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 15 2017-01-07T02:09:33  <gmaxwell> morcos: actually the parallel signature checking gains are better than expected. So consider (all reindex chainstate, dbcache2000)   no-scriptchecks par=4 10680.346728 seconds,  all scriptchecks par=4 24453.715550 , all scriptchecks part=default (24 core, 48 thread host): 12182.296543  ... so if you compute (par4-none)/(parN-none) = 9.17 ... impressive trick considering MAX_SCRIPTCHECK_THREADS i
 16 2017-01-07T02:09:39  <gmaxwell> s 16.  ... my numbers may not be totally compariable because I had a rebase between the par4 and parN cases, that I didn't _think_ would impact performance.
 17 2017-01-07T02:09:51  <gmaxwell> Good test hygine is hard when doing tests that take 7 hours.
 18 2017-01-07T02:12:31  <Chris_Stewart_5> jonasschnelli: Do you have any numbers on how long it takes to sync headers with your pull req?
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 21 2017-01-07T02:21:49  <warren> jonasschnelli: hmm, I'm excited to use your SPV mode in conjunction with BIP150 (authenticated connection to my own full nodes)
 22 2017-01-07T02:23:41  <gmaxwell> warren: just need 5 more regular contributors to get all the outstanding things done.
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 26 2017-01-07T03:04:47  <morcos> gmaxwell: i don't think thats a fair calculation though since during the none part the script checking threads are running
 27 2017-01-07T03:04:53  <morcos> or at least N-1 of them
 28 2017-01-07T03:06:52  <gmaxwell> morcos: I agree someone is wrong, but I don't follow your explination.  None is effectively fScriptChecks = false. The threads may be running but they're not doing anything.
 29 2017-01-07T03:07:20  <gmaxwell> all is fScriptChecks wedged true. (no checkpoints).
 30 2017-01-07T03:08:10  <morcos> yes but during the all time so take the par=default case..  you have 15 script check threads running for 10k seconds and then 16 running for another 2k seconds, so its not fair to say it only took them 2k seconds
 31 2017-01-07T03:09:27  <gmaxwell> duh right.
 32 2017-01-07T03:09:33  <gmaxwell> okay, it's been a long day.
 33 2017-01-07T03:10:09  <morcos> all this flurry of trying to fix concurrency problems showed up when it turned out that it could actually be faster to NOT have signatures cached because of the contention on the sigcache
 34 2017-01-07T03:10:22  <morcos> thats certainly been fixed with the cuckoocache
 35 2017-01-07T03:10:29  <gmaxwell> well for IBD it still might be. :P
 36 2017-01-07T03:11:07  <morcos> but it is still the case that when sigs are cached, its harder to see the benefits of more parallelism, b/c then the contention on the checkqueue is greater
 37 2017-01-07T03:12:29  <gmaxwell> I wish our design made it easier to get multiple blocks in the scriptchecking pipeline at once.
 38 2017-01-07T03:13:19  <morcos> I suspect that improvement wouldn't be that much any more
 39 2017-01-07T03:13:42  <morcos> with full blocks, there isn't much time where you have idle cores with nothing to do
 40 2017-01-07T03:13:57  <morcos> it makes a much bigger difference with the old small blocks though
 41 2017-01-07T03:14:19  <morcos> i do think if i had your computer i'd change MAX_SCRIPTCHECK_THREADS though!
 42 2017-01-07T03:14:30  <gmaxwell> yes. well, also, I'm usually using 48 or 56 thread hosts.
 43 2017-01-07T03:14:41  <gmaxwell> well it used to make it _slower_ I'm trying now with it at 48.
 44 2017-01-07T03:15:56  <gmaxwell> it's at height 250k at hte moment and not making it much past 700% cpu according to top... but thats still early.
 45 2017-01-07T03:16:46  <morcos> it's worse than video games.  you're still going to be doing that at 3am
 46 2017-01-07T03:16:50  <morcos> have a good night!
 47 2017-01-07T03:17:25  <gmaxwell> hah
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 49 2017-01-07T03:18:10  <gmaxwell> "I thought mine-craft was a graphical program?"
