1 2016-11-19T00:04:16  <cfields> clang?
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  5 2016-11-19T00:11:14  <BlueMatt> jtimon: hmm? I havent made it....since its likely to conflict like hell with everything I figure I should probably prep it when everything else is reviewed and in
  6 2016-11-19T00:11:19  <BlueMatt> instead of rebasing constantly
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  9 2016-11-19T00:13:54  <Lightsword> cfields, does the default clang on debian 7 support c++11?
 10 2016-11-19T00:15:22  <Lightsword> hmm, would appear debian 7 is default version 3.0 and min is 3.3 for c++11
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 13 2016-11-19T00:26:32  <jtimon> BlueMatt: ok
 14 2016-11-19T00:27:41  <BlueMatt> jtimon: it should be +/- the same as the branch I gave you about a month ago
 15 2016-11-19T00:27:49  <BlueMatt> I think the current prs are all still that branch rebased without any major changes
 16 2016-11-19T00:28:11  <jtimon> BlueMatt: yeah was just curious on your plans about it
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 20 2016-11-19T00:53:25  <sipa> Lightsword: that's annoying...
 21 2016-11-19T00:53:37  <sipa> Lightsword: you could compile a static binary on a later system
 22 2016-11-19T00:54:19  <Lightsword> sipa, yeah that’s what I recommended
 23 2016-11-19T00:58:54  <cfields> the release binaries should be fine for that unless it needs patching
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 40 2016-11-19T03:30:27  <BlueMatt> cfields: hey
 41 2016-11-19T03:31:01  <BlueMatt> cfields/sipa: sorry, been missing all day, happy to chat about CConnman design if y'all're free, or can wait till tomorrow
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 48 2016-11-19T05:06:24  <phantomcircuit> anybody have an opinion on where fuzzing examples should go? (ie which directory)
 49 2016-11-19T05:06:33  <phantomcircuit> i was thinking contrib
 50 2016-11-19T05:07:44  <luke-jr> phantomcircuit: under qa/?
 51 2016-11-19T05:08:12  <BlueMatt> luke-jr: only if there is infrastructure to automatically run them (travis, or if its too slow, at least some scripts)
 52 2016-11-19T05:08:13  <BlueMatt> but, yes
 53 2016-11-19T05:08:39  <phantomcircuit> luke-jr, yeah that sounds better
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 61 2016-11-19T05:56:51  <meownow> can anyone summarize when i download the bitcoin source code on the github, what is the client i am downloading able to actually do?
 62 2016-11-19T05:58:43  <achow101> meownow: it fully verifies all blocks and transactions, relays said blocks and transactions, can manage a wallet, does signing operations with ecdsa keys, produces block template for miners
 63 2016-11-19T06:02:54  <meownow> ok thanks. so with it i can donate my cpu to acting as a node to store and verify blocks and transactions, which other nodes will very their own blocks against? as well as the other things you mentioned i can do.
 64 2016-11-19T06:07:18  <achow101> no, nothing is verified against someone else. your node has a set of hard coded rules and it will verify blocks and transactions according to those rules. every other node will do the same, verify the block against the built-in rules
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 88 2016-11-19T10:32:41  <gmaxwell> Oh good, I was worrying that my C++ compile times were getting too fast  https://github.com/kw-udon/constexpr-8cc
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125 2016-11-19T15:16:15  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj opened pull request #9190: qt: Plug many memory leaks (master...2016_11_plug_leaks) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9190
126 2016-11-19T15:19:08  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/9346f8429957...ce612f175063
127 2016-11-19T15:19:08  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 12519bf Wladimir J. van der Laan: test: Fix use-after-free in scheduler tests...
128 2016-11-19T15:19:09  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master ce612f1 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #9186: test: Fix use-after-free in scheduler tests...
129 2016-11-19T15:19:22  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #9186: test: Fix use-after-free in scheduler tests (master...2016_11_scheduler_fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9186
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156 2016-11-19T19:04:36  <meownow> im currently reading through the first commit of the bitcoin source code onto github. seems a good way to familiarize myself with the core of the code base and what it does.
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164 2016-11-19T19:27:18  <instagibbs> meownow reading code that relates to specific issues or pull requests helps me the most
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168 2016-11-19T20:01:48  <luke-jr> instagibbs: he left.
169 2016-11-19T20:02:24  <luke-jr> but in case he reads the log: I don't recommend reading the earliest code as a way to learn about Bitcoin. It was a mess, and included a lot of features later discarded (eg, built-in marketplace)
170 2016-11-19T20:08:18  <gmaxwell> I don't agree it was a mess. it was also quite short, there were some irrelevant parts to skip over... sure.. but it's much easier to read than the current codebase if for no other reason than size.
171 2016-11-19T20:09:05  <sipa> it's probably a relatively good way to understand the design of bitcoin, but it's not that helpful to learn how the code works now
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173 2016-11-19T20:13:39  <BlueMatt> hmmm....whens the last time anyone built with lto?
174 2016-11-19T20:14:36  <sipa> BlueMatt: i did a few months ago
175 2016-11-19T20:16:16  <luke-jr> gmaxwell: well, it certainly wasn't as modular/abstracted as it is now
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178 2016-11-19T20:16:34  <BlueMatt> sipa: what did you have to do it?
