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19:00:53 <instagibbs> actually here this time
19:01:47 <cfields> gmaxwell: ping for pings :)
19:01:48 <wumpus> gmaxwell jonasschnelli sdaftuar jtimon kanzure MarcoFalke
19:01:57 <jonasschnelli> pong
19:02:33 <wumpus> topic suggestions?
19:02:41 <jonasschnelli> proposal: open 0.13 PRs (https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pulls?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+milestone%3A0.13.0)
19:02:42 <wumpus> (besides 0.13.0rc1)
19:02:52 <instagibbs> segwit backport?
19:02:58 <sipa> ack topic
19:03:13 <wumpus> #topic 0.13.0rc1
19:03:20 <wumpus> #link https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/milestone/20
19:03:29 <gmaxwell> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier
19:03:48 <jonasschnelli> I have opened #8323 some days ago and I think we need to have this in 0.13 to avoid later HD/non-HD mix problems
19:03:48 <wumpus> most of the remaining PRs have been merged, but there are still a few open
19:04:09 <jonasschnelli> I beg for reviews...
19:04:13 <instagibbs> jonasschnelli, I can review
19:04:24 <wumpus> #link https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8305 Improve handling of unconnecting headers by sdaftuar
19:04:44 <wumpus> #link https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8295 Mining-related fixups for 0.13.0 also by sdaftuar
19:04:49 <wumpus> and jonasschnelli's
19:05:04 <jonasschnelli> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8323
19:05:14 <instagibbs> #link https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8323
19:05:38 <wumpus> I think #8305 is pretty much ready
19:06:02 <wumpus> has ACK by sipa and is being tested by gmaxwell
19:06:10 <sdaftuar> i think sipa acked an earlier version of the code
19:06:12 <bsm2357> pong
19:06:37 <instagibbs> jeremyrubin *ping*
19:07:00 <wumpus> cfields: has your comment there been addressed sufficiently?
19:07:19 <sdaftuar> oh, thanks sipa :)
19:07:51 <cfields> wumpus: yes, i'm happy with the slow DOS trickle
19:08:04 <jeremyrubin> instagibbs: yes?
19:08:32 <wumpus> as for #8295, mining changes are always harder to get people to review/test, I'd encourage people to get involved, though I see sipa ACKed that one too
19:09:13 <sipa> yeah, the reason i didn't include telhr 8295 approach myself was because i incorectly assumed it would require extra counters
19:09:27 <wumpus> jonasschnelli: #8323 still has some open comments
19:09:40 <sipa> and the existing tests cover it
19:09:41 <wumpus> trivial things though
19:09:48 <MarcoFalke> no blockers
19:09:58 <jonasschnelli> Yes. paveljanik just added some... will fix the trivials together (once there are some)
19:10:05 <morcos> sipa: are you referring to mining unit tests?
19:10:10 <sipa> morcos: yes
19:10:25 <sipa> (well, and any rpc test that mines)
19:10:30 <morcos> sipa: those aren't worth much, they've been in need of redoing for some time
19:10:43 <sipa> hmm, ok
19:10:49 <wumpus> jonasschnelli: I'll also review and test it soon
19:10:55 <jonasschnelli> thanks
19:11:03 <morcos> not that i'm objecting to 8295 though
19:11:07 <sipa> morcos: i'll test by running old and new in parallel and comparing then
19:12:08 <wumpus> great
19:13:19 <wumpus> sdaftuar: I don't think all items of https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/8294 are currenly being addressed in PRs?
19:13:29 <luke-jr> a quick glance at 8323 suggests it won't make problems with key origin stuff, rihgt?
19:14:09 <wumpus> sdaftuar: any blockers remaining there?
19:14:20 <wumpus> (after all currenly 0.13-tagged PRs are merged)
19:14:35 <wumpus> luke-jr: let's discuss that outside the meeting please
19:14:51 <luke-jr> ….
19:14:57 <sdaftuar> wumpus: i was waiting for #8295 to be merged before doing the release notes writeups
19:15:14 <sdaftuar> oh, should we talk about -blockmaxcost briefly?
19:15:16 <wumpus> sdaftuar: oh release notes writeups aren't urgent, they need to be done for final but not rc1
19:15:17 <luke-jr> (what's the point of a meeting if not to discuss the topics raised?)
