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   2 2018-02-01T00:05:40  <GitHub131> [bitcoin-detached-sigs] jonasschnelli opened pull request #1: 0.16: osx signatures for 0.16.0rc1 (0.16...0.16) https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-detached-sigs/pull/1
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  18 2018-02-01T01:16:45  <GitHub8> [bitcoin-detached-sigs] theuni closed pull request #1: 0.16: osx signatures for 0.16.0rc1 (0.16...0.16) https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoin-detached-sigs/pull/1
  19 2018-02-01T01:17:16  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fivepiece opened pull request #12321: p2wsh address in decodescript (master...decodescript-p2wsh) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12321
  20 2018-02-01T01:17:33  <meshcollider> mryandao: see #12254
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  22 2018-02-01T01:17:35  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12254 | BIP 158: Compact Block Filters for Light Clients by jimpo · Pull Request #12254 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
  23 2018-02-01T01:18:09  <meshcollider> Oh oops, I'm too late :)
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  27 2018-02-01T01:27:12  <achow101> cfields: I saw that the detached sigs were pushed, but they don't seem to be working rn
  28 2018-02-01T01:27:29  <cfields> achow101: not quite yet, still working on it
  29 2018-02-01T01:27:51  <achow101> oh, ok
  30 2018-02-01T01:27:54  <cfields> this is the first release with the new key, and the first that's not just me signing. So it's a bit kludgy
  31 2018-02-01T01:28:25  <achow101> we haven't done the mpc rsa thing yet, have we?
  32 2018-02-01T01:29:17  <cfields> no, didn't make it in time
  33 2018-02-01T01:29:23  <cfields> ok, pushed the tag. should work now
  34 2018-02-01T01:29:32  <cfields> off to find food before everything closes, bbl
  35 2018-02-01T01:29:56  <cfields> gitian builders: v0.16.0rc1 detached sigs are pushed. Please ping me if there are any issues
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  76 2018-02-01T04:45:22  <dx25> with 0.16.0rc1 on exit i'm seeing "IO Error: ...chainstate/244997.ldb: Bad file descriptor", system error while flushing: Database I/O error.
  77 2018-02-01T04:45:36  <dx25> Does not seem to be happening with v0.15.2 or older version
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  98 2018-02-01T07:06:36  <gmaxwell> dx25: can you tell us some about your system? What OS, etc.
  99 2018-02-01T07:06:59  <gmaxwell> dx25: we believe thats a new issue, which will likely block the release until we fix it.
 100 2018-02-01T07:07:42  <gmaxwell> dx25: we've had one developer hit it but don't have a reliable reproduction yet, and maybe there is something in common between systems that have hit it which would help track it down
 101 2018-02-01T07:07:54  <gmaxwell> e.g. what OS, kernel version, etc.
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 136 2018-02-01T09:56:24  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] murrayn opened pull request #12322: Docs: Remove step making cloned repository world-writable for Windows build. (master...doc_change) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12322
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 157 2018-02-01T10:53:49  <dafuq> a PR change to the --help CLI options would fall under what category?
 158 2018-02-01T10:58:17  <wumpus> docs
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 162 2018-02-01T11:04:39  <dafuq> ok, seems most suitable but does involve code changes
 163 2018-02-01T11:05:11  <wumpus> yes, that doesn't matter, as long as it is message changes
 164 2018-02-01T11:05:36  <dafuq> thanks
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 191 2018-02-01T11:27:40  <wumpus> gmaxwell:  dx25: I've created an issue for the problem, please add more information if you have there https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12323
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 202 2018-02-01T11:52:12  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] AkioNak opened pull request #12324: speed up Unserialize_impl for prevector (master...unserialize) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12324
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 216 2018-02-01T12:49:46  <provoostenator> I'm getting "Fatal Internal Error" during IBD on testnet3 with 0.16.0rc1, twice. Will investigate.
 217 2018-02-01T12:50:10  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] kekimusmaximus opened pull request #12325: Use dynamic_cast for downcasting instead of static_cast. (master...use_dynamic_cast_to_downcast) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12325
 218 2018-02-01T12:50:32  <provoostenator> Might be a disk permission thing. "Pre-allocating up to position 0x3000000 in blk00002.dat" "ERROR: WriteBlockToDisk: ftell failed" "*** Failed to write block"
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 221 2018-02-01T12:53:20  <wumpus> disk full?
 222 2018-02-01T12:53:21  <provoostenator> Also seeing a bunch of "socket recv error Bad file descriptor (9)" messages, not sure what that's about.
 223 2018-02-01T12:53:32  *** checksauce has quit IRC
 224 2018-02-01T12:53:35  <wumpus> oof bad file descriptor
 225 2018-02-01T12:53:39  <provoostenator> No, plenty of space. It's an external SSD though, so can't rule out a hardware problem.
 226 2018-02-01T12:53:45  <wumpus> provoostenator: see  https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12323
 227 2018-02-01T12:54:03  <dx25> mine's also an external drive, not ssd tho
 228 2018-02-01T12:54:09  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 229 2018-02-01T12:54:10  <wumpus> no, it's possibly a regression in 0.16
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 231 2018-02-01T12:54:45  *** laurentmt has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 232 2018-02-01T12:55:10  <provoostenator> Getting this crash every other minute now on testnet. Will try local drive just to rule out hardware issue.
 233 2018-02-01T12:55:20  <dx25> i'm on qubes, fedora25 vm, 4.9.56 kernel
 234 2018-02-01T12:57:37  *** RubenSomsen has quit IRC
 235 2018-02-01T13:00:20  <wumpus> I really wonder why the bad file descriptor thing happens, normally that happens if either a fd is used that was not returned by open, or a file descriptor that was already closed
 236 2018-02-01T13:01:25  <provoostenator> Same "bad file descriptor" on a fresh testnet3 IBD (MacOS) on the built in harddisk which has plenty of space. Waiting for it to crash.
 237 2018-02-01T13:01:40  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has quit IRC
 238 2018-02-01T13:03:25  <wumpus> I seriously doubt this is a hardware issue
 239 2018-02-01T13:03:39  <wumpus> are you doing anything special with the node? regular RPC requests, for example?
 240 2018-02-01T13:04:06  *** larafale_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 241 2018-02-01T13:04:10  <wumpus> or any fd related settings in bitcoin.conf?
 242 2018-02-01T13:04:57  <provoostenator> I was running QT production and testnet at the same time for different users on my system, bother in seperate directories. I also suspended the computer (though it should keep syncing in that case). So trying to reproduce with fewer variables now.
 243 2018-02-01T13:05:20  *** laurentmt has quit IRC
 244 2018-02-01T13:05:50  <provoostenator> server=1  rpcuser=... rpcpassword=... listen=0
 245 2018-02-01T13:06:20  <provoostenator> I used a symlink to point to the SSD drive.
 246 2018-02-01T13:06:27  <dx25> i have some weird walletnotify and alertnotify thing calling curl for some reason i can't remember.  haven't tried turning that off yet.
 247 2018-02-01T13:06:29  <provoostenator> Ah there we go again: crash.
 248 2018-02-01T13:07:27  *** larafale has quit IRC
 249 2018-02-01T13:07:31  <provoostenator> (no symlink involved this time, nor an external drive). Crashed happened at or after block 64709 (testnet)
 250 2018-02-01T13:07:36  <wumpus> provoostenator: so it happens even without listening
 251 2018-02-01T13:07:37  <dx25> i was doing no rpc stuff
 252 2018-02-01T13:08:09  <wumpus> provoostenator: that rules out some p2p races I guess, but what can it be then...
 253 2018-02-01T13:08:15  *** larafale has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 254 2018-02-01T13:08:31  <wumpus> provoostenator: you're able to reliably reproduce this? could try git bisecting, if it was ok with 0.15.1
 255 2018-02-01T13:08:50  <provoostenator> Meanwhile I had production QT running all night without a problem, so I suspect it's sync related (my testnet node was doing an IBD the first time it crashed)
 256 2018-02-01T13:08:58  <wumpus> (or find some later commit where the issue doesn't exist)
 257 2018-02-01T13:08:59  *** Angelo28Carroll has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 258 2018-02-01T13:09:31  <provoostenator> I just down the other mainnet QT instance, will try once more. Then I'll compare versions after that.
 259 2018-02-01T13:09:34  <dx25> also sync related here, but on mainnet
 260 2018-02-01T13:09:36  <provoostenator> Pretty reliable so far
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 265 2018-02-01T13:16:39  <provoostenator> It was built with: ./configure --disable-tests --disable-bench --with-miniupnpc=no
 266 2018-02-01T13:17:09  <provoostenator> Hooray, another crash. Ok, should be easy to bisect.
 267 2018-02-01T13:17:38  <provoostenator> Height 8089 (testnet)
 268 2018-02-01T13:19:13  <wumpus> yes, would make a backup  of the data directory to make sure you start with the same state every time
 269 2018-02-01T13:19:24  *** aruns has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 270 2018-02-01T13:19:25  <wumpus> at hight 8089 at least that isn't too much data
 271 2018-02-01T13:20:07  <provoostenator> I get this crash with a fresh testnet3 directory.
 272 2018-02-01T13:20:28  <provoostenator> I'll keep a copy for forensics
 273 2018-02-01T13:20:40  *** meshcollider has quit IRC
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 275 2018-02-01T13:22:58  <wumpus> I'll hold up on uploading executables for rc1 for now
 276 2018-02-01T13:23:37  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 277 2018-02-01T13:26:17  *** nsh- is now known as nsh
 278 2018-02-01T13:26:54  <provoostenator> Mmm, I just found a zombie lightningd instance in the background. Maybe it was making RPC requests, not sure.  I'm going to kill it just in case.
 279 2018-02-01T13:29:57  <provoostenator> (no difference)\
 280 2018-02-01T13:30:06  *** Victorsueca has quit IRC
 281 2018-02-01T13:30:12  <provoostenator> Height 401 :-)
 282 2018-02-01T13:30:17  <wumpus> I wouldn't expect it to be so predictable in that case
 283 2018-02-01T13:31:15  *** Victorsueca has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 284 2018-02-01T13:44:40  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 285 2018-02-01T13:45:18  *** ProfMac has quit IRC
 286 2018-02-01T13:47:06  <provoostenator> Other than ccache and skipping tests and bench, any hints on how to make it compile faster?
 287 2018-02-01T13:48:16  <wumpus> do only 'make -j<x> src/bitcoind'
 288 2018-02-01T13:48:25  <wumpus> you don't really need to rebuild cli and such
 289 2018-02-01T13:53:25  *** aruns__ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 290 2018-02-01T13:53:45  *** AaronvanW has quit IRC
 291 2018-02-01T13:55:04  *** ProfMac has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 292 2018-02-01T13:55:11  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 293 2018-02-01T13:55:56  *** aruns has quit IRC
 294 2018-02-01T13:56:07  <provoostenator> Right, I should test if this is QT related first, and otherwise just build bitcoind
 295 2018-02-01T13:58:58  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 296 2018-02-01T14:02:38  <wumpus> yes, you could also only built -qt with a similar command, but it takes much longer
 297 2018-02-01T14:04:04  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 298 2018-02-01T14:04:11  <provoostenator> I know, I was doing that (make src/qt/bitcoin-qt)
 299 2018-02-01T14:04:32  <provoostenator> Is there a reason the binaries end up in the /src path rather than in e.g. /dist?
