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 87 2019-05-23T09:25:40  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] hebasto opened pull request #16077: docs: Follow ISO/IEC 14882 terms and definitions (master...20190523-iso-parameter) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16077
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 97 2019-05-23T10:43:03  <stevenroose> Does bitcoind have an RPC that either (1) gives the xpub of the master priv (the one that dumpwallet gives) or (2) allows calculating the xpub of an xpriv?
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116 2019-05-23T12:24:37  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] LongShao007 opened pull request #16078: replace tx hash with txid in test rawtransaction (master...pytest) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16078
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148 2019-05-23T14:21:32  <achow101> stevenroose: no
149 2019-05-23T14:22:34  <stevenroose> achow101: thanks
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157 2019-05-23T14:40:02  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] stevenroose opened pull request #16079: wallet_balance.py: Prevent edge cases (master...wallet-balance-test) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16079
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162 2019-05-23T14:56:56  <dongcarl> cfields: Trying to understand your fork of cctools-port... Out of the 5 commits that you made that's no upstream, they've taken care of openssl and uuid (the first 2 commits), but I'm having trouble understanding the remaining 3... Namely: 3a2152b8e4d74601d9976f75aa7c30fd2b54733f, 81589bba090b29989dee31d8f04a78d917b34589, and ee31ae567931c426136c94aad457c7b51d844beb
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171 2019-05-23T15:40:07  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/12fd4bbd1ed9...b4223dd5f113
172 2019-05-23T15:40:08  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master bb41e63 Steven Roose: wallet_balance.py: Prevent edge cases
173 2019-05-23T15:40:08  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master b4223dd MarcoFalke: Merge #16079: wallet_balance.py: Prevent edge cases
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176 2019-05-23T15:41:02  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #16079: wallet_balance.py: Prevent edge cases (master...wallet-balance-test) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16079
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205 2019-05-23T16:46:11  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/b4223dd5f113...0b058ba69d85
206 2019-05-23T16:46:11  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master e23809a Chris Capobianco: [rpc] deriveaddresses: Correct descriptor checksum in RPCExamples
207 2019-05-23T16:46:12  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 0b058ba MarcoFalke: Merge #16024: [rpc] deriveaddresses: Correction of descriptor checksum in ...
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210 2019-05-23T16:46:46  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #16024: [rpc] deriveaddresses: Correction of descriptor checksum in RPC example (master...2019-05-14-deriveaddresses-example-checksum) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16024
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214 2019-05-23T16:51:37  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonatack opened pull request #16080: build/doc: update bitcoin_config.h packages, release process (master...bitcoin_config-and-release_process-updates) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16080
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220 2019-05-23T17:39:02  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 5 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/0b058ba69d85...65c4bbe629bb
221 2019-05-23T17:39:03  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master cc25885 practicalswift: Move LockAnnotation from threadsafety.h (imported code) to sync.h (our cod...
222 2019-05-23T17:39:03  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 3a80944 practicalswift: Move LockAnnotation to make it reflect the truth
223 2019-05-23T17:39:04  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master de9b5db practicalswift: Make sure the compile-time locking promises given via LockAnnotation:s hol...
