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 16 2019-06-13T00:49:00  <sipa> jonasschnelli: seems reasonable
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 22 2019-06-13T00:57:29  <sipa> i may not be around for the meeting tomorrow, but BlueMatt suggested earlier that maybe instead of using /16 groups for the IP range "groups" (which affect outgoing connections, and addrman bucketing), we could use actual AS numbers (the identifiers of the autonomous networks which can assign IP addresses)
 23 2019-06-13T00:58:55  <sipa> so i spent some time coming up with a compact encoding for a table with all AS numbers, and it seems a binary trie that's stored as a concatenation of variable-length integers with byte offset jumps can encode the whole thing (IPv4 and IPv6) in about 2 MB
 24 2019-06-13T00:59:20  <sipa> does that seem like a reasonable thing to build into bitcoind, or ship as a file along with it?
 25 2019-06-13T01:00:47  <sipa> if too large, we could of course approximate things by merging adjacent tiny IP ranges
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 30 2019-06-13T01:34:10  <phantomcircuit> sipa, where would you get the as information?
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 32 2019-06-13T01:36:11  <sipa> phantomcircuit: BlueMatt
 33 2019-06-13T01:38:40  <phantomcircuit> BlueMatt, ^
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 54 2019-06-13T03:24:30  <midnightmagic> just a snapshot of the current bgp routing table aint it
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 56 2019-06-13T03:25:19  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] shannon1916 opened pull request #16199: rpc: fix showing wrong amount when not all inputs are from me in gettransaction (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16199
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 66 2019-06-13T04:26:53  <sipa> midnightmagic: yeah
 67 2019-06-13T04:41:24  <midnightmagic> a feed of bgp routing changes might be helpful on its own for checking connection flapping -- and especially bgp hijack detection
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 69 2019-06-13T04:41:59  <midnightmagic> there's a twitter account that publishes such things too, it's pretty eye-popping the AS who end up stealing other peoples' AS.
 70 2019-06-13T04:43:50  <midnightmagic> https://twitter.com/bgpstream  <-- there, that one.  crazy!
 71 2019-06-13T04:44:41  <midnightmagic> Its AS database isn't updated though so sometimes it looks like nobody hijacked anything but of course, it ends up being like telstra hijacking like .. Comcast or something
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122 2019-06-13T08:26:07  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj opened pull request #16201: devtools: Always use unabbreviated commit IDs in github-merge.py (master...2019_06_ghmerge_unabbrev) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16201
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132 2019-06-13T08:48:54  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/f792395d13aa...afab1312c5e1
133 2019-06-13T08:48:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 75485ef João Barbosa: gui: Enable open wallet menu on setWalletController
134 2019-06-13T08:48:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master afab131 fanquake: Merge #16118: gui: Enable open wallet menu on setWalletController
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137 2019-06-13T08:50:05  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake merged pull request #16118: gui: Enable open wallet menu on setWalletController (master...2019-05-null-walletcontroller) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16118
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142 2019-06-13T09:00:16  <promag> fanquake: first?
143 2019-06-13T09:00:38  <fanquake> promag yes
144 2019-06-13T09:00:44  <promag> \o/
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153 2019-06-13T09:18:14  <meshcollider> \o/
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162 2019-06-13T09:45:25  <jonasschnelli> fanquake: \o/!
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167 2019-06-13T10:00:10  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli opened pull request #16202: Refactor network message deserialization  (master...2019/06/net_refactor_1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16202
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188 2019-06-13T10:39:21  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 3 commits to 0.18: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/be92be5644a7...9c29bc71dc40
189 2019-06-13T10:39:21  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.18 206c30f MarcoFalke: dummywallet: Reformat ignored wallet options list
190 2019-06-13T10:39:22  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.18 106471d Luke Dashjr: Bugfix: dummywallet: Add -ignorepartialspends to list of ignored wallet op...
191 2019-06-13T10:39:22  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.18 9c29bc7 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #16189: 0.18: Backport "Add -ignorepartialspends to list of ignored ...
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194 2019-06-13T10:39:41  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj merged pull request #16189: 0.18: Backport "Add -ignorepartialspends to list of ignored wallet options" (0.18...1906-18Backport) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16189
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196 2019-06-13T10:48:39  <wumpus> so many PRs failing travis again
197 2019-06-13T10:49:07  <wumpus> there should be zero reason for a PR like #16188 to fail travis, it just adds a few comments
198 2019-06-13T10:49:08  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16188 | net: Document what happens to getdata of unknown type by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #16188 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
199 2019-06-13T10:50:18  <wumpus> it has such a long build log that I don't even know what fails
200 2019-06-13T10:51:48  <fanquake> it'll likely be just after building zmq in depends
201 2019-06-13T10:52:40  <wumpus> it's like travis stopped caching some of our results, forcing a rebuild
202 2019-06-13T10:52:41  <promag> the cache is per PR?
203 2019-06-13T10:53:10  <fanquake> wumpus here's the end of the log: https://gist.github.com/fanquake/e04e7c1e02e5e6363fd0c1e1abb20b8a
204 2019-06-13T10:53:14  <wumpus> promag: it is, though the initial build uses the cache for the branch (at least I hope so)
205 2019-06-13T10:53:25  <wumpus> it *used to*
206 2019-06-13T10:53:49  <wumpus> but I'm starting to think something changed in regard to caching
207 2019-06-13T10:55:02  <wumpus> fanquake: ahh so it's another case of "Initial build successful, but not enough time remains ..." I wish that was displayed at the top instead
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210 2019-06-13T10:58:18  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 3 commits to 0.17: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/6cf81b01b48e...c165df198d6e
211 2019-06-13T10:58:19  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.17 05fb9f7 MarcoFalke: build with -fstack-reuse=none
212 2019-06-13T10:58:20  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.17 b5a4abe Pieter Wuille: Add test for GCC bug 90348
213 2019-06-13T10:58:22  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/0.17 c165df1 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge #16163: 0.17.2 backport: build with -fstack-reuse=none  and test cas...
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216 2019-06-13T10:58:41  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj merged pull request #16163: 0.17.2 backport: build with -fstack-reuse=none  and test case (0.17...backport_stack_reuse_none_017) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16163
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221 2019-06-13T11:08:07  <promag> MarcoFalke: thanks for the backport
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227 2019-06-13T11:27:46  <jonasschnelli> #proposedmeetingtopic travis stability and usefulness in current state
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235 2019-06-13T11:35:22  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/afab1312c5e1...431d81b61ca9
236 2019-06-13T11:35:23  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 97f517d Jonas Schnelli: Fix RPC/pruneblockchain returned prune height
237 2019-06-13T11:35:23  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master f402012 João Barbosa: fixup: Fix prunning test
238 2019-06-13T11:35:24  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 431d81b Jonas Schnelli: Merge #15991: Bugfix: fix pruneblockchain returned prune height
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243 2019-06-13T11:36:15  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jonasschnelli merged pull request #15991: Bugfix: fix pruneblockchain returned prune height (master...2019/05/pruning_test) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15991
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247 2019-06-13T11:40:54  <jonasschnelli> sipa, MarcoFalke: you commented on https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15615 . Would appreciate closing the review by NACK/ACK/comment.
