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 19 2021-08-19T00:54:25  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake opened pull request #22739: doc: link to managing-wallets from docs README (master...link_managing_wallets) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22739
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 27 2021-08-19T01:16:56  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/cabbd01d8557...607a6338a737
 28 2021-08-19T01:16:56  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master cd37356 Dhruv Mehta: [crypto] Fix K1/K2 use in ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD
 29 2021-08-19T01:16:56  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 607a633 fanquake: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22331: crypto: Fix K1/K2 use in ChaCha20-Poly1305 AE...
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 32 2021-08-19T01:17:13  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake merged pull request #22331: crypto: Fix K1/K2 use in ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD (master...15649-followups) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22331
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 42 2021-08-19T01:42:55  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/607a6338a737...638855af631e
 43 2021-08-19T01:42:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 62a09a3 Russell Yanofsky: refactor: remove ::vpwallets and related global variables
 44 2021-08-19T01:42:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 638855a fanquake: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#19101: refactor: remove ::vpwallets and related glob...
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 47 2021-08-19T01:43:13  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake merged pull request #19101: refactor: remove ::vpwallets and related global variables (master...pr/novp) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/19101
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 50 2021-08-19T01:44:49  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/638855af631e...b784ab10f555
 51 2021-08-19T01:44:49  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 1ea11e1 fanquake: doc: link to managing-wallets from doc readme
 52 2021-08-19T01:44:49  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master b784ab1 fanquake: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22739: doc: link to managing-wallets from docs READM...
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 55 2021-08-19T01:45:07  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake merged pull request #22739: doc: link to managing-wallets from docs README (master...link_managing_wallets) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22739
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 72 2021-08-19T05:10:21  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] amitiuttarwar opened pull request #22740: [addrman] Move serialization code to cpp (master...2021-08-move-addrman-serialize) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22740
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 95 2021-08-19T08:00:00  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #22741: test: Add generate* calls to test framework (master...2108-testSync01) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22741
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100 2021-08-19T08:13:48  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] S3RK opened pull request #22742: test: fix bug in 22686 (master...fix_22686) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22742
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155 2021-08-19T11:06:34  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #22744: ci: Re-enable verify-commits.py check (master...2108-ciVerifyCommits) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22744
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178 2021-08-19T13:09:08  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/b784ab10f555...b6a8e68b4e11
179 2021-08-19T13:09:08  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 939640f Hennadii Stepanov: ci: Reorder scripts to make git available before depends_sources_cache
180 2021-08-19T13:09:08  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master f52a72a Hennadii Stepanov: ci: Invalidate depends caches when sources have been changed
181 2021-08-19T13:09:08  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master b6a8e68 MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22710: ci: Invalidate depends caches when sources ha...
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184 2021-08-19T13:09:25  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #22710: ci: Invalidate depends caches when sources have been changed (master...210815-ci) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22710
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186 2021-08-19T13:24:43  *** prayank <prayank!~andr0irc@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
187 2021-08-19T13:27:24  <prayank> sipa: which tools allow users to broadcast tx to specific peers? I tried libbtc but it doesn't work as expected
188 2021-08-19T13:28:22  <sipa> prayank: at least https://github.com/laanwj/bitcoin-submittx
189 2021-08-19T13:28:41  *** AaronvanW <AaronvanW!~AaronvanW@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
190 2021-08-19T13:29:11  <prayank> Interesting. Thanks for the link. Will try it today.
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194 2021-08-19T13:31:50  <sipa> but even if that doesn't suffice, there isn't much need for this functionality to be in bitcoin core - it doesn't need an actual node
195 2021-08-19T13:32:56  <prayank> It doesn't need an actual node? Didn't understand this
196 2021-08-19T13:33:42  <sipa> the thing sending the transaction doesn't need a node
197 2021-08-19T13:34:23  <sipa> so it's restrictive to build it into bitcoin core; it's more usable if it's something external
198 2021-08-19T13:37:51  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
199 2021-08-19T13:37:51  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke closed pull request #20362: test: Implicitly sync after generate* to preempt races and intermittent test failures (master...2011-noSync) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/20362
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201 2021-08-19T13:38:46  <prayank> If you are using a node it will broadcast transactions. If it is not using Tor/i2p which most of the nodes do, your peers can keep an eye on your transactions. Let's assume every time I launch Bitcoin Core it connects with 3 spy nodes. This functionality can improve privacy by making it difficult for spy nodes to follow specific pattern. But I agree few things are best when added as plugins. Unfortunately we don't have plugins in Core.