 300 2018-02-01T14:07:21  *** CubicEar_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 301 2018-02-01T14:07:49  *** CubicEar_ has quit IRC
 302 2018-02-01T14:08:20  *** CubicEar_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 303 2018-02-01T14:09:54  <wumpus> that's common for automake build systems, if you want to build somewhere else you can do an out of tree build, if you want to put the binaries somewhere set a prefix and do `make install`<
 304 2018-02-01T14:09:56  *** Cheeseo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 305 2018-02-01T14:10:43  *** jamesob has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 306 2018-02-01T14:10:53  *** CubicEarths has quit IRC
 307 2018-02-01T14:12:32  *** jamesob has quit IRC
 308 2018-02-01T14:12:47  *** CubicEar_ has quit IRC
 309 2018-02-01T14:12:53  *** cheese_ has quit IRC
 310 2018-02-01T14:15:15  <morcos> just to clarify we think the crash is caused by what?  a Bad file descriptor issue occuring on block write?
 311 2018-02-01T14:15:28  <morcos> We've also seen it on ldb which causes a crash
 312 2018-02-01T14:15:37  <morcos> and on socket send/recv which doesn't
 313 2018-02-01T14:16:30  <provoostenator> Mmm, bitcoind doesn't show "Bad file descriptor" messages (with -debug=1). It does exit with " A fatal internal error occurred, see debug.log for details"
 314 2018-02-01T14:17:01  *** Krellan has quit IRC
 315 2018-02-01T14:18:46  *** Krellan has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 316 2018-02-01T14:19:16  <provoostenator> But http://termbin.com/83iva
 317 2018-02-01T14:19:40  <provoostenator> I wonder what "Interrupting HTTP server" is about.
 318 2018-02-01T14:20:17  *** jamesob has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 319 2018-02-01T14:21:40  <wumpus> there is no error there - you didn't simply send a stop command?
 320 2018-02-01T14:22:16  <provoostenator> I didn't. And a stop command wouldn't explain bitcoind exiting with "Error: Error: A fatal internal error occurred, see debug.log for details"
 321 2018-02-01T14:22:33  <provoostenator> I'm blaming gremlins. Bisecting now.
 322 2018-02-01T14:23:16  <wumpus> no, that's true, normally that's accompanied by an error being logged, this looks like a succesful shutdown
 323 2018-02-01T14:23:36  <wumpus> you did paste the right debug.log? :)
 324 2018-02-01T14:25:22  *** AaronvanW has quit IRC
 325 2018-02-01T14:26:17  <provoostenator> Not sure actually, double checking
 326 2018-02-01T14:27:54  *** Krellan has quit IRC
 327 2018-02-01T14:28:24  <provoostenator> Default og locations changed between 0.15 and 0.16. Will try again.
 328 2018-02-01T14:28:58  *** Krellan has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 329 2018-02-01T14:30:07  <wumpus> default log location changed?!
 330 2018-02-01T14:30:46  <wumpus> should not be the case, it's still <datadir>/debug.log, sounds more likely you've set a different datadir for -qt
 331 2018-02-01T14:32:28  <provoostenator> Or accidentally used mainnet for bitcoind.
 332 2018-02-01T14:37:00  <provoostenator> Ok, now I'm seeing the "Bad file descriptor" messages again. Will wait for crash and upload correct debug log. Then continue with bisect.
 333 2018-02-01T14:37:12  <BlueMatt> provoostenator: if you're trying to bisect, I'd recommend focusing on any changes to net
 334 2018-02-01T14:37:38  <BlueMatt> eg #11363
 335 2018-02-01T14:37:41  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11363 | net: Split socket create/connect by theuni · Pull Request #11363 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 336 2018-02-01T14:37:47  <BlueMatt> and #10663
 337 2018-02-01T14:37:49  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10663 | net: split resolve out of connect by theuni · Pull Request #10663 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 338 2018-02-01T14:38:04  <BlueMatt> though I dont see anything obvious in net on master that should be causing this
 339 2018-02-01T14:38:54  <provoostenator> BlueMatt: bisecting everything involves less thinking :-)
 340 2018-02-01T14:39:55  <provoostenator> Although I'm not sure yet how long without a crash is long enough. So far it crashes within a few minutes though if it does.
 341 2018-02-01T14:40:04  *** goatpig has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 342 2018-02-01T14:40:49  <provoostenator> Maybe "Bad file descriptor" is a good enough proxy.
 343 2018-02-01T14:46:06  <morcos> cfields asked me to add some asserts for debugging this
 344 2018-02-01T14:46:10  <morcos> https://0bin.net/paste/X-6vyuCUUlN+XY1l#5VoMIrtAP6S0Yex-7eAwDNLJl/7UT2e7medmcgsVtvA
 345 2018-02-01T14:46:15  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/5 | Make the version number the protocol version and not the client version · Issue #5 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 346 2018-02-01T14:46:45  <morcos> I just tried a fresh sync of testnet3 with these asserts patched on 0.16.0rc1 and the middle assert triggered
 347 2018-02-01T14:47:27  <morcos> last line in debug log
 348 2018-02-01T14:47:29  <morcos> 2018-02-01 14:40:00.528984 socket select error Bad file descriptor (9)
 349 2018-02-01T14:47:52  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 350 2018-02-01T14:49:04  <cfields> BlueMatt: that seems like a really good candidate, yes. I went through it earlier this week already, but maybe i keep missing something
 351 2018-02-01T14:49:42  <morcos> here is the backtrace from that thread:
 352 2018-02-01T14:49:45  <morcos> https://0bin.net/paste/OmSDtVV-u0EwBaEp#Muh7dQfn6+kzip0Ib-b5brUozDZtCZblT1ev2lNtfdT
 353 2018-02-01T14:49:52  <wumpus> also going to test with those asserts
 354 2018-02-01T14:50:07  *** Giszmo has quit IRC
 355 2018-02-01T14:50:21  <cfields> morcos: can you do a 'thread apply all bt' ?
 356 2018-02-01T14:50:44  <cfields> if it's a leak in something like 11363, it won't show up in a bt though :(
 357 2018-02-01T14:51:28  <cfields> though also, a leak should be obvious after a quick peek at /proc
 358 2018-02-01T14:51:55  <wumpus> would be nice if it was able to rewind the process to see what closed fd 9
 359 2018-02-01T14:52:04  <morcos> https://0bin.net/paste/FotU51A-Z98LdS0u#aWgxDyxhAn5L4XIex7Ko+kjMJ+qkAL0CJ77NubzV6io
 360 2018-02-01T14:52:08  <morcos> cfields: ^^
 361 2018-02-01T14:52:31  <cfields> thanks
 362 2018-02-01T14:52:42  <cfields> wumpus: i think 9 is EBADFD, not the fd#
 363 2018-02-01T14:52:54  <morcos> yeah i hope so, b/c it's always 9
 364 2018-02-01T14:53:04  <wumpus> cfields: oh, right it doesn't print the actual fd number
 365 2018-02-01T14:53:54  <provoostenator> http://termbin.com/h7jy
 366 2018-02-01T14:54:02  <provoostenator> "System error: CAutoFile::write: write failed: unspecified iostream_category error"
 367 2018-02-01T14:54:25  <provoostenator> It then happily processes a few more blocks and shuts down
 368 2018-02-01T14:54:40  <wumpus> so the buckshot hit CAutoFile's descriptor this time
 369 2018-02-01T14:55:06  <wumpus> this is so weird, looks like some evil background thread is randomly closing fds
 370 2018-02-01T14:55:35  <provoostenator> Unfortunately that took almost 20 minutes to crash, so this bisect will take a while, but probably worth it.
 371 2018-02-01T14:55:57  <cfields> maybe some callback isn't taking cs_main while touching block files?
 372 2018-02-01T14:56:11  <cfields> provoostenator: it'd be great if you could catch it in gdb
 373 2018-02-01T14:56:26  <cfields> that should allow a 'freeze' long enough to ld your fd's
 374 2018-02-01T14:56:30  <cfields> *ls
 375 2018-02-01T14:56:40  <provoostenator> gdb?
 376 2018-02-01T14:56:55  <cfields> provoostenator: debugger
 377 2018-02-01T14:56:57  <wumpus> cfields: right, it could well be something else than net calls, I remember there is a PR that changes locking around block files
 378 2018-02-01T14:57:36  <provoostenator> Since morcos is able to reproduce, maybe it's easier if he looks at the debugger, while I just try to pinpoint which commit caused this.
 379 2018-02-01T14:58:00  <cfields> sure
 380 2018-02-01T14:58:06  <provoostenator> That should also provide more assurance that the fix actually fixes it.
 381 2018-02-01T14:58:12  <morcos> cfields: now i hit the first assert
 382 2018-02-01T14:58:45  <cfields> morcos: if it's some fd leak, it'd make sense that you'd get EBADFD randomly, all over the place
 383 2018-02-01T14:58:48  *** mmgen has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 384 2018-02-01T14:58:55  <cfields> morcos: any chance you can catch it in gdb?
 385 2018-02-01T14:59:01  <morcos> yeah, ok so if i run in gdb, then you want what, the list of what's in /proc/pid, or what
 386 2018-02-01T14:59:10  <cfields> yea
 387 2018-02-01T14:59:42  <cfields> try to break on assert (might be _assert or __assert) in gdb, so it hangs before exit is called
 388 2018-02-01T15:02:38  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 389 2018-02-01T15:03:49  <wumpus> cfields: maybe #11281 / ccd8ef65f93ed82a87cee634660bed3ac17d9eb5?
 390 2018-02-01T15:03:54  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11281 | Avoid permanent cs_main/cs_wallet lock during RescanFromTime by jonasschnelli · Pull Request #11281 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 391 2018-02-01T15:04:05  <morcos> it's on to me, it's not going to crash now
 392 2018-02-01T15:04:31  <wumpus> cfields: it changes locking around block file reading, at least
 393 2018-02-01T15:04:32  <cfields> morcos: heh, gdb tends to throw timings just enough so that everything works perfectly
 394 2018-02-01T15:04:33  *** aruns__ has quit IRC
 395 2018-02-01T15:05:04  <cfields> wumpus: good find, taking a look
 396 2018-02-01T15:06:13  *** Victorsueca has quit IRC
 397 2018-02-01T15:06:14  <cfields> morcos: wait, you said you hit the first one? that should be much more interesting
 398 2018-02-01T15:06:25  <cfields> i guess th core file is blown away already? :(
 399 2018-02-01T15:06:45  <wumpus> cfields: the one I was thinking of https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11913 is not merged :)
 400 2018-02-01T15:07:26  *** Victorsueca has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 401 2018-02-01T15:07:31  <cfields> wumpus: ah, heh
 402 2018-02-01T15:07:36  <wumpus> no problems with testnet sync here w/ cfields's assertions
 403 2018-02-01T15:07:51  <morcos> cfield: no i saved it
 404 2018-02-01T15:07:53  <wumpus> (at least at block 319000)
 405 2018-02-01T15:08:16  <cfields> morcos: could you do a 'thread apply all bt' for that one?