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226 2019-05-23T17:39:52  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #16034: refactoring: Rename LockAnnotation to LockAssertion and add run-time check to it  (master...make-sure-LockAnnotation-promises-are-truthful) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16034
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245 2019-05-23T18:34:50  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake reopened pull request #13442: Convert the 1-way SSE4 SHA256 code from asm to intrinsics (master...201806_sse4intrin) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/13442
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257 2019-05-23T19:00:30  <wumpus> #startmeeting
258 2019-05-23T19:00:30  <lightningbot> Meeting started Thu May 23 19:00:30 2019 UTC.  The chair is wumpus. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
259 2019-05-23T19:00:30  <lightningbot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
260 2019-05-23T19:00:41  <sipa> ohai
261 2019-05-23T19:00:50  <wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101 meshcollider jnewbery maaku fanquake promag provoostenator aj Chris_Stewart_5 dongcarl gwillen jamesob ken281221 ryanofsky gleb moneyball kvaciral
262 2019-05-23T19:00:58  <achow101> hi
263 2019-05-23T19:01:01  <promag> hi
264 2019-05-23T19:01:05  <fanquake> Hi
265 2019-05-23T19:01:08  <achow101> only here for 30 min or so (if the meeting even goes that long)
266 2019-05-23T19:01:15  <meshcollider> hi
267 2019-05-23T19:01:15  <jamesob> hi
268 2019-05-23T19:01:47  <gwillen> hi
269 2019-05-23T19:01:49  <wumpus> proposed topics? (none on moneyball 's list)
270 2019-05-23T19:02:10  <phantomcircuit> hi
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272 2019-05-23T19:02:38  <jonasschnelli> hi
273 2019-05-23T19:02:46  <Chris_Stewart_5> hello
274 2019-05-23T19:03:03  <wumpus> hello
275 2019-05-23T19:03:23  <wumpus> #topic High priority for review
276 2019-05-23T19:03:32  <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8
277 2019-05-23T19:04:16  <wumpus> current PRs: #15427 #15741 #15759 #15024 #15649
278 2019-05-23T19:04:20  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15427 | Add support for descriptors to utxoupdatepsbt by sipa · Pull Request #15427 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
279 2019-05-23T19:04:21  <moneyball> hi
280 2019-05-23T19:04:23  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15741 | Batch write imported stuff in importmulti by achow101 · Pull Request #15741 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
281 2019-05-23T19:04:26  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15759 | [p2p] Add 2 outbound blocks-only connections by sdaftuar · Pull Request #15759 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
282 2019-05-23T19:04:27  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15024 | Allow specific private keys to be derived from descriptor by meshcollider · Pull Request #15024 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
283 2019-05-23T19:04:30  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15649 | Add ChaCha20Poly1305@Bitcoin AEAD by jonasschnelli · Pull Request #15649 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
284 2019-05-23T19:04:36  <kanzure> hi
285 2019-05-23T19:04:37  <jamesob> can I ask that #15976 be added? it's prone to rebase conflicts and pretty close to ack-threshold for merge (I think)
286 2019-05-23T19:04:44  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15976 | refactor: move methods under CChainState (pt. 1) by jamesob · Pull Request #15976 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
287 2019-05-23T19:04:54  <jamesob> (and blocks the assumeutxo project)
288 2019-05-23T19:04:55  <wumpus> jamesob: of course
289 2019-05-23T19:05:05  *** scoop has quit IRC
290 2019-05-23T19:05:13  <jamesob> wumpus: thanks
291 2019-05-23T19:05:16  <fanquake> done
292 2019-05-23T19:05:20  <dongcarl> Could we add #16059? Small but without it linux gitian builds are broken right now
293 2019-05-23T19:05:22  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16059 | configure: Fix thread_local detection by dongcarl · Pull Request #16059 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
294 2019-05-23T19:06:02  <wumpus> dongcarl: sure
295 2019-05-23T19:06:17  <wumpus> fanquake: thanks
296 2019-05-23T19:06:18  <jnewbery> hi
297 2019-05-23T19:06:26  <fanquake> I think that can be merged quite soon. I'm testing it at the moment.
298 2019-05-23T19:06:37  <fanquake> Have added to high prio.
299 2019-05-23T19:06:40  <dongcarl> thank you
300 2019-05-23T19:06:45  <wumpus> why are we using thread_local again btw?
301 2019-05-23T19:06:55  <jamesob> for thread names
302 2019-05-23T19:06:56  <wumpus> I thought that was removed at some point
303 2019-05-23T19:07:12  <jamesob> cory and I came up with a way to do without at some point but it was pretty convoluted
304 2019-05-23T19:08:19  <fanquake> It's also linux and openbsd? only atm. Broken on win, freebsd and we can't use it on macOS until we are using a newer sdk.
305 2019-05-23T19:08:34  <wumpus> doesn't pthread have a way to keep track of thread names?
306 2019-05-23T19:09:13  <wumpus> I thought that was how we did that, anyway
307 2019-05-23T19:09:17  <jonasschnelli> fanquake: you mean SDK for the depends build?
308 2019-05-23T19:09:21  <wumpus> that'll also show up in top and such
309 2019-05-23T19:09:28  <jamesob> there's some posix key-value store API we were using with the pthreads id to avoid thread_local, but it ended up being a lot of code IIRC
310 2019-05-23T19:09:49  <wumpus> pthread_setname or such
311 2019-05-23T19:10:11  <wumpus> pthread_getname_np
312 2019-05-23T19:10:16  <fanquake> jonasschnelli yes. Although now I think about it, we are building against 10.11 which I think means we can use it. Have to double check.
