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 102020-10-10T00:58:47  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] leozz37 opened pull request #20116: Implemented GitHub Actions workflow for MacOS and Ubuntu (master...github-actions) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/20116
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 122020-10-10T01:02:11  <yanmaani> I'm getting weird errors while building Bitcoin Core, but everything seems to work fine
 132020-10-10T01:02:14  <yanmaani> > /usr/bin/ld: error: leveldb/libleveldb.a(libleveldb_a-crc32c.o): <corrupt x86 feature size: 0x8>
 142020-10-10T01:02:27  <yanmaani> for what seems to be every .o file
 152020-10-10T01:02:35  <yanmaani> didn't find anything about it on the Internet. Is this a known issue?
 162020-10-10T01:14:10  *** bitcoin-git has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 172020-10-10T01:14:10  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake closed pull request #20116: Implemented GitHub Actions workflow for MacOS and Ubuntu (master...github-actions) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/20116
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 192020-10-10T01:17:42  <sipa> vasild: i was wrong; when making an outbound connection, we overwrite the addrman services with the peer's reported ones
 202020-10-10T01:17:53  <sipa> see CAddrMan::SetServices
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 302020-10-10T02:23:41  <Murch> jonatack: okay, put it on my list
 312020-10-10T02:25:09  <fanquake> Murch: I just put something on your list
 322020-10-10T02:31:37  <Murch> sorry, I meant that I had put it on my list. I realize now that the conjugations of this particular irregular word make my brevity particularly misleading
 332020-10-10T02:32:28  <sipa> lalalala http://ncf.idallen.com/english.html
 342020-10-10T02:33:01  <Murch> Yes, let's all learn Esperanto or Klingon
 352020-10-10T02:33:42  <Murch> Although, this had nothing to do with homophones or irregular pronunciation :p
 362020-10-10T02:34:47  <sipa> put and put are arguably homophones
 372020-10-10T02:35:22  <Murch> more importantly for my communication mishap, they're homonyms
 382020-10-10T02:35:46  <fanquake> Murch: I wasn't trying to correct your spelling hah, I meant I'd  just tagged you in #20040.
 392020-10-10T02:35:48  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/20040 | wallet: Refactor OutputGroups to handle fees and spending eligibility on grouping by achow101 · Pull Request #20040 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
 402020-10-10T02:36:11  <Murch> fanquake: I thank ye kindly!
 412020-10-10T02:36:32  <achow101> moar refactor
 422020-10-10T02:42:26  <fanquake> I've passed on more feedback to GitHub, now that we're seeing even  more comment related issues: https://0bin.net/paste/9HgV-Dyl#sZlLldWLuSFQGiT1-yYS5ikMyCIIkRLd5lK3fuAD/ql & https://imgur.com/a/mUVsDSX.
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 562020-10-10T04:49:37  <tryphe> sipa, such a great piece
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 602020-10-10T05:06:58  <tryphe> or how about white night, wight knight
 612020-10-10T05:08:50  <tryphe> or white knight and wight night :D
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 862020-10-10T07:16:32  <wumpus> sipa: no, not really since last night, it seems to be a curious case of miscompilation, I still have a broken binary but can't reproduce it anymore when building even exactly the same commit. Things have been working since.
 872020-10-10T07:18:21  <wumpus> my only guess is a hardware problem or a weird bug with FreeBSD's clang 8-derived compiler. The binaries are sufficiently different too, it's not like there's a few bytes different so it's easy to compare.
 882020-10-10T07:19:23  <sipa> okay
 892020-10-10T07:19:28  <sipa> i couldn't reproduce it either
 902020-10-10T07:19:37  <sipa> but i don't know the exact circumstancs
 912020-10-10T07:20:10  <sipa> if you can't even reproduce it with the same commit (and same peers.dat?), i guess we'll need to assume it was a very local problem
 922020-10-10T07:20:28  <wumpus> in any csae, if anyone still wants to figure it out, I two binaries built from the same commit, one with the issue one without
 932020-10-10T07:20:53  <sipa> the binaries differ?
 942020-10-10T07:21:09  <wumpus> yes, very significantly
 952020-10-10T07:21:28  <wumpus> stripped size is the same but everything is in a different place
 962020-10-10T07:21:46  <sipa> different compiler/compileflags?
 972020-10-10T07:22:09  *** luke-jr has quit IRC
 982020-10-10T07:22:28  <wumpus> no, not intentially at least
 992020-10-10T07:23:28  <wumpus> might have been some cruft in the build dir, who knows... the curious thing is that it happened with 19954 and not without though. I still can't explain that.