202 2021-08-19T13:41:21  *** maria_elis <maria_elis!~iskra@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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204 2021-08-19T13:43:50  <laanwj> if you know what peer you want to send the transaction to, submittx does exactly what you want
205 2021-08-19T13:44:36  <prayank> Cool. Will be experimenting with it in next few hours.
206 2021-08-19T13:44:55  <sipa> prayank: yes, if you have a node, it will broadcast transactions for you, that's one of its functions - but other software can send transactions too
207 2021-08-19T13:44:59  <laanwj> it supports tor and other socks5-ish proxies, it will not connect to any peers you don't specify
208 2021-08-19T13:48:18  *** iramaro <iramaro!~lore@191-1-66-17.user3g.veloxzone.com.br> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
209 2021-08-19T13:49:14  <laanwj> i can't think of any reason why a "plugin" would be better here, as a separate program it's self-contained, and can be run in a different execution context, IIRC it requires nothing special, it will run on any VM with any kind of python3 installed
210 2021-08-19T13:50:58  <laanwj> information leakage is kept to a minimum, too, with an extra P2P connection in bitcoin core there's always the risk of some fingerprinting vector we don't yet know of, for example
211 2021-08-19T13:52:59  *** lkqwejhhgasdjhgn <lkqwejhhgasdjhgn!~kljkljklk@p200300d46f05b800bd4a140bd4452182.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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219 2021-08-19T14:05:37  *** Chris_Stewart_5 <Chris_Stewart_5!~Chris_Ste@2600:1700:56ea:430:b0f2:c3b4:5451:1d9b> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
220 2021-08-19T14:06:02  <Chris_Stewart_5> Is it possible to configure bitcoind such that
221 2021-08-19T14:06:17  <Chris_Stewart_5> 1. It allows inbound connections, 2. Doesn't gossip the peer address across the bitcoin network
222 2021-08-19T14:07:48  <Chris_Stewart_5> The goal is to only allow users with the ip address to connect via p2p. The motivation for this is there is like 0 blockfilter nodes on the network, and connections get saturated with normal full nodes AFAICT rather than blockfilter clients
223 2021-08-19T14:12:08  *** AaronvanW <AaronvanW!~AaronvanW@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
224 2021-08-19T14:13:15  <ariard> #proposemeetingtopic coredev updates :)
225 2021-08-19T14:13:44  <jnewbery> Chris_Steward_5: not that I can think of. The -listen argument toggles a global fListen flag, which controls both whether we start accepting incoming connections *and* whether we self-advertise our local address
226 2021-08-19T14:13:47  <laanwj> only inbound connections can be done using -noconnect, i don't know if there is a way to disable gossip
227 2021-08-19T14:14:07  <jonatack> Chris_Stewart_5: would the section in doc/tor.md "Manually create a Bitcoin Core onion service" do what you want? e.g.
228 2021-08-19T14:14:40  *** Guest45 <Guest45!~Guest45@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
229 2021-08-19T14:15:53  <jonatack> -externalip= ...  -bind= ...    (if you are running a hidden service)
230 2021-08-19T14:17:05  <jonatack> (i run a blockfilter node :)
231 2021-08-19T14:17:43  <Chris_Stewart_5> jonatack: That might be work, but unfortunately this is needed on a short time line so I don't have time to research. Thanks for the suggestion tho :-)
232 2021-08-19T14:19:40  <Chris_Stewart_5> jnewbery: Thanks for the answer, it could be a useful feature in the future perhaps :man_shrugging:
233 2021-08-19T14:21:27  <laanwj> with -externalip you can override the IPs that are gossiped, i'm not sure you can set it to not gossip any at all
234 2021-08-19T14:21:43  <laanwj> -noexternalip would be interesting
235 2021-08-19T14:24:25  <laanwj> it might work to provide a non-gossip address e.g. -externalip=
236 2021-08-19T14:24:47  <laanwj> but if it works that's quite an ugly hack
237 2021-08-19T14:26:40  *** RDK <RDK!~RDK@p200300db67137b13159ca26ff2c6b359.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
238 2021-08-19T14:27:54  <jonatack> it's been on my list to review + play around with -externalip more (and maybe improve its help in src/init.cpp, which doesn't have the externalip info in doc/tor.md)
239 2021-08-19T14:28:47  <prayank> laanwj: let me know if my understanding of this tool is correct. I think this tool takes a signed transaction hex and few node addresses as input, broadcasts the tx and disconnect?