313 2019-05-23T19:10:40  <jonasschnelli> Also since this is nice for debugging, the depends build matters not too much
314 2019-05-23T19:11:23  <sipa> wumpus: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/src/util/threadnames.cpp
315 2019-05-23T19:11:56  <wumpus> do we have a whole util to keep track of thread names? wow
316 2019-05-23T19:11:57  <ryanofsky> #16059 is a straightforward fix, simpler than rewriting thread names imo...
317 2019-05-23T19:12:00  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16059 | configure: Fix thread_local detection by dongcarl · Pull Request #16059 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
318 2019-05-23T19:12:11  <jamesob> ryanofsky: agree
319 2019-05-23T19:12:26  <wumpus> I had no idea it was such a big issue, anyhow, any other topics?
320 2019-05-23T19:12:40  * luke-jr for one finds thread names useful sometimes
321 2019-05-23T19:12:47  <jamesob> we avoided doing pthread_getname because there are supposedly implementation problems (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2369738/how-to-set-the-name-of-a-thread-in-linux-pthreads/7989973#7989973). see also the notes at the bottom of this PR description: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/13099
322 2019-05-23T19:12:48  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/7989973 | HTTP Error 404: Not Found
323 2019-05-23T19:14:17  <wumpus> jamesob:thanks
324 2019-05-23T19:14:37  *** sfhi has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
325 2019-05-23T19:15:36  <meshcollider> Not a topic, but I won't be able to attend tomorrows wallet meeting so could someone please volunteer to host it?
326 2019-05-23T19:15:54  <wumpus> anyonw?
327 2019-05-23T19:15:57  <sipa> i'll be here, if there's interest
328 2019-05-23T19:16:10  *** michaelfolkson has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
329 2019-05-23T19:16:15  <fanquake> Maybe #15993 for a topic? Has been through a few iterations but seems to be more ready now?
330 2019-05-23T19:16:17  <jnewbery> I'll be there
331 2019-05-23T19:16:18  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15993 | net: Drop support of the insecure miniUPnPc versions by hebasto · Pull Request #15993 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
332 2019-05-23T19:16:39  <wumpus> fanquake:I think that should just be merged?
333 2019-05-23T19:16:49  <wumpus> fanquake: is there anything to discuss about it?
334 2019-05-23T19:17:26  *** michaelfolkson has quit IRC
335 2019-05-23T19:17:26  <luke-jr> did configure finally get updated?
336 2019-05-23T19:17:38  <luke-jr> not that I see..
337 2019-05-23T19:17:48  <wumpus> I don't know...
338 2019-05-23T19:17:51  <MarcoFalke> Seems like it is just shuffling things around and not actually dropping support
339 2019-05-23T19:17:59  <fanquake> wumpus I haven't tested any of the changes, just seemed there was discussion about which versions to drop support for, and wether other versions had actually been patched.
340 2019-05-23T19:18:20  <wumpus> it's dropping support for <10, which is fine, the only thing controversial was <14
341 2019-05-23T19:18:21  <luke-jr> looks like it would detect older miniupnpc libraries, then fail to compile
342 2019-05-23T19:18:36  <wumpus> because that's still in debian table
343 2019-05-23T19:18:38  <wumpus> stable
344 2019-05-23T19:19:30  <fanquake> ok.
345 2019-05-23T19:19:42  <fanquake> One other topic is suggestions for 0.18.1 backporting that aren't already in #16035
346 2019-05-23T19:19:44  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16035 | 0.18.1: Backports by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #16035 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
347 2019-05-23T19:19:46  * wumpus would prefer to drop support for miniUPnP completely but, don't feel like having that discussion
348 2019-05-23T19:20:00  <wumpus> #topic backport suggestions for 0.18.1
349 2019-05-23T19:21:23  <wumpus> anything?
350 2019-05-23T19:21:47  <promag> maybe #14984?
351 2019-05-23T19:21:49  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/14984 | rpc: Speedup getrawmempool when verbose=true by promag · Pull Request #14984 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
352 2019-05-23T19:22:17  <wumpus> it's not really a bugfix
353 2019-05-23T19:22:19  <MarcoFalke> It is not strictly a bugfix.
354 2019-05-23T19:22:22  <fanquake> Apparently that isn't actually a clean backport, and maybe not worth it if it's just perfomance gain.
