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 73 2017-07-10T05:18:50  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] practicalswift closed pull request #10776: Avoid unnecessary copying of non-cheaply-copied types (master...const-ref) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10776
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 77 2017-07-10T05:39:34  <gmaxwell> I wonder why non-conservative estimator on my node here says 11s/b for 6 blocks, my mempool suggests thats enough to get in the current block ... and 21inc says 80 for 6 blocks and 280 for now.
 78 2017-07-10T05:46:30  <aj> gmaxwell: some (1 in 6 by hashpower?) pools are mining empty blocks and ignoring transactions under 20s/b?
 79 2017-07-10T05:50:52  <gmaxwell> ah, that would be not very helpful for the estimators.
 80 2017-07-10T05:52:44  <gmaxwell> yea, bitcoin.com censored my transaction, indeed.
 81 2017-07-10T05:55:09  <gmaxwell> looks like thats actually costing them a lot of fees.
 82 2017-07-10T05:57:25  <gmaxwell> Kano's not a censor, hurray
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 85 2017-07-10T06:42:18  <rodarmor> How will a current bitcoin core node interpret a block with a transaction whose version is greater than CURRENT_VERSION? I can see in the code that it's used for relay policy, and for BIP68 enforcement, is that it?
 86 2017-07-10T06:48:56  <sipa> correct
 87 2017-07-10T06:52:38  <rodarmor> sipa: Sweet, thanks!
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102 2017-07-10T08:05:00  <dcousens> BlueMatt: are you sure about the std::move breaking the CFeeBumper code?
103 2017-07-10T08:05:16  <dcousens> IIRC std::move on a const& simply _doesn't_ move, unless it can guarantee safety
104 2017-07-10T08:06:07  <sipa> it casts to a const&&
105 2017-07-10T08:06:31  <sipa> std::move never moves; it just casts it to an rvalue
106 2017-07-10T08:07:04  <sipa> which indicates to wherever it's passed that it does not maintain the state
107 2017-07-10T08:07:26  <sipa> const&& almost always means it's not going to be touched
108 2017-07-10T08:07:46  <dcousens> sipa: right, non-issue ?
109 2017-07-10T08:08:18  <dcousens> (sipa: referencing https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10776/files#r126318388)
110 2017-07-10T08:12:44  <dcousens> I don't see && constructor in the uint256, I think the PR could be re-opened
111 2017-07-10T08:13:32  <dcousens> (aka, what happens appear to be at face value, nothing out there)
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132 2017-07-10T11:04:24  <luke-jr> thoughts? http://codepad.org/F8Kata4K
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146 2017-07-10T12:46:38  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] ReneNyffenegger opened pull request #10782: Use AC_ARG_VAR to set ARFLAGS (master...ARFLAGS-AC_ARG_VAR) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10782
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156 2017-07-10T13:34:06  <jnewbery> Can I get #10711 added to https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8 ? It's a test framework enhancement so not super urgent, but it moves quite a lot of code within test/functional/test_framework so I'd like to avoid too many rebases.
157 2017-07-10T13:34:07  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10711 | [tests] Introduce TestNode by jnewbery · Pull Request #10711 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
158 2017-07-10T13:34:09  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
159 2017-07-10T13:34:39  <jnewbery> It also reduces the time to run the functional test suite by about 25%, so it's quite a nice one to have.
160 2017-07-10T13:43:57  <BlueMatt> dcouin that case it is practically not an issue, but it is also very unsafe code
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164 2017-07-10T14:18:41  <promag> morcos: are you planning to work on #9447?
165 2017-07-10T14:18:43  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/9447 | Allow 2 simultaneous block downloads by morcos · Pull Request #9447 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
166 2017-07-10T14:19:20  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj reopened pull request #10753: test: Check RPC argument mapping (master...2017_07_rpc_argument_check) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10753
167 2017-07-10T14:26:01  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #10745: Be consistent in using "opt_into_rbf" parameter for Opt-In RBF (master...opt_in_rbf-param) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10745
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172 2017-07-10T14:31:18  <wumpus> jnewbery: sure
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174 2017-07-10T14:33:06  <wumpus> jnewbery: done
175 2017-07-10T14:38:50  *** Meghan has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
176 2017-07-10T14:41:36  <BlueMatt> promag: I believe I told morcos I'd take that over
177 2017-07-10T14:41:48  <BlueMatt> I havent done anythong on it except for rebase the first few commits, however
178 2017-07-10T14:42:11  <BlueMatt> see #10652
179 2017-07-10T14:42:13  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10652 | Small step towards demangling cs_main from CNodeState by TheBlueMatt · Pull Request #10652 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
180 2017-07-10T14:42:18  <promag> In #0652?
