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 75 2021-12-16T01:02:19  <jeremyrubin> well it's always kind of a negotiation of if the nits need to be addressed here or later. part of the joy of having a guideline on how to handle is that there's a default answer.
 76 2021-12-16T01:02:58  <jeremyrubin> I think we may even get better quality code, because right now i don't nit things i don't want to bother the author to fix given the costs of re-review
 77 2021-12-16T01:04:44  <sipa> occasionally i don't bother leaving nits   on the PRs directly, but make a follow-up PR myself after it's merged.
 78 2021-12-16T01:10:44  <jeremyrubin> i think that's reasonable -- no nits, but just fix it yourself as a follow up. they who nit-it fix-it?
 79 2021-12-16T01:21:17  <luke-jr> I planned to do that with NAT-PMP but never got around to it :x
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 92 2021-12-16T02:30:15  <ariard> laanwj: yeah sad with the premature merge of 22674, commit e12fafd was added on the last push and not previously reviewed, you have a good chunk of context with implications for the rest of package relay support imho :(
 93 2021-12-16T02:30:30  <ariard> nice if past reviewers can re-look on that
 94 2021-12-16T02:39:57  <laanwj> okay, sorry
 95 2021-12-16T02:41:21  <laanwj> yes i screwed up well it's the last PR i'll merge for a while
 96 2021-12-16T02:45:22  *** jtrag <jtrag!~jtrag@user/jtrag> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 97 2021-12-16T02:48:35  <laanwj> and reverting e12fafd would make sense then (better to do it as a new PR)
 98 2021-12-16T02:53:01  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
 99 2021-12-16T02:53:01  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] laanwj opened pull request #23793: validation: Revert "de-duplicate package transactions already in mempool" (master...2021-12-revert-package-dedup) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23793
100 2021-12-16T02:53:02  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has left #bitcoin-core-dev
101 2021-12-16T02:58:15  <laanwj> there
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103 2021-12-16T03:02:24  <laanwj> oh, it isn't possible to revert it by itself, revert the entire PR then?
104 2021-12-16T03:05:16  <laanwj> ok: it introduces MempoolAcceptResult::ResultType::MEMPOOL_ENTRY which is used in the commit after it, but that's only tests, could remove or comment out the test for now
105 2021-12-16T03:15:22  *** rex4539 <rex4539!~rex4539@gateway/tor-sasl/rex4539> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
106 2021-12-16T03:18:14  <laanwj> done that
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136 2021-12-16T06:49:20  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/fee16b15fa34...98c362a4d3d8
137 2021-12-16T06:49:20  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 71115a5 seaona: test: include two more interruptions points
138 2021-12-16T06:49:20  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 618f4d2 seaona: test: re-organized array according to order of logs and included 2 more in...
139 2021-12-16T06:49:20  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 98c362a MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#23782: test: include two more interruptions points
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142 2021-12-16T06:49:36  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #23782: test: include two more interruptions points (master...2021-12-feature-init-test-interruptions) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23782
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149 2021-12-16T07:45:58  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 4 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/98c362a4d3d8...a30642926a5e
150 2021-12-16T07:45:58  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 4807f73 w0xlt: refactor: Implement restorewallet() logic in the wallet section
151 2021-12-16T07:45:58  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master abbb7ec w0xlt: refactor: Move restorewallet() RPC logic to the wallet section
152 2021-12-16T07:45:58  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 62fa61f w0xlt: refactor: remove the wallet folder if the restore fails
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155 2021-12-16T07:46:14  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #23721: wallet, refactor: Move restorewallet() logic to the wallet section (master...restore_wallet_gui) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23721
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158 2021-12-16T07:48:36  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/a30642926a5e...ce463cf45053
159 2021-12-16T07:48:36  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 65efbba Antoine Poinsot: rpcwallet: mention labels are deactivated for ranged descriptors
160 2021-12-16T07:48:36  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master ce463cf MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#23750: rpcwallet: mention labels are disabled for ra...
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163 2021-12-16T07:48:51  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #23750: rpcwallet: mention labels are disabled for ranged descriptors (master...no_label_range_descriptors) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23750
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168 2021-12-16T07:57:41  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 2 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/ce463cf45053...df6e961c417b
169 2021-12-16T07:57:41  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master e4a8d56 Martin Zumsande: doc: add explanations for assert in index and magic numbers in test
170 2021-12-16T07:57:41  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master df6e961 MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#23777: doc: follow-ups from #23365 (index backwards ...