19:15:41 <sdaftuar> one of the to do items was better documentation for that option, but as has been pointed out, it's an awful name :)
19:16:08 <sipa> sdaftuar: suggested replacement?
19:16:25 <wumpus> yes, the 'max cost' confuses people, they think it's about monetary cost
19:16:31 <petertodd> wumpus: +1
19:16:33 <wumpus> (and that's also how translators translate it)
19:16:40 <luke-jr> >_<
19:16:50 <wumpus> (and it's a public command line option so the help gets translated)
19:16:59 <sipa> we could have maxblockvsize instead
19:16:59 <petertodd> blockmaxcost is still just a size limit isn't it?
19:17:02 <gmaxwell> Cost has been a repeated source of confusion.
19:17:02 <wumpus> but that means the help needs to be improved, not necessarily the option renamed
19:17:03 <luke-jr> well, it *is* indirectly monetary
19:17:17 <jeremyrubin> maybe utilization
19:17:20 <sipa> petertodd: it's the 'cost' as defined in the BIP, which is vsize*4
19:17:40 <gmaxwell> Score/points/weight/usage/ouchie/bitgo  would all be better words for it.
19:17:42 <luke-jr> "network resource usage"?
19:17:43 <sdaftuar> sipa: i think my best idea was to change the term in the BIP.  i think we use "block cost" in the BIP.  if we change that to something more descriptive, "block size validation cost" or something, and reference that in the documentation for the option, then i think that'd be good enough maybe
19:17:43 <wumpus> it's an abstract cost, and CS students understand that, but for most users it's confusing :)
19:18:01 <sipa> sdaftuar: yes, agree, let's makr it consistent, whatever we agree upon
19:18:15 <petertodd> sdaftuar: yeah, I think changing the BIP's term is a good idea too - it's still a size, just a redefined size
19:18:23 <CodeShark> #agree
19:18:24 <wumpus> block size validation cost would already be better help than there is now
19:18:30 <luke-jr> petertodd: it's not a size.
19:18:32 <petertodd> notably, if we had referred to block size in the BIP, that'd help discourage the trolls...
19:18:33 <gmaxwell> "externality"
19:18:44 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: it is a size, in cost-space.
19:18:47 <sipa> well, any reason not use vsize?
19:18:49 <petertodd> segwit *is* a blocksize increase, so just continue to call it a size
19:18:53 <petertodd> sipa: vsize is fine
19:19:00 <wumpus> yes vsize is fine
19:19:09 <btcdrak> yes
19:19:10 <petertodd> sipa: (so long as the help text explains what vsize is)
19:19:12 <luke-jr> vsize is inaccurate
19:19:15 <gmaxwell> V means validation?
19:19:21 <sipa> virtual
19:19:24 <luke-jr> going to *4 the meaning, so people specify x.25 now?
19:19:27 <sdaftuar> hm, we have been using vsize to refer to the scaled down value, not the *4 value?
19:19:27 <btcdrak> v for vendetta
19:19:28 <gmaxwell> ugh, there is nothing virtual about it.
19:19:36 <petertodd> gmaxwell: +1
19:19:38 <luke-jr> fractional values for consensus code?
19:19:50 <petertodd> sdaftuar: that's a mistake then
19:19:56 <sipa> sdaftuar: yes, cost == vsize * 4
19:19:59 <gmaxwell> re fractional values, haven't we learned from difficulty?
19:20:06 <sipa> vsize is cost, but scaled down for compatibility with old code
19:20:15 <sipa> so they don't start sending 4x fees etc
19:20:18 <gmaxwell> if we use fractional values for display friendlyness, other people will use them in consensus code and cause faults.
19:20:35 * luke-jr grabs a thesaurus
19:20:36 <gmaxwell> sipa: ::sigh:: point.
19:20:37 <btcdrak> agreed
19:20:46 <jeremyrubin> I like weight the best
19:20:56 <wumpus> agree jeremyrubin
19:20:59 <jeremyrubin> because usually you would say a weighted sum
19:21:05 <sipa> jeremyrubin: nice idea
19:21:07 <wumpus> weight is a pretty good term for it
19:21:09 <CodeShark> #agree
19:21:17 <btcdrak> good call
19:21:21 <wumpus> and it's not used anywhere yet in bitcoin
19:21:24 <jeremyrubin> (gmaxwell: mentioned first)
19:21:33 <luke-jr> outlay? :/
19:21:41 <luke-jr> weight sounds fine
19:22:30 <jtimon> yeah, there's two sizes with their weights, it's a cost heuristic
19:22:40 <wumpus> so: rename blockmaxcost to blockmaxweight?
