19:01:19 <jonasschnelli> #startmeeting
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19:01:28 <jonasschnelli> topic proposals?
19:01:46 <MarcoFalke> proposed short topic: EOL 0.11
19:02:11 <jonasschnelli> #topic EOL 0.11
19:02:18 <cfields_> I'll only be around for ~30 min before I have to head out.
19:02:29 <MarcoFalke> #link https://github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoincore.org/pull/211
19:02:37 <wumpus> if we're following the same schedule as usual, 0.11 was EOL at the moment 0.13 was released
19:02:47 <sipa> except critical fixes?
19:02:50 <jonasschnelli> agree with wumpus
19:03:02 <MarcoFalke> it is about critical fixes
19:03:03 <wumpus> security problems may be an exception
19:03:22 <MarcoFalke> We should set a date when we no longer fix critial issues
19:03:29 <gmaxwell> I thought 0.11 was EOL when 0.13 was released, except for whatever exceptions we decide...
19:03:33 <jeremyrubin> nheren
19:03:33 <wumpus> but usually no new executables will be built, just simple backports
19:03:35 <sipa> gmaxwell: agree
19:03:53 <petertodd> ack EOL; you can always run 0.11 behind a 0.13 node if you need too
19:03:59 <sipa> so we need to get https://bitcoincore.org/en/lifecycle/ updated?
19:04:07 <kanzure> i think the concern was that 0.11 was not marked as EOL, not that it wasn't considered EOL.
19:04:09 <MarcoFalke> Jup, note that I already changed maintenance end to 2016-08-23
19:04:18 <wumpus> yes the bitcoin.org page needs to be updated
19:04:31 <wumpus> +Core
19:04:38 <achow101> If 0.11 is EOL, then what about 0.10?
19:04:48 <sipa> ah, so 0.11 is not EOL but maintenance end
19:04:59 <sipa> EOL means not even security critical backports
19:05:04 <sipa> according to that website
19:05:07 <gmaxwell> achow101: it was unmaintained as of january or so.
19:05:28 <achow101> gmaxwell: but it is still marked as receiving critical updates on bitcoincore.org
19:05:33 <jonasschnelli> According to bitcoincore.org 0.10 has EOL in 2017
19:05:35 <sipa> but 0.10 should be EOL at 2016-08-23
19:05:40 <morcos> it seems to me that ending security critical backports depends not just on how old the release is but on how many people are still using it
19:05:50 <gmaxwell> what morcos says.
19:05:54 <wumpus> and how difficult it is to backport/test
19:06:00 <morcos> ha ha, of course!
19:06:08 <wumpus> I mean if it's just updating a dependency library like upnp...
19:06:17 <gmaxwell> the reality is that it has nothing to do with dates. We're not actively seeking to maintain these versions but will do what it takes to protect the ecosystem.
19:06:19 <sipa> sure, but the reason for having a clearly stated policy is so that people can make informed decisions about what to run
19:06:26 <MarcoFalke> ^
19:06:47 <wumpus> I think this will always be a discussion people can't really agree on
19:06:48 <MarcoFalke> We should communicate the EOL in advance
19:06:51 <luke-jr> frankly 0.12 seems like EOL before 0.14 at this rate
19:06:56 <petertodd> gmaxwell: setting expectations also can help protect the ecosystem
19:07:07 <gmaxwell> We also continue to see no feedback from parties that would prefer to use a 0.old.next over a 0.new.hottness. :)
19:07:16 * jonasschnelli still count 569 0.10.x peers with status "good" on his seeder
19:07:19 <morcos> agreed with all, but i'm saying we should be supplementing our discussion with #'s of nodes running 0.10, 0.11
19:07:23 <sipa> i wish we had more insight in users' needs... that there would be requests of the form "wait! no! i can't upgrade to 0.12 yet for reason X, but we really need updated for now"
19:07:24 <wumpus> in practice it's indeed not about dates, but if someone cares about using/maintainging it
19:07:27 <BlueMatt> am I the only one who wasnt aware of that page? I mean I dont think a strict N-monghts schedule really works, so we'd need to all be thinking about it/aware of it, at least, to make it reasonable
19:07:28 <wumpus> it seems to be 0 people
19:07:29 <gmaxwell> Which supports the view that effort spent supporting older versions is of negative value.
