44  <sdaftuar> if it was literally zero fee, cpfp probably won't help
278 2016-07-22T21:02:51  <luke-jr> sdaftuar: why not?
279 2016-07-22T21:02:57  <sdaftuar> limited mempools
280 2016-07-22T21:02:59  <luke-jr> oh, no relay cpfp yet?
281 2016-07-22T21:03:18  <sdaftuar> this is really made for RBF
282 2016-07-22T21:03:37  <luke-jr> yes, it's better to respend with an additional output than to create a child
283 2016-07-22T21:04:04  <gmaxwell> I'm helping this guy compute a replacement.
284 2016-07-22T21:04:18  <gmaxwell> none of this stuff is relaying, so easy to get mined.
285 2016-07-22T21:04:20  <luke-jr> somehow I suspect the wallet logic doesn't calculate fees with unconfirmed inputs taken into consideration :x
286 2016-07-22T21:04:27  <luke-jr> probably not a show-stopper
287 2016-07-22T21:04:45  <gmaxwell> well we should probably have a thing like not spending unconfirmed unputs where it won't spend change with fees to low to relay now.
288 2016-07-22T21:06:11  <luke-jr> we already don't spend unconfirmed change when it's possible to avoid it
289 2016-07-22T21:10:18  *** netsin has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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298 2016-07-22T21:37:02  <gmaxwell> luke-jr: kinda! so say you have two unconfirmed outputs, one has no low fee ancestor in its unconfirmed history.
299 2016-07-22T21:37:05  <gmaxwell> The other does.
300 2016-07-22T21:37:09  <gmaxwell> We'll spend both of those equally.
301 2016-07-22T21:37:34  <gmaxwell> similarly for long chains of unconfirmed transactions.. we'll spend a unconfirmed coin at depth 25 even when there is one at depth 1 available.
302 2016-07-22T21:40:13  *** jannes has quit IRC
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319 2016-07-22T23:51:49  <gmaxwell> do we have any tests of bitcoin-tx at all?
320 2016-07-22T23:54:02  <sipa> yes.
321 2016-07-22T23:54:26  <sipa> in the form of a python script that feeds it certain input, and verifies its output
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