1 2018-01-04T00:00:15  <achow101> Is this possibly a concern for us: https://meltdownattack.com/?
  2 2018-01-04T00:00:31  <achow101> At least it's certainly another reason to stop using Intel CPUs...
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  7 2018-01-04T00:07:31  <TD-Linux> I don't think there are any obvious mitigations that bitcoin core can do that it doesn't already (like keeping unencrypted keys in memory for short times)
  8 2018-01-04T00:08:26  <promag> macos not affected?
  9 2018-01-04T00:08:37  <achow101> promag: it's a hardware bug, all OSes affected
 10 2018-01-04T00:09:04  <promag> sorry, there is "os x" reference there
 11 2018-01-04T00:09:14  <TD-Linux> apple has been silent so far. but you can assume that it's affected and not patched.
 12 2018-01-04T00:09:29  <promag> right
 13 2018-01-04T00:10:04  <achow101> "There are patches against Meltdown for Linux ( KPTI (formerly KAISER)), Windows, and OS X."
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 16 2018-01-04T00:18:06  <phantomcircuit> TD-Linux, only thing to do is detect the failure and exit
 17 2018-01-04T00:18:10  <phantomcircuit> but even that is basically useless
 18 2018-01-04T00:19:09  <TD-Linux> all of the large VM providers are already patched, so I don't think there is any useful action to take.
 19 2018-01-04T00:19:30  <echeveria> TD-Linux: EC2 has scheduled forced reboots on the 5th.
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 22 2018-01-04T00:27:17  <TD-Linux> I haven't gotten a notification for mine yet.
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 25 2018-01-04T00:29:06  <megan_> Hi i am new baby in bitcoin development Please let me know how to get started in initial development
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 28 2018-01-04T00:30:51  <promag> megan_: https://bitcoin.org/en/developer-documentation
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 30 2018-01-04T00:32:26  <promag> consider this: generate(20) -> invalidateblock(#10) -> invalidateblock(#5) -> reconsiderblock(#5)
 31 2018-01-04T00:32:28  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10 | Add address to listtransactions output by gavinandresen · Pull Request #10 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 32 2018-01-04T00:32:30  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/5 | Make the version number the protocol version and not the client version · Issue #5 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 33 2018-01-04T00:32:32  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/5 | Make the version number the protocol version and not the client version · Issue #5 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 34 2018-01-04T00:32:36  <promag> err
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 36 2018-01-04T00:32:57  <promag> then getblockcount == 20
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 38 2018-01-04T00:33:48  <promag> is this fine?
 39 2018-01-04T00:40:08  <megan_>  promag: Thank you for support
 40 2018-01-04T00:43:33  <megan_> How to connect bitcoin exchange in open source any idea
 41 2018-01-04T00:44:39  <promag> megan_: wrong channel
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 44 2018-01-04T00:49:34  <achow101> I'm slightly confused by hdmasterkeyid
 45 2018-01-04T00:50:07  <achow101> when I calculate the id of the master key I keep getting a different id than the one reported by the wallet
 46 2018-01-04T00:51:05  <megan_> promag: Please let me know what type of channel i need to follow
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 48 2018-01-04T00:52:13  <promag> megan_: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/IRC_channels
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 50 2018-01-04T01:01:44  <megan_> Promag: Thank you very much for support i will read get back
 51 2018-01-04T01:05:23  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] promag opened pull request #12083: Improve getchaintxstats test coverage (master...2018-01-getchaintxstats) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12083
 52 2018-01-04T01:06:02  <promag> sipa: please see https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12083/commits/05c9591752256566c337ca45071648ceb9f63110 whenever you can
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 55 2018-01-04T01:06:51  <promag> and #12083 btw
 56 2018-01-04T01:06:53  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12083 | Improve getchaintxstats test coverage by promag · Pull Request #12083 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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152 2018-01-04T05:01:42  <Satoshi> When are you going to release a fork to lower transaction fees...it's becoming useless
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154 2018-01-04T05:09:42  <molz> Satoshi, forks are useless, and you're in the wrong channel
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156 2018-01-04T05:11:59  <Randolf> Satoshi:  I suggest asking about that in the #bitcoin channel.