 50 2017-01-07T03:50:31  <Chris_Stewart_5> How is CScript serialized? It doesn't seem to use ADD_SERIALIZE_METHODS
 51 2017-01-07T03:54:03  <luke-jr> Chris_Stewart_5: it's just a vector of uint8s
 52 2017-01-07T04:04:26  <Chris_Stewart_5> luke-jr: Which is why we things like this? static_cast<const CScriptBase&>
 53 2017-01-07T04:09:05  <sipa> yes CScript is just a subclass of std::vector<char>
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 57 2017-01-07T04:36:08  <warren> https://0bin.net/paste/iJSqUPkqv-zAG-ZN#vKw4haQ8j5fbQZK7NAkYO+nXugLmLPZP73uJghKj6nl  This is an example of a double-spent transaction, previously confirmed in the local wallet but now invalid.  I think years ago this output would continue to show the blockhash of the block that it was previously confirmed (but no longer the longest chain)?  Any idea when this changed?
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 82 2017-01-07T07:42:56  <sqltest> hello. I'm having a problem getting bitcoind to run as a different user (other than logged in user) using init conf. It always fails because it tries to create a .bitcoin dir. If I create a /.bitcoin dir with ownership of user it works. But I don't want a root  .bitcoin dir. The running user has no home dir. The bitcoin.conf is provided on cmd and datadir is in conf so works fine. No need to create an empty .bitcoin dir at a
 83 2017-01-07T07:44:58  <sqltest> eg. "sudo -u btc bitcoind -conf=/etc/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf" works only if an extraneous .bitcoin dir exists even when not used
 84 2017-01-07T07:48:09  <gmaxwell> you need to set the datadir path, not conf.
 85 2017-01-07T07:48:44  <gmaxwell> you can just <sudo...> bitcoind -datadir=/etc/bitcoin/
 86 2017-01-07T07:49:45  <sqltest> I do set that in the conf file and it works. But only when an empty .bitcoin is "hanging around". The .bitcoin remains empty even when daemon is full functionaing.
 87 2017-01-07T07:50:16  <sqltest> I have other settings I need in the bitcoin.conf as well so provide that instead of datadir alone.
 88 2017-01-07T07:50:44  <sqltest> It seems to test the exitence of .bitcoin even when using another datadir path.
 89 2017-01-07T07:51:48  <sqltest> The issue is it is run as btc user by start-stop-daemon but that process chdirs to root first.
 90 2017-01-07T07:52:33  <sqltest> So if I create an empty /.bitcoin dir it starts fine. But when that is not present it cannot start.
 91 2017-01-07T07:52:54  <jonasschnelli> <*highlight>	<Chris_Stewart_5:#bitcoin-core-dev> jonasschnelli: Do you have any numbers on how long it takes to sync headers with your pull req?
 92 2017-01-07T07:53:00  <jonasschnelli> 2-3min
 93 2017-01-07T07:53:15  <sqltest> If I tell start-stop-daemon to chdir to a writeable dir I thought it would create a .bitcoin dir there but for some reason it doesn't.
 94 2017-01-07T07:53:17  <jonasschnelli> Headers-Sync does not run in parallel (from different peers)
 95 2017-01-07T07:53:33  <jonasschnelli> So.. if you have download them from a slow peer, it may take longer.
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 97 2017-01-07T07:57:31  <gmaxwell> sqltest: don't use the config file to set it, thats too late.
 98 2017-01-07T07:57:50  <gmaxwell> hm. well, that might be a bug then.
 99 2017-01-07T07:57:52  <jcorgan> sqltest: i can confirm i've seen exactly the same behavior as you describe.  i don't know if it is a feature or a bug, but nowadays i run bincoind inside a container so i map $HOME/.bitcoin inside the container to wherever i want outside the container
100 2017-01-07T07:57:58  <gmaxwell> though I don't think so.
101 2017-01-07T07:58:06  * gmaxwell straces.