19:22:43 <instagibbs> "weight" also carries a nice intuitive notion
19:22:57 <sipa> yes, and let's report weight for transactions too
19:22:57 <jeremyrubin> maxblockweightcostheuristic
19:23:06 <gmaxwell> I read that as block mascot.
19:23:18 <wumpus> hehe
19:23:19 <petertodd> OTOH, if we just call the command line stuff a block size, we help educate people on the fact that segwit is a blocksize increase - some miners will leave it at 1000000, but that's a temporary problem
19:23:21 <jeremyrubin> virtualmaxblockweightcostheuristic
19:23:21 <jtimon> sorry, I missed the first 15 mins or so, but why do we need to rename blockmaxcost ?
19:23:32 <luke-jr> petertodd: size is something else
19:23:33 <gmaxwell> jtimon: because the word cost is confused as fee.
19:24:02 <sdaftuar> i think "block weight" and -blockmaxweight [
19:24:11 <sdaftuar> both work okay
19:24:14 <btcdrak> ack
19:24:31 <wumpus> jtimon: well it started as that the help for that option was confusing, then people realized the option was named terribly too, but please just read back :)
19:24:35 <jtimon> mhmm, no, it's costs for the miners, although that's also why they charge you fees
19:24:40 <luke-jr> weight also should be fine for GBT; nothing is released using the old cost stuff yet
19:24:59 <luke-jr> jtimon: is there a problem with "weight"?
19:25:08 <gmaxwell> in any case, I support the great cost to weight renaming.
19:25:09 <sipa> petertodd: that's what i did originally
19:25:14 <wumpus> #action rename blockmaxcost to blockmaxweight
19:25:23 <jtimon> yeah, sorry I'll wait for botbot.me to update
19:25:26 <instagibbs> We can chew it over offline
19:25:29 <petertodd> sipa: well, ack your original idea :)
19:25:46 <sipa> petertodd: but then people started complaining that there had to be a way to limit the serialized size too
19:26:01 <jeremyrubin> jtimon: but that's not the units of the cost, otherwise you would denote it into BTC or something...
19:26:05 <btcdrak> jtimon: you can see.logs in slack
19:27:00 <petertodd> jeremyrubin: blockbytescost :)
19:27:34 <jtimon> jeremyrubin: the cost for miners is in size, or in "costs relative to the maximum limit" or whatever, but sorry, let's move on
19:28:20 <wumpus> other topics?
19:28:28 <sipa> segwit backport
19:28:31 <wumpus> ah yes
19:28:34 <wumpus> #topic segwit backport
19:28:39 <jtimon> btcdrak: I didn't knew, never used the bitcoin slack
19:29:04 <sipa> wumpus: some people have raised concerns about backporting segwit to 0.12
19:29:24 <wumpus> concerns about doing it at all?
19:29:25 <jtimon> what's the concern?
19:29:31 <luke-jr> ^
19:29:35 <wumpus> well, next chance is 0.13.1
19:29:51 <sipa> morcos, btcdrak: ?
19:30:21 <morcos> :), yes i was arguing that it would be a mistake
19:30:33 <jl2012> me too
19:30:36 <instagibbs> could you reiterate for the audience
19:30:49 <jtimon> if the backport doesn't get enough review and testing there's no new 0.12 release, simple, no?
19:30:54 <morcos> I dont' think that it's worth it.  I'm not sure there are are benefits that outweight hte cost (weight) in terms of developer time and increased risk for bugs in the backport
19:31:04 <sipa> one concern i have is that it would likely be the first segwit code that gets actually deployed on the network, and that it is hard to give it the same amount of testing and review as 0.13 did
19:31:04 <wumpus> I think it would easier for miners if it was backported to 0.12, but if it turns out to be too much technical difficulty/risk, well too bad I suppose...
19:31:06 <maaku> if that were the case then I would have to argue that we wait until 0.14.1 .. so strong argument is needed
19:31:10 <luke-jr> jtimon: backports never do, unless they're the tip release
19:31:28 <morcos> jtimon: agree that its that simple, but woudl be a shame for some people to sacrafice time backporting and reviewing if its not going to pass the bar
19:31:34 <btcdrak> yes. I share morcos concerns about backporting
19:31:44 <luke-jr> wumpus: "too bad" may result in delayed deployment maybe
19:31:46 <jtimon> luke-jr: so all previous backported softforks were unsafe ?