 406 2018-02-01T15:08:57  <morcos> how do i easily output that to a file
 407 2018-02-01T15:09:04  <cfields> the send is more interesting because it may be an optimistic send. in that case, it'd be coming from the message handler thread rather than the sockethandler, so it might show a little more
 408 2018-02-01T15:09:11  <wumpus> gdb logging
 409 2018-02-01T15:09:27  <wumpus> morcos: https://sourceware.org/gdb/onlinedocs/gdb/Logging-Output.html
 410 2018-02-01T15:11:54  *** dermoth has quit IRC
 411 2018-02-01T15:12:19  *** dermoth has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 412 2018-02-01T15:15:04  <morcos> some serious user error there
 413 2018-02-01T15:15:08  <morcos> https://0bin.net/paste/43cNNOSrrPlIyVqt#BE1tyObep4Y9aLIpDDVC4kwVFJYxctxlhMJTE3xF08j
 414 2018-02-01T15:15:57  <cfields> thanks
 415 2018-02-01T15:15:57  <wumpus> "Hello. CloseSocket may be called with hSocket uninitialised, at net.cpp:448 (not confirmed to be the cause of this bug, but it seems likely)"
 416 2018-02-01T15:16:08  <wumpus> (https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12323#issuecomment-362296158)
 417 2018-02-01T15:17:58  <cfields> I don't think it can be called unitialized?
 418 2018-02-01T15:18:24  <wumpus> closing an uninitialized fd would explain this perfectly, though
 419 2018-02-01T15:18:54  <wumpus> if you can reproduce this, maybe log all CloseSocket calls and see if it ends up with any funny data
 420 2018-02-01T15:18:56  *** Dizzle has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 421 2018-02-01T15:18:59  <cfields> yes it would
 422 2018-02-01T15:19:24  <wumpus> (or at least those for which the close() fails, because we ignore closes return value right now)
 423 2018-02-01T15:19:36  <cfields> and it matches provoostenator's log as well
 424 2018-02-01T15:19:40  <wumpus> yep
 425 2018-02-01T15:20:49  <cfields> oh wait, that's an else if(), not an else
 426 2018-02-01T15:20:56  <cfields> maybe that can happen
 427 2018-02-01T15:21:14  <morcos> yeah seems like you are missing a catch all else
 428 2018-02-01T15:21:54  <cfields> looks like it'd happen as a result of a dns seed handing out a bad/local ip
 429 2018-02-01T15:22:03  <morcos> nice find by david60
 430 2018-02-01T15:22:25  <cfields> morcos: do you see dns queries before crashes in your logs?
 431 2018-02-01T15:22:26  <morcos> cfields: that would match my having it happen a lot when i noticed i was using dns seeds a lot
 432 2018-02-01T15:22:49  <morcos> i did previously, i don't know if i exclusively checked , but i had observed it was doing a lot of dns querying
 433 2018-02-01T15:23:05  <cfields> I'll pr a fix for that right now either way. Seems like a really good candidate, though
 434 2018-02-01T15:23:18  <cfields> ok
 435 2018-02-01T15:23:43  <cfields> maybe you could force it by setting up a phony seed and returning only
 436 2018-02-01T15:24:16  <cfields> i think 2 phony entries in /etc/hosts would work
 437 2018-02-01T15:25:52  <morcos> 2?  any 2?  one ip4 and one ip6?
 438 2018-02-01T15:25:57  <provoostenator> That would be nice, in that case you can even write a test for it?
 439 2018-02-01T15:27:36  <cfields> morcos: seed.bitcoin.sipa.be
 440 2018-02-01T15:27:46  <cfields> i think that should do it?
 441 2018-02-01T15:28:21  <morcos> i think i tried that, let me see what happened, it didn't crash yet
 442 2018-02-01T15:29:26  <provoostenator> I've never had a crash before or during headers sync, always during block downloads.
 443 2018-02-01T15:31:47  <cfields> morcos: ok, would still pass IsValid, we'll have to use a more busted value
 444 2018-02-01T15:33:23  <morcos> i got it to crash again not sure if it was because of those entries or what
 445 2018-02-01T15:33:26  <morcos> in gdb
 446 2018-02-01T15:34:12  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] theuni opened pull request #12326: net: initialize socket to avoid closing random fd's (master...fix-socket-init) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12326
 447 2018-02-01T15:35:01  <cfields> morcos: dns query at the end of your log?
 448 2018-02-01T15:35:07  <morcos> https://0bin.net/paste/3T-vAUCXmHtlqJ9X#1UvKDgv7oZR4uZEEV0WqIGFDNdUQFTW3xFHkE0R-UOe
 449 2018-02-01T15:35:10  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/1 | JSON-RPC support for mobile devices ("ultra-lightweight" clients) · Issue #1 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 450 2018-02-01T15:35:44  <provoostenator> gribble: lol
 451 2018-02-01T15:35:59  <cfields> morcos: ok, so you're not running through fd's. Closing a random one makes way more sense
 452 2018-02-01T15:35:59  <morcos> oh that was stupid, i changed the mainnet dns seeds but was running on testnet
 453 2018-02-01T15:36:17  <cfields> heh
 454 2018-02-01T15:36:54  *** Aaronvan_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 455 2018-02-01T15:37:07  *** Giszmo has quit IRC
 456 2018-02-01T15:37:17  <cfields> morcos: try setting it to instead. Not sure if the resolver will actually hand that out, though
 457 2018-02-01T15:37:35  *** Aaronva__ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 458 2018-02-01T15:37:46  <cfields> actually, if that's the case, I should be able to repro too instead of asking you to :p
 459 2018-02-01T15:37:55  <cfields> off to test
 460 2018-02-01T15:38:16  <morcos> cfields: ok yeah it did load dns seeds before this crash though
 461 2018-02-01T15:38:26  <wumpus> well it also depends on what is in the uninitialized memory
 462 2018-02-01T15:39:02  <morcos> btw, before i forget, it seemed that running in testnet was reading peers.dat from .bitcoin and not testnet3
 463 2018-02-01T15:39:09  <wumpus> if there happen to be zeroes there, or some value that is larger than max fd, it will go unniticed, it still doesn't have to trigger every time
 464 2018-02-01T15:39:10  <morcos> i deleted both of them to force dnsseeds
 465 2018-02-01T15:39:10  <cfields> wumpus: true, but an assert on a successfull close() should point it out quickly i should think
 466 2018-02-01T15:39:48  <cfields> wumpus: wouldn't anything other than -1 in memory cause a problem?
 467 2018-02-01T15:40:26  <wumpus> cfields: it might, though closing fd 0 (stdin) is harmless in our case
 468 2018-02-01T15:40:30  *** AaronvanW has quit IRC
 469 2018-02-01T15:40:53  <cfields> hmm
 470 2018-02-01T15:41:53  <wumpus> at least the first time. Once you close stdin, the next time you use open() you might get that fd, and if it then randomly gets closed again, it will still interfere. So, yeah. THe only harmless values would be very large ones that can't be a fd, ever.
 471 2018-02-01T15:41:53  *** Aaronvan_ has quit IRC
 472 2018-02-01T15:42:30  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 473 2018-02-01T15:43:52  <cfields> makes sense
 474 2018-02-01T15:43:56  <cfields> morcos: fyi, there's -forcednsseed
 475 2018-02-01T15:45:32  *** Aaronva__ has quit IRC
 476 2018-02-01T15:46:01  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 477 2018-02-01T15:46:07  *** owowo has quit IRC
 478 2018-02-01T15:46:35  *** Giszmo has quit IRC
 479 2018-02-01T15:47:11  <morcos> cfields: I added an assert in netbase.cpp CloseSocket that ret != error and I hit it
 480 2018-02-01T15:47:37  <cfields> morcos: great! can you print hSocket there ?
 481 2018-02-01T15:47:41  *** shesek has quit IRC
 482 2018-02-01T15:49:28  <morcos> 0?
 483 2018-02-01T15:49:33  <morcos> looks like addrConnect is 0
 484 2018-02-01T15:49:46  <morcos> looks like this is all a test from provoostenator as its coming from his seed
 485 2018-02-01T15:50:11  <cfields> morcos: you didn't set yours in /etc/hosts ?
 486 2018-02-01T15:50:21  <provoostenator> Interesteing, is my testnet seed doing something funny?
 487 2018-02-01T15:50:36  <morcos> actually i'm not sure abou tthat, since i'm not familiar with this code
 488 2018-02-01T15:50:49  <morcos> 0x00005555555ed33a in CConnman::ConnectNode (this=this@entry=0x555556bc8530, addrConnect=..., pszDest=0x0, pszDest@entry=0x7fffac08c150 "seed.testnet.bitcoin.sprovoost.nl", fCountFailure=fCountFailure@entry=false) at net.cpp:448
 489 2018-02-01T15:51:20  <provoostenator> Mmm, it might actually be down. Let me check
 490 2018-02-01T15:51:24  <morcos> cfields i did make changes in /etc/hosts, but isn't seed.bitcoin.sipa.be a mainnet seed?
 491 2018-02-01T15:51:46  <cfields> morcos: yea, but you said you had all of em. didn't know what you set in there
 492 2018-02-01T15:51:50  <sdaftuar> i don't know if this is related, but i have a lot of lines like this in my debug.log: "trying connection seed.testnet.bitcoin.sprovoost.nl lastseen=0.0hrs"
 493 2018-02-01T15:52:04  <cfields> provoostenator: it's down for me...
 494 2018-02-01T15:52:18  <provoostenator> For me as well.
 495 2018-02-01T15:52:24  <cfields> but that should return 0 addresses and not try a connection. It shouldn't end up trying to connect to 0...
 496 2018-02-01T15:52:31  <provoostenator> I still need to setup monitoring.
 497 2018-02-01T15:52:34  <cfields> provoostenator: leave it down while we're testing :)
 498 2018-02-01T15:52:38  <morcos> here is the bt from that thread
 499 2018-02-01T15:52:41  <morcos> https://0bin.net/paste/X7-3MRaRJlLP8PoG#ApzQJmsY+N3H64RbQ-42PwxlbdJhXwpSvnx1BoINmZ+
 500 2018-02-01T15:52:51  <provoostenator> cfields: will do, just ping me when you want me to bring it back
 501 2018-02-01T15:53:00  <morcos> let me know if you want me to look at any particular value
 502 2018-02-01T15:55:08  <cfields> weird, i don't hit an assert there
 503 2018-02-01T15:55:09  <morcos> isn't it telling that in my /proc/pid/fd i didn't have a FD 0 in the earlier paste
 504 2018-02-01T15:55:10  *** dcousens has quit IRC
 505 2018-02-01T15:55:14  <morcos> i also don't have one in this paste
 506 2018-02-01T15:55:21  *** dcousens has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 507 2018-02-01T15:55:27  <morcos> sorry not paste, example or whatever
 508 2018-02-01T15:55:33  <wumpus> morcos: that's very telling
 509 2018-02-01T15:55:37  *** lnostdal has quit IRC
 510 2018-02-01T15:55:51  <cfields> morcos: very good point. that would explain the environment difference too
 511 2018-02-01T15:56:21  <morcos> didn't follow that last part
 512 2018-02-01T15:57:08  <cfields> morcos: if something about your OS/mem/etc. makes 0 a more likely value for you than everyone else
 513 2018-02-01T15:57:29  <provoostenator> My seed died with: https://0bin.net/paste/2bx9a3iijDdBgWXg#dlXDiXwy9dVkyvR0yuCyjzH4scHaL+6GHT-ll14wOrD
 514 2018-02-01T15:58:42  <sdaftuar> i just added an else {} clause in net.cpp (before the suspicious line 448), and it triggered for me on -testnet when running with -forcednsseeds
 515 2018-02-01T15:59:35  <morcos> huh, the fix didn't fix it?
