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  2 2019-01-30T00:11:03  <MarcoFalke> Where did the irc merge bot go?
  3 2019-01-30T00:12:48  <meshcollider> i was wondering the same thing
  4 2019-01-30T00:13:31  <meshcollider> gkrizek: do you know?
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 21 2019-01-30T00:54:42  <gkrizek> Hmm might have died. It’s hosted on wumpus server. Let me see if I still have access
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 23 2019-01-30T01:00:18  <gkrizek> We'll have to ask wumpus. I still have access to the server, but not enough privileges to see anything. The process appears to be running still, but not sure where logs are being sent.
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122 2019-01-30T11:39:18  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] hebasto opened pull request #15292: Remove 'boost::optional'-related gcc warnings (master...0190130-gcc-maybeuninitialized) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15292
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139 2019-01-30T13:09:14  <provoostenator> IsMine is thoroughly confusing :-) Can anyone confirm or debunk my reasoning in #15263?
140 2019-01-30T13:09:16  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15263 | Descriptor expansions only need pubkey entries for PKH/WPKH by sipa · Pull Request #15263 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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144 2019-01-30T13:22:15  <provoostenator> And so in a descriptor based wallet, we would want a Descriptor method which for a given transaction checks if it spends to/from it?
145 2019-01-30T13:23:00  <provoostenator> And then AddToWalletIfInvolvingMe just calls that on all its descriptors in order to decide what to add.
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154 2019-01-30T14:49:17  <promag> jimpo: do you consider implementing support for concurrent calls to TxIndex::FindTx?
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156 2019-01-30T14:52:44  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/72ca72e6370e...29396bd66999
157 2019-01-30T14:52:45  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 4f2e6c8 MarcoFalke: Squashed 'src/leveldb/' changes from 524b7e36a8..f545dfabff
158 2019-01-30T14:52:46  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fa61801 MarcoFalke: Pull leveldb subtree
159 2019-01-30T14:52:47  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 29396bd Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #15270: Pull leveldb subtree
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162 2019-01-30T14:53:27  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #15270: Pull leveldb subtree (master...Mf1901-subtreeLeveldb) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15270
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164 2019-01-30T14:55:06  <wumpus> gkrizek: oh thanks for restarting the bot!
165 2019-01-30T14:55:57  <wumpus> gkrizek: "but not sure where logs are being sent"  ~/ghi.log :)
166 2019-01-30T14:58:16  <gkrizek> wumpus no problem.  I saw that log but it looked like it didn’t have any logs for days. I’ll keep an eye on it though.
167 2019-01-30T14:58:23  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: it was an intermittent error, happened exaxtly once, I haven't been able to reproduce it
168 2019-01-30T14:59:48  *** spaced0ut has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
169 2019-01-30T15:00:57  <wumpus> MarcoFalke: adding dongcarl sounds good to me, will do
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171 2019-01-30T15:17:21  <wumpus> gkrizek: once we're sure the bot is stable I'll add it to crontab etc to automatically (re)start
172 2019-01-30T15:32:01  <wumpus> does it run for merges to 0.17? just merged 15252 but nothing
173 2019-01-30T15:43:23  <gkrizek> wumpus sounds good It should message about any PR merges. It only comments about pushes to specific branches, but 0.17 should be one of them. Looking at the logs
174 2019-01-30T15:46:53  <gkrizek> I'm going to restart it with debug enabled to try to catch some of this.
175 2019-01-30T15:49:28  *** jtimon has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
176 2019-01-30T15:51:46  <gkrizek> wumpus you can resend those payloads if you want to test it out
177 2019-01-30T15:52:51  *** pinheadmz has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
178 2019-01-30T15:54:15  <wumpus> gkrizek: yeh i'll rewind the 0.17 one
179 2019-01-30T15:54:38  *** rex4539 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
180 2019-01-30T15:56:44  <sipa> provoostenator: with my latest PR pubkey entries in the expansion are only created for "pkh", "wpkh" and "combo" descriptors
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182 2019-01-30T15:57:08  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake merged pull request #15252: [0.17] Backport: Update zmq to 4.3.1 (.17...17-backport-15188) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15252
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185 2019-01-30T16:00:08  <gkrizek> wumpus so that worked sending the PR message, but I see the commit push messages failed. I'll go fix that now
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189 2019-01-30T16:03:02  <wumpus> gkrizek: any idea why it was missed the first time around?