240 2021-08-19T14:32:05  <laanwj> prayank: correct
241 2021-08-19T14:34:19  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
242 2021-08-19T14:34:19  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] suriyaa opened pull request #22746: doc: Update GitHub documentation links (master...github-docs) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22746
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245 2021-08-19T14:39:39  <prayank> Thanks. I think this will be helpful. Although I might add few things in it or maybe create similar project using other language. It should connect with a list of peers, then broadcast tx to a subset of this list and remain connected with all peers until users closes it manually.
246 2021-08-19T14:40:47  <laanwj> keeping it connected should be pretty straightforward
247 2021-08-19T14:42:22  <laanwj> i don't see why to stay connected though, it's just wasting connection slots
248 2021-08-19T14:44:46  <laanwj> i should probably merge the outstanding PRs as well (sorry achow101)
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270 2021-08-19T17:17:58  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/b6a8e68b4e11...92f3a4b4d053
271 2021-08-19T17:17:58  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 8dcbbbe S3RK: test: fix bug in 22686
272 2021-08-19T17:17:58  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 92f3a4b MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22742: test: Use proper target in do_fund_send
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275 2021-08-19T17:18:15  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #22742: test: Use proper target in do_fund_send  (master...fix_22686) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22742
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286 2021-08-19T17:51:41  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #22748: Avoid temporary vectors/uint256s in VerifyTaprootCommitment (master...202108_xonlyspan) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22748
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288 2021-08-19T17:53:01  <michaelfolkson> ariard: s/proposemeetingtopic/proposedmeetingtopic
289 2021-08-19T17:59:54  <michaelfolkson> (if you want this to pick it up https://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/proposedmeetingtopics.txt)
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291 2021-08-19T18:05:25  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #22749: ci: Run arm task on arm64 hardware (master...2108-ciArm) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22749
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293 2021-08-19T18:06:06  <ariard> michaelfokson: yeah never remember which one is correct between verb/past tense
294 2021-08-19T18:15:02  *** maria_elis <maria_elis!~iskra@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
295 2021-08-19T18:37:42  <laanwj> it's okay, i saw it
296 2021-08-19T18:59:48  *** gene <gene!~gene@gateway/tor-sasl/gene> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
297 2021-08-19T18:59:56  <gene> hi
298 2021-08-19T19:00:17  <laanwj> #startmeeting
299 2021-08-19T19:00:17  <core-meetingbot> Meeting started Thu Aug 19 19:00:17 2021 UTC.  The chair is laanwj. Information about MeetBot at https://bitcoin.jonasschnelli.ch/ircmeetings.
300 2021-08-19T19:00:17  <core-meetingbot> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick
301 2021-08-19T19:02:59  *** lightningbot <lightningbot!lightningb@cerulean.erisian.com.au> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
302 2021-08-19T19:03:10  <jonatack> hi
303 2021-08-19T19:03:14  *** murrayn <murrayn!~murray@static.> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
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306 2021-08-19T19:03:42  <laanwj> #topic High priority for review
307 2021-08-19T19:03:51  *** core-meetingbot <core-meetingbot!~meetingbo@static.> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
308 2021-08-19T19:04:18  <laanwj> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8 currently 6 blockers, no bugfixes, nothing chasing concept ACK
309 2021-08-19T19:04:50  <laanwj> (i don't know why we still have the bugfix and chasing concept categories in high prio, we never put any PRs in them)
310 2021-08-19T19:05:02  <laanwj> anything to add/remove, or that is (almost) ready for merge?
311 2021-08-19T19:05:17  <ariard> because we never have bugs :p
312 2021-08-19T19:05:25  <laanwj> ariard: that must be it!