 516 2018-02-01T16:00:03  <sdaftuar> wasn't running with the fix -- just verifying that hSocket could indeed be uninitialized
 517 2018-02-01T16:00:08  <cfields> or are you saying that you've verified that you can hit the else branch?
 518 2018-02-01T16:00:13  <sdaftuar> ^ that
 519 2018-02-01T16:00:15  <cfields> ok, great
 520 2018-02-01T16:00:16  *** checksauce has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 521 2018-02-01T16:00:49  <cfields> morcos: have you been on testnet every time you've hit this?
 522 2018-02-01T16:01:19  <cfields> i realize that a mainnet seed could've been returning 0 as well, but that doesn't seem like it'd affect a mainnnet node that's been up for more than a few minutes
 523 2018-02-01T16:01:49  <cfields> but i guess that does jive with your complaints that we're querying the seeds too often
 524 2018-02-01T16:02:12  <cfields> heh, in fact, you would've been noticing that because there'd be an entry at the end of every log file
 525 2018-02-01T16:02:18  *** helo_ is now known as helo
 526 2018-02-01T16:02:18  <morcos> no all the prior times were mainnet
 527 2018-02-01T16:02:21  <provoostenator> Doesn't it pick a seed at random?
 528 2018-02-01T16:02:35  <morcos> but yes i was querying dns seeds occasionally
 529 2018-02-01T16:02:44  <morcos> i don't know what you mean about seing an etnry at the end of every log file
 530 2018-02-01T16:02:45  <provoostenator> Or does it ping them all? Because I didn't get crashes only 1 in ~5 times, I got them all the time, with a fresh datadir.
 531 2018-02-01T16:03:08  <morcos> the problem is if there is a dnsseed that is returning garbage somehow, it'll periodically retry it right?
 532 2018-02-01T16:03:18  <morcos> so if everytime it does that, it results in me close fd 0
 533 2018-02-01T16:03:26  <morcos> which at that point has been reused for soemthing else
 534 2018-02-01T16:03:34  <morcos> it'll cause an error
 535 2018-02-01T16:03:37  *** owowo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 536 2018-02-01T16:03:37  *** owowo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 537 2018-02-01T16:04:12  <morcos> but the socket errors aren't fatal, so its only the leveldb or blockwriting errors that cause a crash and show up at the end of the log
 538 2018-02-01T16:04:15  <morcos> but maybe thats what you're saying
 539 2018-02-01T16:04:27  <cfields> morcos: it only hits the seeds if we don't have enough peers
 540 2018-02-01T16:04:53  <cfields> it shouldn't keep retrying anything just because it failed
 541 2018-02-01T16:04:57  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 542 2018-02-01T16:05:12  <cfields> wait, it might now!
 543 2018-02-01T16:06:13  <provoostenator> Should there be a functional test for dealing with broken DNS seeds?
 544 2018-02-01T16:06:40  <cfields> provoostenator: does your seed support filtering?
 545 2018-02-01T16:07:13  <cfields> it would make sense if a connection was tried because it was a oneshot()...
 546 2018-02-01T16:07:17  <morcos> cfields: it looked to me that it adds it to oneshot
 547 2018-02-01T16:07:28  <morcos> isn't that what it does with dnsseeds
 548 2018-02-01T16:07:33  <morcos> assuming you need them
 549 2018-02-01T16:07:38  <cfields> that's a new change, sec
 550 2018-02-01T16:08:05  <cfields> so we're not differentiating between a failed resolve, and a resolve with 0 results
 551 2018-02-01T16:08:53  <morcos> cfields: yeah can you look at line 390 in net.cpp
 552 2018-02-01T16:09:03  <morcos> i don't know what that does, but what happens if it fails
 553 2018-02-01T16:09:10  <cfields> #11512
 554 2018-02-01T16:09:13  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11512 | Use GetDesireableServiceFlags in seeds, dnsseeds, fixing static seed adding by TheBlueMatt · Pull Request #11512 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 555 2018-02-01T16:09:17  <morcos>         if (Lookup(pszDest, resolved,  default_port, fNameLookup && !HaveNameProxy(), 256) && !resolved.empty()) {
 556 2018-02-01T16:10:54  *** Murch has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 557 2018-02-01T16:11:00  *** dermoth has quit IRC
 558 2018-02-01T16:13:00  *** dermoth has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 559 2018-02-01T16:14:23  <provoostenator> cfields: I use sipa's tool with the default settings, see my 0bin past above for full command
 560 2018-02-01T16:16:28  <cfields> morcos: ok, red herring. I see what's happening.
 561 2018-02-01T16:16:45  <cfields> it fails on the filtered resolve, so it does a oneshot for the unfiltered one. working as intended
 562 2018-02-01T16:17:05  <cfields> but they're both down, so you get a random socket
 563 2018-02-01T16:18:35  <cfields> wumpus: i'm more and more confident that this is the issue
 564 2018-02-01T16:19:03  <wumpus> cfields: great!
 565 2018-02-01T16:19:18  <cfields> and very sorry that i introduced it :(
 566 2018-02-01T16:19:22  <wumpus> means we can do rc2 soon
 567 2018-02-01T16:19:37  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 568 2018-02-01T16:19:38  <wumpus> heh no worries
 569 2018-02-01T16:20:14  <wumpus> happy if it's this and some problem deep in leveldb
 570 2018-02-01T16:20:23  <morcos> provoostenator is right though we should have a test for bad dns seed.
 571 2018-02-01T16:22:22  <cfields> we could add that to the travis cron job
 572 2018-02-01T16:22:45  <wumpus> I agree, would be somewhat tricky to spin up a fake dns server in the test framework though, though maybe python has something easy for that I don't know
 573 2018-02-01T16:22:59  *** SopaXorzTaker has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 574 2018-02-01T16:23:13  <cfields> oh, i thought the concern was not knowing that dns seeds were down
 575 2018-02-01T16:23:27  <sdaftuar> i think the concern is making sure we handle it when they are?  or really both i guess...
 576 2018-02-01T16:24:08  <provoostenator> I'll keep the bisect going just in case. Leaving it running for 25 minutes until I "git bisect good" a commit, so it will take few hours.
 577 2018-02-01T16:24:17  <cfields> 2018-02-01 16:23:47 Closing bad socket: 1266668816
 578 2018-02-01T16:24:47  <cfields> 2018-02-01 16:24:30 Closing bad socket: 100640016
 579 2018-02-01T16:24:57  <cfields> yep, that's it
 580 2018-02-01T16:29:06  *** PaulCapestany has quit IRC
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 586 2018-02-01T16:39:33  *** Krellan has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 587 2018-02-01T16:39:41  <provoostenator> Mmm, if it's DNS related bisect might end up finding the PR where my seed was merged. Anyway, we'll see.
 588 2018-02-01T16:41:05  *** Randolf has quit IRC
 589 2018-02-01T16:42:57  *** Giszmo has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 610 2018-02-01T16:58:56  *** SevenTimes_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 611 2018-02-01T17:00:21  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] promag opened pull request #12327: [gui] Defer coin control instancing (master...2018-02-fix-12312) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12327
 612 2018-02-01T17:01:05  *** SevenTimes has quit IRC
 613 2018-02-01T17:01:48  *** checksau_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 614 2018-02-01T17:02:55  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 615 2018-02-01T17:03:05  <instagibbs> promag, how come that error doesn't result in *all* qt coin control settings getting ignored?
 616 2018-02-01T17:03:44  *** checksauce has quit IRC
 617 2018-02-01T17:04:49  <promag> instagibbs: I think the only affected are `change_type = g_change_type;` and `signalRbf = fWalletRbf;`
 618 2018-02-01T17:05:17  <promag> because these are set with argument
 619 2018-02-01T17:07:24  * instagibbs looking at how feerates are set
 620 2018-02-01T17:07:43  <promag> and CoinControlDialog::coinControl->SetNull() is only when the "Enable coin control features" is unchecked
 621 2018-02-01T17:08:01  <promag> instagibbs: yeah didn't look at that
 622 2018-02-01T17:08:54  *** promag has quit IRC
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 624 2018-02-01T17:12:02  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 626 2018-02-01T17:12:30  <provoostenator> ^ created the above to track my bisect progress
 627 2018-02-01T17:12:53  <provoostenator> Well, below: #12328
 628 2018-02-01T17:12:54  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12328 | Consistent crashes for v0.16.0rc1 · Issue #12328 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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 631 2018-02-01T17:14:42  *** lnostdal has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 632 2018-02-01T17:15:00  <instagibbs> promag, your analysis looks correct, those two should be those effected
 633 2018-02-01T17:17:22  *** SevenTimes__ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 634 2018-02-01T17:17:58  *** RubenSomsen has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 650 2018-02-01T17:53:04  <provoostenator> Produced a crash using an older version: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/16bac24f60fa3ae27cb2d9d89dfdd245694445d4
 651 2018-02-01T17:53:10  <provoostenator> Four more bisect steps to go
 652 2018-02-01T17:53:33  <provoostenator> Well, that's just 7 days ago...
 653 2018-02-01T17:54:09  <provoostenator> I added the log to the above issue.
 654 2018-02-01T17:54:13  <ProfMac> "should" the DNS discover use IPv4 when onlynet=IPv6?
 655 2018-02-01T17:54:18  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 656 2018-02-01T17:55:39  *** Randolf has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 657 2018-02-01T17:56:00  <wumpus> AFAIK there's no way in the libc API to do DNS resolving only over either IPv4 or IPv6
 658 2018-02-01T17:56:49  *** shesek has quit IRC
 659 2018-02-01T17:57:05  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 661 2018-02-01T17:57:16  <wumpus> and as many modern linux distros run a DNS cache on localhost, on the IPv4 loopback, that'd effectively mean that DNS seeding cannot be used when onlynet=ipv6
 662 2018-02-01T17:58:19  *** PaulCape_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 664 2018-02-01T18:01:40  *** AaronvanW has quit IRC
 665 2018-02-01T18:04:11  <wumpus> (hm, how many ISPs give out IPv6 DNS servers in the first place?)
 666 2018-02-01T18:06:28  <wumpus> probably only those that only give clients a IPv6 address
 667 2018-02-01T18:07:05  <wumpus> I don't know, it's an interesting though experiment, but I think in practice it's good that use of dns seeding or not is a separate optoin
 668 2018-02-01T18:10:24  *** AaronvanW has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 669 2018-02-01T18:18:37  *** mandric has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 671 2018-02-01T18:21:48  <cfields> wumpus: you can kinda fudge it with AI_ADDRCONFIG, as we do
 672 2018-02-01T18:22:16  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/895fbd768f0c...84291d18dd69
 673 2018-02-01T18:22:16  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 96dbd38 Cory Fields: net: initialize socket to avoid closing random fd's
 674 2018-02-01T18:22:17  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 84291d1 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #12326: net: initialize socket to avoid closing random fd's...