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258 2019-06-13T12:12:47  <MarcoFalke> So why are we using tinyformat for printf, but not for fprintf et al?
259 2019-06-13T12:13:31  <MarcoFalke> Also, it seems like we might not be using tinyformat at all, since it depends on include order what the symbol refers to, no?
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261 2019-06-13T12:16:10  <MarcoFalke> re travis: I have deleted all caches on travis
262 2019-06-13T12:16:23  <MarcoFalke> It can't get any worse than now
263 2019-06-13T12:16:24  <jonasschnelli> I think we just use it for log printing,.. right?
264 2019-06-13T12:17:08  <MarcoFalke> Yeah, why. Why not for printing to a file handle
265 2019-06-13T12:17:20  <MarcoFalke> stdout or whatever
266 2019-06-13T12:17:39  <jonasschnelli> Maybe due to security/stability concerns? but probably not
267 2019-06-13T12:18:43  <wumpus> tinyformat should ideally be used for everything, but at the moment it's used for 1) formatting to strings (strprintf) 2) log formatting
268 2019-06-13T12:19:23  <wumpus> (LogPrint / LogPrintf)
269 2019-06-13T12:19:48  <MarcoFalke> it is also used for some printf, depending on include order
270 2019-06-13T12:19:52  <wumpus> I strongly disagree with "we might not be using tinyformat at all", in contrast to libc printf implementations, tinyformat is type safe
271 2019-06-13T12:19:55  <MarcoFalke> since the tinyformat header has a printf in it
272 2019-06-13T12:20:31  <MarcoFalke> I meant "we might not be using tinyformat *accidentally* at all"
273 2019-06-13T12:20:39  <wumpus> we had some really awful problems with platform libc implementations (esp windows), with regards to strings, locale, even formatting 64 bit integers, there's no way we're going back to that
274 2019-06-13T12:20:44  <wumpus> ooh
275 2019-06-13T12:20:51  <MarcoFalke> because it might depend on include order
276 2019-06-13T12:21:01  <wumpus> is bare 'printf' used anywhere?
277 2019-06-13T12:21:06  <wumpus> it shouldn't really be
278 2019-06-13T12:21:25  <jonasschnelli> I don't think we use bar printf anywhere
279 2019-06-13T12:21:30  <jonasschnelli> (expect ctaes bench)
280 2019-06-13T12:21:46  <MarcoFalke> oh, yeah
281 2019-06-13T12:21:52  <MarcoFalke> But we use fprintf
282 2019-06-13T12:21:52  *** ddustin has quit IRC
283 2019-06-13T12:21:53  <jonasschnelli> *except
284 2019-06-13T12:22:06  <wumpus> (it's kind of useless as stdout might be redirected to nowhere, ther's some fprintf(stderr, ) where we're sure it's before the daemonize I guess, would be OK with replacing those with something that uses tinyformat)
285 2019-06-13T12:22:34  <wumpus> but please don't redefine fprintf for that but define a new function
286 2019-06-13T12:22:40  *** emilengler has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
287 2019-06-13T12:22:45  <MarcoFalke> ok, makes sense
288 2019-06-13T12:23:29  <wumpus> it's kind of bizarre that tinyformat redefines printf
289 2019-06-13T12:24:26  <wumpus> I think you have agood point in that
290 2019-06-13T12:24:35  <wumpus> we definitely should avoid using that one
291 2019-06-13T12:24:42  <jonasschnelli> "Tinyformat: A minimal type safe printf replacement"
292 2019-06-13T12:24:43  <MarcoFalke> Yeah, I was really confused when reading through all this after I had issues with the %zu format specifier on windows
293 2019-06-13T12:25:08  <MarcoFalke> I dig all the way to #326 :(
294 2019-06-13T12:25:09  <wumpus> jonasschnelli: yes, that doesn't mean the function has to be called that :)
295 2019-06-13T12:25:12  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/326 | Remove the IRC triggered hard last-seen check from the peer selection. by gmaxwell · Pull Request #326 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
296 2019-06-13T12:25:17  <jonasschnelli> heh.. indeed
297 2019-06-13T12:25:22  <MarcoFalke> Eh https://github.com/libevent/libevent/issues/326
298 2019-06-13T12:25:55  <MarcoFalke> Which is #8730
299 2019-06-13T12:25:56  <wumpus> yes, please don't use platform printf
300 2019-06-13T12:25:57  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/8730 | depends: Add libevent compatibility patch for windows by laanwj · Pull Request #8730 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
301 2019-06-13T12:26:08  <MarcoFalke> Ok, thx for the input
302 2019-06-13T12:26:16  <MarcoFalke> Lets see what I can come up with
303 2019-06-13T12:26:25  *** ddustin has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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327 2019-06-13T13:27:25  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #15981: Use __func__ for log messages (master...replace-all-with-func) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15981
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331 2019-06-13T13:31:33  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] emilengler opened pull request #16204: Change Content-Type to plain text for the webroot (master...patch-emilengler) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16204
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340 2019-06-13T13:34:39  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #16205: Refactor: Replace fprintf with tfm::format (master...1906-nofprintf) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16205
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352 2019-06-13T13:49:22  <instagibbs> jnewbery, what is a --debug build
353 2019-06-13T13:49:24  <instagibbs> and how to detect :)
354 2019-06-13T13:50:26  *** d_t has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
355 2019-06-13T13:50:33  *** davterra has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
356 2019-06-13T13:51:28  <MarcoFalke> Maybe --enable-debug?
357 2019-06-13T13:51:37  <MarcoFalke> ./configure --enable-debug
358 2019-06-13T13:52:44  <jnewbery> instagibbs: eg https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/431d81b61ca968da2d7c25f0d56455a44cd46fed/src/init.cpp#L871
359 2019-06-13T13:52:55  <jnewbery> #ifdef DEBUG
360 2019-06-13T13:53:20  <instagibbs> that's set when non-release, or?
361 2019-06-13T13:53:25  <instagibbs> --enable-debug ?