355 2019-05-23T19:22:23  <wumpus> unless performance is *really* horrible right now
356 2019-05-23T19:22:52  <MarcoFalke> Only when the mempool is large ;)
357 2019-05-23T19:22:53  <wumpus> if it's non-trivial to backport too then better not to, I think
358 2019-05-23T19:23:15  <promag> right, large mempool, about 30% faster
359 2019-05-23T19:23:27  <promag> no problem, just asked
360 2019-05-23T19:23:38  <wumpus> no problem, thanks for suggesting something
361 2019-05-23T19:24:14  <MarcoFalke> I am mostly waiting on those to get merged: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/milestone/41
362 2019-05-23T19:24:28  <wumpus> are we planning on doing a 0.18.1 soon btw?
363 2019-05-23T19:24:38  <wumpus> I mean, is there anything motivating it?
364 2019-05-23T19:24:40  *** Guest58856 has quit IRC
365 2019-05-23T19:24:41  *** Guest58856 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
366 2019-05-23T19:25:10  <MarcoFalke> nothing urgent, no
367 2019-05-23T19:25:11  <promag> ops, forgot about #15453
368 2019-05-23T19:25:12  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15453 | Starting bitcoin-qt with -nowallet and then opening a wallet does not show the wallet · Issue #15453 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
369 2019-05-23T19:25:46  <fanquake> A couple of bug fixes for potentially confusing behaviour, like #15952, but nothing catastrophic
370 2019-05-23T19:25:48  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15952 | Cant open wallet · Issue #15952 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
371 2019-05-23T19:25:49  <MarcoFalke> oh, maybe the gcc compile bug?
372 2019-05-23T19:26:05  <wumpus> MarcoFalke:yes maybe that
373 2019-05-23T19:26:13  <MarcoFalke> But it seemed to only affect the tests, so ... flip a coin?
374 2019-05-23T19:26:16  <wumpus> would be good to have that out of the way
375 2019-05-23T19:26:23  <wumpus> we don't *know*
376 2019-05-23T19:26:36  <MarcoFalke> jup
377 2019-05-23T19:26:39  <fanquake> #15983
378 2019-05-23T19:26:41  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15983 | build with -fstack-reuse=none by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #15983 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
379 2019-05-23T19:27:25  <fanquake> Maybe wait another week or two then, assuming outstanding PRs are merged, cut an rc1 ?
380 2019-05-23T19:27:33  <wumpus> that definitely needs backport to 0.18
381 2019-05-23T19:27:46  *** brianhoffman has quit IRC
382 2019-05-23T19:27:55  <MarcoFalke> It is the first thing in #16035
383 2019-05-23T19:27:57  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16035 | 0.18.1: Backports by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #16035 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
384 2019-05-23T19:27:59  <wumpus> it's labeled for 0.17.2 but that's not very likely  to happen
385 2019-05-23T19:28:01  <wumpus> oh okay
386 2019-05-23T19:28:04  <sipa> has anyone done general benchmarks to see the affect of -fstack-reuse=none ?
387 2019-05-23T19:28:10  <fanquake> jamesob
388 2019-05-23T19:28:32  <fanquake> sipa https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15983#issuecomment-490700321
389 2019-05-23T19:28:34  <jamesob> I tried but I don't think I was doing it right
390 2019-05-23T19:28:35  <MarcoFalke> sipa: We couldn't find any significant changes on our hardware
391 2019-05-23T19:28:46  <wumpus> I doubt it affects performance at all
392 2019-05-23T19:28:47  <sipa> MarcoFalke: that's not surprising, but good to confirm
393 2019-05-23T19:28:48  *** Guest58856 is now known as gmaxwell
394 2019-05-23T19:28:48  <wumpus> just stack use
395 2019-05-23T19:29:48  <gmaxwell> My only concern was that it would break some other performance optimization, sounds like it doesn't.
396 2019-05-23T19:30:00  <wumpus> anyhow, upgrade to a compiler that doesn't have the bug (when there's one)
397 2019-05-23T19:30:10  <wumpus> performance loss is preferable to random unpredictable corruption
398 2019-05-23T19:30:22  <wumpus> certainly for something like bitcoin
399 2019-05-23T19:30:29  <MarcoFalke> right
400 2019-05-23T19:31:24  <wumpus> (I mean it's obviously different if say, validation becomes two times as slow or something extreme like that, but we'd have noticed)
401 2019-05-23T19:31:28  <gmaxwell> if the performance loss were truly significant though, we might want to look for other alternative workarounds, good that we don't need to.