1002020-10-10T07:23:39  *** luke-jr has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1012020-10-10T07:24:21  <wumpus> but I don't think it's anything to worry about for that PR
1022020-10-10T07:27:42  <wumpus> (no, peers.dat nor anything in the data directory is at fault, it only depends on what binary is run)
1032020-10-10T07:30:47  <sipa> ok
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1052020-10-10T07:35:17  <wumpus> I guess it will always remain a mystery, running that particular binary still has the same issue: every outgoing peer is disconnected quickly (usually after sending feefilter), no reason logged in debug.log
1062020-10-10T07:39:11  <wumpus> (correction: *always after "sending feefilter (8 bytes) peer=X" there's "disconnecting peer=X", sometimes with "Cleared nodestate for peer=X" in between*)
1072020-10-10T07:39:21  <sipa> anything interesting if you run in valgrind?
1082020-10-10T07:41:51  *** Pavlenex has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1092020-10-10T07:41:51  <wumpus> havne't tried that yet
1102020-10-10T07:45:05  <wumpus> it could be thinking that every outgong connection is a feeler connection, it's the only fDisconnect I could find without associated NET logging so quickly
1112020-10-10T07:46:51  <wumpus> I wonder what level of debug information FreeBSSD toolchain adds by default
1122020-10-10T07:49:19  <wumpus> given that there's 95MB of size difference between the stripped binary and the plain one, quite a lot would be my guess
1132020-10-10T07:49:39  <wumpus> could try setting some breakpoints
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1252020-10-10T08:58:23  <wumpus> sipa: ... okay ... after finally figuring out how to set a hardware memory breakpoint on an atomic value (to see when fDisconnect changes), I discovered something shocking: two parts of the program have different CNode layouts
1262020-10-10T08:58:53  <wumpus> sipa: there's an off-by-one where   pfrom.fSuccessfullyConnected = true; happens to set pfrom.fDisconnected = true ...
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1282020-10-10T09:00:47  <wumpus> sipa: so it's clear, a miscompile! I think a stale .o file somehow as linked in, I have --disable-dependency-tracing as it wouldn't build on FreeBSD otherwise
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1302020-10-10T09:07:33  <wumpus> vasild: phew, we can ignore the issue, https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/19954#issuecomment-705504702
1312020-10-10T09:14:10  <wumpus> anyhow happy I got to the bottom of this, a "silent link issue" must be one of the most evil things I've ever debugged
1322020-10-10T09:15:32  <hebasto> wumpus: great to know it
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1682020-10-10T11:41:56  <vasild> sipa: right, so we overwrite the service flags when we outbound-connect to a peer from the received version message, and via gossip we | the flags together if we already have an entry for that addr:port
1692020-10-10T11:42:24  <vasild> wumpus: ccache?
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1732020-10-10T11:44:12  <wumpus> vasild: no, lack of dependency tracking inside automake
1742020-10-10T11:45:18  <vasild> this is what I wrote to hebasto just a few days ago when discussing #18750: "long time ago I ran into some obscure compilation issues and after long debugging I figured out that it is due to ccache and I have never been using it after that!"
1752020-10-10T11:45:21  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/18750 | build: optionally skip external warnings by vasild · Pull Request #18750 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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1782020-10-10T11:46:44  <vasild> wumpus: "I have --disable-dependency-tracing as it wouldn't build on FreeBSD otherwise" -- hmm, I don't use that option and it compiles just fine
1792020-10-10T11:48:48  <vasild> wen cmake?
1802020-10-10T11:49:05  <vasild> :-D
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1862020-10-10T12:10:09  <fanquake> hopefully no time soon
1872020-10-10T12:10:56  <fanquake> We’ve got lots more important things to deal with than swapping build systems, and god forbid we have to maintain two at once.
1882020-10-10T12:13:43  <wumpus> vasild: you are probably following the new, better build instructions for freebsd that tack on MAKE=gmake instead
1892020-10-10T12:13:57  *** Pavlenex has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
1902020-10-10T12:15:06  <vasild> wumpus: I run ./autogen.sh && ./configure && gmake
1912020-10-10T12:16:45  <wumpus> all build systems have their own set of warts using cmake would just switch one for the other
1922020-10-10T12:16:51  <wumpus> vasild: that doesn't work for me
1932020-10-10T12:17:28  <wumpus> (and for many other people it doesn't either which is why that is in the build instructions)
1942020-10-10T12:18:16  <wumpus> might be a automake/autoconf version thing but in any case I'm not very interested in debugging that now :-)
1952020-10-10T12:18:18  <vasild> I saw some mentions of build failures and --disable-dependency-tracing but never bothered to study that, especially that it works for me :)
1962020-10-10T12:18:45  <vasild> I mean build works for me without --disable-dependency-tracing
1972020-10-10T12:18:49  <wumpus> disabling dependency tracking will result in madness and insanity don't do it, override MAKE intead
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2162020-10-10T14:46:58  <ariard> vasild: I'm still not understanding how a BIP155 node is supposed to discover the list of network IDs supported by its BIP155-peers ?