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158 2018-01-04T05:14:43  <Satoshi> Any updates on lightning network?
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175 2018-01-04T07:04:22  <Onmylevel25> Help
176 2018-01-04T07:05:26  <Onmylevel25> -
177 2018-01-04T07:05:30  <Onmylevel25> I
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187 2018-01-04T07:59:19  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/c991b304dee3...a1136f0cb449
188 2018-01-04T07:59:19  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 6dda059 251: [qt] Simplifies boolean expression model && model->haveWatchOnly()...
189 2018-01-04T07:59:20  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master a1136f0 Jonas Schnelli: Merge #12074: [qt] Optimizes boolean expression model && model->haveWatchOnly()...
190 2018-01-04T08:00:09  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli closed pull request #12074: [qt] Optimizes boolean expression model && model->haveWatchOnly() (master...patch/TransactionView-optimize-boolean-expression) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12074
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199 2018-01-04T08:16:36  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli pushed 3 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/a1136f0cb449...eeb6d5271de3
200 2018-01-04T08:16:37  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 275b2ee William Casarin: [qt] change µBTC to bits...
201 2018-01-04T08:16:38  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master ebcee1d William Casarin: bips: add bip176 (Bits Denomination)...
202 2018-01-04T08:16:38  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master eeb6d52 Jonas Schnelli: Merge #12035: [qt] change µBTC to bits...
203 2018-01-04T08:17:16  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli closed pull request #12035: [qt] change µBTC to bits (master...qt-bits) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12035
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205 2018-01-04T08:23:21  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/eeb6d5271de3...a9a49e6e7e8d
206 2018-01-04T08:23:22  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master aad3090 Jeff Rade: [rpc] Adding ::minRelayTxFee amount to getmempoolinfo and updating mempoolminfee help description
207 2018-01-04T08:23:22  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master a9a49e6 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #12001: [RPC] Adding ::minRelayTxFee amount to getmempoolinfo and updating help...
208 2018-01-04T08:23:57  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #12001: [RPC] Adding ::minRelayTxFee amount to getmempoolinfo and updating help (master...update_mempoolminfee_help_details) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12001
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243 2018-01-04T10:41:42  <wumpus> BlueMatt: luke-jr: making the tarball include all git files was discussed a few files already, I think everyone is okay with that in principle, it's just hard to unify with the 'make dist' makefile-isms
244 2018-01-04T10:42:18  <wumpus> *I mean not include the git files, but all files from the repository
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249 2018-01-04T10:55:00  <aj> wumpus: thoughts on getting #11796 merged?
250 2018-01-04T10:55:02  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11796 | [tests] Functional test naming convention by ajtowns · Pull Request #11796 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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252 2018-01-04T10:59:08  <wumpus> aj: at the moment I'm trying to save #11403 from having to be rebased again by not merging any all-over-the-place changes/renames
253 2018-01-04T10:59:14  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11403 | SegWit wallet support by sipa · Pull Request #11403 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
254 2018-01-04T11:00:44  <wumpus> but after that, sure
255 2018-01-04T11:01:32  *** SlayBelles has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
256 2018-01-04T11:02:10  * zelest feels like he annoys laanwj :o
257 2018-01-04T11:05:11  <wumpus> zelest: seems we just disagree
258 2018-01-04T11:05:51  <zelest> Not saying my changes are correct, just explaining why I made them. :)
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260 2018-01-04T11:08:33  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] bodapanxu opened pull request #12087: mycoin (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12087
261 2018-01-04T11:09:31  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #12087: mycoin (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12087
262 2018-01-04T11:09:37  <wumpus> ^^ those kind of spurious PRs are the only kind that really annoy me
263 2018-01-04T11:09:42  <zelest> I just wish to remove as much clutter as possible when it comes to documentations.  :)
264 2018-01-04T11:09:51  <zelest> hehe
265 2018-01-04T11:10:07  <wumpus> I agree, but I don't think it's clutter, just try to move it to a place it won't be in the way when just following the guide
266 2018-01-04T11:10:49  <wumpus> we don't have the capacity to act as tech support so anything that pre-empts issues that people might have is a win
267 2018-01-04T11:11:00  <zelest> Yeah, but the clang thing.. why does the user need to know what the compiler is capable of since what version of openbsd? :)
268 2018-01-04T11:11:24  <wumpus> you could shorten it, the point is that people are bound to forget the CC=cc CXX=c++ thing
269 2018-01-04T11:11:42  <wumpus> if they do, they end up in a situation where e.g. berkeleydb is built using gcc, and bitcoind using clang
270 2018-01-04T11:11:48  <wumpus> then they'll have linker errors
271 2018-01-04T11:11:58  <zelest> hmms, yeah, true
272 2018-01-04T11:12:09  *** SlayBelles has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
273 2018-01-04T11:12:27  <wumpus> the underlying issue is that openbsd 6.2 still has the gcc compiler, if it didn't, this wouldn't be an issue at all. Maybe for the next release it'll really go away?