362 2019-06-13T13:53:43  <instagibbs> oh I should have read it
363 2019-06-13T13:53:45  <instagibbs> non-release :)
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397 2019-06-13T14:49:59  <BlueMatt> phantomcircuit: I got it by dumping the routing table as visible from my router
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402 2019-06-13T14:50:38  <phantomcircuit> BlueMatt, right, need a bgp session to do that
403 2019-06-13T14:50:40  <phantomcircuit> does your table vaguely match https://iptoasn.com/
404 2019-06-13T14:50:45  <BlueMatt> I have a bgp session
405 2019-06-13T14:50:48  <BlueMatt> several, in fact
406 2019-06-13T14:50:58  <phantomcircuit> yeah i know
407 2019-06-13T14:52:34  <BlueMatt> i dunno where they pull it, but I didnt try to correlate between v4 -> RIR objects -> asns
408 2019-06-13T14:52:41  <BlueMatt> which, I suppose, may also be a relevant approach
409 2019-06-13T14:54:27  *** ddustin has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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417 2019-06-13T15:06:43  <BlueMatt> phantomcircuit: the nice thing is what sipa wrote will eat bird "show route all" output and map it, so its rather easy to get others' dumps as well
418 2019-06-13T15:07:46  *** ppisati has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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424 2019-06-13T15:24:53  <phantomcircuit> BlueMatt, that is nice
425 2019-06-13T15:25:09  <phantomcircuit> it's definitely better to do asn grouping than /16
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428 2019-06-13T15:26:32  <BlueMatt> indeed
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435 2019-06-13T15:42:15  <promag> imo #16106 is good to go
436 2019-06-13T15:42:17  *** rafalcpp_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
437 2019-06-13T15:42:18  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16106 | gui: Sort wallets in open wallet menu by promag · Pull Request #16106 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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450 2019-06-13T16:12:13  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] asood123 opened pull request #16207: test: stop generating lcov coverage when functional tests fail (master...patch-15648) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16207
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478 2019-06-13T17:05:02  <MarcoFalke> I think travis is horribly broken upstream and discards caches randomly
479 2019-06-13T17:15:50  *** michaelfolkson has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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483 2019-06-13T17:47:37  <jonasschnelli> In some contexts, cache means "can randomly delete"
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487 2019-06-13T17:55:34  <dongcarl> :-/
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492 2019-06-13T18:00:29  <MarcoFalke> It should store them for 30days
493 2019-06-13T18:00:46  <MarcoFalke> Mabye something else corrupts the caches or thinks they are outdated
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495 2019-06-13T18:02:31  <jonasschnelli> meeting?
496 2019-06-13T18:03:56  *** jacob11 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
497 2019-06-13T18:04:15  <sipa> 1 hour from now
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502 2019-06-13T18:04:40  <jonasschnelli> Argh. Right. Summertime.
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507 2019-06-13T18:08:57  <MarcoFalke> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=current+time+in+reykjavik
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519 2019-06-13T18:22:58  <nkohen> Hey all, I've implemented golomb coded sets as mentioned in BIP 158 and I'm currently trying to implement serialization of blocks into block filters (from the same BIP) and I'm looking over how core does this and it appears to me that entire output scripts are being put in blocks and not just the data pushed on the stack as specified in BIP 158. Is this true?
520 2019-06-13T18:23:02  <nkohen> https://github.com/jimpo/bitcoin/blob/254c85b68794ada713dbdae415db72adf5fcbaf3/src/blockfilter.cpp#L203
521 2019-06-13T18:25:24  <sipa> nkohen: from BIP158:
522 2019-06-13T18:25:26  <sipa> > The scriptPubKey of each output, aside from all OP_RETURN output
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524 2019-06-13T18:26:04  *** d_t has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
525 2019-06-13T18:26:19  <phantomcircuit> nkohen, the same data is probably in the filter more than once in different forms
526 2019-06-13T18:26:25  <sipa> phantomcircuit: no
527 2019-06-13T18:26:26  *** lnostdal has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
528 2019-06-13T18:26:58  <sipa> it's the scriptPubKeys of all outputs in the block, and the scriptPubKeys of all outputs spent by the block
529 2019-06-13T18:27:11  <jonasschnelli> nkohen: core has two filter types
530 2019-06-13T18:27:33  <sipa> jonasschnelli: wut?
531 2019-06-13T18:27:59  <sipa> no it doesn't
532 2019-06-13T18:28:24  <jonasschnelli> no...
533 2019-06-13T18:28:25  <jonasschnelli> :(
534 2019-06-13T18:28:26  <jonasschnelli> only basic is imlemented
535 2019-06-13T18:28:38  <jonasschnelli> I though since we had that option the extended was also there...
536 2019-06-13T18:28:59  <sipa> the extended one was dropped from the bip
537 2019-06-13T18:30:01  *** laptop_ has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
538 2019-06-13T18:32:24  <jonasschnelli> nkohen: maybe lookup the function "BasicFilterElements" in blockfiler.cpp
539 2019-06-13T18:32:32  *** laptop__ has quit IRC
540 2019-06-13T18:34:53  <nkohen> jonasschnelli: that is the function I've linked to, and I'm not super fluent in c++ might be the issue but it looks like we call `elements.emplace(script.begin(), script.end());` where script is a CScript, and unless that somehow skips the opcodes and such which aren't data it looks like they get added?
541 2019-06-13T18:35:15  <sipa> nkohen: no
542 2019-06-13T18:35:26  <sipa> the spec says the entire scriptPubKey is added to the filter and nothing else
543 2019-06-13T18:36:25  <jonasschnelli> nkohen: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0158.mediawiki#contents
544 2019-06-13T18:36:31  <nkohen> ah I see, I've also been referencing the btcd implementation: https://github.com/Roasbeef/btcutil/blob/gcs/gcs/builder/builder.go#L186
545 2019-06-13T18:36:37  <nkohen> and they seem to only take `PushedData`
546 2019-06-13T18:38:24  <jonasschnelli> nkohen: that is roasbeef's branch? Maybe old?
547 2019-06-13T18:38:48  <nkohen> joansschnelli: good point, I'll check
548 2019-06-13T18:39:06  <jonasschnelli> nkohen: I guess you should look in: https://github.com/btcsuite/btcutil/blob/master/gcs/builder/builder.go#L299
549 2019-06-13T18:40:34  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
550 2019-06-13T18:40:34  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] instagibbs opened pull request #16208: Consume CReserveKey on successful CreateTransaction (master...createtransaction_keepkey) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16208
551 2019-06-13T18:40:36  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
552 2019-06-13T18:40:45  <nkohen> yup, that has it fixed, I now understand why nothing has been working, thanks sipa and jonasschnelli!
553 2019-06-13T18:45:20  *** rafalcpp_ has quit IRC
554 2019-06-13T18:45:23  *** rafalcpp has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
555 2019-06-13T18:45:56  *** queip has quit IRC
556 2019-06-13T18:51:37  *** queip has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
557 2019-06-13T18:54:21  <nkohen> luke-jr: I changed the link to the reference implementation of GCS which was out of date - https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/pull/788
558 2019-06-13T19:00:24  <achow101> meeting?
559 2019-06-13T19:00:37  <instagibbs> hello
560 2019-06-13T19:00:38  <jnewbery> hi
561 2019-06-13T19:00:40  <sipa> meeting!