190 2019-01-30T16:04:18  <gkrizek> No, I could see that it connected to IRC successfully but just stalled after that. So something happened with the IRC server. I'll leave debug on for a while so I can catch little errors like this.
191 2019-01-30T16:07:17  <wumpus> gkrizek: ohh okay thank you
192 2019-01-30T16:09:51  <wumpus> no big deal github's own service was also not 100% reliable in delivery
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194 2019-01-30T16:12:43  <gkrizek> Good to know! haha. I'll make some updates to hopefully fix these issues. Then I'll monitor the logs throughout the day and try to catch any new problems and fix them.
195 2019-01-30T16:14:47  <gkrizek> Thanks everyone for being patient with this! It's very hard for me to adequately mimic the bitcoin repo payloads and IRC stuff, so naturally the bugs happen in "production".
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197 2019-01-30T16:21:18  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/bd8bda161e35...a47319dada2f
198 2019-01-30T16:21:19  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 04da9f4 Amiti Uttarwar: [RPC] Update getrawtransaction interface
199 2019-01-30T16:21:19  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master a47319d MarcoFalke: Merge #15159: [RPC] Remove lookup to UTXO set from GetTransaction
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202 2019-01-30T16:21:55  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] amitiuttarwar merged pull request #15159: [RPC] Remove lookup to UTXO set from GetTransaction (master...3931_rebase) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15159
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204 2019-01-30T16:31:10  <promag> gkrizek: is the code available?
205 2019-01-30T16:32:35  <gkrizek> promag https://github.com/gkrizek/ghi
206 2019-01-30T16:33:11  <gkrizek> Finding a couple bugs already that I'm working on fixes for
207 2019-01-30T16:34:00  <promag> is there a 0.17.2 date? still some work in https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/milestone/40
208 2019-01-30T16:34:09  <promag> thaumavorio: athanks gkrizek
209 2019-01-30T16:34:20  <promag> ops :s thanks gkrizek
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215 2019-01-30T17:19:42  <hebasto> could someone restart Travis on #15163?
216 2019-01-30T17:19:44  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15163 | Correct units for "-dbcache" and "-prune" by hebasto · Pull Request #15163 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
217 2019-01-30T17:20:33  <provoostenator> sipa: I know. I want to check that I understand _why_ correctly (see my comment on your PR).
218 2019-01-30T17:22:29  <provoostenator> tl&dr iiuc it's to prevent e.g. with multisig A+B, when A redeems to an address wpkh(a) that suddenly B sees that as part of his wallet.
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221 2019-01-30T17:27:55  <sipa> provoostenator: it's more that you only happen to need pubkey entries in the signprovider when pubkeys need to be looked up by hash
222 2019-01-30T17:28:18  *** michaelsdunn1 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
223 2019-01-30T17:29:13  <sipa> provoostenator: it's a bit of a coincidence that that is exactly compatible with what's needed for importmulti
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241 2019-01-30T18:20:27  <MarcoFalke> Anyone interested in trading reviews on #15043?
242 2019-01-30T18:20:35  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15043 | test: Build fuzz targets into seperate executables by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #15043 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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260 2019-01-30T19:21:25  <wumpus> src/wallet/rpcwallet.cpp:1638:41: warning: ‘*((void*)& height +4)’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
261 2019-01-30T19:21:27  <wumpus> src/wallet/wallet.cpp:1704:72: warning: ‘*((void*)& block_height +4)’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialize]d
262 2019-01-30T19:21:33  <wumpus> that's some scary warnings
263 2019-01-30T19:21:46  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
264 2019-01-30T19:21:46  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] Empact opened pull request #15294: [moveonly] Extract RipeMd160 (master...ripe-md) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15294
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266 2019-01-30T19:22:17  <hebasto> wumpus: could you look into #15292?