2172020-10-10T14:47:18  <ariard> for now the table is hardcoded but I assume it will be extended in the future
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2482020-10-10T17:23:46  <hebasto> sipa: could protecting `m_txrequest` with its own mutex rather with `cs_main` be safe and provide more concurrency?
2492020-10-10T17:24:16  <sipa> hebasto: no, because all call sites already hold cs_main
2502020-10-10T17:24:40  <hebasto> sipa: ok, thanks
2512020-10-10T17:24:43  <sipa> it's also pointless, as net_processing is inherently single-threaded (there is only one message handler thread)
2522020-10-10T17:25:45  <sipa> i think net_processing should move to its own locks, instead of cs_main, but that's a larger scope thing, and doing that for just m_txrequest doesn't provide benefits until the rest of the file can make use of it
2532020-10-10T17:26:00  <hebasto> then why protecting `m_txrequest` at all?
2542020-10-10T17:26:14  <sipa> ?
2552020-10-10T17:26:39  <hebasto> if the only thread has access
2562020-10-10T17:26:58  <sipa> because we don't want to introduce bugs
2572020-10-10T17:27:15  <sipa> if the code is perfect, all thread annotations/checks are wasted effort
2582020-10-10T17:27:56  <sipa> we could also delete all tests ;)
2592020-10-10T17:28:11  <hebasto> no, please :)
2602020-10-10T17:28:51  <sipa> it isn't the case that only one thread has access - it's that (i assume!) in the current code, only one thread actually accesses it
2612020-10-10T17:29:53  <hebasto> re "i think net_processing should move to its own locks, instead of cs_main" agree
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2782020-10-10T20:12:30  <stevenroose> is there any protocol rule limiting future env type identifiers to 32 bytes?
2792020-10-10T20:12:42  <stevenroose> or can it in principle be any length?
2802020-10-10T20:13:19  <sipa> "env type identifiers" ?
2812020-10-10T20:14:56  <stevenroose> inv*
2822020-10-10T20:15:04  <stevenroose> from the inventory messages
2832020-10-10T20:15:12  <stevenroose> txid, wtixd, block hash, ...
2842020-10-10T20:15:17  <stevenroose> sipa: ^
2852020-10-10T20:15:48  <stevenroose> all current ones are some variant of sha256 hash, but I'm not sure if that's a hard rule
2862020-10-10T20:17:13  <sipa> no, they're just 32-bit numbers
2872020-10-10T20:17:22  <stevenroose> I mean CInv is currently hash256, so Core would refuse any future inv variants that are > 32 bytes. perhaps that's enough to make sure it won't every be any other length
2882020-10-10T20:17:50  <sipa> the current protocol defines a CInv as 32-bit type + 256-bit value
2892020-10-10T20:17:59  <stevenroose> key thanks
2902020-10-10T20:18:29  <sipa> there isn't even a way to convey anything else
2912020-10-10T20:18:38  <sipa> it's not like the "CInv value length" is sent anywhere
2922020-10-10T20:19:07  <sipa> a negotiated protocol change could modify that of course
2932020-10-10T20:21:53  <stevenroose> ah good point there is no length indicator, hadn't thought about that
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2962020-10-10T20:37:01  <jonatack> stevenroose: until very recently, CInv type was implemented as an int and was changed to uint32_t in #19818
2972020-10-10T20:37:03  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/19818 | p2p: change `CInv::type` from `int` to `uint32_t`, fix UBSan warning by jonatack · Pull Request #19818 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
2982020-10-10T20:37:29  <jonatack> though it was documented as uint32_t in https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Protocol_documentation#Inventory_Vectors
2992020-10-10T20:37:36  <jonatack> and in https://btcinformation.org/en/developer-reference#data-messages
3002020-10-10T20:39:39  <stevenroose> jonatack: awesome :) yeah in rust-bitcoin it's been a u32 always AFAIK, but I was confused, my question didn't make much sense because as Pieter pointed out, the inv message can only have 32-byte hashes as there is no way to convey items of other lengths
3012020-10-10T20:39:50  <jonatack> (by MagicalTux and harding, respectively)
3022020-10-10T20:50:31  <luke-jr> jonatack: on all supported platforms, int is 32-bit
3032020-10-10T20:59:17  <jonatack> luke-jr: right (https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/types), recent change was signedness
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3072020-10-10T21:06:26  <luke-jr> not sure it matters :P
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