181 2017-07-10T14:42:21  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/0652 | Update contrib/debian/ for 0.5.0 release and fix copyright file. by TheBlueMatt · Pull Request #652 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
182 2017-07-10T14:42:27  <promag> ops, yeah
183 2017-07-10T14:43:28  <promag> BlueMatt: I have some nits for that PR, I can push to a branch and later you can rebase on that, wdyt?
184 2017-07-10T14:45:17  <BlueMatt> hmm? no, I havent yet taken it any further than that pr
185 2017-07-10T14:46:13  <BlueMatt> i plan to, but if you want to rewrite it, feel free
186 2017-07-10T14:46:27  <promag> kk
187 2017-07-10T14:51:59  <BlueMatt> promag: you almost certainly want to use 10652 as a base, fwiw, building on top of that should be easier, but its still a very thorny area
188 2017-07-10T14:54:15  <promag> BlueMatt: should we close 9447?
189 2017-07-10T14:56:42  *** riemann has quit IRC
190 2017-07-10T14:56:50  <BlueMatt> no rush, but probably
191 2017-07-10T14:56:55  <BlueMatt> i mean open something to replace it first
192 2017-07-10T15:03:19  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
193 2017-07-10T15:03:23  <morcos> promag: yeah, i'm fine if you or bluematt want to take it over, i just left it open b/c i feel we might still want it
194 2017-07-10T15:06:49  <instagibbs> wumpus, how annoyed would you be if I opened a PR that future-proofed rpc calls against failure to check isNull if additional arguments are added(as well as fixing named arg calls in a couple places)
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199 2017-07-10T15:36:57  <wumpus> instagibbs: a lot of cleanup in regard to named argument handling needs to be done, all over the place, biggest issue is that intermediate nulls are not handled as default value by most calls
200 2017-07-10T15:37:45  <wumpus> instagibbs: in any case it seems too late for that for 0.15, but would be a nice goal for 0.16 to get that consistant
201 2017-07-10T15:44:50  *** Murch has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
202 2017-07-10T15:51:15  <instagibbs> With only a few dozen easy to review line changes I think we can catch most of it for 0.15.
203 2017-07-10T15:51:55  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/1d4805ce0464...9edda0c5f5f2
204 2017-07-10T15:51:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 58e9864 John Newbery: [rpc] fix verbose argument for getblock in bitcoin-cli
205 2017-07-10T15:51:56  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 9edda0c Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #10747: [rpc] fix verbose argument for getblock in bitcoin-cli...
206 2017-07-10T15:52:25  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #10747: [rpc] fix verbose argument for getblock in bitcoin-cli (master...fix_getblock_verbose_argument) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10747
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210 2017-07-10T16:00:42  <wumpus> instagibbs: we already have so much to review before 0.15
211 2017-07-10T16:01:13  <instagibbs> I won't twist anyone's arm, and is easy to keep rebased, no worries
212 2017-07-10T16:02:08  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] instagibbs opened pull request #10783: [RPC] Various rpc argument fixes (master...rpcargfixes) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10783
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214 2017-07-10T16:04:47  <rhavar> murch: I was direct to ask you, is there a coin selection simulator I can use?
215 2017-07-10T16:05:02  <Murch> Hi Ryan
216 2017-07-10T16:05:19  <rhavar> I have an algorithm written in minizinc which I'd like to compare against the other stuff
217 2017-07-10T16:05:20  <Murch> I have a Scala simulator on Github which I used for my Master's thesis
218 2017-07-10T16:05:28  <rhavar> got a link?
219 2017-07-10T16:05:40  <rhavar> or is it private?
220 2017-07-10T16:05:41  <Murch> https://github.com/Xekyo/CoinSelectionSimulator
221 2017-07-10T16:06:40  <Murch> rhavar: Professional curiosity, what is the main idea of your selection strategy?