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173 2021-12-16T07:57:58  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #23777: doc: follow-ups from #23365 (index backwards search) (master...202112_index_followups) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23777
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246 2021-12-16T13:53:56  <MarcoFalke> PSA: Due to "activity" on archived issues and pull requests, I'll be locking everything up to Dec 31st 2019.
247 2021-12-16T13:54:29  <MarcoFalke> Please open a new issue or leave a question on IRC if something relevant to a locked issue or pull request comes p
248 2021-12-16T13:54:31  <MarcoFalke> *up
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251 2021-12-16T13:59:18  <MarcoFalke> Preemptively locking helps against spam attacks on archived threds. Also, it reduces harrassment of people's inbox that left a comment on a thread more than two years ago.
252 2021-12-16T13:59:24  <MarcoFalke> *threads
253 2021-12-16T14:01:49  <jnewbery> MarcoFalke: ACK. Seems like a good policy. Please thank drahtbot for beings so active on issue/pr management :)
254 2021-12-16T14:02:43  <MarcoFalke> Drahty will get some nice carrots for new years
255 2021-12-16T14:03:06  *** jamesob <jamesob!~jamesob@pool-108-31-54-223.washdc.fios.verizon.net> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
256 2021-12-16T14:08:10  <sipa> MarcoFalke: sounds good to me
257 2021-12-16T14:09:03  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
258 2021-12-16T14:09:03  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 3 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/df6e961c417b...6b212cbbb9d7
259 2021-12-16T14:09:03  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master aeeccd9 Martin Zumsande: test: Fix intermittent issue in p2p_addr_relay.py
260 2021-12-16T14:09:03  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 261dddb Martin Zumsande: test: Combine addr generation helper functions
261 2021-12-16T14:09:03  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 6b212cb MarcoFalke: Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#23720: test: Refactor addr_relay.py addr generation,...
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264 2021-12-16T14:09:23  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #23720: test: Refactor addr_relay.py addr generation, increase mocktime (master...202112_test_addrrelay) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23720
265 2021-12-16T14:09:24  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has left #bitcoin-core-dev
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267 2021-12-16T14:14:55  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke pushed 5 commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/6b212cbbb9d7...8c0bd871fcf6
268 2021-12-16T14:14:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fa3d62c MarcoFalke: Move FindForkInGlobalIndex from BlockManager to CChainState
269 2021-12-16T14:14:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master fa47b5c MarcoFalke: Move AcceptBlockHeader to ChainstateManager
270 2021-12-16T14:14:55  <bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master facd213 MarcoFalke: Move m_failed_blocks to ChainstateManager
271 2021-12-16T14:14:57  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has left #bitcoin-core-dev
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273 2021-12-16T14:15:12  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke merged pull request #23785: refactor: Move stuff to ChainstateManager (master...2112-moveCMan) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23785
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294 2021-12-16T15:17:12  <laanwj> MarcoFalke: ACK, assuming you mean closed issues and PRs
295 2021-12-16T15:17:34  <MarcoFalke> jup, closed ones
296 2021-12-16T15:22:32  <laanwj> great!
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299 2021-12-16T15:24:52  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #23795: refactor: Remove implicit-integer-sign-change suppressions in validation (master...2112-refValSup) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23795
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303 2021-12-16T15:44:54  <glozow> MarcoFalke: ACK, will bring carrots for Drahty
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310 2021-12-16T16:00:31  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] theStack opened pull request #23796: test: check that pruneblockchain RPC fails for future block or timestamp (master...202112-test-add_pruneblockchain_test_coverage) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23796
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346 2021-12-16T19:00:02  <laanwj> #startmeeting
347 2021-12-16T19:00:03  <core-meetingbot> Meeting started Thu Dec 16 19:00:02 2021 UTC.  The chair is laanwj. Information about MeetBot at https://bitcoin.jonasschnelli.ch/ircmeetings.