19:07:45 <luke-jr> wumpus: maintaining it is not practical without testing/usage
19:07:51 <petertodd> morcos: so many nodes are run because users "want to contribute" - I wouldn't read too much into that number. Equally, a lot of nodes are likely spy-nodes...
19:07:57 <wumpus> luke-jr: right it's a chicken egg problem
19:08:00 <sipa> wumpus: that's a fair characterization of reality, but perhaps that page should reflect that
19:08:02 <kanzure> BlueMatt: i think it's something like "people should be following the mailing lists and announcement mailing lists and the webpage, although apparently the webpage is out of sync with reality for the moment"
19:08:45 <wumpus> yes, updating the webpage to reflect reality would make sense
19:08:46 <BlueMatt> kanzure: hmm? people shouldnt have to follow the ml to find out if their node is EOL...we should have some kind of information for users, but devs have to be aware that it exists for it to be accurate :p
19:08:50 <gmaxwell> If we were being completely pragmatic we would probably say that we only support the very latest thing put out at all.-- this is all that I can tell people are upgrading to. But I think that is a bad principle and the fact that the only thing people upgrade to is the latest thing is an aspect of industry immaturity which will hopefully go away.
19:08:56 <luke-jr> wumpus: I maintained old versions back to 0.4 for years with no indication of real usage or feedback - the first few got some testing, but after a while it never made it past RC
19:09:43 <petertodd> fwiw I've never gotten any feedback from python-bitcoinlib users complaining about non-backwards-compatible changes
19:09:43 <luke-jr> IMO we *should* have longer support, but it just doesn't seem feasible with softforks
19:09:47 <wumpus> the point of creating that webpage was to have an easier available place where release maintenance status was available, but yes if it runs out of date with reality then at some point it's only confusing
19:09:50 * BlueMatt wishes there was an "ask the community" button for this kind of thing....
19:10:06 <petertodd> BlueMatt: too bad we got rid of the alert system... /ducks
19:10:19 <kanzure> wumpus: probably a good fix would be to have a checklist for releases, and add EOL webpage updates to that checklist.
19:10:21 <wumpus> and it should reflect how things are, not how we think ideally they should be
19:10:28 <sipa> we could make node software automatically show a warning X months after being released...
19:10:37 <luke-jr> kanzure: we do have release-process.md
19:10:43 <kanzure> well is it in there?
19:10:50 <luke-jr> sipa: +1
19:10:54 <wumpus> kanzure: there's one in the release process, but there is already so much stuff there. I don't thin kthe assumption should be that the same person does all that
19:11:06 <kanzure> "EOL" not found in that doc, nor variations of it.
19:11:07 <petertodd> sipa: signal does that actually - they forgot the timer expired once and scared a bunch of people
19:11:26 <kanzure> wumpus: sure, sure, perhaps it's multiple people. but a checklist can still be helpful regardless of number of people that use it.
19:11:29 <BlueMatt> petertodd: is that automated? heh, yea, maybe
19:11:48 <achow101> has anyone actually tried asking the community? like posting on reddit, bitcointalk, etc.
19:12:08 <luke-jr> petertodd: if we stagnate for 12 months, something else is wrong
19:12:19 <wumpus> I think we should first document how things are clearly on the site, and only then worry about maybe changing it
19:12:25 <btcdrak> oh sorry I am late
19:12:31 <jonasschnelli> The problem is probably not what the community want, its more what the team is capable of delivering
19:12:36 <gmaxwell> achow101: we've posted asking for feedback on older versions many times in the past, and also called for testing on old support backups.
19:12:37 <wumpus> exactly jonasschnelli
19:12:58 <jonasschnelli> Its an OSS, if people want longer EOL, they should contribute
19:13:19 <gmaxwell> I've also gone 1:1 to several companies. Mostly we've recieved complete silence. scanning the network (and watching inbounds) also shows that adoption of point releases after a new major is out is basically non-existant.