 675 2018-02-01T18:22:29  <cfields> oh, you mean the resolver itself
 676 2018-02-01T18:22:51  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 1 new commit to 0.16: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/e54c1ac110664efd58b7351139da55284f58f2ca
 677 2018-02-01T18:22:51  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.16 e54c1ac Cory Fields: net: initialize socket to avoid closing random fd's...
 678 2018-02-01T18:23:11  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #12326: net: initialize socket to avoid closing random fd's (master...fix-socket-init) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12326
 679 2018-02-01T18:23:39  <cfields> wumpus: i think there's another issue there, introduced by (my suggestion in) 11512
 680 2018-02-01T18:24:02  <wumpus> cfields: yes, I was assuming he meant the network used by the resolver itself, selecting only one kind of results sounds feasible
 681 2018-02-01T18:24:03  <cfields> I believe that failed resolves will end up forever connecting as oneshots, since failed oneshots get re-added
 682 2018-02-01T18:24:31  *** aruns__ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 683 2018-02-01T18:24:59  <wumpus> whoops
 684 2018-02-01T18:25:13  <cfields> looking into it
 685 2018-02-01T18:31:30  *** Krellan has quit IRC
 686 2018-02-01T18:37:16  *** Krellan has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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 688 2018-02-01T18:48:58  <cfields> actually, anyone know why oneshots are re-added in the first place? https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/net.cpp#L1685
 689 2018-02-01T18:49:14  <cfields> sipa maybe ?
 690 2018-02-01T18:49:37  <wumpus> I don't know, I woudln't have expected that either
 691 2018-02-01T18:49:51  <wumpus> if it's one-shot - if it fails, that was the shot
 692 2018-02-01T18:50:04  <cfields> right
 693 2018-02-01T18:50:37  <wumpus> I'm fairly sure I've used 'addnode ... onetry' in the past to probe if a certain node was up, not expecting it to try forever
 694 2018-02-01T18:51:46  <BlueMatt> cfields: if your network is done
 695 2018-02-01T18:51:51  <BlueMatt> or something like that
 696 2018-02-01T18:52:04  <BlueMatt> there was some pr that made things more robust if your net is down
 697 2018-02-01T18:52:08  <BlueMatt> maybe that is related?
 698 2018-02-01T18:52:18  <cfields> BlueMatt: wouldn't that same logic apply to everything, not just oneshots?
 699 2018-02-01T18:52:32  <BlueMatt> uhhhh, uhhhhh
 700 2018-02-01T18:52:36  <BlueMatt> ?
 701 2018-02-01T18:53:02  *** arbitrary_guy has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 702 2018-02-01T18:53:15  <wumpus> for non-oneshot connections I could understand it better
 703 2018-02-01T18:53:23  <wumpus> maybe the logic is the wrong way around?
 704 2018-02-01T18:54:11  <cfields> looks like it's been this way since they were introduced:  478b01d9a797f3ea
 705 2018-02-01T18:54:59  *** jigawatt has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 706 2018-02-01T18:56:01  <cfields> heh, when provoostenator gets his seed back up and running, he'll likely be DDoS'd like crazy
 707 2018-02-01T18:56:08  <wumpus> maybe it's been the wrong way around since the beginning, and no one ever reasoned this far
 708 2018-02-01T18:56:54  <wumpus> well at least there haven't been rc1 binaries, so the scale of DoS is likely limited :)
 709 2018-02-01T18:57:33  <cfields> heh
 710 2018-02-01T18:59:33  <cfields> i'll go ahead and PR the removal, maybe someone will chime in with a valid reason otherwise
 711 2018-02-01T18:59:44  <wumpus> agreed
 712 2018-02-01T19:00:10  <wumpus> #startmeeting
 713 2018-02-01T19:00:10  <lightningbot> Meeting started Thu Feb  1 19:00:10 2018 UTC.  The chair is wumpus. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
 714 2018-02-01T19:00:10  <lightningbot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
 715 2018-02-01T19:00:25  <provoostenator> hi
 716 2018-02-01T19:00:32  <wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101 meshcollider jnewbery maaku fanquake promag provoostenator
 717 2018-02-01T19:00:34  <achow101> hi
 718 2018-02-01T19:00:35  <jonasschnelli> hi
 719 2018-02-01T19:00:39  <cfields> hi
 720 2018-02-01T19:00:52  <sdaftuar> ack
 721 2018-02-01T19:00:58  <jcorgan> hey folks
 722 2018-02-01T19:01:04  <meshcollider> hi
 723 2018-02-01T19:01:08  <luke-jr> hi
 724 2018-02-01T19:01:14  <BlueMatt> 0.16!
 725 2018-02-01T19:01:19  <meshcollider> \o/
 726 2018-02-01T19:01:23  <wumpus> so with regard for 0.16.0 status, there already have been some issues that came up with rc1, so I think it makes sense to skip uploading binaries for that and go to rc2 soon
 727 2018-02-01T19:01:30  <BlueMatt> ack
 728 2018-02-01T19:01:31  <achow101> what issues?
 729 2018-02-01T19:01:32  <cfields> agreed
 730 2018-02-01T19:01:48  <cfields> achow101: see backlog for the last ~3hrs
 731 2018-02-01T19:02:01  <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/milestone/30
 732 2018-02-01T19:02:18  <wumpus> the serious issue is https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12323
 733 2018-02-01T19:02:46  <achow101> ok
 734 2018-02-01T19:03:24  <wumpus> there's another issue with onetry connections being re-tried forever, resulting in potential DoS on DNS seeds in the case they temporarily fail
 735 2018-02-01T19:03:34  <wumpus> cfields is working on a patch for that
 736 2018-02-01T19:03:42  <instagibbs> oh right, thursday
 737 2018-02-01T19:03:59  <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12327 fixes a more minor issue with coin control and the change type setting
 738 2018-02-01T19:04:05  <wumpus> in the gui
 739 2018-02-01T19:04:20  <jonasschnelli> by the way, is it a policy that a DNS seed also runs a node (same ip) for the oneshot?
 740 2018-02-01T19:04:34  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: no, that's not necessary
 741 2018-02-01T19:04:48  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: it looks up the DNS seed which will return a (the first?) node
 742 2018-02-01T19:04:51  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: okay. My seeders will refuse connections to 8333
 743 2018-02-01T19:05:02  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: okay.
 744 2018-02-01T19:05:34  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: that is not the IP of the DNS server. I was confused about that too at some point in the past.
 745 2018-02-01T19:05:50  <jonasschnelli> I think also has something do to with tor mode
 746 2018-02-01T19:05:54  <provoostenator> Using A records is what makes it confusing
 747 2018-02-01T19:05:54  <cfields> yea, it's just some random peer
 748 2018-02-01T19:06:18  <BlueMatt> jonasschnelli: yes, you'd have to include your own ip in the dnsseed to (maybe) get the oneshot to be you, but that would be bad, and a violation of dnsseed policy (IIRC)
 749 2018-02-01T19:06:32  <jonasschnelli> BlueMatt: sure.
 750 2018-02-01T19:06:41  <wumpus> yes, in tor mode no resolving is used to get  multiple results (that'd require some SOCKS5 extension being used), so it uses a one shot to a random node as replacement
 751 2018-02-01T19:06:53  <jonasschnelli> But in tor only mode, don't we do a oneshot to the seeds?
 752 2018-02-01T19:06:58  <wumpus> no
 753 2018-02-01T19:06:58  <provoostenator> BlueMatt: and an effective way to DDOS yourself
 754 2018-02-01T19:07:12  <jonasschnelli> wumpus: okay. Thanks... never looked that up properly
 755 2018-02-01T19:07:30  <wumpus> it never looks up the IP of the DNS server at all, that's all happening below the libc abstraction
 756 2018-02-01T19:07:49  <wumpus> any topics?
 757 2018-02-01T19:09:14  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has quit IRC
 758 2018-02-01T19:10:03  <jonasschnelli> Everyone already back at work it seems
 759 2018-02-01T19:10:04  <wumpus> ok.. seems not... well please review anything under the 0.16.0 milestone, and anything added in the next day too
 760 2018-02-01T19:10:09  <sdaftuar> if we don't have more pressing things to discuss, i'd like to solicit feedback on #11739 (backdating p2sh /segwit v0 script rules) to genesis
 761 2018-02-01T19:10:12  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11739 | Enforce SCRIPT_VERIFY_P2SH and SCRIPT_VERIFY_WITNESS from genesis by sdaftuar · Pull Request #11739 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 762 2018-02-01T19:10:14  <wumpus> then we'll tag rc2 after that
 763 2018-02-01T19:10:42  <wumpus> and try to find the next round of bugs :)
 764 2018-02-01T19:10:50  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] theuni opened pull request #12329: net: don't retry failed oneshot connections forever (master...no-infinite-oneshot) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12329
 765 2018-02-01T19:10:51  <wumpus> sdaftuar: okay
 766 2018-02-01T19:11:03  <sdaftuar> mostly i want to know if there are any concept NACKs
 767 2018-02-01T19:11:14  <wumpus> #topic enforce SCRIPT_VERIFY_P2SH and SCRIPT_VERIFY_WITNESS from genesis (sdaftuar)
 768 2018-02-01T19:12:17  <sdaftuar> and i guess the other question is confirming whether/how such a change should be documented
 769 2018-02-01T19:12:19  <cfields> +0
 770 2018-02-01T19:12:40  <cfields> sdaftuar: going forward, you mean? or this one?
 771 2018-02-01T19:12:44  <sdaftuar> both?
 772 2018-02-01T19:12:48  <sdaftuar> i drafted a BIP for this one
 773 2018-02-01T19:13:05  <cfields> well going forward, i think we could specify this intention as part of a soft-fork bip?
 774 2018-02-01T19:13:06  <wumpus> no NACK from me, if the code can be simplified that way then it's great
 775 2018-02-01T19:13:29  <BlueMatt> +1
 776 2018-02-01T19:13:34  <wumpus> it doesn't change the rules enforced for current blocks, does it?
 777 2018-02-01T19:13:38  <wumpus> how is it a softfork?
 778 2018-02-01T19:13:42  <sdaftuar> no effect on current blocks
 779 2018-02-01T19:13:56  <wumpus> if it's a softfork I am misunderstanding
 780 2018-02-01T19:14:04  <BlueMatt> its a soft spoon - only prevents a 6-month reorg from removing segwit :p
 781 2018-02-01T19:14:06  <luke-jr> it restricts the rules on older blocks
 782 2018-02-01T19:14:07  <sdaftuar> it's a softfork under a technical definition
 783 2018-02-01T19:14:10  <BlueMatt> not a fork
 784 2018-02-01T19:14:18  <sdaftuar> of making valid things now invalid
 785 2018-02-01T19:14:21  <cfields> sorry, my fault.