179 2016-11-19T20:16:50  <luke-jr> unless things got significantly worse by 0.3.19 which is probably the oldest I've actually looked over much
180 2016-11-19T20:17:02  <sipa> BlueMatt: it was hard :)
181 2016-11-19T20:17:21  <BlueMatt> oh :(
182 2016-11-19T20:17:40  <BlueMatt> still have patches?
183 2016-11-19T20:17:43  <luke-jr> O.o
184 2016-11-19T20:17:57  <sipa> no patches, just a long ./configure line
185 2016-11-19T20:18:09  <BlueMatt> still have it in .bash_history? :p
186 2016-11-19T20:18:19  <sipa> nope
187 2016-11-19T20:18:43  <luke-jr> I would think you'd just need to build/link everything with -flto? no?
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190 2016-11-19T20:18:47  <luke-jr> (including system libs..)
191 2016-11-19T20:18:54  <BlueMatt> sipa: did you have to set ar=gcc-ar, etc?
192 2016-11-19T20:19:02  <BlueMatt> luke-jr: lolno that dont work
193 2016-11-19T20:19:24  <sipa> luke-jr: if you do everything through gcc, it will work
194 2016-11-19T20:19:33  <sipa> but not if you invoke ld, ar, ... directly
195 2016-11-19T20:19:57  <sipa> BlueMatt: i remember that it needed absolute paths for those tools
196 2016-11-19T20:20:05  <sipa> and that it took me hours to figure that out
197 2016-11-19T20:20:09  <sipa> or something like that
198 2016-11-19T20:21:04  <luke-jr> as long ago as 2012, this user got his system including KDE all LTO'd: http://realnc.blogspot.com/2012/06/building-gentoo-linux-with-gcc-47-and.html :p
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200 2016-11-19T20:21:38  <BlueMatt> sipa: see? you already saved me a bunch of time :)
201 2016-11-19T20:22:38  <luke-jr> that -fno-linker-plugin might be related to that
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203 2016-11-19T20:25:27  <sipa> BlueMatt: i think this works:
204 2016-11-19T20:25:39  <sipa> ./configure AR=/usr/bin/gcc-ar NM=/usr/bin/gcc-nm RANLIB=/usr/bin/gcc-ranlib CPPFLAGS="-O2 -flto" CFLAGS="-O2 -flto" LDFLAGS="-flto" --with-incompatible-bdb
205 2016-11-19T20:26:52  <sipa> or CXXFLAGS maybe
206 2016-11-19T20:27:57  <BlueMatt> sipa: nope, still getting the same shit i was previously: undefined reference to boost::filesystem::path::~path()
207 2016-11-19T20:28:04  <BlueMatt> (which is implicitly defined, i checked)
208 2016-11-19T20:28:27  <BlueMatt> via bitcoin_util.a
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210 2016-11-19T20:31:19  <sipa> BlueMatt: worked for me (gcc 6.2.0)
211 2016-11-19T20:31:57  <BlueMatt> 6.2.1 here w boost 1.62
212 2016-11-19T20:32:09  <sipa> and boost 1.54
213 2016-11-19T20:33:15  <luke-jr> what distro is using GCC 6 already? :o
214 2016-11-19T20:35:20  <gmaxwell> luke-jr: fedora, arch, debian testing?
215 2016-11-19T20:36:46  <luke-jr> hmm, does that mean all of Debian compiles with it? or do they have older compilers used for some pkgs?
216 2016-11-19T20:37:26  <luke-jr> sorry, kinda off-topic, I'll just google
217 2016-11-19T20:37:36  <gmaxwell> I dunno about debian, but when fedora releases with a new gcc, all of fedora compiles with it (potentially carrying patches to both GCC and a few packages).
218 2016-11-19T20:38:46  <luke-jr> just surprised considering Gentoo stable is still on GCC 4
219 2016-11-19T20:39:14  <sipa> luke-jr: ubuntu 16.10
220 2016-11-19T20:39:19  <sipa> has gcc 6
221 2016-11-19T20:39:48  <sipa> i don't know whether they use that for release binaries, though
222 2016-11-19T20:39:53  <gmaxwell> netcraft confirms, gentoo dying.
223 2016-11-19T20:40:10  <sipa> netcraft confirms: netcraft dying
224 2016-11-19T20:40:32  <luke-jr> lol
225 2016-11-19T20:40:56  <luke-jr> well, at least it seems there are real blockers to GCC 6: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=582084
226 2016-11-19T20:42:10  <sipa> gcc6 by default compiles with c++14
227 2016-11-19T20:42:27  <sipa> perhaps some packages don't explicitly set the c++ version?
228 2016-11-19T20:44:04  <luke-jr> could be
229 2016-11-19T20:44:32  <BlueMatt> luke-jr: a brief glance at some of those bugs indicates that they're just sitting idle with no desire to merge dead simple patches
230 2016-11-19T20:44:39  <BlueMatt> indeed, gentoo is dying
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246 2016-11-19T22:24:11  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #9191: [qa] 0.13.2 Backports (0.13...Mf1611-q01302) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9191
247 2016-11-19T22:34:16  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/ce612f175063...44adf683ad23
248 2016-11-19T22:34:17  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master dfa44d1 Russell Yanofsky: [qa] Wait for specific block announcement in p2p-compactblocks...
249 2016-11-19T22:34:17  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 44adf68 MarcoFalke: Merge #9159: [qa] Wait for specific block announcement in p2p-compactblocks...
250 2016-11-19T22:34:31  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #9159: [qa] Wait for specific block announcement in p2p-compactblocks (master...cmpct-announce-wait) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9159
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