313 2021-08-19T19:05:34  *** pigeons <pigeons!~pigeons@androzani.sysevolve.com> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
314 2021-08-19T19:06:01  <michaelfolkson> I'm sure there are things chasing concept too but just not high prio (maybe)
315 2021-08-19T19:06:17  <laanwj> yeah, probably, if you think anything should be added just mention it
316 2021-08-19T19:07:49  <sipa> hi
317 2021-08-19T19:08:19  <laanwj> there doesn't seem much to discuss with regard to high prio today, let's move to the next topic
318 2021-08-19T19:08:30  <laanwj> #topic Coredev updates (ariard)
319 2021-08-19T19:08:31  <core-meetingbot> topic: Coredev updates (ariard)
320 2021-08-19T19:08:33  <ariard> hi
321 2021-08-19T19:08:36  <real_or_random> hi
322 2021-08-19T19:08:55  <ariard> so we have a new country, speedy trial of france didn't work :)
323 2021-08-19T19:09:26  <ariard> we got optimistic answers from new sponsors to feed the coredev fund, just a bit of legal structuring
324 2021-08-19T19:09:34  <ariard> the good news, it should also cover next editions
325 2021-08-19T19:09:54  <laanwj> great!
326 2021-08-19T19:09:58  <ariard> i'll send a last mail next week to setup a signal group, and i think the process for travel subsidy
327 2021-08-19T19:10:02  <jonatack> france is doing a speedy trial of the reset i guess :D
328 2021-08-19T19:10:07  <ariard> all future communications will happen on signal
329 2021-08-19T19:10:08  <sipa> so, zurich?
330 2021-08-19T19:10:23  <ariard> sipa: you said the name first, you owe a beer to every attendees :p
331 2021-08-19T19:10:27  <ariard> yes zurich
332 2021-08-19T19:10:56  <sipa> [1 non-fungible beer token at "The International
333 2021-08-19T19:11:21  <ariard> Yeah Switzerland is great we have mountains near
334 2021-08-19T19:12:04  <ariard> Restrictions are pretty loose compare to other european countries, I think we'll stick to it
335 2021-08-19T19:12:22  <ariard> Like worst-case scenario I can think of is travel ban of non-vaccinated US people
336 2021-08-19T19:12:40  <ariard> If that happen, I'll feel sorry for our american friends but still maintain switzerland
337 2021-08-19T19:13:03  <sipa> especially in the US it's very easy to get vaccinated...
338 2021-08-19T19:13:05  <ariard> I've also received messages for talk scheduling, we'll folks self-organize on the signal :)
339 2021-08-19T19:13:11  <luke-jr> why would it be non-vaccinated US people? O.o
340 2021-08-19T19:13:12  <sipa> unless for medical reasons of course
341 2021-08-19T19:13:21  <jonatack> luke-jr: legislation floated by the US congress, not swiss side yet (afaik)
342 2021-08-19T19:13:32  <luke-jr> i c
343 2021-08-19T19:13:48  <luke-jr> last I heard that was destination-independent anyway
344 2021-08-19T19:13:51  <ariard> luke-jr: yeah swiss has committed to not harden the restrictions and instead call on personal responsibility
345 2021-08-19T19:13:58  <achow101> apparently the US is currently requiring a negative covid test to enter the country, regardless of vaccination status and citizenship
346 2021-08-19T19:14:12  <ariard> here: https://www.admin.ch/gov/en/start/documentation/media-releases.msg-id-84676.html
347 2021-08-19T19:14:14  <achow101> this could pose some issues for return
348 2021-08-19T19:14:37  <ariard> achow101: you mean US -> Switzerland or Switzerland -> US ?
349 2021-08-19T19:14:47  <achow101> switzerland -> US
350 2021-08-19T19:15:14  <jonatack> luke-jr: https://twitter.com/RWMaloneMD/status/1426884920295755783
351 2021-08-19T19:15:30  <jonatack> https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/4980
352 2021-08-19T19:15:32  <ariard> achow101: yeah a negative covid test is pretty the norm for any cross-border travel those days
353 2021-08-19T19:15:59  <gleb7> that was also my experienw
354 2021-08-19T19:16:02  <ariard> achow101: i expect tests to be pretty available in zurich?