102 2017-01-07T07:59:03  <gmaxwell> with datadir set on the commandline I don't see any access to $HOME/.bitcoin
103 2017-01-07T07:59:19  <gmaxwell> with master, I don't have a 0.13.2 binary handy to test at the moment.
104 2017-01-07T07:59:24  <jcorgan> i did trace through the code (though this was back in the 0.8 or 0.9 days, so it's probably all changed)
105 2017-01-07T08:00:26  <jcorgan> and it did seem that bitcoind was checking for $HOME/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf before parsing the cmdline for -conf
106 2017-01-07T08:01:02  <sqltest> so I guess i need to set datadir and conf on command line unless I decide to move bitcoin.conf to datadir. I have a bunch of confs for daemons and wanted to keep them all in /etc/bitcoin
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108 2017-01-07T08:01:58  <jcorgan> that's not an unreasonable way of doing things
109 2017-01-07T08:02:33  <sqltest> well, thanks. I guess I'll have to work around that. The docs seems to say you can set conf on cmdline but that's incorrect unless datadir also provided.
110 2017-01-07T08:02:51  <gmaxwell> sqltest: yes. you can't even put a datadir in the config of many of the altcoins.
111 2017-01-07T08:04:09  <gmaxwell> you can set a conf on the commandline. but what you're trying to do is override the conf and datadir at the same time and there is some interaction there it seems.
112 2017-01-07T08:05:25  <sqltest> Ok. I added datadir so both are provided to start-start-daemon exec args and it works ok like that. I'm creating an install script for my sqlchain daemon and this will work ok. Just need extra arg.
113 2017-01-07T08:06:42  <sqltest> Thanks for help.
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140 2017-01-07T14:57:26  <Chris_Stewart_5> jonasschnelli: Wow, faster than I expected. Very nice.
141 2017-01-07T15:02:24  <Chris_Stewart_5> also, it isn't possible to run in parallel is it?
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145 2017-01-07T15:09:13  <gmaxwell> not really without hacks.
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161 2017-01-07T16:49:52  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] TheBlueMatt opened pull request #9486: Make peer=%d log prints consistent (master...2017-01-peer-log-consistency) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9486
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165 2017-01-07T17:50:49  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] droark opened pull request #9487: Remove stray semicolon (Fix empty body warning) (master...9319Fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9487
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171 2017-01-07T18:09:04  <DrHendrik> Are the last 2 thursday meet-ups skipped because of holidays? or just not updated @ https://bitcoincore.org/en/meetings/
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173 2017-01-07T18:09:25  <sipa> DrHendrik: last thursday there was a meeting
174 2017-01-07T18:09:35  <DrHendrik> ok
175 2017-01-07T18:09:37  <sipa> but i think it just has not yet been websiteiified
176 2017-01-07T18:10:37  <gmaxwell> sipa: it would be nice if this was merged soon, addnode is currently broken in master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9487
177 2017-01-07T18:12:48  <gmaxwell> I'd really like us to stop using unbraced ifs. This is the kind of error that results from them, it was my screwup for sure, but getting things right is hard enough without a coding style that includes a predictable source of bugs.
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180 2017-01-07T18:27:56  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/46b249e578e8...25720fc394e2
181 2017-01-07T18:27:56  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master cc05896 Douglas Roark: Remove stray semicolon (Fix empty body warning)...
182 2017-01-07T18:27:57  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 25720fc MarcoFalke: Merge #9487: Remove stray semicolon (Fix empty body warning)...
183 2017-01-07T18:28:11  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #9487: Remove stray semicolon (Fix empty body warning) (master...9319Fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9487
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187 2017-01-07T19:00:14  <luke-jr> gmaxwell: not sure if I mentioned, but I also came to that opinion following consideration of your arguments for it some months ago (always using braced blocks)
188 2017-01-07T19:00:40  <luke-jr> and as such have been using/adding them where appropriate
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206 2017-01-07T20:26:21  <gmaxwell> luke-jr: yea, I see you've been using it.