348 2021-12-16T19:00:03  <core-meetingbot> Available commands: action commands idea info link nick
349 2021-12-16T19:00:07  <achow101> hi
350 2021-12-16T19:00:14  <laanwj> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: achow101 _aj_ amiti ariard BlueMatt cfields Chris_Stewart_5 darosior digi_james dongcarl elichai2 emilengler fanquake fjahr gleb glozow gmaxwell gwillen hebasto instagibbs jamesob jarolrod jb55 jeremyrubin jl2012 jnewbery jonasschnelli jonatack jtimon kallewoof kanzure kvaciral laanwj larryruane lightlike luke-jr maaku marcofalke meshcollider michagogo moneyball
351 2021-12-16T19:00:15  <hebasto> hi
352 2021-12-16T19:00:16  <laanwj> morcos nehan NicolasDorier paveljanik petertodd phantomcircuit promag provoostenator ryanofsky sdaftuar sipa vasild
353 2021-12-16T19:00:28  <kvaciral[m]> hi
354 2021-12-16T19:00:30  <jb55> hi
355 2021-12-16T19:00:31  <jamesob> hi
356 2021-12-16T19:00:35  <jamesob> wow, thursday already
357 2021-12-16T19:00:37  <laanwj> welcome to what i guess is the last general IRC meeting of 2021
358 2021-12-16T19:00:40  <michaelfolkson> hi
359 2021-12-16T19:00:44  <luke-jr> hi
360 2021-12-16T19:00:46  <ariard> hi
361 2021-12-16T19:00:50  <sipa> hi
362 2021-12-16T19:01:02  <fjahr> hi
363 2021-12-16T19:01:02  <b10c> hi
364 2021-12-16T19:01:15  <lightlike> hi
365 2021-12-16T19:01:47  <laanwj> there haven't been any pre-proposed meeting topics (use #proposedmeetingtopic during any time of the week)
366 2021-12-16T19:01:55  <laanwj> any last minute one?
367 2021-12-16T19:02:06  <achow101> suggested topic: wallet maintainer
368 2021-12-16T19:02:33  <jonatack> hi
369 2021-12-16T19:02:43  <luke-jr> achow101: are you volunteering? :P
370 2021-12-16T19:02:49  <achow101> yes
371 2021-12-16T19:02:55  <laanwj> jamesob: yeah time flies when you're having-- well, time flies anyway
372 2021-12-16T19:02:59  <cfields_> hi
373 2021-12-16T19:03:03  <jamesob> laanwj: haha
374 2021-12-16T19:03:04  <jb55> achow101 it is then, that was easy
375 2021-12-16T19:03:05  <luke-jr> laanwj: lol
376 2021-12-16T19:03:17  *** arythmetic <arythmetic!~arythmeti@2607:fea8:85c1:db00:91ca:42ff:4987:327> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
377 2021-12-16T19:03:41  <michaelfolkson> That was too easy. NACK to achow101
378 2021-12-16T19:03:42  <laanwj> #topic Wallet maintainer
379 2021-12-16T19:03:42  <core-meetingbot> topic: Wallet maintainer
380 2021-12-16T19:03:43  <MarcoFalke> jamesob is having a rebase party (fun)
381 2021-12-16T19:03:44  <michaelfolkson> jokez
382 2021-12-16T19:03:47  <luke-jr> x.x
383 2021-12-16T19:04:02  <jamesob> MarcoFalke: how did you know?? ;)
384 2021-12-16T19:04:04  *** arythmetic <arythmetic!~arythmeti@2607:fea8:85c1:db00:91ca:42ff:4987:327> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
385 2021-12-16T19:04:15  *** zonemix <zonemix!~zonemix@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
386 2021-12-16T19:04:16  <luke-jr> I need to have a rebase party too soon :x
387 2021-12-16T19:04:32  <MarcoFalke> jamesob: I can hear your keyboard
388 2021-12-16T19:04:39  <jamesob> lol
389 2021-12-16T19:04:54  <laanwj> hahaha
390 2021-12-16T19:05:01  <jamesob> nope, that's just PTSD from _actually_ hearing my keyboard two years ago
391 2021-12-16T19:05:13  <luke-jr> ._.
392 2021-12-16T19:05:15  <jb55> rebase party sounds fun but I might have too many conflicts
393 2021-12-16T19:05:21  <cfields_> lol
394 2021-12-16T19:06:05  <MarcoFalke> achow101: Looks like there are no objections. Just promise to merge no bugs, ok?