274 2018-01-04T11:12:41  <wumpus> but for now, as long as gcc 4.2 is still installed, we need it
275 2018-01-04T11:13:05  <zelest> it will probably be there for quite some time
276 2018-01-04T11:13:22  <zelest> the whole ports tree and all the different architectures they build on
277 2018-01-04T11:13:31  <wumpus> and automake/autoconf tends to choose gcc over cc if it can
278 2018-01-04T11:13:38  <wumpus> which is terrible in this specific case
279 2018-01-04T11:13:51  * zelest nods
280 2018-01-04T11:19:30  <zelest> yeah, i should've based my changes on your pull request, like you initially said...
281 2018-01-04T11:19:42  <zelest> oh well, at least I've learned a bit more how github works now :)
282 2018-01-04T11:21:17  *** wdev01 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
283 2018-01-04T11:21:20  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] bodapanxu opened pull request #12088: mycoin/dash (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12088
284 2018-01-04T11:22:07  <wdev01> HELP
285 2018-01-04T11:22:51  * zelest points at #bitcoin
286 2018-01-04T11:25:59  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake closed pull request #12088: mycoin/dash (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12088
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292 2018-01-04T11:31:40  <aj> wumpus: sounds sensible :)
293 2018-01-04T11:33:08  <wumpus> because of the spurious PRs I've blocked bodapanxu from the bitcoin org for now, please let me know
294 2018-01-04T11:33:31  <wumpus> if he comes up with a valid reason then I'll remove them from the list again
295 2018-01-04T11:50:16  *** knoobie has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
296 2018-01-04T12:08:37  *** fazec has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
297 2018-01-04T12:08:53  <fazec> hey peeps
298 2018-01-04T12:09:24  <fazec> I was trying to hard fork the main bitcoin chain today with https://github.com/SegwitB2X/bitcoin2x/ that fork
299 2018-01-04T12:09:39  <fazec> I learned about syncing and forking at a certain height
300 2018-01-04T12:09:50  <fazec> I specified the params in src/chainparams.cpp
301 2018-01-04T12:10:14  <fazec> but still it's giving me a lot of errors such as 2018-01-04 12:07:30 ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: Consensus:│                                                       :ContextualCheckBlockHeader: 0000000000000000008c8f2437d│                                                       13a70632eb9e5ece259f2f96d03cac3ae5c84, not-hardfork, inc│                                                       orrect block version (code 16)
302 2018-01-04T12:10:27  <fazec> Anyone?
303 2018-01-04T12:15:23  <wumpus> forks are offtopic here, try #bitcoin-forks
304 2018-01-04T12:15:59  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/a9a49e6e7e8d...36a5a4404836
305 2018-01-04T12:15:59  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master c9439e7 Akira Takizawa: [Trivial] Update license year range to 2018
306 2018-01-04T12:16:00  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 36a5a44 MarcoFalke: Merge #12063: [Trivial] Update license year range to 2018...