 786 2018-02-01T19:14:29  <morcos> +1 as well..  but i do have concerns about how we could do this on a going forward basis
 787 2018-02-01T19:14:30  <wumpus> oh, right
 788 2018-02-01T19:14:38  <provoostenator> Or just Buried Deployment?
 789 2018-02-01T19:14:39  <wumpus> but it makes no difference bencause the old blocks all qualify
 790 2018-02-01T19:14:41  <luke-jr> the question comes down to, are we limiting soft/hardfork definitions to only ones that affect future blocks?
 791 2018-02-01T19:14:43  <morcos> it seems like if this is always our intention, then as soon as we announce a future soft fork
 792 2018-02-01T19:14:53  <morcos> some jack ass is going to mine violations just to make us annoyed
 793 2018-02-01T19:15:00  <BlueMatt> luke-jr: yes, we should start calling buried deployments spoons
 794 2018-02-01T19:15:02  <luke-jr> or do we consider this an implementation detail?
 795 2018-02-01T19:15:13  <cfields> morcos: true
 796 2018-02-01T19:15:17  <sdaftuar> morcos: i think it's not really worth worrying about that
 797 2018-02-01T19:15:21  <wumpus> I see this as an implementation detail to validation
 798 2018-02-01T19:15:32  <wumpus> there's no need to cause a lot of rufus about it
 799 2018-02-01T19:15:42  <wumpus> if you call it softfork you'll have the miners in arms, and whatnot
 800 2018-02-01T19:15:43  <cfields> luke-jr: well if there's an absolutely massive reorg, it's not just an implementation detail, no?
 801 2018-02-01T19:15:48  <morcos> well it addresses cfields point about having the original BIP specify the intention.  i think we should always only consider backdating after the fact
 802 2018-02-01T19:16:03  <sdaftuar> morcos: oh i see your point
 803 2018-02-01T19:16:07  <wumpus> because then it also needs to be signaled some way, I guess
 804 2018-02-01T19:16:10  <luke-jr> cfields: if there's an absolutely massive reorg, it's unclear what the outcome will be period
 805 2018-02-01T19:16:24  <luke-jr> cfields: for example, Knots has a checkpoint on a Segwit block
 806 2018-02-01T19:16:30  <cfields> well isn't the intention here to clarify that outcome?
 807 2018-02-01T19:16:32  <BlueMatt> if there's a 6 month reorg there will be debate as to whether to follow it...whether we follow it or not ends up being a community question anyway :p
 808 2018-02-01T19:16:35  <wumpus> if there's a reorg that big that all segwit blocks are reorged out, well...
 809 2018-02-01T19:16:53  <sdaftuar> i think in this case, it's clear that segwit transactors do not intend for their funds to be spendable on a segwit-inactive chain
 810 2018-02-01T19:17:00  <wumpus> yes, I'm sure there will be discussion enough in that case
 811 2018-02-01T19:17:14  <sdaftuar> so backdating the segwit rules matches consensus, in that sense
 812 2018-02-01T19:17:15  <BlueMatt> so, definitely not a fork
 813 2018-02-01T19:17:22  <wumpus> right
 814 2018-02-01T19:18:10  <luke-jr> in which case, I don't see that we need a BIP for it. I suggest we make a new repo for Core-specific documentation like this.
 815 2018-02-01T19:18:26  <cfields> morcos: i half agree about after-the-fact. Not mentioning backdating with the intention of doing so anyway is a bit... iffy
 816 2018-02-01T19:18:31  <luke-jr> BIPs are for cross-software standards, which doesn't really include implementation details
 817 2018-02-01T19:18:34  <BlueMatt> seems fine to me, I also appreciate gmaxwell's partially-joking suggestion of calling it a spoon
 818 2018-02-01T19:18:48  <wumpus> hehe
 819 2018-02-01T19:18:51  <luke-jr> (actually, we have a repo for gitian docs already, right?)
 820 2018-02-01T19:18:51  <sdaftuar> i personally think that it's helpful to put it in a BIP, because it affects the implementation of existing BIPs
 821 2018-02-01T19:18:52  <BlueMatt> and then doing a bip and just saying "Soft Spoon"
 822 2018-02-01T19:19:05  <sdaftuar> but i don't feel strongly
 823 2018-02-01T19:19:19  <BlueMatt> i mean we use BIPs for things that are core-specific anyway, like getblocktemplate
 824 2018-02-01T19:19:23  <wumpus> but in the end it doesn't matter whether people implement this BIP
 825 2018-02-01T19:19:27  <wumpus> because it's an implementation detail
 826 2018-02-01T19:19:27  <luke-jr> BlueMatt: GBT isn't Core-specific
 827 2018-02-01T19:19:29  <sdaftuar> wumpus: agreed
 828 2018-02-01T19:19:32  <sdaftuar> it's an informational BIP
 829 2018-02-01T19:19:37  <cfields> luke-jr: there are several post-mortem BIPs
 830 2018-02-01T19:19:38  <wumpus> BlueMatt: well that's an interface! interfaces need documentation
 831 2018-02-01T19:19:42  <kanzure> hi.
 832 2018-02-01T19:20:29  <luke-jr> maybe we can put it in an annex for the BIPs it affects or something? just seems like it will get old to have two BIPs for every fork
 833 2018-02-01T19:20:37  <wumpus> if a softspoon drops at 300000 blocks deep and no one hears it, did it happen at all?
 834 2018-02-01T19:20:44  <luke-jr> one for the deployment and implementation, and another for the reinterpretation of the deployment
 835 2018-02-01T19:20:54  <sdaftuar> luke-jr: that seems reasonable to me as well, if the BIP authors agree?
 836 2018-02-01T19:22:08  <wumpus> luke-jr: agree
 837 2018-02-01T19:22:25  <luke-jr> none of the authors appear to be here now, but I doubt they'd object
 838 2018-02-01T19:22:34  <luke-jr> at least for Segwit
 839 2018-02-01T19:23:32  <provoostenator> And the winner of the git bisect game is....
 840 2018-02-01T19:23:37  <provoostenator> bluematt! https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/62e764219b25f5d5a4de855e53f62c43130ec918
 841 2018-02-01T19:23:53  *** Chris_Stewart_5 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 842 2018-02-01T19:23:57  <BlueMatt> we already decided it was cfields' fault
 843 2018-02-01T19:24:07  <sdaftuar> i knew it was both of you
 844 2018-02-01T19:24:08  * BlueMatt is gonna keep repeating that until someone buys it
 845 2018-02-01T19:24:10  <sdaftuar> :)
 846 2018-02-01T19:24:21  * BlueMatt *definitely* didnt also review and ack the bug-introducing pr......
 847 2018-02-01T19:24:23  <cfields> heh it was me for sure
 848 2018-02-01T19:24:41  <cfields> the busted part of 62e7642 was even my suggestion!
 849 2018-02-01T19:25:10  <wumpus> it's everyone's fault for not finding the fault in review! :)
 850 2018-02-01T19:25:17  <sdaftuar> +1
 851 2018-02-01T19:25:32  <cfields> well, sorry everyone. I'm glad it didn't make it into a release.
 852 2018-02-01T19:25:52  <luke-jr> I'm glad someone noticed it before a release XD
 853 2018-02-01T19:25:54  <wumpus> the rc process, it works
 854 2018-02-01T19:26:15  <cfields> yea, the surge of reports in the last ~day is actually really nice to see
 855 2018-02-01T19:26:19  <provoostenator> Bad linux skills on my part (causing the seed not to restart): it works
 856 2018-02-01T19:26:38  <sdaftuar> good thing it was down or we never would have found this before release!
 857 2018-02-01T19:26:44  <sdaftuar> (which is very disturbing)
 858 2018-02-01T19:26:54  <wumpus> we do need tests for the DNS seed code
 859 2018-02-01T19:27:02  <meshcollider> clearly
 860 2018-02-01T19:27:04  <provoostenator> +1 for tests there
 861 2018-02-01T19:27:15  <cfields> agreed. I'll add some.
 862 2018-02-01T19:27:20  <BlueMatt> lol, maybe keep your dnsseed down until after rc cycle? :P
 863 2018-02-01T19:27:57  <wumpus> any other topics?
 864 2018-02-01T19:28:07  <cfields> or we could just add a dummy seednode to test.com or something :p
 865 2018-02-01T19:30:03  <wumpus> testing that code is not entirely trivial as-is as you somehow need to redirect DNS resolving
 866 2018-02-01T19:30:22  <wumpus> if no other topics, I'm closing the meeting early
 867 2018-02-01T19:30:43  <wumpus> #endmeeting
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 869 2018-02-01T19:30:43  <lightningbot> Minutes:        http://www.erisian.com.au/meetbot/bitcoin-core-dev/2018/bitcoin-core-dev.2018-02-01-19.00.html
 870 2018-02-01T19:30:43  <lightningbot> Minutes (text): http://www.erisian.com.au/meetbot/bitcoin-core-dev/2018/bitcoin-core-dev.2018-02-01-19.00.txt
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 872 2018-02-01T19:30:44  <cfields> sgtm
 873 2018-02-01T19:30:48  <luke-jr> noooooooooooooooooo
 874 2018-02-01T19:30:50  <sdaftuar> ack
 875 2018-02-01T19:30:53  <gmaxwell> damnit
 876 2018-02-01T19:31:06  <gmaxwell> missed the meeting by 30 seconds.
 877 2018-02-01T19:31:09  <luke-jr> lol
 878 2018-02-01T19:31:27  <gmaxwell> Without reading the logs, can we apply the fixes for that fd issue and RC2 like lightning?
 879 2018-02-01T19:31:38  <sdaftuar> i believe that is the plan
 880 2018-02-01T19:31:47  <wumpus> yes, that is the plan
 881 2018-02-01T19:32:03  <gmaxwell> Good.
 882 2018-02-01T19:32:48  <wumpus> merge+backport #12323 and #12312 and tag rc2, and just skip executables for rc1
 883 2018-02-01T19:32:49  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12323 | File descriptor problem, causing leveldb crash · Issue #12323 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 884 2018-02-01T19:32:50  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12312 | QT ignores -changetype=bech32 when coin control features are enabled · Issue #12312 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 885 2018-02-01T19:33:55  *** SopaXorzTaker has quit IRC
 886 2018-02-01T19:34:16  *** Murch has quit IRC
 887 2018-02-01T19:34:21  <provoostenator> Meanwhile I'm checking if #12326 actually makes the crash go away now, as well as whether removing my seed from v0.16.0rc1 makes it go away (very likely yes).
 888 2018-02-01T19:34:23  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12326 | net: initialize socket to avoid closing random fds by theuni · Pull Request #12326 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 889 2018-02-01T19:34:43  *** Murch has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 890 2018-02-01T19:35:27  <jcorgan> hey guys, just fyi, i've passed on the management/maintainer/architect roles in gnuradio to new hands (after 12 years), to focus on bitcoin-related work full-time. part of that will be getting back into core dev process. very much looking forward to the change of pace.
 891 2018-02-01T19:35:42  <gmaxwell> jcorgan: awesome!
 892 2018-02-01T19:35:56  <cfields> wumpus: and 12329 ?
 893 2018-02-01T19:36:08  <wumpus> jcorgan: congratulations!