562 2019-06-13T19:00:54  <fanquake> Hi
563 2019-06-13T19:00:56  <jonasschnelli> hi
564 2019-06-13T19:01:07  <promag> hi
565 2019-06-13T19:01:22  <wumpus> #startmeeting
566 2019-06-13T19:01:22  <lightningbot> Meeting started Thu Jun 13 19:01:22 2019 UTC.  The chair is wumpus. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
567 2019-06-13T19:01:22  <lightningbot> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
568 2019-06-13T19:01:32  <cfields> hi
569 2019-06-13T19:01:37  <dongcarl> hi (sort of)
570 2019-06-13T19:01:41  <achow101> hi
571 2019-06-13T19:01:48  <meshcollider> hi
572 2019-06-13T19:01:51  <wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101 meshcollider jnewbery maaku fanquake promag provoostenator aj Chris_Stewart_5 dongcarl gwillen jamesob ken281221 ryanofsky gleb moneyball kvaciral
573 2019-06-13T19:02:10  <phantomcircuit> hi
574 2019-06-13T19:02:40  <wumpus> we have three topics in https://gist.github.com/moneyball/071d608fdae217c2a6d7c35955881d8a
575 2019-06-13T19:02:43  *** rafalcpp has quit IRC
576 2019-06-13T19:02:51  <moneyball> hi
577 2019-06-13T19:02:57  *** queip has quit IRC
578 2019-06-13T19:02:57  <phantomcircuit> sipa, oh it's the bloom filters that add other stuff
579 2019-06-13T19:03:02  <sipa> topic suggestion: ASN database shipped with bitcoind?
580 2019-06-13T19:03:06  *** rafalcpp has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
581 2019-06-13T19:03:29  <wumpus> also high priority for review but I didn't look at that at all this week due to coredev and the conference tbh
582 2019-06-13T19:03:42  <phantomcircuit> sipa, i think yes, it's certainly better than assuming /16 are distinct entities
583 2019-06-13T19:03:49  <jb55> sipa: can you go over the benefit of that for those who might be out of the loop
584 2019-06-13T19:03:52  * jb55 like this guy
585 2019-06-13T19:03:57  <wumpus> #topic High priority for review
586 2019-06-13T19:04:06  <sipa> phantomcircuit, jb55: i'm suggesting a topic; we'll discuss it when the topic comes up
587 2019-06-13T19:04:26  <Chris_Stewart_5> hello
588 2019-06-13T19:04:27  <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8 there's four things on there now
589 2019-06-13T19:04:40  <wumpus> +2 brainstorming topics
590 2019-06-13T19:05:18  <wumpus> anything to add/remove for this week ?
591 2019-06-13T19:05:36  <MarcoFalke> I'd like to add #14193
592 2019-06-13T19:05:40  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/14193 | validation: Add missing mempool locks by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #14193 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
593 2019-06-13T19:05:52  <sipa> not sure to what extent we decided that the high priority list should have an implicit "basic concept ack" because discussed in the meeting; but to the extent that it is, i think the list entries are great :)
594 2019-06-13T19:06:03  <MarcoFalke> good point
595 2019-06-13T19:06:15  <MarcoFalke> I'd like to add 14193 as "bugfix"
596 2019-06-13T19:06:35  <jtimon> review beg https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8994#issuecomment-501826862
597 2019-06-13T19:06:48  *** shtirlic has quit IRC
598 2019-06-13T19:06:55  <wumpus> missing locks sounds pretty concept ackable
599 2019-06-13T19:07:04  <MarcoFalke> jtimon: are you adding that as "Chasing Concept ACK"?
600 2019-06-13T19:07:07  *** infernix has quit IRC
601 2019-06-13T19:07:20  <MarcoFalke> wumpus: Yeah, it has been open for months and hasn't received any attention
602 2019-06-13T19:07:30  <fanquake> dongcarl do you have any build related blockers? Guix or otherwise.
603 2019-06-13T19:07:32  <sipa> concept ack
604 2019-06-13T19:08:21  <meshcollider> concept ack for adding Marco's PR
605 2019-06-13T19:08:34  <dongcarl> fanquake: looking
606 2019-06-13T19:08:47  <sipa> agree on jtimon
607 2019-06-13T19:08:52  <sipa> agree on jtimon's pr as chasing concept ack
608 2019-06-13T19:08:56  <jnewbery> I'd like #16060 on there. I have a couple of review comments from last week to address. It's blocking some work that BlueMatt is doing on reducing cs_main usage
609 2019-06-13T19:08:59  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16060 | Bury bip9 deployments by jnewbery · Pull Request #16060 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
610 2019-06-13T19:09:06  <wumpus> why is the github 'add cards' search so broken, every time I search for a number it shows 20 different ones
611 2019-06-13T19:09:33  <jonasschnelli> yes. that's so broken
612 2019-06-13T19:09:46  <jnewbery> wumpus: I think it's easier to add a PR to a project from within the PR itself
613 2019-06-13T19:09:47  <dongcarl> fanquake: no blockers
614 2019-06-13T19:10:11  *** shtirlic has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
615 2019-06-13T19:10:11  *** shtirlic has quit IRC
616 2019-06-13T19:10:36  <fanquake> Yes from the sidebar in a PR is usually easy.
617 2019-06-13T19:10:37  <jtimon> MarcoFalke: yeah, I mean, it got concept acks before, but I have been not rebasing it for 6 months or so
618 2019-06-13T19:10:53  <fanquake> dongcarl ok
619 2019-06-13T19:11:14  *** shtirlic has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
620 2019-06-13T19:11:16  *** queip has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
621 2019-06-13T19:11:25  <wumpus> jnewbery: good point
622 2019-06-13T19:11:35  <jtimon> I think 16060 could be done before or after and I think the result will be the same
623 2019-06-13T19:11:36  <jb55> jnewbery jtimon: testchains pr would be good for review club?
624 2019-06-13T19:12:43  <fanquake> I’m no more High Priority, should we discuss first proposed topic? EOL dates?
625 2019-06-13T19:12:43  <jtimon> jb55: sure, why not?
626 2019-06-13T19:13:08  <wumpus> #topic Update EOL dates (MarcoFalke)
627 2019-06-13T19:13:18  <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoincore.org/pull/659#issuecomment-499884131
628 2019-06-13T19:13:30  <instagibbs> how do I read those columns in isolation?
629 2019-06-13T19:13:50  <kanzure> hi
630 2019-06-13T19:14:07  <MarcoFalke> Basically I am removing historical EOL dates and update others
631 2019-06-13T19:14:15  <cfields> Would it be possible to pull these values from SECURITY.md, rather than keeping them in sync?
632 2019-06-13T19:14:16  <achow101> is it necessary to remove historical ones?