402 2019-05-23T19:31:34  <wumpus> of course
403 2019-05-23T19:31:56  <sipa> agree
404 2019-05-23T19:32:01  <wumpus> any other topics?
405 2019-05-23T19:32:45  <promag> is this worth it? https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16065#issuecomment-494853746
406 2019-05-23T19:33:54  <wumpus> avoiding hashing is always the best sha256 optimization :)
407 2019-05-23T19:34:34  <jonasschnelli> ;-)
408 2019-05-23T19:34:43  <wumpus> (but if it's worth it depends on what slice of the total the 2.44s is, if it's on the whole initial sync it's neglible)
409 2019-05-23T19:35:05  <fanquake> If anyone can reproduce #16027 that might be handy. Has come up a couple times now.
410 2019-05-23T19:35:06  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16027 | client 0.18.0 crashes when computer wakes up from hibernation · Issue #16027 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
411 2019-05-23T19:35:14  <MarcoFalke> Yeah, sync is ~hours, so a second doesn't matter at all
412 2019-05-23T19:35:28  <wumpus> MarcoFalke: right
413 2019-05-23T19:35:29  <promag> wumpus: right, agree at the moment saving a couple of seconds isn't worth it
414 2019-05-23T19:35:31  <gmaxwell> that sounds like it maybe more more relevant to propagation at the tip.
415 2019-05-23T19:35:46  <wumpus> and that's within the measuring noise isn't it?
416 2019-05-23T19:36:06  <gmaxwell> e.g. time from getting a block to sending the first non-HB peer.
417 2019-05-23T19:36:31  <wumpus> gmaxwell: yes, that latency would be useful to measure
418 2019-05-23T19:36:41  <wumpus> if it makes a significant difference there then it could still be worth it
419 2019-05-23T19:36:48  <gmaxwell> the fact that we're rehashing in general suggests we've got something kinda wrong, layout wise.
420 2019-05-23T19:36:55  <wumpus> true
421 2019-05-23T19:37:27  <promag> ok, I'll keep doing those profiles
422 2019-05-23T19:37:40  <MarcoFalke> Could just cache the hash in the data structure?
423 2019-05-23T19:37:40  <wumpus> depends also on how much more complicated it makes the code, or whether it increases memory use, etc
424 2019-05-23T19:37:58  <wumpus> how much it increases memory use, of course caching increases memory use
425 2019-05-23T19:38:03  * MarcoFalke ducks
426 2019-05-23T19:38:07  <sipa> jamesob: mr profiling... do we have any way to generally benchmark block-propagation-speed-at-synced-tip ?
427 2019-05-23T19:38:39  <jamesob> mmm short of parsing verbose debug.log, I don't think so. not built into bitcoinperf yet, at any rate :)
428 2019-05-23T19:38:41  <promag> MarcoFalke: the hash is only necessary while processing/validating
429 2019-05-23T19:39:07  <sipa> jamesob: i think it would be very valuable to have; especially for scenarios where the block's transactions have already been validated in the mempool
430 2019-05-23T19:39:25  <sipa> as there are very relevant performance improvements there that'd generally be dwarfed by script validation
431 2019-05-23T19:39:41  <MarcoFalke> sipa: Would that require two nodes?
432 2019-05-23T19:39:53  <MarcoFalke> or are you talking about a micro benchmark
433 2019-05-23T19:39:56  <jamesob> sipa: yeah, agree that's a metric worth tracking
434 2019-05-23T19:40:05  <jamesob> happy to build something for it
435 2019-05-23T19:40:22  <sipa> perhaps we should do some brainstorming about that, but maybe outside the meeting
436 2019-05-23T19:40:22  <wumpus> jamesob: cool!
437 2019-05-23T19:40:46  <fanquake> If anyone is interested in guix building, dongcarl has been doing a lot of work in #15277. Would be good to get some more builds to compare hashes with.
438 2019-05-23T19:40:48  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15277 | [Help Wanted] contrib: Enable building in Guix containers by dongcarl · Pull Request #15277 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
439 2019-05-23T19:41:00  <MarcoFalke> sipa: If it is for bitcoinperf: https://github.com/chaincodelabs/bitcoinperf/issues
440 2019-05-23T19:41:03  <gmaxwell> sipa: there are tests in bitcoinfibre.