19:13:20 <wumpus> as I've said before I have nothing against maintaining old releases if someone really commits to that
19:13:24 <sipa> that's fair... we're only so many people, and review for backports is a significant burden
19:13:25 <luke-jr> I'm happy to go back to maintaining stable versions longer if people will actually use it (and can't upgrade)
19:13:31 <gmaxwell> jonasschnelli: or at least speak up.
19:13:31 <wumpus> but I've never seen much interest, so reality is, it doesn't
19:13:38 <kanzure> i don't know what to think about re: automatic warnings after timelapse.   as long a there's some good reason to think it' dissimilar from automatic updates, i suppose..
19:13:54 <jonasschnelli> gmaxwell: right.
19:13:55 <wumpus> kanzure: I don't know what to think about it either
19:13:58 <kanzure> didn't mean to impose on wumpus with the checklist suggestion
19:14:09 <luke-jr> maybe update EOL page, and mention the lack of usage as the reason, suggesting if people want it, they should get in touch
19:14:17 <jonasschnelli> Luke-Jr: +1
19:14:20 <BlueMatt> ok, so lets post something on the ml or so that says "We're gonna stop doing this, but would very much love to hear if anyone actually wants it" and then link to that from reddit/emails/twitter/whatever
19:14:27 <BlueMatt> yea, that
19:14:29 <gmaxwell> stop doing what?
19:14:32 <gmaxwell> I am really confused.
19:14:37 <BlueMatt> stop supporting backports
19:14:42 <BlueMatt> beyond like one or two versions, maybe
19:14:46 <wumpus> kanzure: I really don't like time-locks in programs. Though this would just be a warning I guess... but it could be intimidating
19:14:46 <gmaxwell> We have a stated policy, we maintain one major version behind.
19:14:47 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: stop promising backports we aren't really doing anyway
19:14:55 <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: we already did that, like, a yea ago.
19:14:58 <jonasschnelli> stop doing sound negative... something more like "...we are concentrating ressources on X"
19:15:01 <gmaxwell> year*
19:15:06 <sipa> BlueMatt: "beyond one version" is exactly what the page says
19:15:07 <BlueMatt> s/one or two versions/one or so point releases/
19:15:15 <luke-jr> wumpus: might be good to make the time limit fuzzy, so not everyone gets hit at the same time
19:15:17 <btcdrak> Seems there's a lot of discussion here which was _already)_ covered in previous meetings and is detailed in the Lifecycle document https://bitcoincore.org/en/lifecycle/ tldr maintenance and EOL are two different things.
19:15:22 <luke-jr> perhaps 1 year from when it was installed?
19:15:25 <gmaxwell> what btcdrak says
19:15:28 <BlueMatt> sipa: gmaxwell to be fair, the website doesnt say that
19:15:36 <wumpus> well then add it to the website!
19:15:42 <wumpus> everyone can submit pulls there you know
19:15:45 <btcdrak> I suggest people re-read the Lifecycle page after the meeting :)
19:15:57 <wumpus> we can spend an hour discussing what should be added to the website, or just add it
19:16:03 <jonasschnelli> #action update Lifecycle page on bitcoincore.org
19:16:04 <Chris_Stewart_5> ^
19:16:08 <kanzure> luke-jr: cool idea. fuzzy random noise time-delay notifications.  (hopefully nobody proposes "intentionally low performance over time until someone thinks to get a new version")
19:16:10 <BlueMatt> ok, next topic
19:16:30 <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: read the "Maintance period" section on the site, I think it's completely clear.
19:16:32 <wumpus> any other topics?