633 2019-06-13T19:14:28  <wumpus> LGTM
634 2019-06-13T19:14:41  <MarcoFalke> achow101: They are not representative and have been made up
635 2019-06-13T19:14:44  <wumpus> it defeinitely cleans up a lot
636 2019-06-13T19:15:10  <MarcoFalke> The only information you need is that they are surely eol today
637 2019-06-13T19:15:17  <wumpus> yes
638 2019-06-13T19:15:33  <meshcollider> Is it sensible to add an EOL date for 0.17 before the maintainance end date has even been announced
639 2019-06-13T19:15:49  <wumpus> for the rest there's git history I guess…
640 2019-06-13T19:16:04  <wumpus> but come on, 0.8.x
641 2019-06-13T19:16:08  <MarcoFalke> meshcollider: good point
642 2019-06-13T19:16:25  <wumpus> meshcollider:probably not
643 2019-06-13T19:16:30  <MarcoFalke> I think given that we have a fixed release schedule, it should be fine
644 2019-06-13T19:16:45  <cfields> wumpus: segwit 0.8.x when? :p
645 2019-06-13T19:16:47  <achow101> perhaps put the scheduled 0.19 release date?
646 2019-06-13T19:16:50  <wumpus> things drift a few months here and there though
647 2019-06-13T19:16:54  <wumpus> cfields:lol
648 2019-06-13T19:16:55  <achow101> (for 0.17 maintenance end)
649 2019-06-13T19:17:38  <MarcoFalke> happy to remove the 0.17 EOL, though
650 2019-06-13T19:18:00  <instagibbs> (took me way too long to figure out the table headers: https://bitcoincore.org/en/lifecycle/#schedule )
651 2019-06-13T19:18:10  <meshcollider> the EOL date for 0.16 seems fine though, just under 1 year was the rule I used last time I updated it
652 2019-06-13T19:18:17  <cfields> Again, though, can we somehow automatically keep this in sync with SECURITY.md? I'm afraid of them drifting apart.
653 2019-06-13T19:18:19  <wumpus> yes
654 2019-06-13T19:19:20  <fanquake> We could just make security.md the place where they live, and they get manually/automatically pulled out of their for website updates?
655 2019-06-13T19:19:28  <meshcollider> +1
656 2019-06-13T19:19:31  <wumpus> so the information in security.md is only for security fixes, not general maintenance
657 2019-06-13T19:19:59  <wumpus> it should list the versions that are not entirely EOL I guess
658 2019-06-13T19:20:14  <cfields> fanquake: +1
659 2019-06-13T19:20:15  <meshcollider> Kinda makes more sense to have it in the repo though than on a separate website?
660 2019-06-13T19:20:45  <wumpus> maybe ...
661 2019-06-13T19:20:57  <wumpus> I'm usually not in favor of importing everything into the repo
662 2019-06-13T19:21:05  <achow101> it should be possible to have SECURITY.md fetched and parsed during the build for the website. I know bitcoin.org does something similar to generate the contributors page
663 2019-06-13T19:21:14  <nehan> fwiw: the motivation for SECURITY.md was in part because people who wanted to report things did not know about bitcoincore.org
664 2019-06-13T19:21:23  <wumpus> like it's fiiine to maintain different things in different places, it doesn't all have to go through the same bottleneck you know
665 2019-06-13T19:21:39  <wumpus> nehan: yes, for reporting it makes perfect sense
666 2019-06-13T19:21:45  <sipa> i think the SECURITY.md living in the repo itself is weird, as it's not tied to the specific source tree it lives in (this is also true for release notes etc)
667 2019-06-13T19:21:50  <MarcoFalke> Add it to "release-process.md"? *ducks
668 2019-06-13T19:21:53  <meshcollider> Fair enough actually yeah
669 2019-06-13T19:22:28  <MarcoFalke> sipa: Release notes should be shipped, so at least during build you'd have to fetch them
670 2019-06-13T19:22:29  <wumpus> sipa: I think the reporting emails and gpg keys are
671 2019-06-13T19:22:36  <cfields> sipa: elaborate?
672 2019-06-13T19:22:43  <wumpus> sipa: as for the schedule, I guess I'd somewhat agree
673 2019-06-13T19:23:01  <sipa> cfields: which versions are still under maintenance, eg
674 2019-06-13T19:23:28  <wumpus> but that wasn't the main point of security.md, it was to let people know where to report critical security issues
675 2019-06-13T19:23:51  <fanquake> security.md is also being removed from any branch that isn’t master right.
676 2019-06-13T19:23:53  <sipa> if someone randomly clones the repo, leaves their copy untouched for years... someone stumbles upon it (like nkohen's with roasbeef's repo above ^), and sees the version they think they
677 2019-06-13T19:23:53  <wumpus> and I guess what releases to report them for ? like, if you find a problem with 0.8 now it's probably not useful to report it
678 2019-06-13T19:23:55  <MarcoFalke> So lets remove the eol dates from there again?
679 2019-06-13T19:23:58  <sipa> if someone randomly clones the repo, leaves their copy untouched for years... someone stumbles upon it (like nkohen's with roasbeef's repo above ^), and sees the version they think they're working with is maintained
680 2019-06-13T19:24:08  <cfields> wumpus: fair enough.
681 2019-06-13T19:24:35  <sipa> i don't know if this confusion doesn't weigh up to having the information in a well-visible location
682 2019-06-13T19:24:38  <cfields> MarcoFalke: I'd +1 that as well. I just don't like the idea of having them maintained separately in two places.
683 2019-06-13T19:24:44  <wumpus> sipa: yes
684 2019-06-13T19:24:57  <wumpus> ok, let's remove the dates from security.md
685 2019-06-13T19:25:08  <MarcoFalke> #action remove the dates from security.md
686 2019-06-13T19:25:20  <sipa> we could have a link in security.md to the authoritative place where that information is maintained
687 2019-06-13T19:25:22  <instagibbs> ack
688 2019-06-13T19:25:33  <meshcollider> +1
689 2019-06-13T19:25:33  <fanquake> If that’s done. Second proposed topic is where to have the next Core Dev meetup.
690 2019-06-13T19:25:43  <cfields> sipa: +1
691 2019-06-13T19:25:50  <moneyball> hi
692 2019-06-13T19:25:55  <MarcoFalke> ok,next topic
693 2019-06-13T19:25:57  <wumpus> #topic when/where should we have next CoreDev? (moneyball)
694 2019-06-13T19:26:02  <moneyball> Thanks for those that attended CoreDev. By all accounts I think it was a success!
695 2019-06-13T19:26:07  <wumpus> agree!
696 2019-06-13T19:26:10  <MarcoFalke> Once per release seems fine to me
697 2019-06-13T19:26:13  <moneyball> We had 18 responses to the feedback survey. The summary is "don't change anything." 72% want to keep reviewing/merging unstructured. 93% liked the scheduled talks. 83% think 3 days is the optimal duration. And majority of people like the # attendees and the mix.