19:31:58 <luke-jr> jtimon: such as?
19:31:59 <wumpus> luke-jr: yes, but delay is better than messing up
19:32:08 <sipa> about this topic
19:32:21 <sipa> in the past we've seen miners often run even pre-release code
19:32:27 <jtimon> luke-jr: I don't know if any of them was unsafe, I'm asking
19:32:34 <sipa> if that is going to happen, my concerns about a backport go down
19:32:38 <wumpus> I hate delays, but minimizing risk is the highest priority
19:32:39 <sipa> but so does its usefulness
19:32:40 <jl2012> have anyone asked miners that they really need a backport?
19:32:41 <maaku> i'm strongly against "too bad" -- we need to take our support guarantees seriously
19:32:46 <gmaxwell> the concern is mostly that we don't want to force people to quickly adopt 0.13 derrived code just to catch up with segwit, otherwise 0.13.1 would be fine.
19:33:03 <morcos> maaku: we already didn't backport CSV
19:33:11 <wumpus> maaku: there are no guarantees
19:33:11 <maaku> people are running businesses assuming we support "current plus prior" not "current plus prior, except when it's inconvenient"
19:33:18 <gmaxwell> maaku: doing segwit in 0.13.1 isn't a violation of the process, that still remains no softforks in major feature releases.
19:33:37 <wumpus> maaku: from the begining we've said that the plan would be 0.12.1, but if it would somehow lapse it would be 0.13.1
19:33:49 <maaku> gmaxwell: it would mean you could no longer mine on 0.12
19:33:50 <sipa> jl2012: that's the most important question
19:33:56 <wumpus> this is not about 'inconvenient', this is about risk
19:33:58 <morcos> gmaxwell: are you more worried about miners or users?
19:34:18 <gmaxwell> maaku: with things like CPFP I'm not sure that anyone will be mining on 0.12 in short order. But thats something we could inquire about.
19:34:26 <gmaxwell> morcos: users.
19:34:35 <morcos> i just think it's very likely to be safer consensus wise to upgrade to 0.13.1 from 0.12.1 than to upgrade to 0.12.2 (segwit backport) which is more likely to have bugs
19:34:49 <wumpus> we wouldn't want a DAO scale disaster over over-hurried release of hardly-reviewed and tested code
19:35:03 <CodeShark> wumpus +1
19:35:07 <petertodd> miners that truly need v0.12 might be better off mining with a v0.12 node behind a segwit 0.13 node...
19:35:09 <wumpus> so if it needs to be 0.13.1, it will be 0.13.1
19:35:25 <gmaxwell> Sure.
19:35:39 <morcos> wumpus: i thought it was definitely going to be 0.13.1, the question was whether we'd also make a 0.12.2?
19:35:44 <luke-jr> maaku: we need to stop guaranteeing things we can't providr
19:36:01 <achow101> how many miners even use backports?
19:36:05 <wumpus> morcos: no - if it would be in 0.12.2, it could make it into 0.13.0 too
19:36:14 <gmaxwell> So one risk we have right now is that 0.13.x would end up releasing concurrently or likely ahead of 0.12.2, which would be bad for network consistency in general.
19:36:17 <wumpus> morcos: assuming 0.12.2 is released before 0.13.0 of course
19:36:18 <luke-jr> achow101: all of htem right now I think
19:36:22 <jtimon> morcos: maybe rebasing my code to 0.13.1 is not easier than rebasing it to 0.12.2
19:36:24 <wumpus> morcos: then again that ship sailed already
19:37:31 <morcos> ok, well i don't have a strong opinion on release numbers or timing.  my objection is to spreading ourselves too thing by having to thoroughly review a very substantial set of changes in 2 code bases and then putting the network at risk
19:37:32 <gmaxwell> morcos: oh no, plan was always 0.12.2, but I agree it might be reasonable to not do that based on current timing.
19:38:08 <achow101> what about releasing 0.13.1 and then 0.12.2?
19:38:20 <morcos> i think segwit in master is now relatively well reviewed...  it will be very difficult to get that level of review in the 0.12 branch, which woud make me uncomfortable releasing that
19:38:53 <morcos> on top of that, its not something i'd want to spend my time on...  i think all our time would be more wisely spent on moving forward with future work
19:38:53 <wumpus> achow101: well if a backport is released at all, why would it matter in what order?