19:16:48 <jonasschnelli> #into hackdays in milan: http://coredev.tech/nextmeeting_tmp.html
19:16:56 <wumpus> 0.14 release schedule maybe
19:17:00 <jonasschnelli> Its a temporary page.. not public yet. But feel free to register
19:17:19 <wumpus> I've posted a proposal for the 0.14 release schedule here: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/8719
19:17:29 <jonasschnelli> #topic 0.14 release schedule
19:17:34 <MarcoFalke> sounds fine
19:17:44 <sipa> yes, sounds good
19:17:49 <jonasschnelli> yes. fine for me
19:18:00 <btcdrak> looks good to me
19:18:06 <BlueMatt> yea, looks good now
19:18:06 <wumpus> I'll mail it around on the mailing lists if there are no issues with it
19:18:08 <CodeShark> +1
19:18:12 <wumpus> ok great!
19:18:15 <kanzure> jonasschnelli: you have a typo in your form ("your are")
19:18:33 <morcos> wumpus: my only thought is 0.13.1 release is a bit of a heavy lift, and depending on when that happens, it may seem like 0.14.0 is coming up quite quickly...  but i don't feel strongly about it
19:18:34 <jonasschnelli> kanzure: ill give you edit right. :)
19:18:56 <wumpus> morcos: it's already a month later compared to 0.12 was this year
19:19:13 <MarcoFalke> No worries. I am sure the will be last-minute blockers for 0.14.0
19:19:14 <wumpus> morcos: postponsing major releases for minor releases makes very little sense I think
19:19:51 <morcos> wumpus: yeah i was only pointing out that 0.13.1 is not minor in a lot of ways..  but if others are fine with it, i don't object
19:19:51 <wumpus> 0.14 will have lots of new features, 0.13.1 will not
19:20:09 <wumpus> morcos: I agree with that
19:20:26 <luke-jr> ? 0.13.1 should only be fixes + softfork
19:20:33 <btcdrak> yes.
19:20:33 <wumpus> luke-jr: it is
19:20:38 <morcos> anyway, seems not its a widely shared concern, so lets stick with the schedule
19:20:45 <gmaxwell> having a short gap between releases would be a good problem to have. :)
19:20:53 <BlueMatt> yup
19:20:55 <jonasschnelli> #topic 0.13.1 release
19:21:00 <wumpus> it's a minor release strictly, just a lot of code changes, so you can jokingly call it 'major'
19:21:14 <btcdrak> Here are the remaining PRs and issues for 0.13.1 https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/milestone/22
19:21:22 <btcdrak> #link https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/milestone/22
19:21:42 <sdaftuar> i wanted to suggest that we consider dropping some of those PRs from the 0.13.1 milestone
19:21:54 <btcdrak> sdaftuar which in particular?
19:21:55 <wumpus> sdaftuar: specific suggestions?
19:22:15 <BlueMatt> nulldummy as softfork?
19:22:16 <sdaftuar> 8654 is one
19:22:20 <kanzure> was there a mempool issue still open for 0.13.1.. don't see it listed there.
19:22:24 <BlueMatt> I figure I'd get yelled at, but I'm not convinced
19:22:25 <CodeShark> Is the mempool dos thing still urgent?
19:22:27 <kanzure> ah there it is.
19:22:27 <sdaftuar> that's a performance optimization that i think is not urgent
19:22:35 <kanzure> (8279)
19:22:39 <btcdrak> I recall sipa saying #8635 may not be essential for 0.13.1
19:22:46 <luke-jr> I reviewed a few merged fixes and commented on a few that they should be backported. Did someone with tagging access get to tag those?
19:23:13 <jonasschnelli> Luke-Jr: I'll have a look
19:23:16 <MarcoFalke> luke-jr: I think I did
19:23:22 <jl2012> i think #8635 may be dropped for 0.13.1
19:23:36 <sipa> agree
19:23:44 <jonasschnelli> jl2012: what do you think about https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8654?
19:23:46 <btcdrak> ok let's untag it
19:23:56 <sipa> i'd like to see 8654 in
19:23:57 <btcdrak> *untag 8635
19:24:09 <luke-jr> ACK dropping 8635 for 0.13.1
19:24:20 <btcdrak> I guess the big blocker is #8393 compact blocks.
