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 92 2017-12-10T05:54:22  <meshcollider> why is the boost::to_lower() inside a #ifdef WIN32 here: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/util.cpp#L419
 93 2017-12-10T05:54:41  <meshcollider> does that mean its only case insensitive on win32
 94 2017-12-10T05:57:20  <Lightsword> windows itself is mostly case insensitive
 95 2017-12-10T05:58:24  <Lightsword> although I think some of the underlying filesystems used like NTFS can be case sensivite
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100 2017-12-10T06:05:46  <sipa> NTFS on windows is case insensitive but case preserving
101 2017-12-10T06:06:39  <sipa> but that line of code has nothing do with filesystems
102 2017-12-10T06:07:09  <sipa> it's so that "bitcoind /daemon=1" works, which I think gets passed to the application as "/DAEMON=1"
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121 2017-12-10T07:15:51  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] irq13 opened pull request #11860: move banned peer log messages behind -debug=net (master...no-log-bans) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11860
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176 2017-12-10T11:03:22  <ieririr> hi there, does anybody have an idea of the time needed to spread a fix? in case of major flaw in crypto core I mean
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184 2017-12-10T11:16:57  <promag> is it me or funding an already funded transaction hits AvailableCoins?
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282 2017-12-10T18:05:22  <andytoshi> oops sorry
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302 2017-12-10T19:30:05  <BGL> is it by design that the core client gives no indication that it's creating a new wallet file (ie, when one goes missing) ? or is that a bug?
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332 2017-12-10T20:47:00  <sipa> BGL: what would you expect to happen?
333 2017-12-10T20:57:59  *** promag has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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341 2017-12-10T21:36:26  <BGL> at a minimum say hey your wallet file was missing?
342 2017-12-10T21:37:22  <sipa> i think it does say that in the log, but maybe not
343 2017-12-10T21:40:50  <BGL> certain things have a real minimum-effort feel going for it with the client
344 2017-12-10T21:41:12  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has quit IRC
345 2017-12-10T21:41:13  <BGL> and with btc being 15k now i think the standards might need to be up a little
346 2017-12-10T21:41:22  <sipa> what else would you expect?
347 2017-12-10T21:41:44  <BGL> so like let's say your sql db goes down
348 2017-12-10T21:41:53  <BGL> <insert variable of obvious common sense>
349 2017-12-10T21:42:09  <BGL> asking what people expect is not lending toward resolution
350 2017-12-10T21:42:19  *** ripberge has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
351 2017-12-10T21:42:23  <sipa> i don't understand what you feel is missing
352 2017-12-10T21:42:36  <BGL> that may be exactly the problem
353 2017-12-10T21:43:36  <sipa> okay
354 2017-12-10T21:43:47  <sipa> well, issue reports or pull requests welcome
355 2017-12-10T21:44:21  <Randolf> BGL:  Are there some specific problems with the standards that you are aware of presently?
356 2017-12-10T21:44:29  <BGL> waiting on people to point out the obvious is often the demise of software
357 2017-12-10T21:44:43  <sipa> what do you expect to happen? fail to start?
358 2017-12-10T21:44:58  <sipa> that would break backward compatibility
359 2017-12-10T21:45:23  <BGL> yes, let's all act as if your wallet file disappearing and the client literally indicating nothing is wrong is perfectly acceptable.
360 2017-12-10T21:45:38  <BGL> i would literally fire both of you for acting so stupid
361 2017-12-10T21:45:47  <sipa> the client is unable to distinguish that from starting up the first time
362 2017-12-10T21:45:49  <BGL> the correct answer is yes, maybe that's a good idea, we should look into that
363 2017-12-10T21:46:05  <BGL> maybe that's part of the problem?
364 2017-12-10T21:46:12  <BGL> does this sound like such a difficult issue?
365 2017-12-10T21:46:14  <sipa> yes
366 2017-12-10T21:46:27  <BGL> wow
367 2017-12-10T21:46:38  <sipa> there is literally nothing the client could do the know that missing a file is different from starting up the first time
368 2017-12-10T21:46:41  <Randolf> BGL:  I'm not sure who you're directing that to, but please keep in mind that people here are volunteers.