395 2021-12-16T19:06:06  <laanwj> ok, on topic, ack to achow101 wallet maintainer
396 2021-12-16T19:06:15  <cfields_> ack
397 2021-12-16T19:06:16  <jb55> ack
398 2021-12-16T19:06:18  <michaelfolkson> ACK
399 2021-12-16T19:06:20  <ariard> ack
400 2021-12-16T19:06:20  <fjahr> ack
401 2021-12-16T19:06:21  <luke-jr> should probably post to ML first, but SGTM
402 2021-12-16T19:06:30  <jamesob> ack achow
403 2021-12-16T19:06:41  <laanwj> no, this is a project decision, not a ML decision
404 2021-12-16T19:06:41  <luke-jr> (or not since it's just a Core internal thing idk)
405 2021-12-16T19:06:43  <b10c> ach ackow101
406 2021-12-16T19:06:47  <laanwj> luke-jr: right
407 2021-12-16T19:06:49  <sipa> ack
408 2021-12-16T19:06:51  <jonatack> ACK modulo no bugs :p
409 2021-12-16T19:06:52  <luke-jr> laanwj: right, but some people might not be here
410 2021-12-16T19:06:53  <jamesob> b10c: god bless you
411 2021-12-16T19:06:59  <achow101> MarcoFalke: those aren't bugs, they're features :p
412 2021-12-16T19:07:06  <MarcoFalke> jup bitcoin-core-dev is only for releases
413 2021-12-16T19:07:09  <laanwj> luke-jr: we'll not immediately assign it so other people have time to comment
414 2021-12-16T19:07:09  <kvaciral[m]> ack
415 2021-12-16T19:07:53  <MarcoFalke> There will also be a pull request, which people can comment on
416 2021-12-16T19:07:56  <laanwj> it's not an actual decision in the meeting just an oppertunity to bring up objections
417 2021-12-16T19:07:59  <laanwj> right
418 2021-12-16T19:08:01  <luke-jr> MarcoFalke: good point
419 2021-12-16T19:08:26  <MarcoFalke> I expect that pull to be open for a week at least, maybe longer because holidays?
420 2021-12-16T19:08:50  <laanwj> yeah
421 2021-12-16T19:09:34  <achow101> i'll open it after the meeting then
422 2021-12-16T19:10:17  <sipa> sgtm
423 2021-12-16T19:10:25  <laanwj> oh github has something new, if you click projects you get "projects (beta)" which doesn't actually have the projects... was afraid for a moment they were all gone
424 2021-12-16T19:10:57  <laanwj> #topic High priority for review
425 2021-12-16T19:10:57  <core-meetingbot> topic: High priority for review
426 2021-12-16T19:11:07  <MarcoFalke> can I haz ACK/NACK on #23411 ?
427 2021-12-16T19:11:08  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/23411 | refactor: Avoid integer overflow in ApplyStats when activating snapshot by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #23411 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
428 2021-12-16T19:11:15  <jamesob> will look
429 2021-12-16T19:11:21  <achow101> #22558 for me
430 2021-12-16T19:11:22  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/22558 | psbt: Taproot fields for PSBT by achow101 · Pull Request #22558 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
431 2021-12-16T19:11:34  <laanwj> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8   7 blockers, 1 chasing concept ACK
432 2021-12-16T19:12:43  <jonatack> review beg for #22932, up since 3 months, has (drum roll...) one concept ack (thanks promag!)
433 2021-12-16T19:12:46  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/22932 | Guard CBlockIndex::nStatus by cs_main, require GetBlockPos/GetUndoPos to hold cs_main by jonatack · Pull Request #22932 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
434 2021-12-16T19:12:50  <laanwj> MarcoFalke: achow101: added
435 2021-12-16T19:13:08  <jamesob> jonatack: will look
436 2021-12-16T19:13:27  <jonatack> jamesob: thank you
437 2021-12-16T19:13:30  <laanwj> jonatack: some people seem to be confused why it's necessary, was my conclusion from the comments
438 2021-12-16T19:13:41  *** zonemix <zonemix!~zonemix@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
439 2021-12-16T19:13:51  <fjahr> I would like to re-add #21726 but I am still working on a rebase, so I can ask again but it should be ready later tonight
440 2021-12-16T19:13:57  <jonatack> laanwj: good point. I rewrote the OP to state the issue, the fixes, and how to review/test it
441 2021-12-16T19:13:58  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/21726 | Improve Indices on pruned nodes via prune blockers by fjahr · Pull Request #21726 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
442 2021-12-16T19:13:59  <MarcoFalke> I've removed #21702 from hi-prio
443 2021-12-16T19:14:02  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/21702 | Implement BIP-119 Validation (CheckTemplateVerify) by JeremyRubin · Pull Request #21702 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
444 2021-12-16T19:14:09  <laanwj> jonatack: thanks!
445 2021-12-16T19:14:46  <michaelfolkson> #22674 will be reverted? If it is that will need to go back into high prio
446 2021-12-16T19:14:48  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/22674 | validation: mempool validation and submission for packages of 1 child + parents by glozow · Pull Request #22674 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
447 2021-12-16T19:15:01  <laanwj> fjahr: added
448 2021-12-16T19:15:08  <jamesob> MarcoFalke: just on the basis that you think e.g. ML discussion, "consensus gathering" is needed first?
449 2021-12-16T19:15:10  <fjahr> laanwj: thanks!