19:24:21 <jonasschnelli> untagged
19:24:45 <wumpus> #decision dropped #8635 for 0.13.1
19:24:51 <luke-jr> jonasschnelli: if that's strictly an optimisation, it should wait for 0.14
19:25:12 <jonasschnelli> sipa: why did you want to see 8654 in 0.13.1?
19:25:15 <wumpus> luke-jr: depends on whether it's an optimisation or an 'optimisation' (e.g. - DoS fix)
19:25:22 <gmaxwell> btcdrak: thats ... working fine for me, but we probably need to do a bit more organized testing. sdaftuar was updating some tests for it.
19:25:27 <luke-jr> wumpus: right, hence "if" ☺
19:25:49 <btcdrak> gmaxwell: well it's fine to merge afaik, but there was some discussion about the BIP text which is blocking it afaik
19:26:06 <btcdrak> I think #8636 is ok to merge.
19:26:37 <wumpus> that has a lot of ACKs
19:26:40 <michagogo> Hi
19:26:48 <wumpus> #action merge #8636
19:26:53 <wumpus> michagogo: hey!
19:27:00 <gmaxwell> Can someone make a list of all PR's merged for master that are not in 0.13 so we can check to make sure we haven't missed any that need backport?
19:27:10 * BlueMatt isnt a huge fan of 8636 in 0.13.1
19:27:11 <morcos> oh i was going to vote against 8636 as well
19:27:25 <morcos> i haven't reviewed it and don't necessarily have any concrete concerns
19:27:29 <wumpus> gmaxwell: all that still need backport should have the 'needs backport' tag
19:27:35 <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/labels/Needs%20backport
19:27:42 <BlueMatt> its just more stuff for segwit that could easily fit in another softfork
19:27:46 <michagogo> Sorry, not too around -- was with my grandmother (my grandfather passed away on Sunday), and now shopping with the family.
19:27:48 <gmaxwell> assuming they got tagged.
19:27:53 <BlueMatt> better to push any more complication further
19:27:54 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: I did, but I may have missed some. (minor ones I didn't comment on, and have a local list I can backport myself)
19:27:55 <wumpus> (including what is already merged)
19:27:56 <morcos> but just seems it possibly hasn't been thought about enough to know there isn't a hidden risk like jl2012 found low-s
19:28:08 <gmaxwell> it's an istandardness rule
19:28:11 * michagogo wonders if zu will become the new 11
19:28:20 <btcdrak> morcos: it's already a standard rule
19:28:21 <gmaxwell> oh you're talkign about nulldummy sorry.
19:28:47 <BlueMatt> gmaxwell: yea, sorry, nulldummy...I'm more ok with adding standard rules for things we want to softfork out soon
19:28:53 <wumpus> michagogo:  hah, luckily the C parser doesn't accept it as number
19:29:20 <wumpus> otherwise some magic constants should be defined as zuzuzuzu, especially on windows
19:29:56 <jl2012> #8499 actually somehow depends on nulldummy softfork
19:29:58 <luke-jr> #define zu 11
19:30:08 <luke-jr> fixed C parser
19:30:20 <jl2012> it still works, just can't protect CHECKMULTISIG
19:30:20 <morcos> re: nulldummy, ok so if we think its got sufficient technical review, and we also think its technical enough it doesn't need more community discussion (for instance never appears in chain?) then ok wiht me
19:30:41 <sipa> i think the risk for nulldummy is very low
19:30:46 <petertodd> nulldummy is very, very simple
19:30:51 <jl2012> since without a softfork, we can't DoS ban a peer sending us a violating transaction
19:31:16 <sipa> jl2012: well we can't generally do that anyway
19:31:32 <sipa> an attacker node can always pretend to be an old version
19:31:37 <jl2012> for segwit tx we could
19:31:39 <gmaxwell> we could for Sw things however, as it doesn't have transisiton issue.
19:31:39 <cfields_> crap, gtg. wumpus: not a meeting topic, but I noticed that the libevent unit tests fail for the zu case. We should consider running unit tests for deps somewhere.
19:31:44 <cfields_> bbl
19:31:44 <jl2012> 8499 is for segwit only
19:31:48 <luke-jr> sipa: if it's bundled with segwit I think we can?