267 2019-01-30T19:22:18  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15292 | Remove boost::optional-related false positive -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings on GCC compiler by hebasto · Pull Request #15292 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
268 2019-01-30T19:23:28  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
269 2019-01-30T19:23:29  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/04226f8706b5...77339e5c244b
270 2019-01-30T19:23:29  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 6f6514a Hennadii Stepanov: Correct units for "-dbcache" and "-prune"
271 2019-01-30T19:23:30  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 77339e5 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #15163: Correct units for "-dbcache" and "-prune"
272 2019-01-30T19:23:39  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
273 2019-01-30T19:24:05  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
274 2019-01-30T19:24:05  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] hebasto merged pull request #15163: Correct units for "-dbcache" and "-prune" (master...0190114-correct-info-units) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15163
275 2019-01-30T19:24:10  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
276 2019-01-30T19:25:10  <wumpus> hebasto: good point, will take a look
277 2019-01-30T19:25:37  <wumpus> gkrizek: i think the merger name is wrong^^
278 2019-01-30T19:26:11  <gkrizek> Looking at the comments before it, I'm guessing you merged it?
279 2019-01-30T19:26:16  <wumpus> the bot makes it look like everyone (even those without commit access) merge their own PRs :$
280 2019-01-30T19:26:19  <wumpus> yep!
281 2019-01-30T19:26:24  *** emilr has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
282 2019-01-30T19:26:35  <gkrizek> Ok, yep. Fixing that now.
283 2019-01-30T19:27:15  <gkrizek> I believe I have fix the other issues though! Found some bugs that were causing it to basically be inoperable. So should be working much better now, but I'll watch it today
284 2019-01-30T19:33:42  <gwillen> win goto #cslounge-finance
285 2019-01-30T19:33:47  <gwillen> whoops
286 2019-01-30T19:34:41  *** nev_ has quit IRC
287 2019-01-30T19:36:32  <gkrizek> wumpus username issue fixed so all known issues are fixed, but I'll keep an eye on it
288 2019-01-30T19:36:45  <meshcollider> gkrizek: thanks!
289 2019-01-30T19:37:15  <gkrizek> No problem! :D
290 2019-01-30T19:37:19  <wumpus> gkrizek: yay !
291 2019-01-30T19:37:59  <wumpus> I'll set it up for secp256k1 too
292 2019-01-30T19:39:08  <gkrizek> Awesome
293 2019-01-30T19:45:00  <wumpus> gkrizek: ok I've added the webhook in the secp256k1 project and updated the ghi config to add a new 'pool' for it
294 2019-01-30T19:45:55  <wumpus> i think this should do it
295 2019-01-30T19:46:27  *** nullptr| has quit IRC
296 2019-01-30T19:52:13  *** nullptr| has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
297 2019-01-30T19:55:48  <gkrizek> Ok, great. I see in the logs: "Received repository 'bitcoin-core/secp256k1', but no pool is configured for it.", but I'm guessing you added the webhook before the update to the config?
298 2019-01-30T19:57:38  <MarcoFalke> wumpus: Mind to create a https://github.com/new for bitcoin-core/qa-assets ?
299 2019-01-30T19:58:26  <MarcoFalke> To hold Bitcoin Core related blobs used for quality assurance
300 2019-01-30T19:59:24  <wumpus> gkrizek: yes; i also guess it needs to be restarted before the change to the config takes effect?
301 2019-01-30T19:59:33  <wumpus> MarcoFalke: sure!
302 2019-01-30T19:59:39  <MarcoFalke> kewl
303 2019-01-30T19:59:56  <gkrizek> No it shouldn't actually. So I'm guessing it was just a timing mismatch
304 2019-01-30T20:00:41  <wumpus> gkrizek: i'll resend the event just in case
305 2019-01-30T20:01:23  <gkrizek> "Received the 'ping' event Sent 'pong'"
306 2019-01-30T20:01:26  <gkrizek> It works!
307 2019-01-30T20:01:29  <wumpus> woohoo!
308 2019-01-30T20:02:00  <MarcoFalke> I think #15043 is ready for merge, since there is no substantial review and it is holding back my work on the fuzz test runner
309 2019-01-30T20:02:03  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15043 | test: Build fuzz targets into seperate executables by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #15043 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
310 2019-01-30T20:05:14  <wumpus> MarcoFalke: https://github.com/bitcoin-core/qa-assets is live
311 2019-01-30T20:06:02  <wumpus> MarcoFalke: yes, was kind of waiting to merge that
312 2019-01-30T20:08:11  *** spaced0ut has quit IRC
313 2019-01-30T20:10:47  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
314 2019-01-30T20:10:48  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/77339e5c244b...9553102c38c0
315 2019-01-30T20:10:48  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fab4bed MarcoFalke: [test] fuzz: make test_one_input return void
316 2019-01-30T20:10:50  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 2ca632e MarcoFalke: test: Build fuzz targets into seperate executables
317 2019-01-30T20:10:50  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 9553102 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #15043: test: Build fuzz targets into seperate executables
318 2019-01-30T20:11:00  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
319 2019-01-30T20:11:24  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
320 2019-01-30T20:11:25  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj merged pull request #15043: test: Build fuzz targets into seperate executables (master...Mf1812-buildFuzzTargets) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15043
321 2019-01-30T20:11:28  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
322 2019-01-30T20:12:41  <MarcoFalke> \o/
323 2019-01-30T20:13:27  <wumpus> MarcoFalke: any additional people that should have commit access?