307 2018-01-04T12:16:37  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #12063: [Trivial] Update license year range to 2018 (master...2018-license) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12063
308 2018-01-04T12:17:26  *** fazec has quit IRC
309 2018-01-04T12:19:01  <Varunram> wumpus: What is the possibility of a testnet seed connecting to a bitcoin abc seed?
310 2018-01-04T12:19:28  <Varunram> Asking this because I happened to connect to Peter Todd's seed and got redirected to an abc seed
311 2018-01-04T12:19:42  <wumpus> redirected?
312 2018-01-04T12:20:04  <wumpus> DNS seeds shouldn't redirect at all
313 2018-01-04T12:21:31  *** zshlyk has quit IRC
314 2018-01-04T12:22:10  <Varunram> hm, bad language on my part I guess. So a related question would be what actually happens when I try to connect  to a testnet seed? (you can answer at #bitcoin if its off-topic :) )
315 2018-01-04T12:23:29  *** zshlyk has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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317 2018-01-04T12:24:12  <wumpus> in principle the DNS seeders should avoid reporting nodes that are on forks, but in the current implementation this is based on service bits, they don't actually (Afaik) check what chain they're on
318 2018-01-04T12:26:34  <Varunram> oh, alright. Weird thing was it didn't spawn an error (might be someone messing with the banner). Our fault I guess. Thanks!
319 2018-01-04T12:29:29  *** zshlyk has quit IRC
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331 2018-01-04T13:12:53  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #12089: qa: Don't remember TestNodeCLI options between calls (master...Mf1801-qaCliOptions) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12089
332 2018-01-04T13:15:33  *** fanquake has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
333 2018-01-04T13:16:07  <fanquake> wumpus With the amount of forks I'm surprised we don't see more of those prs
334 2018-01-04T13:19:55  <Varunram> fanquake: The problem is, anybody can compare the diffs and PR..
335 2018-01-04T13:20:53  <Varunram> i.e. they needn't fork the fork's repo
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355 2018-01-04T14:10:41  *** lukedashjr is now known as luke-jr
356 2018-01-04T14:11:24  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/36a5a4404836...ddff3447f29b
357 2018-01-04T14:11:24  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master c99a3c3 Anthony Towns: [tests] util_tests.cpp: actually check ignored args...
358 2018-01-04T14:11:25  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master ddff344 MarcoFalke: Merge #11997: [tests] util_tests.cpp: actually check ignored args...
359 2018-01-04T14:12:01  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #11997: [tests] util_tests.cpp: actually check ignored args (master...parseparam-fix) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11997
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361 2018-01-04T14:13:36  <luke-jr> why did Bech32 completely omit P2SH^2 stuff? :/
362 2018-01-04T14:14:33  *** zshlyk has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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372 2018-01-04T14:35:03  <sdaftuar> luke-jr: not sure if my memory is failing me, but i believe p2wsh uses a single sha256 of the script, no?
373 2018-01-04T14:35:36  <sdaftuar> (anyway this is the first i've heard of the p2sh^2 idea, so i can't comment on your question generally)
374 2018-01-04T14:36:45  <sipa> i don't think relying on relay policy to prevent data storage is very realistic
375 2018-01-04T14:37:06  <sipa> at best it will make miners create websites where you can submit things
376 2018-01-04T14:37:09  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
377 2018-01-04T14:37:10  <luke-jr> relay+miner policy; realistic or not, having it as an option is helpful
378 2018-01-04T14:38:18  <luke-jr> it might not help much with our current problems, but in the future it could become valuable
379 2018-01-04T14:39:24  <luke-jr> sdaftuar: elaborated more on my bitcoin-dev post; from the BIP, it doesn't seem to use single SHA256
380 2018-01-04T14:42:07  <sipa> luke-jr: it's also fundamentally incompatible with one of bech32's design goal: being forward compatible with future witness versions that may use dofferent hashing schemes
381 2018-01-04T14:42:15  <sipa> *different
382 2018-01-04T14:43:37  <luke-jr> sipa: but not forward compatible with this scheme :x
383 2018-01-04T14:44:00  <luke-jr> what if we define the first decoded data value being 17 or 18, to P2SH^2 modes?