450 2021-12-16T19:15:19  <MarcoFalke> also removed #21160
451 2021-12-16T19:15:23  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/21160 | net/net processing: Move tx inventory into net_processing by jnewbery · Pull Request #21160 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
452 2021-12-16T19:15:37  <ariard> michaelfolkson: i think that's good enough if past reviwers re-ack, will review back this evening
453 2021-12-16T19:15:45  <MarcoFalke> jamesob: No, see my comment on the pull
454 2021-12-16T19:15:47  <michaelfolkson> ariard: Ok
455 2021-12-16T19:16:17  <MarcoFalke> hi-prio for review doesn't make a lot of sense when the pull can't be reviewed due to needing rebase
456 2021-12-16T19:16:45  <laanwj> MarcoFalke: i guess jnewbery isn't going to get around to it for the forseeable future? should we mark it up for grabs?
457 2021-12-16T19:17:11  <sipa> Let's perhaps leave that question up to him.
458 2021-12-16T19:17:16  <jonatack> (correction, the pull i mentioned has two concept acks by promag and MarcoFalke)
459 2021-12-16T19:17:27  <laanwj> sipa: yes, good point
460 2021-12-16T19:18:30  <laanwj> any other PRs? any other topics?
461 2021-12-16T19:18:51  <laanwj> michaelfolkson: the idea is to revert one of the commits, not the entire PR
462 2021-12-16T19:18:58  <luke-jr> achow101: please don't drop BDB support any time soon tho :P
463 2021-12-16T19:19:10  <laanwj> michaelfolkson: see #23793
464 2021-12-16T19:19:10  <jamesob> death to BDB
465 2021-12-16T19:19:11  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/23793 | validation: Revert "de-duplicate package transactions already in mempool" by laanwj · Pull Request #23793 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
466 2021-12-16T19:19:31  <sipa> i wish BDB a painful, but very slow, death
467 2021-12-16T19:19:45  <laanwj> michaelfolkson:  but according to achow101 it's unreachable anyway
468 2021-12-16T19:20:20  <luke-jr> XD
469 2021-12-16T19:20:25  <laanwj> in any case reverting the entire seems unnecessary, most of the commits did have extensive review, it was only that one that didn't
470 2021-12-16T19:20:46  *** jtrag__ is now known as jtrag
471 2021-12-16T19:20:52  <ariard> yeah it's not used currently, submitpackage rpc hasn't been yet introduced afaik, though critical path for future package relay support
472 2021-12-16T19:21:14  <achow101> if it were reachable, i would recommend revert because there's a crashing bug, but it's not reachable, so meh
473 2021-12-16T19:21:20  <michaelfolkson> laanwj: Gotcha, thanks. Have you ever thought of giving advance warning that you're intending to merge something? I've always wondered that
474 2021-12-16T19:21:38  <michaelfolkson> Something like "I think this is ready for merge. Intending to merge in say 3 days"
475 2021-12-16T19:21:49  <laanwj> michaelfolkson: i do that sometimes
476 2021-12-16T19:21:55  <michaelfolkson> Ah ok
477 2021-12-16T19:22:16  <luke-jr> these issues are rare enough that reverting when there's a problem is probably a better approach IMO
478 2021-12-16T19:22:29  <laanwj> i made mistake here
479 2021-12-16T19:23:06  <michaelfolkson> It has secondary effect of being like "last orders" or "last chance to review before merging"
480 2021-12-16T19:23:24  <MarcoFalke> laanwj: I think mistakes are impossible to avoid in general
481 2021-12-16T19:23:26  <laanwj> luke-jr: it only makes sense for extensive or somewhat controversial PRs, not for run of the mill ones
482 2021-12-16T19:23:36  <MarcoFalke> I've merged silent merge conflicts twice in the last week or so
483 2021-12-16T19:23:44  <michaelfolkson> But maybe it has downsides, I don't know. I guess the author would generally prefer immediate merging to avoid need for more rebases
484 2021-12-16T19:23:55  <luke-jr> laanwj: right
485 2021-12-16T19:24:07  <MarcoFalke> They are just too hard to catch while merging
486 2021-12-16T19:24:17  <jamesob> merge-freezes and plenty of testing before releases are the only saving graces afaict
487 2021-12-16T19:24:55  <laanwj> MarcoFalke: yes that happens often enough to me too, usually my local build catches them but it's impossible to run for every platform combo
488 2021-12-16T19:25:21  <MarcoFalke> I'll experiment with DrahtBot re-running the CI on weekends
489 2021-12-16T19:25:34  <MarcoFalke> There is less "real" traffic on weekends
490 2021-12-16T19:25:48  <laanwj> that would be useful
491 2021-12-16T19:25:51  <luke-jr> btw, any reason not to set `greedy` in Cirrus CI stuff?