324 2019-01-30T20:14:22  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
325 2019-01-30T20:14:22  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/9553102c38c0...bb36f5e24b63
326 2019-01-30T20:14:23  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fa83999 MarcoFalke: travis: Compile once on trusty
327 2019-01-30T20:14:23  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fa5ce3f MarcoFalke: travis: Compile trusty with depends for now
328 2019-01-30T20:14:24  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master bb36f5e MarcoFalke: Merge #15276: travis: Compile once on trusty
329 2019-01-30T20:14:28  <MarcoFalke> Pretty much anyone who wants to and is a common contributor to Core
330 2019-01-30T20:14:32  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
331 2019-01-30T20:15:06  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
332 2019-01-30T20:15:06  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #15276: travis: Compile once on trusty (master...Mf1901-travisTrusty) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15276
333 2019-01-30T20:15:07  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
334 2019-01-30T20:15:13  <wumpus> ok
335 2019-01-30T20:15:44  <wumpus> I created a qa developers team just in case we want to add people (who are not the usual) at some point
336 2019-01-30T20:16:32  *** dviola has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
337 2019-01-30T20:16:37  <gkrizek> Can I get a few more eyes on #15255?
338 2019-01-30T20:16:39  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15255 | [tests] Remove travis_wait from lint script by gkrizek · Pull Request #15255 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
339 2019-01-30T20:17:03  <gkrizek> Simple, but it's the thing that caused our master CI failures that we couldn't find the cause
340 2019-01-30T20:21:50  <wumpus> I mean one great advantage of having split repositories is that we could spread the load of maintenance a bit
341 2019-01-30T20:22:51  <MarcoFalke> Merging of fuzz seeds could even be automatic. I am going to write a script for that
342 2019-01-30T20:23:06  <wumpus> cool!
343 2019-01-30T20:23:15  <MarcoFalke> Only seeds that increase node-coverage are going to be merged
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347 2019-01-30T21:03:05  <wumpus> promag: "is there a 0.17.2 date?" → no, we never plan release dates for minor releases, usually they're motivated by some more serious bug
348 2019-01-30T21:12:20  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
349 2019-01-30T21:12:20  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #15295: fuzz: Add test/fuzz/test_runner.py and run it in travis (master...Mf1901-qaFuzz) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15295
350 2019-01-30T21:12:24  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
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358 2019-01-30T21:29:41  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] practicalswift opened pull request #15296: tests: Add script checking for deterministic line coverage in unit tests (master...test_deterministic_coverage) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15296
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364 2019-01-30T21:40:55  <hebasto> Could someone restart Travis on #15292? My build is ok: https://travis-ci.org/hebasto/bitcoin/builds/486611945
365 2019-01-30T21:40:56  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15292 | Remove boost::optional-related false positive -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings on GCC compiler by hebasto · Pull Request #15292 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
366 2019-01-30T21:42:32  <wumpus> hebasto: sure
367 2019-01-30T21:42:47  <hebasto> wumpus: ty
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379 2019-01-30T22:39:30  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/bb36f5e24b63...cb77dc820f1b
380 2019-01-30T22:39:30  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 2d48314 Hennadii Stepanov: Remove 'boost::optional'-related gcc warnings
381 2019-01-30T22:39:30  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master cb77dc8 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #15292: Remove 'boost::optional'-related false positive -Wmaybe-unin...
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384 2019-01-30T22:40:14  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj merged pull request #15292: Remove 'boost::optional'-related false positive -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings on GCC compiler (master...0190130-gcc-maybeuninitialized) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15292
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395 2019-01-30T23:21:01  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] Empact closed pull request #15171: test: Wait before cleanup on exit (master...test-wait-cleanup) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15171
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