355 2021-08-19T19:16:28  <sipa> i can't imagine that that would be a problem
356 2021-08-19T19:16:51  <ariard> yeah that zurich, ch not bitcoin beach, el salvador :)
357 2021-08-19T19:17:08  <michaelfolkson> I'm assuming there will be teleconferencing for Aus, NZ etc? At least for some sessions? Getting balance between privacy and openness to those not present is always tricky
358 2021-08-19T19:17:32  <sipa> that would be very hard i think
359 2021-08-19T19:17:43  <luke-jr> michaelfolkson: if it were possible, it'd make more sense for everyone to tele
360 2021-08-19T19:17:51  <michaelfolkson> I guess...
361 2021-08-19T19:17:52  <sipa> coredev isn't really organized... lots of just random people starting a conversation
362 2021-08-19T19:17:55  <luke-jr> but the point of in person is that it's in person
363 2021-08-19T19:18:02  <michaelfolkson> Ok
364 2021-08-19T19:18:09  <luke-jr> (and the benefits you get from that)
365 2021-08-19T19:18:24  <gleb7> I think we should ask aus people of what they think they could use from the meeting, based on the previous experience and their personal view of productivity.
366 2021-08-19T19:19:09  <jonatack> michaelfolkson: i've never attended coredev, but i imagine previously holding some of them (roughly one in three?) in tokyo helped with this
367 2021-08-19T19:19:20  <luke-jr> (also reminder that not only aus/nz are isolating)
368 2021-08-19T19:19:36  <michaelfolkson> Right, those are examples I know of
369 2021-08-19T19:20:25  <ariard> Yeah I'll reach out to aussies if they have topics to propose
370 2021-08-19T19:21:16  <ariard> And last thing, if you wanna to stay for the weekend feel free to do so, few people were willingly to do outdoor activities/team building :)
371 2021-08-19T19:21:31  <ariard> voila voila, the following on signal
372 2021-08-19T19:21:37  <laanwj> thanks for the update ariard
373 2021-08-19T19:22:08  <laanwj> #topic Erlay update (gleb7)
374 2021-08-19T19:22:08  <core-meetingbot> topic: Erlay update (gleb7)
375 2021-08-19T19:22:13  <jarolrod> thanks for the update!
376 2021-08-19T19:22:44  <gleb7> Okay so to move forward with erlay I created 2 meta-issues in my repo. I want to use them for discussion, as I need some help at this point.
377 2021-08-19T19:23:01  <gleb7> First, there is an issue describing all the stuff going on with transaction announcement bandwidth.
378 2021-08-19T19:23:07  <michaelfolkson> Chasing concept? :)
379 2021-08-19T19:23:29  <gleb7> After protocol change we agreed on with greg and peter lately, the overall node saving is probably gonna be about 15-30% bandwidth...
380 2021-08-19T19:23:50  <gleb7> So for example I wanna hear that we are willing to add complexity and that's justified by the gain.
381 2021-08-19T19:23:58  <sipa> gleb7: how much was it before?
382 2021-08-19T19:24:25  <gleb7> sipa: i claimed to save up to 50% in the paper (for 8 conns)
383 2021-08-19T19:24:50  <sipa> but higher numbers with more connections, i assume?
384 2021-08-19T19:24:55  <gleb7> yes indeed
385 2021-08-19T19:25:15  <sipa> because that's the real justification - having sublinear bandwidth growth as the number of connections increases
386 2021-08-19T19:25:38  <gleb7> I was thinking about that as well... Connectivity increase doesn't necessarily mean tx relay over them, right?
387 2021-08-19T19:26:01  <gleb7> Relaying txs over more links is good too (for compact blocks, for privacy potentially)
388 2021-08-19T19:26:12  <sipa> block-only connections are an obvious way of increasing connectivity without increasing bandwidth (much)
389 2021-08-19T19:26:34  <sipa> but ideally, with erlay you should be able to get nearly the same
390 2021-08-19T19:26:42  <gleb7> that holds.
391 2021-08-19T19:27:08  <gleb7> Also, there is a bandwidth/latency trade-off again. A bit slower relay gives better bandwidth savings. That's also to re-discuss probably.