698 2019-06-13T19:26:13  <meshcollider> Definitely, thank you \i/
699 2019-06-13T19:26:19  <cfields> moneyball: thanks for organizing!
700 2019-06-13T19:26:27  <moneyball> If anyone has other feedback please either fill out the form or let schmidty or me know.
701 2019-06-13T19:26:31  <instagibbs> I definitely think it was the best so far
702 2019-06-13T19:26:40  <jonasschnelli> Yeah. Thanks moneyball!
703 2019-06-13T19:26:46  <sipa> indeed!
704 2019-06-13T19:26:50  <fanquake> \o/
705 2019-06-13T19:27:05  <sipa> also congrats on getting Gary fired
706 2019-06-13T19:27:19  <moneyball> thx :)
707 2019-06-13T19:27:24  <moneyball> So I started thinking about the next CoreDev already! Aiming for 6-9 months from now which means December to March. Considerations include, most importantly, what % of active Core devs can attend, and after that, minimizing aggregate travel time/timezone shift/cost of travel, exploring new locations, winter weather, ease of organizing (eg piggyback off of conferences or have local Core devs to help)
708 2019-06-13T19:27:26  <jonasschnelli> indeed. Congratz moneyball
709 2019-06-13T19:27:38  <MarcoFalke> Who is gary?
710 2019-06-13T19:27:45  <cfields> moneyball: since there's typically a large turnout for Financial Crypto, maybe we could piggyback there?
711 2019-06-13T19:27:52  <cfields> It's usually within that window.
712 2019-06-13T19:27:58  <wumpus> not December please :)
713 2019-06-13T19:28:02  <moneyball> Initial candidates include SF, Austin, NYC, Uruguay mid-December (La Bitconf), and Australia (possible Feb 2020 Bitcoin conf). If anyone has other candidate dates/locations please let me know! I'll likely send a survey around (sorry for all the surveys but it is really helpful!) allowing Core devs to rank candidate locations.
714 2019-06-13T19:28:05  <instagibbs> internet kinda really sucks there cfields IIRC
715 2019-06-13T19:28:07  <jonasschnelli> We haven't had a CoreDev in Hawaii...
716 2019-06-13T19:28:08  <nehan> moneyball: also MIT Bitcoin Expo
717 2019-06-13T19:28:12  <fanquake> Marco A fake SquareCrypto intern.
718 2019-06-13T19:28:56  <MarcoFalke> Ah, thx. I uninstalled twitter
719 2019-06-13T19:29:01  <moneyball> nehan i will add that to the list!
720 2019-06-13T19:29:16  <instagibbs> Holiday season is a prob a no-go, as wumpus said.
721 2019-06-13T19:29:24  <sipa> cfields: i'd personally like a coredev colocated with FC, but i'm not sure it's that accessible for everyone (especially people who don't have company funding for travel)
722 2019-06-13T19:29:42  <jnewbery> financial crypto is 5 days. piggybacking would make a very long trip for people
723 2019-06-13T19:29:54  <cfields> sipa: good point.
724 2019-06-13T19:29:57  <achow101> moneyball: there's also advancing bitcoin in london in feb
725 2019-06-13T19:30:04  <instagibbs> co-located to another less-academic conference also has the benefits of people can submit talks/run workshops and piggyback that
726 2019-06-13T19:30:25  <jonasschnelli> coredev.tech does fund travel expenses of those not receiving support from employers
727 2019-06-13T19:30:25  <sipa> about Boston: not everyone can enter (or likes to enter) the US
728 2019-06-13T19:30:37  <fanquake> I’d probably almost strike Aus of the list for Dec - Feb. Too hot.
729 2019-06-13T19:31:17  <sipa> fanquake: i was very confused for a minute and thought you were talking about austin
730 2019-06-13T19:31:17  <instagibbs> dropbears don't like the heat though
731 2019-06-13T19:31:43  <jnewbery> fanquake: maybe in Binnu. There are places that aren't quite as hot
732 2019-06-13T19:31:48  <fanquake> Yes but neither do Core Devs I’d assume.
733 2019-06-13T19:32:16  <fanquake> jnewbery if your happy with 40C days, go ahead. We’ll have Core dev on the beach.
734 2019-06-13T19:32:31  *** elichai2 has quit IRC
735 2019-06-13T19:32:38  <meshcollider> NZ is a bit more mild than aus, come over here instead ;)
736 2019-06-13T19:32:42  <jnewbery> I meant maybe Binnu was too hot and we could have it somewhere else
737 2019-06-13T19:32:43  <wumpus> hehe
738 2019-06-13T19:33:07  <fanquake> ah right
739 2019-06-13T19:33:08  * sipa would suggest Iceland (nicely in the middle between EU and US), but only if in summer :)
740 2019-06-13T19:33:08  <moneyball> regarding not wanting to enter the US, i would like to better understand how big of an issue this is. if those affected are comfortable, please reach out to me and let me know so it is taken into account
741 2019-06-13T19:33:26  <wumpus> Iceland :D
742 2019-06-13T19:33:34  <jonasschnelli> ack Iceland
743 2019-06-13T19:33:36  <instagibbs> there are >=2 people that came to last coredev that can't come generally speaking.
744 2019-06-13T19:33:47  <moneyball> yeah the next next CoreDev is already decided...summer 2020 iceland :)
745 2019-06-13T19:33:49  <nehan> i was also going to suggest iceland
746 2019-06-13T19:34:07  <instagibbs> It should be over the next halving tbh :)
747 2019-06-13T19:35:09  <fanquake> moneyball I think this could be left for suggestions/comments. Anything else you wanted to bring up? Otherwise final proposed topic is Travis instability.
748 2019-06-13T19:35:24  <moneyball> all good thanks for the input everyone
749 2019-06-13T19:35:52  <meshcollider> Is there a way to provide input that's easier for you? Like a survey of our preferred location and timing or something?
750 2019-06-13T19:36:04  <cfields> moneyball: fyi, the last thing done at FC is voting on the next location. Which is cool because the people there are obviously a great sample.
751 2019-06-13T19:36:11  <cfields> Just throwing that out there because I think it's neat :)
752 2019-06-13T19:36:26  <sipa> it's just an informative vote though; the actual decision is made much later
753 2019-06-13T19:36:35  <cfields> right, that.