441 2019-05-23T19:41:07  <wumpus> fanquake: if there's clear instructions to test, I'm happy to try
442 2019-05-23T19:41:16  <promag> ah btw, one thing that takes a while is base_uint<BITS>& base_uint<BITS>::operator>>=(unsigned int shift)
443 2019-05-23T19:41:37  <dongcarl> wumpus: I'll update and link you
444 2019-05-23T19:41:44  <wumpus> dongcarl: great !
445 2019-05-23T19:41:46  <sipa> promag: inside the division logic for retargetting that's expected
446 2019-05-23T19:41:51  <sipa> most of the time is in shifts
447 2019-05-23T19:42:14  <gmaxwell> MarcoFalke: The logical place to cache hashes in block objects themselves, doing so there is irrelevant memory use wise (32 bytes in a 1.2MB object), but complicates constness.
448 2019-05-23T19:42:48  <fanquake> I have a setup/container guide for a quick Guix setup here as well: https://github.com/fanquake/core-review/tree/master/guix
449 2019-05-23T19:43:03  <gmaxwell> promag: if thats actually taking a non-trivial amount of some real usecase, the division could be made faster... it uses a fairly naieve algorithim right now.
450 2019-05-23T19:43:05  <wumpus> agree it's irrelevant on block objects, it's mostly CBlockIndex where it counts because so many of them are permanently in memory
451 2019-05-23T19:43:11  *** sfhi2 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
452 2019-05-23T19:43:28  <jamesob> fanquake: cool!
453 2019-05-23T19:44:08  <wumpus> fanquake:nice
454 2019-05-23T19:45:32  <wumpus> any other topics?
455 2019-05-23T19:46:33  *** sfhi has quit IRC
456 2019-05-23T19:47:00  <wumpus> #endmeeting
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461 2019-05-23T19:47:34  <jamesob> gmaxwell: were those fibre tests you mentioned in the microbench or somewhere else?
462 2019-05-23T19:48:51  <gmaxwell> microbench, IIRC
463 2019-05-23T19:49:05  <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: I summon thee
464 2019-05-23T19:49:33  <BlueMatt> hmm
465 2019-05-23T19:50:06  <luke-jr> is it just me, or did gmaxwell's nick change colour?
466 2019-05-23T19:50:18  <BlueMatt> gmaxwell: note that CBlock const-ness is already fucked (yay CheckBlock), not to say we should make it worse, though
467 2019-05-23T19:50:19  <kanzure> btw, i'm still seeking submissions for topics for upcoming physical meetup.
468 2019-05-23T19:50:21  <promag> gmaxwell: effective
469 2019-05-23T19:51:32  <jamesob> BlueMatt gmaxwell: this thing? https://github.com/bitcoinfibre/bitcoinfibre/commit/a04d57208e09c21d241dc880dffa8eb4efbda1e5
470 2019-05-23T19:52:16  <BlueMatt> whats the question?
471 2019-05-23T19:53:07  <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: 12:38:07 < sipa> jamesob: mr profiling... do we have any way to generally benchmark block-propagation-speed-at-synced-tip ?
472 2019-05-23T19:53:12  <gmaxwell> 12:41:03 < gmaxwell> sipa: there are tests in bitcoinfibre.
473 2019-05-23T19:53:38  <gmaxwell> basically promag has an optimization that avoids rehashing the whole block when accepting it.
474 2019-05-23T19:53:53  <gmaxwell> her rehashing the header perhaps actually.
475 2019-05-23T19:53:54  <promag> gmaxwell: no the block
476 2019-05-23T19:54:04  <promag> yap, the blockheader
477 2019-05-23T19:54:05  <BlueMatt> when do we hash the block?
478 2019-05-23T19:54:09  <BlueMatt> yea, blockheader, ok
479 2019-05-23T19:54:27  <BlueMatt> there was a patch like 5 years ago that removed most of the duplicate hashes in acceptance path
480 2019-05-23T19:54:29  <BlueMatt> how many are left?
481 2019-05-23T19:54:33  <promag> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16065#issuecomment-494853746
482 2019-05-23T19:54:36  <gmaxwell> header yea, so question is it worthwhile? obviously not against IBD, but maybe at tip relay for non-hb peers.
483 2019-05-23T19:56:13  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
484 2019-05-23T19:56:14  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/65c4bbe629bb...fe47ae168b57
485 2019-05-23T19:56:15  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 3ee28c5 Jon Atack: build: bump bitcoin_config.h packages to v0.18
486 2019-05-23T19:56:16  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 8afca32 Jon Atack: doc: add bitcoin_config.h PACKAGE updates to release process
487 2019-05-23T19:56:17  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fe47ae1 MarcoFalke: Merge #16080: build/doc: update bitcoin_config.h packages, release process...