384 2018-01-04T14:44:27  <luke-jr> or something like that
385 2018-01-04T14:44:42  <sipa> meh, that would be possible, but won't be extensible to newer witness versions (which i exoect will be proposed soon anyway)
386 2018-01-04T14:45:27  <luke-jr> could do 17 to indicate "additionally SHA256 hash", 18 to indicate "additionally RIPEMD160 hash", and then have a byte following it be the witness version
387 2018-01-04T14:55:57  *** knoobie has quit IRC
388 2018-01-04T15:00:44  <luke-jr> ugh, GitHub requires JS for opening PRs :<
389 2018-01-04T15:02:43  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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404 2018-01-04T15:48:23  <promag> sipa: do you think it makes sense to return the number of processed characters in base_blob::SexHex?
405 2018-01-04T15:59:50  *** justanotheruser has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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407 2018-01-04T16:05:34  <provoostenator> luke-jr: you could probably use the Github API
408 2018-01-04T16:06:18  *** chaus has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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410 2018-01-04T16:14:44  <ryanofsky> you can do it with a curl command, see https://developer.github.com/v3/pulls/#create-a-pull-request https://gist.github.com/caspyin/2288960
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467 2018-01-04T19:00:52  <promag> meeting?
468 2018-01-04T19:01:07  <achow101> meeting?
469 2018-01-04T19:01:09  <provoostenator> meeting?
470 2018-01-04T19:01:17  <meshcollider> meeting?
471 2018-01-04T19:01:26  <jonasschnelli> meeting?
472 2018-01-04T19:01:37  <Chris_Stewart_5> fake news?
473 2018-01-04T19:01:47  <jonasschnelli> Maybe wumpus is still on vacation...
474 2018-01-04T19:01:58  <cfields> iirc he said he wouldn't be around for 2 meetings
475 2018-01-04T19:02:09  *** jb55 has quit IRC
476 2018-01-04T19:02:10  <jonasschnelli> Okay... then lets start
477 2018-01-04T19:02:13  <jonasschnelli> #startmeeting
478 2018-01-04T19:02:13  <lightningbot> Meeting started Thu Jan  4 19:02:13 2018 UTC.  The chair is jonasschnelli. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
479 2018-01-04T19:02:13  <lightningbot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
480 2018-01-04T19:02:32  <jonasschnelli> Meeting request: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101 meshcollider jnewbery maaku fanquake promag
481 2018-01-04T19:02:37  <jonasschnelli> Any topics?
482 2018-01-04T19:02:43  <kanzure> hi.
483 2018-01-04T19:02:53  <instagibbs> hi
484 2018-01-04T19:02:58  <cfields> yet another quick codesigning update
485 2018-01-04T19:03:07  <jonasschnelli> #topic code signing
486 2018-01-04T19:03:41  <cfields> I've got the csr patching worked out, and gmaxwell is currently working on documenting the keygen process
487 2018-01-04T19:03:54  <jonasschnelli> nice!
488 2018-01-04T19:04:05  <cfields> Ideally we'd get that worked out in the next few days
489 2018-01-04T19:04:24  *** zautomata1 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
490 2018-01-04T19:04:34  <jonasschnelli> Good. I think there is no need for rush things,... ideally, we would have the new cert for the 0.16 (or say 16.) release
491 2018-01-04T19:04:36  <cfields> jonasschnelli: is apple's signing process automated and pretty quick, i hope?