754 2019-06-13T19:36:48  <wumpus> heh it doesn't include the people that weren't able to come
755 2019-06-13T19:36:58  <meshcollider> Confirmation bias lol
756 2019-06-13T19:37:02  <sipa> self-echochambering is best echochambering
757 2019-06-13T19:37:12  <wumpus> #topic Travis stability and usefulness in current state (jonasschnelli)
758 2019-06-13T19:37:35  <wumpus> travis is failing sooo much on PRs now
759 2019-06-13T19:37:43  <moneyball> i'll do a survey ranking locations
760 2019-06-13T19:37:47  <jonasschnelli> We probably discussed that already to a certain level. But somehow I think we should have a plan how to get travis back on track
761 2019-06-13T19:38:05  <jonasschnelli> Right now on an avg of 3-4 tries travis will succeed.
762 2019-06-13T19:38:09  *** emilengler has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
763 2019-06-13T19:38:16  <wumpus> it's absurd that even PRs that change like 3 comment lines fail
764 2019-06-13T19:38:19  <cfields> jonasschnelli: by travis do you mean Travis the service? Or our c-i checks in general?
765 2019-06-13T19:38:38  <wumpus> I know it's bad but I'm already starting to effectively ignore it
766 2019-06-13T19:38:39  <jonasschnelli> It can't be that we just need to re-trigger builds all over... this makes the value of CI partially disappearing
767 2019-06-13T19:39:07  <fanquake> cfields: it seems like lots of invalide caches, casting constant depends rebuilds? At least what I’ve seen.
768 2019-06-13T19:39:09  <wumpus> it used to be 'oh this PR fails, it needs more work by the author' but it's never the author's fault !
769 2019-06-13T19:39:21  <fanquake> *invalid, *causing
770 2019-06-13T19:39:22  *** scoop_ has quit IRC
771 2019-06-13T19:39:32  <wumpus> so I run the tests locally, which is incomplete but at least reliable ...
772 2019-06-13T19:39:41  <achow101> can drahtbot be made to retrigger travis on certain kinds of errors?
773 2019-06-13T19:39:42  <jonasschnelli> I think we should have a strategy how to escape this mess...
774 2019-06-13T19:39:48  *** scoop has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
775 2019-06-13T19:39:52  <achow101> otherwise maybe we should consider using a different CI
776 2019-06-13T19:40:03  <jonasschnelli> eventually... but that is a lot of work
777 2019-06-13T19:40:03  <fanquake> The depends builds then obviously take up all the build time, and the build dies.
778 2019-06-13T19:40:11  <wumpus> yes, we need something better
779 2019-06-13T19:40:13  <cfields> Maybe we should finally consider decoupling the depends builds?
780 2019-06-13T19:40:17  <wumpus> another CI would be ok with me
781 2019-06-13T19:40:23  <jb55> circle-ci ?
782 2019-06-13T19:40:31  <sipa> are there any self-hostable CI systems that integrate with github?
783 2019-06-13T19:40:58  <cfields> (afaik I've been the one arguing for keeping depends compiles included in the past, but things have changed...)
784 2019-06-13T19:41:02  <wumpus> I liked travis a lot when it worked but this is just not doable anymore
785 2019-06-13T19:41:07  <jonasschnelli> I think it would be worth if willing people can propose a researched alternative on next meeting
786 2019-06-13T19:41:27  <wumpus> cfields: you mean, using distro deps instead of depends?
787 2019-06-13T19:41:32  <fanquake> I think those would be interesting to review.
788 2019-06-13T19:41:33  <jonasschnelli> if we have volunteers...
789 2019-06-13T19:41:44  <wumpus> cfields: too bad travis has such old versions
790 2019-06-13T19:41:52  <meshcollider> sipa: Jenkins is self hostable I think
791 2019-06-13T19:41:55  <wumpus> it's still trusty isn't it?
792 2019-06-13T19:42:01  <cfields> wumpus: I mean automating depends builds separately, and having bitcoind builds fetch pre-built depends binaries.
793 2019-06-13T19:42:09  <wumpus> cfields: ohh makes sense
794 2019-06-13T19:42:20  <wumpus> cfields: then only do depends rebuilds, if depends change
795 2019-06-13T19:42:21  <fanquake> FYI if anyone is unaware, we already have a circle CI confit in the repo, and Marco runs its against his own repo I’m pretty sure. Has a PR open for confit updates atm.
796 2019-06-13T19:42:27  <cfields> as that seems to be the biggest mess?
797 2019-06-13T19:42:30  <jonasschnelli> github lists 24 CI tools: https://github.com/marketplace/category/continuous-integration
798 2019-06-13T19:42:38  <wumpus> cfields: it's certainly speed up things a lot
799 2019-06-13T19:42:42  <wumpus> it'd*
800 2019-06-13T19:42:59  <wumpus> especially the qt build in depends takes a long time, the rest is pretty fast
801 2019-06-13T19:43:07  <cfields> I can work on that if it sounds interesting?
802 2019-06-13T19:43:13  <cfields> It would introduce some new sync issues...
803 2019-06-13T19:43:24  <cfields> But may be better than the status quo.
804 2019-06-13T19:43:29  <wumpus> protobuf is a few seconds, even boost is, as we've stripped it down a lot
805 2019-06-13T19:43:41  <wumpus> but qt....
806 2019-06-13T19:43:46  <fanquake> cfields: would the pre built stuff live on bitcoincore.org ?
807 2019-06-13T19:43:47  <cfields> I think it probably takes longer to gzip boost than to build it :(
808 2019-06-13T19:43:52  <wumpus> yes
809 2019-06-13T19:43:57  <sipa> cfields: lol
810 2019-06-13T19:44:05  <wumpus> I think so too hehe
811 2019-06-13T19:44:12  *** scoop has quit IRC
812 2019-06-13T19:44:23  <wumpus> so it *seems* that travis caching is not working anymore
813 2019-06-13T19:44:30  <wumpus> it rebuilds things unnecessarily a lot
814 2019-06-13T19:44:33  <cfields> fanquake: I guess so?
815 2019-06-13T19:44:41  <jonasschnelli> Maybe Google Cloud Builds could be something? Supported by Github?
816 2019-06-13T19:44:46  <cfields> wumpus: the problem would be when you need a new dependency for your core change.
817 2019-06-13T19:44:55  <cfields> Might have to split that up logically and wait a day for sync.
818 2019-06-13T19:44:57  <wumpus> it shouldn't need to rebuild the depends on a PR that changes three comment lines, if the branch has the same version of depends
819 2019-06-13T19:45:05  <cfields> s/new/modified/
820 2019-06-13T19:45:35  <fanquake> I’m just slightly worried about the potential lag in updates. Especially as a lot of build related work is happening atm.
821 2019-06-13T19:45:57  <instagibbs> could there be a "no really, build depends" option somehow?
822 2019-06-13T19:45:59  <cfields> fanquake: that's probably a good bit of what's making the build times worse, though.
823 2019-06-13T19:46:01  <wumpus> anything is better than having travis fail on every pr
824 2019-06-13T19:46:09  <cfields> Any touch to depends will mean that tons of PRs start rebuilding everything.