492 2021-12-16T19:26:03  <sipa> greedy?
493 2021-12-16T19:26:07  <luke-jr> and bump up the -j
494 2021-12-16T19:26:12  <MarcoFalke> luke-jr: Sure, go for it
495 2021-12-16T19:26:13  <luke-jr> sipa: lets the VM use more CPU if it's idle
496 2021-12-16T19:26:26  <sipa> oh, cool
497 2021-12-16T19:26:45  <luke-jr> MarcoFalke: k
498 2021-12-16T19:26:47  <MarcoFalke> sipa: If there is idle CPU on the host it will consume it, even if less CPU was requested
499 2021-12-16T19:26:48  <laanwj> thanks to ariard for doing another review round and catching it anyhow
500 2021-12-16T19:27:07  <MarcoFalke> https://medium.com/cirruslabs/introducing-greedy-container-instances-29aad06dc2b4
501 2021-12-16T19:27:25  <sipa> got it... the only reason you wouldn't want greedy is when you're doing benchmarks i assume...
502 2021-12-16T19:27:46  <MarcoFalke> Oh, and we should be cautious about OOM
503 2021-12-16T19:28:06  <luke-jr> hmm
504 2021-12-16T19:28:08  <MarcoFalke> If there is too many CPUs running msan, it will crash the whole VM
505 2021-12-16T19:28:11  <laanwj> benchmarks and too-tight timeouts
506 2021-12-16T19:28:18  <MarcoFalke> memory isn't assigned in greedy
507 2021-12-16T19:28:18  <sipa> right
508 2021-12-16T19:28:22  <luke-jr> MarcoFalke: how about bumping that one job to 8 CPUs / 32 GB RAM?
509 2021-12-16T19:29:05  <MarcoFalke> There is a pool of CPUs that can be used. If one task uses a lot, then other tasks will be scheduled later
510 2021-12-16T19:29:29  <MarcoFalke> Most efficient scheduling (I think) is to use least amount of CPU per task, but many tasks in parallel
511 2021-12-16T19:29:49  <hebasto> ^ agree
512 2021-12-16T19:30:11  <MarcoFalke> Or, if someone has a credit card with unlimited money, we could use that
513 2021-12-16T19:30:21  <MarcoFalke> Maybe 40k-110k per year or so
514 2021-12-16T19:30:35  <luke-jr> could turn off greedy for that one task then I guess
515 2021-12-16T19:30:59  <sipa> Well there is a constant cost (at least cloning repo / configure scripts) which don't run multithreaded.
516 2021-12-16T19:31:14  <sipa> Which puts a limit on how much splitting things up makes sense.
517 2021-12-16T19:32:05  *** zonemix <zonemix!~zonemix@> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
518 2021-12-16T19:32:47  <MarcoFalke> sipa: Jup, that's why the least amount of number of CPUs is the most efficient (highest total CPU usage)
519 2021-12-16T19:33:07  <laanwj> multithreaded configure sounds pretty cursed
520 2021-12-16T19:33:58  <luke-jr> laanwj: eh, in theory it sounds easy (in practice, tho..)
521 2021-12-16T19:34:15  <laanwj> think of the dependency graph :-)
522 2021-12-16T19:34:43  <sipa> Yes, and in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice however...
523 2021-12-16T19:34:47  <luke-jr> XD
524 2021-12-16T19:34:48  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has joined #bitcoin-core-dev
525 2021-12-16T19:34:48  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] luke-jr opened pull request #23797: ci: Use Cirrus "greedy" flag to use idle CPU time when available (master...cirrus_greedy) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23797
526 2021-12-16T19:34:49  *** bitcoin-git <bitcoin-git!~bitcoin-g@x0f.org> has left #bitcoin-core-dev
527 2021-12-16T19:35:07  <MarcoFalke> Most of the time only one CPU is used: https://cirrus-ci.com/task/4949915049656320
528 2021-12-16T19:35:18  <MarcoFalke> So I am not sure how much greedy helps us
529 2021-12-16T19:35:19  <laanwj> hehe
530 2021-12-16T19:35:36  <luke-jr> MarcoFalke: I guess we'll see when Cirrus does the PR's CI
531 2021-12-16T19:36:07  <laanwj> right
532 2021-12-16T19:36:10  <sipa> For the functional tests, I've found that (with enough RAM) running more tests in parallel than your number of CPU cores is beneficial.
533 2021-12-16T19:36:10  <luke-jr> hmm, maybe -j60 or something for the tests would be more time-saving?