369 2017-12-10T21:46:53  <sipa> you're very welcome to help improve the software
370 2017-12-10T21:47:27  <sipa> but insulting volunteers is not likely to get your issue resolved
371 2017-12-10T21:47:33  <BGL> being a volunteer does not make up for incompetent ego
372 2017-12-10T21:47:45  <BGL> my only issue is the quality of this client
373 2017-12-10T21:47:51  <Randolf> BGL:  With regard to people losing their wallet files, backups are highly recommended, and having copies of one's Private Keys is obviously imperative.  Perhaps if this isn't being explained to the end-user properly there could indeed be room for improvement there.
374 2017-12-10T21:48:06  <sipa> BGL: you must literally have manually deleted a database file
375 2017-12-10T21:48:16  *** cl0uding has quit IRC
376 2017-12-10T21:48:26  <sipa> there is no other way the file would be missing
377 2017-12-10T21:48:36  <sipa> that is the exact same situation as starting up the first time
378 2017-12-10T21:48:41  <sipa> please, be constructive
379 2017-12-10T21:48:55  <Randolf> BGL:  My ego doesn't factor into this -- it went on vacation a long time ago, and I have no idea where it is these days, although I do keep receiving hotel bills so I know where it has been.  ;)
380 2017-12-10T21:49:28  <Randolf> sipa:  There is another possibility -- the user logged in with a different profile and so it looks like a new setup to the client software.
381 2017-12-10T21:49:31  <gmaxwell> I've never previously heard a report from a user that their wallet file was unexpectedly removed. Any idea how a user would end up in that situation?
382 2017-12-10T21:49:51  <Randolf> BGL:  Did your wallet file go missing?
383 2017-12-10T21:50:06  <sipa> Randolf: "profile" ?
384 2017-12-10T21:50:33  <Randolf> sipa:  Well, in the Windows world at least, there are user profiles which each have their own collections of home directories and personalized settings for the OS and various applications.
385 2017-12-10T21:51:39  <Randolf> sipa:  Unfortunately with Windows, whenever it corrupts itself the user is sometimes logged in with a temporary profile instead of their usual one.  In such cases, a wallet file could seem to go missing if it was stored under the user-specific home directory.
386 2017-12-10T21:51:59  <Randolf> sipa:  But this really isn't a Bitcoin issue -- it's an Operating System issue that has the same impact on other applications too.
387 2017-12-10T21:52:35  <gmaxwell> Randolf: how would that deny access to the wallet but also leave the blockchain?
388 2017-12-10T21:53:09  *** paveljanik has quit IRC
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390 2017-12-10T21:53:47  <Randolf> gmaxwell:  That's interesting.  If the blockchain was also stored in the user's profile directory, then your concern makes sense.  However, if the blockchain was stored in a public profile (as some applications with shared or constant data do) then that could explain why the blockchain would remain
391 2017-12-10T21:53:47  <Randolf> in place.
392 2017-12-10T21:54:23  <Randolf> gmaxwell:  Another possibility is that bitcoind has its own profile and is storing the blockchain data under its own profile which is not the same as the user's profile.
393 2017-12-10T21:54:30  <Randolf> ...specifically the wallet-user's profile.
394 2017-12-10T21:54:33  <sipa> Randolf: unless he's running unreleased software, the blockchain and the wallet are in the same directory
395 2017-12-10T21:54:45  <Randolf> sipa:  Okay, then that rules that possibility out.
396 2017-12-10T21:55:15  <Randolf> Another possibility is that the user installed some malicious software that uploads wallet files then deletes them from the user's system.
397 2017-12-10T21:56:51  *** drnet has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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401 2017-12-10T22:01:21  *** cl0uding has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
402 2017-12-10T22:03:52  <BGL> Randolf: that's not possible because <the user> "must literally have manually deleted a database file"
403 2017-12-10T22:05:21  <sipa> BGL: if that's not what happened, i'd very much like to know
404 2017-12-10T22:07:13  *** meshcollider has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
405 2017-12-10T22:07:48  <BGL> please save me from having to explain an infinite number of ways files can be deleted
406 2017-12-10T22:08:31  <sipa> not by bitcoind itself
407 2017-12-10T22:09:02  <sipa> either you directly, or software you chose to run deleted a file
408 2017-12-10T22:09:22  <BGL> reminder: i'm simply pointing out the client says/does nothing when a wallet file goes missing
409 2017-12-10T22:09:31  <sipa> yes, because *it can't*
410 2017-12-10T22:09:49  *** sipa has left #bitcoin-core-dev
411 2017-12-10T22:14:01  *** DOZER has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
412 2017-12-10T22:15:09  <mesh_> Best we could do is add a debug.log message which says something like "wallet.dat does not exist, creating..."