492 2018-01-04T19:04:49  <achow101> Do we have a new Apple cert? It expires in a few days
493 2018-01-04T19:04:50  *** dqx has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
494 2018-01-04T19:04:51  <cfields> jonasschnelli: well the current cert expires on the 11
495 2018-01-04T19:04:52  <jonasschnelli> cfields: once we have the csr, ... it's a matter of seconds
496 2018-01-04T19:05:05  <meshcollider> achow101: we don't need it until 0.16
497 2018-01-04T19:05:07  <jonasschnelli> achow101: expiring only matter for new binaries
498 2018-01-04T19:05:11  <cfields> it's not a huge issue as we're not ready to release yet, ofc
499 2018-01-04T19:05:17  <cfields> right
500 2018-01-04T19:05:22  <achow101> meshcollider: jonasschnelli right, duh
501 2018-01-04T19:05:25  *** dqx has quit IRC
502 2018-01-04T19:05:31  <cfields> I'd still like to avoid a lapse if possible, though
503 2018-01-04T19:05:34  *** dqx has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
504 2018-01-04T19:05:47  <cfields> note that we also have the actual signing process to deal with
505 2018-01-04T19:05:48  <jonasschnelli> yes. In "emergency" cases, we can still create a single-person RSA cert...
506 2018-01-04T19:05:49  <achow101> although sooner is better. otherwise it becomes a release blocker
507 2018-01-04T19:06:12  <cfields> luckily I hacked up the mac codesigner last year, but it needs a bit of polish
508 2018-01-04T19:06:27  <jonasschnelli> achow101: Yes. Though we have the fallback doing the same as we already did (single person RSA cert)
509 2018-01-04T19:06:40  *** zautomata has quit IRC
510 2018-01-04T19:07:01  <jonasschnelli> How about Windows?
511 2018-01-04T19:07:04  <cfields> the only snag is that it doesn't handle timestamping. So worst-case, we may do a non-timestamped 0.16. It could be followed up with a timestamped release once that's worked out
512 2018-01-04T19:07:24  <jonasschnelli> Timestamping of what?
513 2018-01-04T19:07:32  <cfields> imo we should go ahead and do Windows once we've gone though the process for osx and identified the kinks
514 2018-01-04T19:07:48  *** dqx has quit IRC
515 2018-01-04T19:07:57  *** alcipir has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
516 2018-01-04T19:08:05  <jonasschnelli> I have no insights how Windows code signing works... but probably the same RSA approach could be taken, right?
517 2018-01-04T19:08:10  <cfields> windows uses a free/open-source signer though, so that's no concern
518 2018-01-04T19:08:26  <cfields> yea, ideally we'd use the same procedure for both
519 2018-01-04T19:08:30  * jonasschnelli curses apple closed source signing
520 2018-01-04T19:08:59  <cfields> it's possible that it's just an hour's worth of work. I just haven't looked into apple's timestamping mechanism yet
521 2018-01-04T19:09:21  *** StopAndDecrypt_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
522 2018-01-04T19:09:59  <cfields> ok, that's it from me
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524 2018-01-04T19:10:13  <jonasschnelli> thanks for the update! Thanks for working on this cfields
525 2018-01-04T19:10:17  <jonasschnelli> Any other topics?
526 2018-01-04T19:10:40  <achow101> coin selection
527 2018-01-04T19:10:43  *** dqx has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
528 2018-01-04T19:10:52  <Murch> Hi :)
529 2018-01-04T19:10:53  <jonasschnelli> #topic coin selection (murchs algo)
530 2018-01-04T19:11:06  <meshcollider> Perfect timing Murch ;)
531 2018-01-04T19:11:11  <jonasschnelli> heh
532 2018-01-04T19:11:17  <Murch> Highlight on "coin selection" ;)
533 2018-01-04T19:11:26  <achow101> I did a bunch of simulations https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10637#issuecomment-353989346
534 2018-01-04T19:11:37  <achow101> I'm not quite sure how to interpret the results
535 2018-01-04T19:12:20  <achow101> but it basically looks like it performs no worse than the current algo
536 2018-01-04T19:12:24  <jonasschnelli> Maybe Murch can comment on your results?
537 2018-01-04T19:12:32  <achow101> It looks like it usually does slightly better since BnB is hit a small percentage of the time
538 2018-01-04T19:13:02  <Murch> achow101: If you're only simulating flat fees the only thing that you're counting is the number of transactions that don't create a change output.
539 2018-01-04T19:13:36  <achow101> Murch: I've only simulated flat fee so far. Maybe I should try it with somehow using mainnet fee estimation?