222 2017-07-10T16:07:29  <Murch> Also, if your spending patterns are still similar to moneypot, the scenario in the Simulator will simulate for your usecase. ;)
223 2017-07-10T16:07:49  <rhavar> Murch: https://gist.github.com/RHavar/0710144c713033d42f8f443a99fefbb7
224 2017-07-10T16:07:52  <rhavar> That's it in English
225 2017-07-10T16:08:05  <rhavar> I have the minizinc version if you're interested and keep it private :P
226 2017-07-10T16:08:13  *** marcoagner has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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228 2017-07-10T16:09:37  <rhavar> murch: btw the dataset you're using is actually from bustabit not moneypot
229 2017-07-10T16:09:51  <rhavar> The project used to be called moneypot, but was renamed to bustabit
230 2017-07-10T16:09:58  <Murch> oh okay
231 2017-07-10T16:10:06  <rhavar> Then I created a totally unrelated project, and called it moneypot rofl
232 2017-07-10T16:10:09  <rhavar> (and then sold it)
233 2017-07-10T16:10:23  <rhavar> If you want, i can give you a lot more data for your dataset
234 2017-07-10T16:11:32  <Murch> rhavar: I would be very interested in that.
235 2017-07-10T16:12:05  <Murch> Especially amounts + fee levels would be exciting, as I could then start researching the effect of dynamic fee levels.
236 2017-07-10T16:12:30  <Murch> (fee levels for the outgoing transactions)
237 2017-07-10T16:13:23  <Murch> rhavar: So, I read your description, it seems to me that you only define the fitness function and then have some sort of optimizer solve it for you?
238 2017-07-10T16:13:30  <Murch> That's an interesting approach. :)
239 2017-07-10T16:13:34  <rhavar> Murch: correct yeah
240 2017-07-10T16:15:11  <Murch> Where does the "*10000" come from?
241 2017-07-10T16:15:42  <Murch> Is that a fee rate of 10k satoshi/Byte?
242 2017-07-10T16:16:48  <rhavar> No, that's just to break ties
243 2017-07-10T16:16:56  <rhavar> Its just a useless number
244 2017-07-10T16:16:56  <Murch> oh, I see
245 2017-07-10T16:17:06  <rhavar> It's so that things with more "optional outputs" are picked
246 2017-07-10T16:17:12  <rhavar> (if the fitness is the same)
247 2017-07-10T16:17:38  <Murch> Did you see achow101's push to get my Branch and Bound algorithm into Core?
248 2017-07-10T16:18:01  <rhavar> I heard of it, but I haven't looked at the code
249 2017-07-10T16:18:02  <Murch> Ah, thanks, I just realized that you don't work with a fixed set of outputs but optional number of outputs
250 2017-07-10T16:18:15  <rhavar> Murch: well that's for the future
251 2017-07-10T16:18:20  <rhavar> At the moment, i do
252 2017-07-10T16:18:41  <rhavar> But i'm using this strategy for queued withdrawals (in next release) i think it'll give a lot better results
253 2017-07-10T16:18:44  <rhavar> https://github.com/Xekyo/CoinSelectionSimulator/pull/6/files
254 2017-07-10T16:19:22  <rhavar> I don't have the feerates, or an easy way to query it. But I can give you the txid's if you sanitize the data before publishing
255 2017-07-10T16:19:49  <Murch> rhavar: wow, awesome :DDD
256 2017-07-10T16:20:34  <Murch> I'm interested, and can do that, but I have a meeting in 40 min, can I get back to you later? :)
257 2017-07-10T16:20:39  <rhavar> sure
258 2017-07-10T16:23:24  <rhavar> Murch: If you can, can you update your README.md with installation / run instructions?
259 2017-07-10T16:23:39  <rhavar> I'll add my minizinc one if you make it easy enough for me :P
260 2017-07-10T16:25:02  <Murch> Okay, will do.
261 2017-07-10T16:26:56  <Murch> Cliffnotes for the moment, you need to setup Scala, compile the Scala code and then run 'coinselection.Simulation'
262 2017-07-10T16:28:09  <Chris_Stewart_5> Murch: Do you use sbt?