825 2019-06-13T19:46:12  <fanquake> cfields: true
826 2019-06-13T19:46:35  <wumpus> cfields: ohh of course
827 2019-06-13T19:46:44  <wumpus> would make sense to decouple it
828 2019-06-13T19:47:12  <cfields> I'll take a look at that in parallel to the discussion about other services.
829 2019-06-13T19:47:19  <wumpus> thanks
830 2019-06-13T19:47:20  <jonasschnelli> Would asking the Travis guys be an option (explain them our situation)?
831 2019-06-13T19:47:29  <jonasschnelli> I guess its mostly about execution time limits
832 2019-06-13T19:47:36  <cfields> I'm also not opposed to self-hosted as I was before. The landscape has changed. We have lots more volunteers now :)
833 2019-06-13T19:48:01  <fanquake> Does that mean your volunteering :p
834 2019-06-13T19:48:14  <cfields> fanquake: nobody would want that :p
835 2019-06-13T19:48:16  <wumpus> I used to be oppposed to self-hosted, but if hosted CIs are this bad, anything is better :p
836 2019-06-13T19:48:17  <fanquake> Need to use the big new desktop for something hah.
837 2019-06-13T19:48:25  <jonasschnelli> Travis would still be fine if we add self-hosted Jenkins... if we strip the depends build on the travis side
838 2019-06-13T19:48:46  <jb55> #bitcoin-builds would be a good place to coordinate build system/ops stuff
839 2019-06-13T19:49:15  <instagibbs> this channel is really not that busy...
840 2019-06-13T19:49:35  <wumpus> hehe I'm still sceptical about the channel split too, though it's cosy there
841 2019-06-13T19:49:47  <jb55> yeah just mentioning it since it's already there
842 2019-06-13T19:50:03  <fanquake> So conclusion is some options might be presented at the next meeting? There are no more proposed topics left.
843 2019-06-13T19:50:10  <cfields> * instagibbs has been banned from #bitcoin-builds
844 2019-06-13T19:50:22  <instagibbs> psh like I was ever going there
845 2019-06-13T19:50:32  <wumpus> hehe
846 2019-06-13T19:50:44  <fanquake> sipa did you want to discuss the ASN stuff?
847 2019-06-13T19:50:48  <sipa> sure
848 2019-06-13T19:50:54  <sipa> though it's probably better if BlueMatt is here
849 2019-06-13T19:51:06  <wumpus> oh sorry forgot about sipa's topic a bit
850 2019-06-13T19:51:54  <fanquake> Can someone at chaincode tap Matt on the shoulder. jamesob ?
851 2019-06-13T19:51:56  <wumpus> oh in that case let's add it to proposed topics for next week, and hope BlueMatt is there then
852 2019-06-13T19:52:31  <sipa> all right
853 2019-06-13T19:53:13  <wumpus> thanks everyeone
854 2019-06-13T19:53:17  <wumpus> #endmeeting
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859 2019-06-13T19:53:45  <fanquake> Productive.
860 2019-06-13T19:54:07  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
861 2019-06-13T19:54:07  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] instagibbs closed pull request #15796: CReserveKey should not allow passive key re-use, debug assert in destructor (master...burn_reserve) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15796
862 2019-06-13T19:54:08  *** bitcoin-git has left #bitcoin-core-dev
863 2019-06-13T19:57:41  <MarcoFalke> Yeah sorry for missing the last topic
864 2019-06-13T19:57:54  <MarcoFalke> But it seems travis caches are broken in some way
865 2019-06-13T19:58:01  <MarcoFalke> Still investigating ...
866 2019-06-13T20:01:00  *** kristapsk has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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878 2019-06-13T20:25:06  <fanquake> #proposedmeetingtopic Requiring 2FA for bitcoin orgs on GH. This was discussed a little at Core dev, and we got 4-5 members to turn 2FA on.
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885 2019-06-13T20:47:02  <jamesob> fanquake: sorry, was afk. will tap matt next I see him
886 2019-06-13T20:55:37  <dongcarl> fanquake: Probably 2FA but no SMS recovery?
887 2019-06-13T21:00:02  *** jacob11 has quit IRC
888 2019-06-13T21:01:00  <hebasto> SMS recovery seems to be a great security issue
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897 2019-06-13T21:06:34  <fanquake> dongcarl hebasto correct. kanzure might have some thoughts to share on that.
898 2019-06-13T21:10:08  *** queip has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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903 2019-06-13T21:14:30  <phantomcircuit> dongcarl, there's no way to configure github organizations to require 2fa but not sms
904 2019-06-13T21:14:48  <dongcarl> phantomcircuit: :-/
905 2019-06-13T21:16:54  <phantomcircuit> dongcarl, and yes sms is basically useless
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912 2019-06-13T21:34:02  <wumpus> huh I definitely set up 2FA but not SMS recovery on my github
913 2019-06-13T21:34:25  <wumpus> that was a long time ago though, maybe it changed
914 2019-06-13T21:37:40  <kanzure> oh, yeah, we should enforce that users can't turn SMS recovery back on
915 2019-06-13T21:40:56  *** Victor_sueca has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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917 2019-06-13T21:44:38  <meshcollider> It's possible to have 2FA without SMS but he means there's no way to enforce it, from an organization setting
918 2019-06-13T21:44:55  <meshcollider> GitHub thinks 2FA is 2FA
919 2019-06-13T21:45:36  <meshcollider> We could also discuss removing some inactive members from the org which was briefly brought up in discussion too
920 2019-06-13T21:52:37  *** scoop has quit IRC
921 2019-06-13T21:53:04  *** scoop has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
922 2019-06-13T21:53:57  <phantomcircuit> achow101, can we not use acronyms for class names
923 2019-06-13T21:54:13  <phantomcircuit> it makes it much more confusing for people who aren't looking at the code everyday
924 2019-06-13T21:54:35  <phantomcircuit> wumpus, yes you can set that up on your personal account, but an organization cannot enforce it
925 2019-06-13T21:55:06  <achow101> phantomcircuit: where?
926 2019-06-13T21:57:04  *** scoop has quit IRC
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928 2019-06-13T21:57:54  <phantomcircuit> achow101, the wallet class stuff
929 2019-06-13T21:58:04  <phantomcircuit> SPKManager
930 2019-06-13T21:58:25  <phantomcircuit> I know it's longer to type and that's kind of annoying without autocomplete, but it's definitely more confusing
931 2019-06-13T21:59:52  <phantomcircuit> maybe people disagree with me, but that's what i find looking at stuff i haven't looked at in a while
932 2019-06-13T22:20:00  <dongcarl> Would like a bit of feedback on changing `nMaxIPs`: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16070#issuecomment-501898990
933 2019-06-13T22:26:32  *** bralyclow01 has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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947 2019-06-13T22:56:22  <meshcollider> ScriptPubkeyManager isn't that long I guess
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