207 2017-01-07T20:26:53  <gmaxwell> I've been inconsistent in my use in Bitcoin Core, I've slipped some in but worry about getting nagged about the coding style.
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212 2017-01-07T20:54:43  <phantomcircuit> gmaxwell, unbraced if's are just wrong
213 2017-01-07T20:55:29  <gmaxwell> Unfortunately, I don't think any of the autoformaters or linter tools can enforce them.  (they certantly can't enforce my preferred style: unbraced only if the whole statement is one line and there is no else.
214 2017-01-07T21:16:51  *** btcdrak has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
215 2017-01-07T21:30:12  <Chris_Stewart_5> If I am trying to use the 'deserializing constructor' for CTransaction, what am I suppose to be passing in as 'deserialize_type'?
216 2017-01-07T21:30:15  <Chris_Stewart_5> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/primitives/transaction.h#L346
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225 2017-01-07T22:30:34  <max4307>  how to reset the password forgot it
226 2017-01-07T22:36:01  <kadoban> max4307: Password to what? Alse this probably belongs in #bitcoin, at a guess.
227 2017-01-07T22:37:35  <max4307> the purse has created a password and forgot, you can't work Sneem
228 2017-01-07T22:40:46  <max4307> encrypted wallet and forgot my password now how to work the ck
229 2017-01-07T22:44:38  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has quit IRC
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233 2017-01-07T22:54:14  <adam3us> phantomcircuit unbraced if's are very wrong.
234 2017-01-07T22:54:47  <adam3us> very awesome security defects in other crypto applications have been created by them and poor formatting.
235 2017-01-07T22:55:20  <sipa> yeah, unfortunately, in some parts of the codebase they're still common
236 2017-01-07T22:55:39  <sipa> and people tend to (and have been advised to) mimick the style of the code surrounging what is being touched
237 2017-01-07T22:58:11  *** max4307 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
238 2017-01-07T22:58:15  <max4307> encrypted wallet and forgot password bitcoincore?
239 2017-01-07T22:59:11  <sipa> max4307: this channel is not for support
240 2017-01-07T22:59:27  <sipa> max4307: perhaps try the forums or stackexchange, or #bitcoin (but beware of scammers)
241 2017-01-07T23:01:01  <max4307> And channel support don't know
242 2017-01-07T23:01:27  *** max4307 has quit IRC
243 2017-01-07T23:06:30  *** juscamarena__ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
244 2017-01-07T23:16:36  *** RoyceX has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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247 2017-01-07T23:38:30  <luke-jr> BlueMatt: we are de facto including wallet/rpcwallet.h in the build already (and forever afaik) with --disable-wallet; how else would you suggest I do that?
248 2017-01-07T23:40:54  <BlueMatt> oh? where from?
249 2017-01-07T23:41:19  <BlueMatt> note: I'm ok with a little duplication of the headers with comments noting "this should go away - do not use in new code, yada yada"
250 2017-01-07T23:41:46  <luke-jr> Makefile.am
251 2017-01-07T23:43:13  <BlueMatt> you mean via BITCOIN_CORE_H?
252 2017-01-07T23:43:22  <luke-jr> yeah
253 2017-01-07T23:43:45  <BlueMatt> afaiu that just informs autotools that if this header changes it may need to recompile some files
254 2017-01-07T23:43:52  <BlueMatt> it doesnt actually compile/include/etc it in any way
255 2017-01-07T23:45:02  <luke-jr> it figures out dependencies automatically. although admittedly, I do not know what that reference actually does do
256 2017-01-07T23:46:43  <luke-jr> in any case, so basically you want me to duplicate the header in src/rpc/?
257 2017-01-07T23:49:52  *** windsok has quit IRC
258 2017-01-07T23:55:40  <BlueMatt> that would be my preference
259 2017-01-07T23:59:45  <gmaxwell> phantomcircuit: hm. I thought we had written style mandates that prohibited braces on single line statements. But looking, I can't find that.
260 2017-01-07T23:59:59  <gmaxwell> phantomcircuit: so I've been thinking that I was being naughty every time I added one.