263 2017-07-10T16:28:17  *** Dyaheon has quit IRC
264 2017-07-10T16:29:51  <Murch> Chris_Stewart_5: I cleaned up the repo at some point to use the sbt standard structure
265 2017-07-10T16:30:07  <Murch> I'm not sure if I ever tried it out
266 2017-07-10T16:31:38  *** Dyaheon has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
267 2017-07-10T16:31:56  <sipa> cliffnotes?
268 2017-07-10T16:32:40  <Chris_Stewart_5> rhavar: You should be able to download sbt (scala build tool) from this link and then run 'sbt test' in the root directory for Murch's project
269 2017-07-10T16:32:43  <Chris_Stewart_5> http://www.scala-sbt.org/download.html
270 2017-07-10T16:33:05  <Murch> sipa: A short summary of a book
271 2017-07-10T16:33:40  <BlueMatt> (used by american students to cheat by allowing them to "read the cliffnotes" instead of the book)
272 2017-07-10T16:33:50  <rhavar> (In English class they make you read books and then write about it. But only suckers actually read the book, everyone else reads the cliffnotes)
273 2017-07-10T16:33:53  <Chris_Stewart_5> I just tried it and it works (well one test fails for me) but whatever
274 2017-07-10T16:34:26  <Murch> Mh, I'll have to look into it, thanks Chris
275 2017-07-10T16:34:35  <sipa> Murch: ok, what does it mean in this context?
276 2017-07-10T16:34:40  <rhavar> "summary"
277 2017-07-10T16:34:50  *** trippysa1mon has quit IRC
278 2017-07-10T16:35:03  <sipa> i'm still confused
279 2017-07-10T16:35:11  <Murch> rhavar wanted to know how to run my project, and I was giving a summary, because I don't have time right now to write a set of instructions in full
280 2017-07-10T16:35:19  <rhavar> sipa: It's just a way of saying: "The short version is..."
281 2017-07-10T16:35:22  <Murch> rhavar wanted to use my coinselectionsimulator
282 2017-07-10T16:35:29  <sipa> ah, ok
283 2017-07-10T16:37:18  * BlueMatt wants a fourth exlanation of "cliffnotes" both in general and in context. clearly we dont have enough yet :p
284 2017-07-10T16:38:27  <sipa> i missed that it was the answer to a question
285 2017-07-10T16:39:08  <Chris_Stewart_5> the fourth explanation is where you sick of studying a particular class's notes, so you find the nearest cliff and toss them off of it :P
286 2017-07-10T16:39:29  <BlueMatt> +1
287 2017-07-10T17:11:43  *** BashCo has quit IRC
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289 2017-07-10T17:16:18  <midnightmagic> Origin is an actual series of book summaries *called* cliffnotes, as an academia short-circuit-to-study, and that company was named after an actual guy named cliff who started it.
290 2017-07-10T17:23:19  *** Giszmo has quit IRC
291 2017-07-10T17:28:56  <Murch> oh, @rhavar and anyone else running Coin Selection Simulations. You will probably not want to run with all strategies at the same time as especially the Bitcoin Core based selection takes quite a lot of computation time.
292 2017-07-10T17:29:15  <Murch> If you run all strategies at the same time, my home desktop would take about four days.
293 2017-07-10T17:29:24  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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297 2017-07-10T17:42:22  <Murch> rhavar: Regarding the full set of the transactions. Thank you for the offer. I'm thinking that I might get back later to you regarding that set, as I'd first have to change my simulator to work with changing fee levels for the first place. For the moment having a much bigger set to play with is already pretty awesome.
298 2017-07-10T17:43:28  *** timothy has quit IRC
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301 2017-07-10T18:26:46  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] TheBlueMatt opened pull request #10784: Do not allow users to get keys from keypool without reserving them (master...2017-07-keep-change) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10784
302 2017-07-10T18:29:48  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #10785: Serialization improvements (master...20170707_noncastserial) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10785
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306 2017-07-10T19:02:54  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] theuni closed pull request #10782: Use AC_ARG_VAR to set ARFLAGS (master...ARFLAGS-AC_ARG_VAR) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10782
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309 2017-07-10T19:49:27  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #10786: Add PR description to merge commit in github-merge.py (master...20170710_prbody) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10786
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