19:39:00 <gmaxwell> Wouldn't want to make a classic blunder, "never get involved in a land war in Asia"!
19:39:00 <morcos> anyway, sorry, i have to catch a train, got to run!
19:39:03 <sipa> assuming the demand for a backport of segwit is for users and not miners, releasing 0.12.2 with segwit backport after releasing it in 0.13 is not unreasonablr
19:39:30 <btcdrak> It's also a lot cleaner releasing in 0.13.1 because 0.12 would not have compact blocks
19:39:37 <luke-jr> wumpus: order matters a lot for testing
19:39:48 <petertodd> sipa: sure, if it removed getblocktemplate that'd be an easy idea to support
19:39:56 <gmaxwell> well right now 0.13.0 doesn't have CB for segwit, though I suppose 0.13.1 could.
19:39:57 <jtimon> sipa: yeah, I assumed that was the plan
19:40:00 <achow101> wumpus: for proper review of the backport without delaying deployment
19:40:03 <wumpus> I do wish we had realized this sooner, instead of seeming like a last minute decision
19:40:09 <gmaxwell> wumpus: likewise.
19:40:21 <wumpus> achow101: even fewer people will care about 0.12.x if 0.13 is already out
19:40:31 <gmaxwell> otoh, decisions to do _less_ at the last minute are better than decisions to do _more_. :)
19:40:35 <btcdrak> gmaxwell: right, but if we released 0.12.2 then segwit would not have CB. If we release with 0.13.1 then we get CB at the get go.
19:40:37 <sipa> i guess the question is what has priority: segwit backport or 0.13 release?
19:40:38 <wumpus> gmaxwell: hah, fully agreed
19:40:54 <petertodd> sipa: 0.13 release I think
19:41:00 <gmaxwell> We have real problems with virtually no one ever using backports.
19:41:06 <wumpus> for me the 0.13 release has priority
19:41:09 <helo> +1 release
19:41:17 <jonasschnelli> agree with wumpus
19:41:18 <sipa> my assumption was that we'd do 0.13.0, then 0.12.2 backport with segwit, then 0.13.1 release with segwit active
19:41:30 <gmaxwell> 0.13 release has priority.
19:41:33 <sipa> and if that is the case, a backport would be urgent
19:41:36 <jtimon> waiting to release 0.13 to release 0.12.2 first sounds stupid to me
19:41:43 <sipa> or 0.13.1 would suffer delays
19:41:55 <btcdrak> sipa: getting enough review for backport to 0.12.2 would be questionable.
19:41:57 <gmaxwell> sipa: yes, that was my expectation too, though the release of 0.13 would likely sabotage 0.12.2 deployment.
19:42:00 <luke-jr> IMO we should remove any promise to maintain older branches once the newer one has a release, and provide backports only as a at-your-own-risk basis
19:42:08 <petertodd> I'd suggest putting a "if you want 0.12.2 w/ segwit, please let us know" in the release nodes for v0.13.0
19:42:24 <jtimon> petertodd: that's a good idea
19:42:35 <jonasschnelli> Don't we take serious risks in BP SW in 0.12.2? Would it be evil to not BP SW to 0.12 and require 0.13 for SW? Would this delay supermajority activation significant?
19:42:37 <sipa> if there are critical bugs in 0.12.1, we can always release 0.12.2 to fix them
19:42:37 <btcdrak> we didnt backport CSV to 0.11 because the changes were too extensive - to be clear the backport was done, but we decided not to merge it (and there was not enough review either).
19:42:39 <petertodd> jtimon: I think we've done it before too
19:42:56 <jtimon> and depending on the response decide to the the backport or not
19:42:57 <sipa> btcdrak: tbh, i think that the difficulty of a segwit backport is not that hard
19:43:02 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: that would be unfortunate in that its the wrong direction for the industry. The lack of professionality in software lifecycle isn't something we should be cementing, though I'm not sure I see much choice when we don't actually get the review/testing.