488 2019-05-23T19:56:18  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
489 2019-05-23T19:56:44  <BlueMatt> hmm, only things I have that would test this is looking at debug.log (which I have scripts that do, but its fibre-specific)
490 2019-05-23T19:57:00  <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: I thought one of your fibre unit tests tested accepting a block.
491 2019-05-23T19:57:09  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
492 2019-05-23T19:57:10  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #16080: build/doc: update bitcoin_config.h packages, release process (master...bitcoin_config-and-release_process-updates) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16080
493 2019-05-23T19:57:22  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
494 2019-05-23T19:57:22  <BlueMatt> they do not, I believe
495 2019-05-23T19:57:38  <BlueMatt> they do test the equivalent of getting a block in via fibre and converting it to a CBlock for acceptance
496 2019-05-23T19:57:40  <BlueMatt> but nothing further
497 2019-05-23T19:58:28  <gmaxwell> ah, okay, my mistake then.
498 2019-05-23T19:59:49  <jamesob> so if we were to bench acceptance-at-tip, would it make sense to have different fixtures for HB vs. LB?
499 2019-05-23T20:00:46  <gmaxwell> Yes. Both figures are important and they're radically different.
500 2019-05-23T20:01:14  <gmaxwell> Because HB relay happens before EVERYTHING, including validation.
501 2019-05-23T20:01:32  <gmaxwell> (okay maybe my everything was still to uppercase)
502 2019-05-23T20:01:42  <gmaxwell> too*
503 2019-05-23T20:02:46  <jamesob> hm, in net_processing:SendMessages?
504 2019-05-23T20:04:24  <jamesob> https://github.com/jamesob/bitcoin/blob/b2a6b0216192b6e8428f1a80b47f5178fccb961a/src/net_processing.cpp#L3587-L3590
505 2019-05-23T20:08:59  <gmaxwell> when I'm benchmarking I'm normally looking at logs with microsecond time on for the difference between these lines:
506 2019-05-23T20:09:00  <gmaxwell> 2019-05-23T20:07:22.551652Z received: cmpctblock (16841 bytes) peer=1
507 2019-05-23T20:09:09  <gmaxwell> 2019-05-23T20:07:22.571894Z sending cmpctblock (16841 bytes) peer=5
508 2019-05-23T20:09:39  <gmaxwell> 2019-05-23T20:07:22.654285Z SendMessages: sending header 00000000000000000013886cc5bfa15d88db56f024a66b92f4b10ecf46922ff5 to peer=2
509 2019-05-23T20:10:25  <gmaxwell> The first is getting the cmpct block, the second is sending the first HB block, and the third is the first non-HB announcement.
510 2019-05-23T20:11:09  *** jtimon has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
511 2019-05-23T20:12:07  <jamesob> gmaxwell: ah okay, that helps
512 2019-05-23T20:12:58  <gmaxwell> it might be interesting to setup a little stats datastructure that you can get at with an RPC.
513 2019-05-23T20:14:22  <gmaxwell> That keeps a couple relevant times --- like the above two deltas for the last block, and maybe a couple EWMA averages of them.  Then the python test framework could be used to do some benchmarking without relying on log parsing (which we break with frustrating frequency)
514 2019-05-23T20:14:56  *** michaelfolkson has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
515 2019-05-23T20:16:08  <gmaxwell> one thing to keep in mind is that cmpctblock is only the relevant start point when there are no missing txn, otherwise the blocktxn message is.
516 2019-05-23T20:16:59  <gmaxwell> (if you measure cmpct->cmpct when there are missing txn, you'll include the response time of the peer and network latency-- which is itself also very interesting but perhaps doesn't make for a clean test :) )
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521 2019-05-23T20:39:45  <jamesob> gmaxwell: thanks for the pointers. I was actually about to start working on a bitcoind log parsing lib, but the RPC idea's interesting too. I wonder if maintaining some of those stats datastructures under an #if defined(DEBUG) wouldn't be too invasive
522 2019-05-23T20:40:20  <jamesob> err probably not DEBUG; we might want a separate configure flag I guess
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526 2019-05-23T20:58:50  <gmaxwell> Ifdefs are kind of invasive, I don't think some operational stats would be bad to have at runtime regardless.
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