540 2018-01-04T19:14:12  <Murch> achow101: What would be really interesting is whether the different selection algorithm has an impact on the cost in varying fee levels, because it could cause BnB to select more unspents at a higher fee level and fewer at a lower level, which would only be visible in a scenario of varying fee levels.
541 2018-01-04T19:14:25  <achow101> If people would like to run their own simulations, the code for it is available here: https://github.com/achow101/bitcoin/tree/bnb-simulate. More info in this commnet: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10637#issuecomment-353452113
542 2018-01-04T19:14:41  <Murch> That's at least my main concern in regard to deploying BnB.
543 2018-01-04T19:14:50  *** dqx has quit IRC
544 2018-01-04T19:15:25  <achow101> Murch: I did run the simulation at different flat fee rates
545 2018-01-04T19:15:29  <provoostenator> Vaguely related question: is it possible to refactor the coin selection algo into a pure function that takes whatever info it needs (coins, mempool stats, etc) as input and returns the coins? That might make it easier to try different algos.
546 2018-01-04T19:15:30  <achow101> *simulations
547 2018-01-04T19:15:40  *** dqx has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
548 2018-01-04T19:16:25  <Murch> achow101: Yes, I see that. But the selection effect would only be visible in a scenario with changing fees.
549 2018-01-04T19:16:28  <jonasschnelli> provoostenator: also in the past, there where discussions about having multiple coin selection
550 2018-01-04T19:16:35  <jonasschnelli> *selections
551 2018-01-04T19:16:51  <provoostenator> Right, that would be the idea. Easier to add more experimental selection mechanisms.
552 2018-01-04T19:16:55  <achow101> Murch: ah, right
553 2018-01-04T19:17:06  <instagibbs> provoostenator, standard coin selection right now is a loopy affair, kind of complicated :/
554 2018-01-04T19:17:30  <Murch> provoostenator: achow101's implementation does a big step in that direction .
555 2018-01-04T19:18:18  <jonasschnelli> other topics?
556 2018-01-04T19:18:51  <Murch> @achow101: The table seems to show only the final UTXO count, right?
557 2018-01-04T19:19:17  <Murch> Interesting would also be the final balance of the wallet, especially in regard to the scenario with varying fee levels.
558 2018-01-04T19:19:18  <achow101> Murch: it shows all of the same things that your simulation framework outputs
559 2018-01-04T19:19:20  <achow101> I think
560 2018-01-04T19:19:44  <achow101> It's a big table, you'll have to scroll
561 2018-01-04T19:19:54  <Murch> Perhaps we could put our heads together in the next few days.
562 2018-01-04T19:19:56  *** dqx has quit IRC
563 2018-01-04T19:20:11  <achow101> ok
564 2018-01-04T19:20:22  <Murch> Great work there, though thank you!
565 2018-01-04T19:20:36  <jonasschnelli> Yes. Thanks achow101!
566 2018-01-04T19:20:37  <Chris_Stewart_5> provoostenator: So basically you pass in a higher order function to the actual 'read from wallet' function
567 2018-01-04T19:20:45  *** dqx has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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569 2018-01-04T19:21:55  <jonasschnelli> Other topics?
570 2018-01-04T19:22:25  <promag> merge fest?
571 2018-01-04T19:23:22  <provoostenator> Maybe after SegWit UI is merged?
572 2018-01-04T19:23:42  <promag> I'm talking about that one :)
573 2018-01-04T19:23:42  <provoostenator> (I mean SegWit wallet)
574 2018-01-04T19:24:01  <jonasschnelli> Soon. :)
575 2018-01-04T19:24:02  <jonasschnelli> #endmeeting
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580 2018-01-04T19:24:16  <meshcollider> Soon™
581 2018-01-04T19:24:16  <provoostenator> promag: Oh ok, I thought you wanted to have everyone go through every open PR and see if it's close to mergeable...
582 2018-01-04T19:24:41  <provoostenator> Which might be nice close to a release.
583 2018-01-04T19:24:44  <achow101> provoostenator: we should do that too
584 2018-01-04T19:25:08  <provoostenator> With one or two weeks for their respective authors to address remaining nits.