534 2021-12-16T19:36:17  *** zonemix <zonemix!~zonemix@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
535 2021-12-16T19:36:30  <sipa> Because the tests spend a lot of time waiting.
536 2021-12-16T19:36:33  <MarcoFalke> another option would be to use self-hosted machines (#21652)
537 2021-12-16T19:36:34  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/21652 | [WIP NOMERGE DRAFT] ci: Switch more tasks to self-hosted by MarcoFalke · Pull Request #21652 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
538 2021-12-16T19:37:05  <MarcoFalke> luke-jr: No, there is one unit test that takes a long time. It will block a single CPU
539 2021-12-16T19:37:16  <luke-jr> I've found if I forget to specify -j64, builds take a looong time :x
540 2021-12-16T19:37:49  <jonatack> -j 4 or 5 here :D
541 2021-12-16T19:37:50  <MarcoFalke> sipa: Right, CI uses 2x or 4x the -j of the number of CPUs available
542 2021-12-16T19:38:02  <b10c> where / who runs the self hosted CI runners?
543 2021-12-16T19:38:07  <laanwj> jonatack: same
544 2021-12-16T19:38:20  <MarcoFalke> b10c: Drahty right now
545 2021-12-16T19:38:37  <hebasto> b10c: bitcoinbuilds.org
546 2021-12-16T19:38:55  <MarcoFalke> sipa: For example https://cirrus-ci.com/task/4949915049656320 has two CPUs and "MAKEJOBS:-j4" env var
547 2021-12-16T19:39:09  <MarcoFalke> hebasto: That is a separate CI system
548 2021-12-16T19:39:17  <sipa> It has 2 CPUs, or 2 CPU threads?
549 2021-12-16T19:39:30  <hebasto> MarcoFalke: right
550 2021-12-16T19:39:33  <MarcoFalke> 2 CPU threads
551 2021-12-16T19:39:37  <sipa> As in: how many entries would /proc/cpuinfo show?
552 2021-12-16T19:39:41  <sipa> Ok.
553 2021-12-16T19:39:48  <MarcoFalke> aka vCPU
554 2021-12-16T19:40:26  <MarcoFalke> For example https://cirrus-ci.com/task/6075814956498944 is run by Drahty
555 2021-12-16T19:40:27  <sipa> For make I wouldn't go above the actual thread count. But for the functional_test runner you can go significantly above it.
556 2021-12-16T19:40:37  <MarcoFalke> env var: "worker:DrahtBot-small-cpx21-ci-bb-001"
557 2021-12-16T19:40:38  <michaelfolkson> c-lightning has been having CI problems due to tests taking up a lot of memory https://btctranscripts.com/c-lightning/2021-11-29-developer-call/#ci-problems. Core tests generally use less memory and so haven't experienced same problems?
558 2021-12-16T19:40:45  <laanwj> jonatack: i have way too many computers but not one with >8 cores or enough memory for -j64 :)
559 2021-12-16T19:40:51  <jonatack> sipa: added the "-j60 tip for running the functional tests to https://jonatack.github.io/articles/how-to-compile-bitcoin-core-and-run-the-tests (near the end) but increased -j for this never worked well for me
560 2021-12-16T19:41:03  <luke-jr> michaelfolkson: eh, Cirrus allows up to 32 GB RAM O.o
561 2021-12-16T19:41:23  <jonatack> laanwj: yes, those purisms don't have many
562 2021-12-16T19:41:23  <MarcoFalke> sipa: I think there is no downside using a higher -j (if you have enough memory)
563 2021-12-16T19:41:37  <jonatack> sipa: (with 32go RAM)
564 2021-12-16T19:41:56  <sipa> jonattack: well, benchmark on your own system which amount works best. I imagine it's a complex function of cpu / diskspeed etc.
565 2021-12-16T19:41:58  <luke-jr> laanwj: mine is only 16 cores, but they're SMT4
566 2021-12-16T19:42:00  <laanwj> jonatack: right, neither do ARM and RV boards for that matter
567 2021-12-16T19:42:10  <b10c> MarcoFalke: thanks, so hetzner cloud (based on cpx21)
568 2021-12-16T19:42:23  <MarcoFalke> b10c: heh, right
569 2021-12-16T19:42:36  <_aj_> jonatack: test_runner.py -j 24 # works pretty well for me with 16GB; usually get one spurious failure though
570 2021-12-16T19:42:46  <laanwj> luke-jr: ye that helps
571 2021-12-16T19:43:00  <jonatack> i do have to use timeout-factor tho, otherwise a few tests time out frequently (rpc_misc mostly, then feature_blockfilterindex_prune and feature_assumevalid)
572 2021-12-16T19:43:34  <sipa> I/O speed matters a lot too.