392 2021-08-19T19:27:13  <gleb7> So yeah here's the first link
393 2021-08-19T19:27:22  <gleb7> https://github.com/naumenkogs/txrelaysim/issues/7
394 2021-08-19T19:27:46  <gleb7> A lot of high-level text, enjoy and comment please :) Be ready to allocate maybe 10 minutes for that read.
395 2021-08-19T19:28:01  <gleb7> The second link is an invitation to join my experimental erlay mainnet nodes.
396 2021-08-19T19:28:26  <gleb7> I run 8 nodes with erlay enabled, just connect to them and see impact (instruction provided).
397 2021-08-19T19:28:33  <gleb7> https://github.com/naumenkogs/txrelaysim/issues/8
398 2021-08-19T19:28:42  <sipa> i will join
399 2021-08-19T19:28:55  <laanwj> should i add that issue to chasing concept ACK in high prio for review?
400 2021-08-19T19:28:58  <gleb7> So there is room for help from both high-level and practical thinkers :)
401 2021-08-19T19:29:13  <gleb7> laanwj: it's not even the core repo currently... although I could move it to core?
402 2021-08-19T19:29:26  <laanwj> that doesn't matter for the project board, at least
403 2021-08-19T19:29:42  <gleb7> ah, yeah, then probably add the first link? That might get some attention
404 2021-08-19T19:29:43  <michaelfolkson> Get it in there
405 2021-08-19T19:29:51  <laanwj> done
406 2021-08-19T19:30:05  <gleb7> Thank you.
407 2021-08-19T19:30:15  <gleb7> I'm done with my topic.
408 2021-08-19T19:30:40  <sipa> nice seeing progress
409 2021-08-19T19:30:41  *** infernix <infernix!nix@spirit.infernix.net> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
410 2021-08-19T19:30:48  <michaelfolkson> You want to follow up in next week's meeting or in two weeks gleb7?
411 2021-08-19T19:30:53  <laanwj> i'll try to help testing too
412 2021-08-19T19:31:02  <michaelfolkson> For people who have read it, looked at it
413 2021-08-19T19:31:05  <gleb7> michaelfolkson: sure, but at this point it's more about people getting involved :)
414 2021-08-19T19:31:46  <gleb7> Like, my part for now is kind of done. Once more of us join, we make next steps.
415 2021-08-19T19:31:58  <jonatack> thanks gleb7, i was wondering what the status was, will have a look
416 2021-08-19T19:32:56  <laanwj> any other topics for today?
417 2021-08-19T19:33:19  <michaelfolkson> I'm assuming if you run this Erlay node that it functions as a normal mainnet node other than when it connects to other Erlay nodes?
418 2021-08-19T19:33:45  <gleb7> Sorry, I don't understand the question.
419 2021-08-19T19:33:55  <gleb7> ah, yes, correct.
420 2021-08-19T19:33:59  <gleb7> At least it should be :)
421 2021-08-19T19:34:22  <michaelfolkson> Cool
422 2021-08-19T19:35:06  <laanwj> #endmeeting
423 2021-08-19T19:35:06  <core-meetingbot> topic: Bitcoin Core development discussion and commit log | Feel free to watch, but please take commentary and usage questions to #bitcoin | Channel logs: http://www.erisian.com.au/bitcoin-core-dev/, http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/ | Meeting topics http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/proposedmeetingtopics.txt / http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/proposedwalletmeetingtopics.txt
424 2021-08-19T19:35:07  <core-meetingbot> Meeting ended Thu Aug 19 19:35:06 2021 UTC.
425 2021-08-19T19:35:07  <core-meetingbot> Minutes:        https://bitcoin.jonasschnelli.ch/ircmeetings/logs/bitcoin-core-dev/2021/bitcoin-core-dev.2021-08-19-19.00.moin.txt
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431 2021-08-19T19:54:27  <Guest94> hi people arround
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434 2021-08-19T19:58:02  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/92f3a4b4d053...999f8b24cca3
435 2021-08-19T19:58:02  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 9321086 Jon Atack: test: add assert_getpeerinfo method and coverage in p2p_addrfetch.py
436 2021-08-19T19:58:02  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master f8d8eb5 Jon Atack: test: add addr-fetch timeout connection coverage in p2p_addrfetch.py
437 2021-08-19T19:58:02  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 999f8b2 MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#22568: test: add addr-fetch peer connection state an...
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