19:43:11 <btcdrak> sipa: you would say that though :)
19:43:12 <sipa> btcdrak: the original segwit PR was made with mostly 0.12 code still
19:43:14 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: maybe we should start making more really disruptive changes in major releases. :)
19:43:29 <wumpus> 'maintain' older branches does not mean backport everything
19:43:35 <jonasschnelli> agree
19:43:37 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: I agree we should strive to support stable branches of course (as I've tried for years now), but the reality is we *can't* as things stand now
19:43:48 <wumpus> just that serious and critical issues are addressed
19:43:53 <sipa> yes  0.12.2 can still happen if a serioud bug in 0.12.1 is founf
19:44:06 <luke-jr> wumpus: not supporting a deployed softfork is a critical issue for a full node
19:44:08 <jtimon> gmaxwell: I've been always in favor of doing disruptive refactors just before branching instead of right after
19:44:39 <sipa> ok, i need to run
19:44:49 <jonasschnelli> luke-jr: SW could be deployed, I guess the majoriry is already on 0.13 and there is no need to keep 0.12
19:44:57 <sipa> i'll still work on a backport if there is demand
19:45:08 <luke-jr> jonasschnelli: that's a point I suppose
19:45:16 <gmaxwell> sipa: it might be a useful excercise from a review perspective in any case.
19:45:19 <wumpus> jtimon: that increases the pre-release pressure even more, and the potential number of problems what need to be solved before release ('disruptive refactors' have been known to introduce serious bugs in some cases)
19:45:27 <petertodd> luke-jr: remember that you can always run a node not supporting a soft-fork behind one that does to get the same security
19:45:52 <luke-jr> petertodd: true; we should make this more well-known IMO
19:45:58 <luke-jr> not sure how many people realise it
19:46:02 <petertodd> luke-jr: good thing for the release notes!
19:46:05 <gmaxwell> I always point it out.
19:46:08 <jtimon> wumpus: I mean the of the kind that present low risk (like file renaming on moveonly commits)
19:46:16 <gmaxwell> but it's the sort of thing that needs a diagram. :)
19:46:20 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: did you for Eligius? :P
19:46:26 <CodeShark> petertodd +1
19:46:32 <maaku> has anyone actually quantified what level of review is required for a backport?
19:46:32 * luke-jr knows he overlooked it
19:46:33 <jtimon> wumpus: but I guess you're right about the pre-release preassure
19:46:47 <maaku> segwit was written against 0.12.
19:46:48 <luke-jr> actually, I guess it might not entirely work for CSV + mining
19:46:48 <wumpus> jtimon: in any case I doubt raneming and moveonly commits are what really makes it difficult to backport things :)
19:46:53 <wumpus> jtimon: more things like the mempool changes
19:47:34 <jl2012> petertodd: except you can't mine any segwit tx with a 0.12 behind 0.13
19:47:40 <btcdrak> well I'd like to see a refactoring window right after branching, maybe 2 weeks
19:47:41 <jtimon> but you don't need to backport segwit from the present, you backport it from when it was merged, no?
19:47:54 <gmaxwell> maaku: it's not been done yet, so no-- but right now in general we're struggling to maintain the backport releases at all, because virtually no one uses them.
19:48:11 <jtimon> how would any refactor now difficult backporting segwit?
19:48:15 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: I don't consider that a great configuration for mining, but I think I'd mentioned it for a prior softfork.
19:48:45 <wumpus> we're spread really thin - agree fully on the 'don't get involved in a land war in asia' comment
19:49:16 <petertodd> jl2012: "can't mine" is a smaller group of people than all full node users
19:50:14 <jtimon> btcdrak: I would like to get refactor code reviewed during that "refactor window", just declaring the week of refactor doesn't make things get merged :p
19:50:17 <petertodd> incidentally, in my consulting practice I've always advised clients to use architectures where the exact behavior of full node implementations isn't important, which makes upgrades much less risky
19:51:54 <btcdrak> jtimon: ack
19:52:14 <gmaxwell> petertodd: careful, though that thinking also drives the "I made my own 'node' implementation and have plugged it directly into the public p2p network! yippie!"
19:52:56 <gmaxwell> in any case, short on time. Are we done on this subject?
19:53:03 <instagibbs> 8 minutes left
19:53:08 <petertodd> gmaxwell: well, my advice is to either use a lite-client w/ up-to-date full node, or if you're using bitcoin core, plan to put it behind an up-to-date node
19:53:54 <gmaxwell> petertodd: perhaps we should talk to harding and write a deployment guide that  shows things like that layering and test infrastructure.