 894 2018-02-01T19:36:10  <gmaxwell> (I mean, nooo sucks for gnuradio; and all my SDR projects)
 895 2018-02-01T19:36:42  <cfields> jcorgan: very cool. 12 years is a long time
 896 2018-02-01T19:37:03  <wumpus> cfields: huh I meant that one
 897 2018-02-01T19:37:15  <jcorgan> i think that's half over some people here's lifetime
 898 2018-02-01T19:37:18  <jcorgan> *of
 899 2018-02-01T19:37:22  <wumpus> oh cool maybe I can go to gnu radio now
 900 2018-02-01T19:37:41  <sdaftuar> wait what
 901 2018-02-01T19:37:42  <cfields> jcorgan: you're Bitcoin Core maintainer now! congrats.
 902 2018-02-01T19:37:45  <achow101> jcorgan: more than half
 903 2018-02-01T19:38:46  <instagibbs> \o/
 904 2018-02-01T19:39:07  <instagibbs> who here is best to bug about gitian? I'd hate to blow away my gitian directory yet again...
 905 2018-02-01T19:39:28  <sdaftuar> who is going to answer yes to that question
 906 2018-02-01T19:39:35  <instagibbs> someone who loves... pain
 907 2018-02-01T19:39:37  <achow101> instagibbs: probably cfields
 908 2018-02-01T19:39:50  * cfields points at achow101
 909 2018-02-01T19:39:53  <sdaftuar> lol
 910 2018-02-01T19:39:54  <cfields> instagibbs: what's the issue?
 911 2018-02-01T19:39:56  * instagibbs throws VM out the window
 912 2018-02-01T19:40:00  *** promag has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 913 2018-02-01T19:40:13  <instagibbs> ill DM, it's likely intractible
 914 2018-02-01T19:40:23  <wumpus> it's surprising in how many different ways gitian can fail
 915 2018-02-01T19:40:41  <cfields> this is going to be the least sexy slide into a DM ever...
 916 2018-02-01T19:40:58  <promag> o/ late..
 917 2018-02-01T19:41:03  <achow101> gitian is kinda outdated. it looks like its doing things that aren't really supported anymore
 918 2018-02-01T19:41:09  <jcorgan> anyway, carry on, i have to go fly a plane in the sky
 919 2018-02-01T19:41:48  *** shesek has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 920 2018-02-01T19:42:18  <instagibbs> cfields, lol
 921 2018-02-01T19:42:27  <wumpus> lol indeed
 922 2018-02-01T19:43:19  *** zautomata1 has quit IRC
 923 2018-02-01T19:43:27  <meshcollider> 0.16 crashes my gitian build too grr 0.15.1 was ok
 924 2018-02-01T19:43:37  <meshcollider> I probably need to upgrade something
 925 2018-02-01T19:43:41  <instagibbs> trying as far back as 0.14.1, not working
 926 2018-02-01T19:43:45  <wumpus> strange, nothing should have changed in that regard
 927 2018-02-01T19:43:52  <instagibbs> (something I know this VM did correctly once)
 928 2018-02-01T19:43:55  *** zautomata has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 929 2018-02-01T19:43:59  <wumpus> still uses the same version of ubuntu for buildling, still uses the same packages, etc
 930 2018-02-01T19:44:09  *** Krellan has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 931 2018-02-01T19:44:12  <achow101> I bet some package updated and that just broke everything
 932 2018-02-01T19:48:47  *** Krellan has quit IRC
 933 2018-02-01T19:50:12  *** checksau_ has quit IRC
 934 2018-02-01T19:51:42  <instagibbs> cfields fixed my issue... was looking at my even older version of gitian that I had failed to rename to something sensible
 935 2018-02-01T19:53:58  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/84291d18dd69...41363fe11df5
 936 2018-02-01T19:53:58  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 6558f8a João Barbosa: [gui] Defer coin control instancing...
 937 2018-02-01T19:53:59  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 41363fe Jonas Schnelli: Merge #12327: [gui] Defer coin control instancing...
 938 2018-02-01T19:54:44  *** Murch has quit IRC
 939 2018-02-01T19:54:54  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli closed pull request #12327: [gui] Defer coin control instancing (master...2018-02-fix-12312) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12327
 940 2018-02-01T19:55:27  *** Randolf has quit IRC
 941 2018-02-01T19:55:52  *** Murch has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 942 2018-02-01T19:56:27  <gmaxwell> Would it be entirely crazy to make debug=1 not enable all debugging options, but a "many" option, that turns off absurdly chatty stuff (leveldb internals would be the one thing now).
 943 2018-02-01T19:56:31  <gmaxwell> ?
 944 2018-02-01T19:56:47  <provoostenator> +1
 945 2018-02-01T19:57:11  <gmaxwell> I don't think any of us have ever found the leveldb internals logging useful so far. And I know I always disable it and curse when I accidentally level it on.
 946 2018-02-01T19:57:25  <sdaftuar> that seems to be everyone's experience afaik
 947 2018-02-01T19:57:47  <gmaxwell> er leave it on.
 948 2018-02-01T19:58:08  <gmaxwell> I suppose I've learned a bit about how much background stuff leveldb does due to it. :)
 949 2018-02-01T19:58:10  *** jamesob has quit IRC
 950 2018-02-01T19:58:21  <wumpus> I don't like the chatty net logging either
 951 2018-02-01T19:58:48  <gmaxwell> At least I've found that stuff useful. I'd be okay with it off in debug=1 though I'd often turn it on.
 952 2018-02-01T19:58:58  <wumpus> which is why I opened #12219, I think we need a DEBUG..ERROR axis as well
 953 2018-02-01T19:59:00  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12219 | More granular net logging · Issue #12219 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 954 2018-02-01T19:59:08  <sdaftuar> yeah we should tackle that
 955 2018-02-01T19:59:22  <provoostenator> The flickering makes it hard to watch an IBD in real time.
 956 2018-02-01T19:59:44  <gmaxwell> or at least chatty net doesn't bother me so much since upgrading nodes to 1TB ssds...
 957 2018-02-01T19:59:47  <wumpus> apart from the category we also need a log level, that'd make logging things more sane without singling out specific categories
 958 2018-02-01T19:59:50  <wumpus> or splitting up categories
 959 2018-02-01T20:00:50  <wumpus> I think debug=1 should remain 'log everything possible', which doesn't rule out more selective logging options
 960 2018-02-01T20:00:56  <gmaxwell> I'd buy a debug vs error sort of axis though I'm doubtful about a really granular level, as people will irritatingly set them pretty subjectively.
 961 2018-02-01T20:01:04  *** jamesob has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 962 2018-02-01T20:01:39  <gmaxwell> or I suppose if we just had a debug=many or debug=most that would be fine too.  I seem to screw up debug=1 and then excluding for some reason.
 963 2018-02-01T20:01:59  <wumpus> or something like debug=1 debug=-leveldb
 964 2018-02-01T20:02:03  <gmaxwell> also having a single setting is more useful when I'm asking users to set things.
 965 2018-02-01T20:02:05  <wumpus> allowing categories to be disabled
 966 2018-02-01T20:02:22  <cfields> gmaxwell: agreed. -debug and -debug=all don't have to be the same thing
 967 2018-02-01T20:02:34  <gmaxwell> we have -debugexclude
 968 2018-02-01T20:02:41  <wumpus> but yes it is subjective and dpeends on what you want to debug
 969 2018-02-01T20:02:54  <wumpus> which is why making a single selection for -debug=1 seems weird to me
 970 2018-02-01T20:03:20  <wumpus> some messages might be less interesting for what you're debugging, but that's why we have categories in the first place
 971 2018-02-01T20:03:25  <gmaxwell> Though also for some of this user stuff, I think it would be very useful to have a circular buffer in ram that always gets a MUCH higher debug level than what goes to disk (e.g. every debug option that isn't computationally expensive)
 972 2018-02-01T20:03:48  <gmaxwell> and on crashes we could make a best effort attempt to dump the circular buffer to a file in a crash handler.
 973 2018-02-01T20:04:06  <wumpus> debug=1 is super-overkill last resort for when you really don't know where to look
 974 2018-02-01T20:04:26  <wumpus> gmaxwell: yes, we need that too
 975 2018-02-01T20:04:57  <gmaxwell> wumpus: or when round trips are expensive. if I have a user reporting an issue I don't want to iterate on a bunch of options. I just want all the info that might be relevant, but the leveldb stuff is so far useless and very bloaty.
 976 2018-02-01T20:04:58  <promag> -debug-net -debug-foo (-debug enables all)?
 977 2018-02-01T20:05:20  <wumpus> we already have -debug=net -debug=foo
 978 2018-02-01T20:05:23  <gmaxwell> promag: you can already -debug=category to add categories and -debugexclude to remove them.
 979 2018-02-01T20:05:44  <wumpus> gmaxwell: still you need a selection of categories then
 980 2018-02-01T20:05:48  <promag> but you can't have levels right?
 981 2018-02-01T20:05:50  <gmaxwell> right now I tell users to debug=1 and debugexclude leveldb.
 982 2018-02-01T20:06:02  <wumpus> gmaxwell: it's unlikely that you want debugging for ,say, torcontrol, even though that logging is extremely useful if you're debugging that
 983 2018-02-01T20:06:13  <gmaxwell> wumpus: tor control isn't that chatty however.
 984 2018-02-01T20:06:24  <gmaxwell> net is chatty but one of the most useful thing to log.
 985 2018-02-01T20:06:31  <wumpus> but it might become so, or another chatty category could be added
 986 2018-02-01T20:06:51  <wumpus> that's pretty subjective though
 987 2018-02-01T20:06:54  <wumpus> because you're interested in net
 988 2018-02-01T20:07:13  <gmaxwell> probably if I could grab a circular buffer with everything the question wrt support would go away.
 989 2018-02-01T20:07:58  <wumpus> currently I have the problem that I'm interested in high-level network stuff, e.g. incoming connections, outgoing connections, what clients are connecting, what are their IPs, when do they disconnect. I don't need to see every single packet.
 990 2018-02-01T20:08:11  <wumpus> but debug=net is way too chatty
 991 2018-02-01T20:08:14  <gmaxwell> I agree that net messages and net-activity should be split.
 992 2018-02-01T20:08:21  *** Derrekito has quit IRC
 993 2018-02-01T20:08:41  <gmaxwell> I do frequently like net-activity for debugging because from that I can more or less trace the state that the node is in.
 994 2018-02-01T20:08:43  *** mandric has quit IRC
 995 2018-02-01T20:09:04  <wumpus> sure, I don't mwan that detailed net logging should go away or such
 996 2018-02-01T20:09:18  <wumpus> it certainly has good uses when you're debugging network things
 997 2018-02-01T20:09:45  <wumpus> in any case I think a log level would resolve some of these problems
 998 2018-02-01T20:09:59  <wumpus> 'I want to see all categories, but only at INFO levell, not DEBUG and below'
 999 2018-02-01T20:10:08  <wumpus> where DEBUG would be the chatty stuff
1000 2018-02-01T20:10:12  <promag> hence -debug-net=X
1001 2018-02-01T20:10:13  <gmaxwell> Please lets not make more than three levels though.