413 2017-12-10T22:15:32  <mesh_> BGL: that could be an opportunity for you to contribute, you could open a PR if you wanted :)
414 2017-12-10T22:15:34  <gmaxwell> mesh_: the logs do reflect when it creates one.
415 2017-12-10T22:16:23  <gmaxwell> The software also does not warn you when your computer is running in an enviroment without enough oxygen for human life... there are an infinitude of ways that something strange could be going on; without an understood sequence of events that would cause the situation it's usually not reasonable to do anything about it, since the "do something" is usually context dependant.
416 2017-12-10T22:17:31  <mryandao> ^ lol.
417 2017-12-10T22:18:39  <meshcollider> gmaxwell: I can only see a message like "2017-12-10 22:16:37 Using wallet test.dat" and then it reports there are 0 keys, but no actual creation message?
418 2017-12-10T22:19:21  *** DOZER has quit IRC
419 2017-12-10T22:19:22  <meshcollider> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/rzTcABjN/
420 2017-12-10T22:20:06  <gmaxwell> Morover, spurrious warnings cause user error.  E.g. we've seen users lose funds because they opened their debug.log and saw log entries with "ERROR" in them, and then started taking increasingly drastic actions to remediate the actually-harmless messages which eventually culminated in them forever deleting their wallet, or posting their files online for othe people ... including the wallet.
421 2017-12-10T22:20:12  <gmaxwell> Moreover*
422 2017-12-10T22:20:45  <gmaxwell> meshcollider: indeed, it shows it with zero sizes when its first created.
423 2017-12-10T22:21:42  *** cl0uding has quit IRC
424 2017-12-10T22:21:44  <mryandao> maybe bitcoin-core should build in telemetry service and leave the generation of debug log for advanced users.
425 2017-12-10T22:21:51  <meshcollider> gmaxwell: yeah but that is not clear to any user, I'm just suggesting BGL might want to add a simpler message
426 2017-12-10T22:21:56  <mryandao> to protect users against themselves
427 2017-12-10T22:25:46  *** sipa has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
428 2017-12-10T22:25:53  <gmaxwell> mryandao: well we intentionally toned down the text in debug log to reduce incidents of those sorts of screwups, seems to have owrked.
429 2017-12-10T22:26:15  <gmaxwell> meshcollider: would be reasonable and harmless, though I'm dubious that it would actually help anything.
430 2017-12-10T22:34:04  *** cl0uding has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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432 2017-12-10T22:41:06  <Randolf> BGL:  Doesn't the client report to you that the file was not found?
433 2017-12-10T22:41:20  <Randolf> BGL:  ...when you attempt to open it?
434 2017-12-10T22:42:03  <sipa> Randolf: there is no 'opening' the file
435 2017-12-10T22:43:16  <sipa> there is a hardcoded filename (wallet.dat) which contains the wallet; if it doesn't exist, it's created
436 2017-12-10T22:44:29  <Randolf> sipa:  Ah, well, in that case the client software won't be able to detect if a previous wallet file was deleted.
437 2017-12-10T22:44:32  <sipa> the daemon supports having multiple wallets loaded simultaneously, but the GUI doesn't support opening/closing other wallets
438 2017-12-10T22:44:44  <sipa> (not yet, at least)
439 2017-12-10T22:46:27  <Randolf> Okay.
440 2017-12-10T22:47:35  <Randolf> That's very curious.  I wonder what happened to BGL's wallet file.  I'm sure that neither the client nor bitcoind deleted it.
441 2017-12-10T22:47:51  <Randolf> BGL:  Did you save your Private Keys?
442 2017-12-10T22:48:02  <Randolf> BGL:  If you did, then you can enter them again.
443 2017-12-10T22:50:27  *** promag has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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