19:53:55 <wumpus> seems so
19:54:01 <petertodd> gmaxwell: good idea
19:54:15 <gmaxwell> Generally you should have a two later setup in any case, don't put your production node up exposed to the internet...
19:54:29 <petertodd> gmaxwell: that too...
19:54:47 <wumpus> other topics? last-minute announcements?
19:55:38 <gmaxwell> I was getting flammed on reddit that it's common knoweldge that bitcoin core's wallet was unusuable for commercial use.  I tried to get some unpacking there: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/4snk48/roger_ver_and_his_supporters_are_pushing_policies/d5bb73w?context=3  might be worth looking at the comments.
19:56:00 <gmaxwell> As I've lamented in the past, commercial users just generally don't report issues they encounter. I don't know how to improve that.
19:56:11 <jtimon> can be after the meeting but...
19:56:12 <wumpus> well if bitcoin core's wallet is unusable for commercial use, I wonder what wallet is..
19:56:25 <bsm117532> FWIW I've been encountering wallet issues, and am working on a patch that addresses some of them, especially WRT segwit.
19:56:28 <gmaxwell> What I could extra there was related to wallet performance, which phantomcircuit has recently done some improvement (and has more in the pipeline)
19:56:42 <gmaxwell> wumpus: people use centeralized api providers instead almost universally.
19:56:55 <bsm117532> But I would like to see removal of "accounts".  Is anyone working on that?
19:57:17 <wumpus> bsm117532: I tried to introduce a label API for 0.13 to replace it, then deprecate accounts in 0.14
19:57:21 <petertodd> bsm117532: re: removing accounts, have you checked with joinmarket on what they'll do? they use accounts
19:57:28 <wumpus> bsm117532: but that didn't get enough review
19:57:41 <jtimon> without having to ack or nack #8328 right now, general thoughts about moving consensus files to the consensus folder? I have heard different things, but if it's not clear, I will take it out of the base of my latest consensus branch
19:57:54 <jtimon> yay nay ?
19:58:02 <wumpus> bsm117532: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7729
19:58:06 <sipa> jtimon: yay, after 0
19:58:25 <jtimon> sipa: yeah, I'm assuming after 0.13 branches
19:58:51 <wumpus> petertodd: that'd be really ill-adviced, given that we've been discouraging use of them for years, are you sure?
19:58:52 <gmaxwell> ironically, one of the complaints I got there was that accounts are discouraged. ::shrugs::
19:58:56 <sipa> though i prefer to leave some things as "base logic" like maaku suggests
19:58:58 <jtimon> I mean, if people want before I'm all in, but I highly doubt it
19:59:12 <btcdrak> we should ping belcher
19:59:13 <petertodd> wumpus: yes, I'm 99% sure - I use joinmarket all the time
19:59:34 <bsm117532> wumpus: I will review 7729 and try to offer some feedback
19:59:39 <btcdrak> he's got some homework then...
19:59:45 <maaku> as I wrote in the PR I think pushing everything used by consensus into `src/consensus` makes the source code less organized and less approachable by newbies
19:59:50 <luke-jr> I need to get back on the road, bbl
19:59:53 <sipa> maaku: agree
19:59:56 <jtimon> sipa: mhmm, you mean making another "base logic" dir and package in the makefile ?
20:00:13 <sipa> jtimon: well one such piece of base logic is primitives
20:00:26 <petertodd> maaku: less approchable? I'd argue more - makes it easier to understand what consensus is and isn't
20:00:29 <wumpus> gmaxwell: it's also taking so insanely long to remove it
20:00:37 <jtimon> maaku: I strongly disagree (but maybe not all people are mostly interested in the consensus code like me)
20:00:49 <wumpus> gmaxwell: same as I've seen with the label API pull - no one is really interested in it
20:00:54 <sipa> jtimon: things like prevector and so seem also more broadly usable than consensus
20:00:58 <maaku> petertodd: that's rarely someone's first question when approaching the code base
20:01:00 <afk11> I think keeping some base logic outside may work, ultimately serialization libraries might be soft-forks wrt an older consensus implementation
20:01:15 <sipa> time up
20:01:18 <btcdrak> well I hate to say it, but its not like the code is that approachable as is...
20:01:20 <gmaxwell> wumpus: is this the point where I hang my head in shame and point out that I've forgotten there was a label pull?
20:01:20 <wumpus> #endmeeting