573 2021-12-16T19:44:02  <laanwj> the way around that is to mount /tmp as tmpfs
574 2021-12-16T19:44:41  <jonatack> maybe my disk encryption doesn't help matters
575 2021-12-16T19:44:44  <jonatack> aj: nice
576 2021-12-16T19:44:59  <laanwj> or at least, whatever temp directory you use for the functional tests
577 2021-12-16T19:44:59  <_aj_> jonatack: (/tmp is on ssd)
578 2021-12-16T19:45:10  <luke-jr> laanwj: I have a zram :p
579 2021-12-16T19:45:33  <luke-jr> not sure I can recommend it though, as it seems Linux is buggy
580 2021-12-16T19:45:48  <luke-jr> (the zram's ext4 fs gets corrupted sometimes)
581 2021-12-16T19:46:38  <MarcoFalke> I also use tmpfs for /tmp
582 2021-12-16T19:46:42  <laanwj> TIL about zram
583 2021-12-16T19:46:56  <sipa> same
584 2021-12-16T19:47:55  <laanwj> i guess that concludes the topic? let's see what #23797 does
585 2021-12-16T19:47:56  <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/23797 | ci: Use Cirrus "greedy" flag to use idle CPU time when available by luke-jr · Pull Request #23797 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
586 2021-12-16T19:48:08  <luke-jr> also handy for putting swap on
587 2021-12-16T19:48:36  <luke-jr> (haven't noticed any swap-zram issues, so I'm guessing the mentioned bugs are probably ext4)
588 2021-12-16T19:49:18  <laanwj> i don't think it makes sense to do a meeting next week (dec 23th) or after (dec 30th), so next one will be jan 6
589 2021-12-16T19:49:54  <sipa> yeah, agree
590 2021-12-16T19:50:22  <michaelfolkson> Cool. Next week's Core PR review club is on multiprocess if anyone wants to use that as an excuse to play around with the multiprocess stuff :)
591 2021-12-16T19:50:24  <michaelfolkson> https://bitcoincore.reviews/10102
592 2021-12-16T19:50:51  <laanwj> michaelfolkson: thanks for the heads up
593 2021-12-16T19:51:16  <laanwj> #endmeeting
594 2021-12-16T19:51:17  <core-meetingbot> topic: Bitcoin Core development discussion and commit log | Feel free to watch, but please take commentary and usage questions to #bitcoin | Channel logs: http://www.erisian.com.au/bitcoin-core-dev/, http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/ | Meeting topics http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/proposedmeetingtopics.txt / http://gnusha.org/bitcoin-core-dev/proposedwalletmeetingtopics.txt
595 2021-12-16T19:51:17  <core-meetingbot> Meeting ended Thu Dec 16 19:51:16 2021 UTC.
596 2021-12-16T19:51:17  <core-meetingbot> Minutes:        https://bitcoin.jonasschnelli.ch/ircmeetings/logs/bitcoin-core-dev/2021/bitcoin-core-dev.2021-12-16-19.00.moin.txt
597 2021-12-16T19:51:50  <evbo> thank you
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601 2021-12-16T19:54:06  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] achow101 opened pull request #23798: contrib: add achow101 to trusted keys (master...wallet-maintainer-key) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23798
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614 2021-12-16T20:25:33  <bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #23799: Let test_runner.py start multiple jobs per timeslot (master...202112_multitesturn) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/23799
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624 2021-12-16T21:10:03  <jb55> I ran the functional test suite for the first time today, all is good except feature_dbcrash.py seems to hang, is this a known issue?
625 2021-12-16T21:17:35  <sipa> On what kind of system? I don't see any problems.
626 2021-12-16T21:19:41  <jb55> linux (nixos). hmm ok now I need to figure out how to debug this...
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637 2021-12-16T22:01:55  <jb55> sipa: ah it wasn't hanging, it looks like the test goes through 40 iterations and each iteration takes over a minute.
638 2021-12-16T22:05:04  <sipa> Slow disk I/O?
639 2021-12-16T22:05:37  <jb55> it's a new SSD, every other test ran quickly
640 2021-12-16T22:07:23  <jb55> Iteration 16, generating 2500 transactions - looks like this is taking about a minute each iteration...
641 2021-12-16T22:12:00  <jb55> will see if --perf helps here...
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648 2021-12-16T23:01:50  <luke-jr> gitian builds please  * [new tag]                 v21.2.knots20210629 -> v21.2.knots20210629
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