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589 2018-01-04T19:37:14  <BlueMatt> ugh, totally forgot today is meeting :/
590 2018-01-04T19:37:56  <promag> BlueMatt: since you're there, #11041
591 2018-01-04T19:37:59  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11041 | Add LookupBlockIndex by promag · Pull Request #11041 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
592 2018-01-04T19:38:08  <BlueMatt> yea, its on my queue :p
593 2018-01-04T19:39:11  <promag> +1
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596 2018-01-04T19:43:09  <cfields> kanzure: heh, looks like saurik added osx signing to ldid ~the same day we discussed in the meeting here last year
597 2018-01-04T19:43:29  <cfields> so we can cross that off the todo list :)
598 2018-01-04T19:45:18  <phantomcircuit> i was busy sleeping
599 2018-01-04T19:45:35  <kanzure> cfields: chalk this one up to teamwork and call it a day :P
600 2018-01-04T19:45:47  *** zautomata2 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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602 2018-01-04T19:46:06  <cfields> kanzure: nah, i'm chalking it up to you pinging him about it. So, thanks :)
603 2018-01-04T19:46:47  *** promag has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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605 2018-01-04T19:48:53  <cfields> (and also to Cunningham's law, as my quick hacks probably made his eyes bleed)
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627 2018-01-04T20:31:40  <sipa> oops, i was timezone confused and missed it
628 2018-01-04T20:34:48  *** dqx has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
629 2018-01-04T20:36:29  <luke-jr> I thought we weren't having meetings during Christmas? :p
630 2018-01-04T20:37:41  <Murch> no wonder the meeting was so short and few ;)
631 2018-01-04T20:37:57  <Chris_Stewart_5> Murch: rekt! ;)
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633 2018-01-04T20:39:58  <instagibbs> luke-jr, when does Christmas end for you
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641 2018-01-04T20:47:16  <sdaftuar> sipa: any further thoughts (concept ack/nack) on whether you think #11739 is worth doing?
642 2018-01-04T20:47:17  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11739 | RFC: Enforce SCRIPT_VERIFY_P2SH and SCRIPT_VERIFY_WITNESS from genesis by sdaftuar · Pull Request #11739 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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645 2018-01-04T20:48:50  <sdaftuar> if so i feel like next step would be for me to email the dev list and figure out a way to document this (maybe update one of the existing bips?)
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653 2018-01-04T21:01:42  <luke-jr> instagibbs: Jan 6 I think
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666 2018-01-04T21:22:09  <maxzor> Hello, pls bear with some chitchat :) do you have an estimate of the average concurrent nodes working on a given transaction? Of the blocks that are discarded (are they stored in the extensive ledger?) ?
667 2018-01-04T21:24:30  <sipa> #bitcoin or bitcoin.stackexchange.com please
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673 2018-01-04T21:48:47  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #12089: qa: TestNodeCLI Rework output parsing, Prevent options mixups, Make command optional (master...Mf1801-qaCliOptions) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12089
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707 2018-01-04T22:48:08  <phantomcircuit> batch rpc seems broken in master
708 2018-01-04T22:48:58  <phantomcircuit> hmm maybe just for very large batches
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710 2018-01-04T22:56:03  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] practicalswift opened pull request #12093: Fix incorrect Markdown link (master...fix-incorrect-markdown-link) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12093
711 2018-01-04T22:56:23  <phantomcircuit> i guess 500k is too many for a single batch
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725 2018-01-04T23:48:14  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli opened pull request #12094: Fix hdmaster-key / seed-key confusion (master...2018/01/hdseed) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12094
726 2018-01-04T23:49:36  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/ddff3447f29b...56910285fa4a
727 2018-01-04T23:49:36  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 4aa6455 practicalswift: Fix incorrect Markdown link
728 2018-01-04T23:49:37  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 5691028 Jonas Schnelli: Merge #12093: Fix incorrect Markdown link...
729 2018-01-04T23:50:21  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli closed pull request #12093: Fix incorrect Markdown link (master...fix-incorrect-markdown-link) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12093
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