1002 2018-02-01T20:10:15  <wumpus> then if you want net DEBUG, you enable net debug
1003 2018-02-01T20:10:36  <wumpus> I agre,but let's not get into bikeshedding about the number of levels
1004 2018-02-01T20:10:39  *** aruns__ has quit IRC
1005 2018-02-01T20:10:48  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1006 2018-02-01T20:10:57  *** RubenSomsen has quit IRC
1007 2018-02-01T20:11:03  *** intcat has quit IRC
1008 2018-02-01T20:11:21  <gmaxwell> my concern there is if there are a dozen levels, people will argue over the levels, or worse not argue over them and set them randomly and then I'll just have to be debugging everything to avoid inexplicably missing log entries.
1009 2018-02-01T20:11:52  <wumpus> ERROR is clear, INFO/DEBUG can be set depend on chattiness
1010 2018-02-01T20:11:59  <wumpus> I don't think we need more
1011 2018-02-01T20:12:02  <gmaxwell> At least my expirence is that I usually want almost everything or nothing.  (basically, everything that isn't so chatty that it makes handling the logs a burden)
1012 2018-02-01T20:12:15  <gmaxwell> Yes, thats why I said three. I think three we can handle easily.
1013 2018-02-01T20:12:45  <gmaxwell> I guess one question is about "error", there are "peer violated the protocol" sorts of errors, and "omg our state is corrupted" sorts of errors.
1014 2018-02-01T20:13:03  <wumpus> ERROR would be potentially dangerous but not fatal errors, maybe WARNING is a better name
1015 2018-02-01T20:13:19  <wumpus> peer violated the protocol is INFO imo
1016 2018-02-01T20:13:26  <wumpus> it's not dangerous to us
1017 2018-02-01T20:13:42  <gmaxwell> We might want to adapt our language to call the first things "abnormal" (e.g. info level log, and the log text should not use the word error but perhaps use the word abnormal).
1018 2018-02-01T20:14:05  *** intcat has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1019 2018-02-01T20:14:46  <wumpus> right
1020 2018-02-01T20:15:23  <provoostenator> I'm switching my testnet seed back on tomorrow unless something really surprising happens.
1021 2018-02-01T20:15:27  *** checksauce has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1022 2018-02-01T20:16:20  <provoostenator> Or I can do it in 20 minutes if we want rc1 complaints to stop coming in.
1023 2018-02-01T20:16:21  <wumpus> but anyhow, if you come up with a specific combination of categories that would be useful as single -debug= option, I wouldn't be against it
1024 2018-02-01T20:17:33  <wumpus> provoostenator: we should just tag r2
1025 2018-02-01T20:18:33  <provoostenator> I'll know in ~10 minutes whether todays fixex made my crash go away (fairly certain it did).
1026 2018-02-01T20:19:27  *** CubicEarths has quit IRC
1027 2018-02-01T20:20:25  <gmaxwell> wumpus: okay.  Well right now I think all minus leveldb internals is useful, at that seems like what a lot of us are using much of the time.
1028 2018-02-01T20:20:57  <wumpus> gmaxwell: I think it needs a better definition though, something like debug=lowtraffic
1029 2018-02-01T20:21:16  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1030 2018-02-01T20:21:19  <wumpus> not everythingbutleveldb lol
1031 2018-02-01T20:21:30  *** promag has quit IRC
1032 2018-02-01T20:21:41  <wumpus> it also gives guidance for people to add or not categories to that in the future
1033 2018-02-01T20:22:00  <wumpus> or to remove categories once they become noisy
1034 2018-02-01T20:22:09  <gmaxwell> well net is high traffic but useful, leveldb is high traffic but so far I've not found it useful.
1035 2018-02-01T20:22:32  <wumpus> but what is the rationale of the combination then?
1036 2018-02-01T20:22:54  <gmaxwell> omit useless chatty things.
1037 2018-02-01T20:23:32  *** CubicEarths has quit IRC
1038 2018-02-01T20:23:32  <wumpus> let's kill leveldb logging completely if it's so useless
1039 2018-02-01T20:23:47  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1040 2018-02-01T20:24:15  *** checksauce has quit IRC
1041 2018-02-01T20:24:20  <wumpus> libevent too, probably
1042 2018-02-01T20:24:27  <meshcollider> it seems my gitian issue lies when it is trying to download zeromq-4.2.2.tar.gz for bitcoincore.org/depends-sources
1043 2018-02-01T20:24:28  <wumpus> it can be even more hilariously useless
1044 2018-02-01T20:24:37  <gmaxwell> It's at least of conjectural use e.g. if we were chasing some leveldb internal bug.
1045 2018-02-01T20:25:08  <wumpus> oh sure it can be useful, esp when adding custom debugging to leveldb to troubleshoot some issue
1046 2018-02-01T20:25:16  <wumpus> that's why a bridge exists
1047 2018-02-01T20:25:21  <cfields> meshcollider: you probably had all other sources already and your lxc is failing to make any net connections
1048 2018-02-01T20:25:31  <gmaxwell> I mean we could also leave the code for the bridge there but remove the logging level.
1049 2018-02-01T20:25:49  <meshcollider> cfields: that's true, was the version of zeromq bumped for 0.16
1050 2018-02-01T20:26:01  <cfields> believe so
1051 2018-02-01T20:26:09  <cfields> yes, it was
1052 2018-02-01T20:26:35  <gmaxwell> I opened the conversation basically with the idea of having leveldb (and maybe later other things) being log categories you never get unless you explicitly ask for them.
1053 2018-02-01T20:26:48  <gmaxwell> maybe libevent would fall into that too.
1054 2018-02-01T20:27:14  <gmaxwell> I've noticed it being useless too but just never had it be chatty enough to bother me.
1055 2018-02-01T20:27:17  <wumpus> so I still think =lowtraffic makes sense
1056 2018-02-01T20:27:36  <gmaxwell> I suppose we could lowtraffic then turn back on net-messages.
1057 2018-02-01T20:28:11  <gmaxwell> (I mean to achieve my normal desired logging config which is basically low traffic things plus net messages)
1058 2018-02-01T20:28:12  <wumpus> we should just include net int hat
1059 2018-02-01T20:28:37  <gmaxwell> I'm imagining net divided into per-message logging and the rest (e.g. connections)
1060 2018-02-01T20:28:40  <wumpus> with the future remark that if there is a low-traffic net category, that should be in instead
1061 2018-02-01T20:28:46  <gmaxwell> right
1062 2018-02-01T20:28:56  *** CubicEar_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1063 2018-02-01T20:29:08  <meshcollider> cfields: yep you're right, it works fine if I make the depends directory beforehand, the new zeromq downloaded successfully
1064 2018-02-01T20:29:32  <cfields> great
1065 2018-02-01T20:29:49  <meshcollider> cfields: thanks :)
1066 2018-02-01T20:29:55  <cfields> np
1067 2018-02-01T20:30:19  <gmaxwell> Another thing to think about is the performance impacts of logging, some of our logs cause computation that is probably pretty bad for performance.
1068 2018-02-01T20:32:26  *** CubicEarths has quit IRC
1069 2018-02-01T20:32:32  <wumpus> I think that's true for libevent and leveldb logging too, they require a special enabling flag, which causes those libraries to send the messages at all
1070 2018-02-01T20:33:36  <wumpus> gmaxwell: that'd only be problematic for high-volume messages, I'm sure e.g. computing the BENCH messages takes some cycles, but they only happen once per block
1071 2018-02-01T20:34:03  <wumpus> and in the total validation tme that's probably neglible
1072 2018-02-01T20:34:46  <gmaxwell> The leveldb stuff looks kind of expensive.
1073 2018-02-01T20:34:49  <wumpus> I don't think we have low-traffic messages that take significant computation
1074 2018-02-01T20:35:17  <gmaxwell> And I recall that there were some moderate traffic messages that did stuff like an extra iteration over all inputs in transactions or something.
1075 2018-02-01T20:35:17  <wumpus> for high traffic, yes, I woudln't be surprised if the net logging slowed some things down
1076 2018-02-01T20:35:52  <wumpus> if you have to write a message for every incoming packet to a file, it becomes disk bound
1077 2018-02-01T20:35:52  *** CubicEarths has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1078 2018-02-01T20:36:35  <wumpus> oh I didn't know that
1079 2018-02-01T20:38:13  *** mandric has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1080 2018-02-01T20:39:22  <zelest> sorry for asking in here, but I did some quick googling and it seems like OneFixt is known in here? May I ask who he/she is? :o
1081 2018-02-01T20:39:51  *** CubicEar_ has quit IRC
1082 2018-02-01T20:40:24  <wumpus> can we have some review on #12329 please, I'd like to tag rc2 before I go to bed
1083 2018-02-01T20:40:25  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12329 | net: dont retry failed oneshot connections forever by theuni · Pull Request #12329 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
1084 2018-02-01T20:41:10  *** CubicEarths has quit IRC
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1089 2018-02-01T20:50:16  *** propumpkin is now known as contrapumpkin
1090 2018-02-01T20:50:42  <wumpus> and that's the last one
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1111 2018-02-01T21:51:00  *** sipa has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1112 2018-02-01T21:51:13  <sipa> oops, seems i accidentally left this channel and forgot about the meeting as well
1113 2018-02-01T21:53:27  *** mandric has quit IRC
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1117 2018-02-01T22:13:57  <luke-jr> sipa: there was discussion of how to handle Segwit-back-to-the-start type stuff, and I thought perhaps it would be better as an annex to the Segwit BIP(s) rather than an entirely new BIP (making 2 BIPs for each fork); would you be okay with that, as an author of the BIP in question?
1118 2018-02-01T22:16:08  <gmaxwell> and then you're gonna add (hardfork) to the segwit bips and collect your cheque from Ver? :P
1119 2018-02-01T22:17:21  <jnewbery> re logging - we already have an alias -debug=all which aliases to -debug=1 (~0). Doesn't seem like to much of a stretch to add a new alias debug=gmax* which aliases to all the categories that greg wants to see (*name TBD)
1120 2018-02-01T22:17:34  *** keks_ has quit IRC
1121 2018-02-01T22:18:01  <jnewbery> perhaps -debug=standard , -debug=default, -debug=...
1122 2018-02-01T22:18:55  <jnewbery> I also agree that logging should log to a circular buffer in memory and then have a background thread flushing to disk. I bet there are plenty of places where we're logging to disk while holding cs_main for example
1123 2018-02-01T22:21:10  <jnewbery> (in fact I started implementing that a few months ago, but never finished)
1124 2018-02-01T22:22:34  <gmaxwell> I'd like to get to a state where our logs by default can log virutally nothing, and on fault we can dump a good amount of context.
1125 2018-02-01T22:24:00  <gmaxwell> this also would address a lot of privacy concerns, where we avoid logging detailed data that would make node logs attractive for trying to trace transactions.
1126 2018-02-01T22:24:11  <luke-jr> gmaxwell: as an annex, it's clearer to consider it an implementation detail ;)
1127 2018-02-01T22:24:49  <luke-jr> ie, "you can tighten the rules using method A or method B, and the outcome is the same"
1128 2018-02-01T22:42:17  *** fanquake has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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