19:31:56 <gmaxwell> But we could ban without the softfork in such a case too.
19:32:02 <sipa> luke-jr: an old node can always pretend to be pre-segwit
19:32:11 <gmaxwell> There is no need to link those behaviors though we have previously.
19:32:13 <wumpus> cfields_: yes did you see https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8730?
19:32:22 <luke-jr> but then it won't have witness data at all
19:32:40 <wumpus> cfields_: running libevent tests would make some sense, yes, although we'd first need a travis run on ubuntu 16.04
19:32:46 <sipa> luke-jr: so? it's an attacker node. it just won't send segwit txn
19:32:54 <cfields_> wumpus: yes, I'm still making my way through that problem.
19:32:55 <sipa> it can make up all its transactions
19:33:00 <gmaxwell> in any case, I only think that its urgent to at least have these behaviors non-standard.
19:33:01 <cfields_> wumpus: indeed, it was just a general thought
19:33:21 <luke-jr> sipa: afaik the proposal is to ban Nulldummy-violating sw txns
19:33:37 <sipa> luke-jr: to ban nulldummy-violation sw *peers*
19:33:50 <sipa> so an attacker will just not be an sw peer
19:33:53 <wumpus> cfields_: at least that one's easy to fix, the -stack-protector-all problem is more worrying
19:34:21 <wumpus> cfields_: anyhw better to speak of this outside the meeting some time
19:34:24 <jl2012> sipa: I think it's to ban segwit-nulldummy-violation peers
19:34:37 <sipa> jl2012: ok
19:34:39 <morcos> too many conversations
19:34:41 <sipa> same thing
19:34:43 <sipa> morcos: agree
19:34:47 <luke-jr> well, whether it's useful or not is another matter - maybe it isn't
19:34:49 <sipa> what is the topic?
19:34:55 <jonasschnelli> 0.13.1
19:34:57 <morcos> in summary i'm happy to let you guys decide what should go into 0.13.1 and what shouldn't, as i have been a bit out of the loop
19:34:59 <jonasschnelli> (nulldummy)
19:35:03 <wumpus> 0.13.1 still
19:35:13 <morcos> however i just want to raise the concern that maybe we're putting a lot of things in very quickly at the end
19:35:18 <gmaxwell> welcome back
19:35:18 <morcos> and that should cause us to be nervous
19:35:22 <sipa> i think nulldummy is very low risk, but also not very useful
19:35:23 <gmaxwell> :)
19:35:39 <morcos> when already the segwit activation is going to be a lot to pay attention to
19:35:42 <BlueMatt> 0.13.1 - various things...I think morcos, sdaftuar and I generally arent a fan of all these policy and various things coming in last minute before 0.13.1, but, I think we've all been out of the loop so maybe they have more review than we think
19:35:44 <sipa> it should happen at some point, and perhaps doing it together with segwit is easier
19:35:51 <btcdrak> morcos: in all fairness, these PRs have been worked on over quite a long time.. they arent out of the blue.
19:36:01 <BlueMatt> maybe nulldummy is ok, but still, so many things happening at the same time is a review burden and complicates things further
19:36:02 <btcdrak> you need to sync up on the conversations / background of them
19:36:03 <sipa> BlueMatt: yes, i don't like that either, but i think we just discovered many things to improve
19:36:06 <BlueMatt> when segwit is already complicated
19:36:13 <BlueMatt> sipa: ok, lets do it in a later sf
19:36:13 <BlueMatt> ?
19:36:26 <BlueMatt> i mean sf-able things, that is
19:36:38 <gmaxwell> it's unclear whats being discussed now.
19:36:39 <BlueMatt> and maybe if policy isnt as restrictive as we'd like in 0.13.1, thats ok
19:36:42 <sipa> nulldummy sf
19:37:29 <btcdrak> the only sf is nulldummy, the rest is just policy standardness.
19:37:36 <jonasschnelli> Didn't we had this discussion already and where mostly for including nulldummy sf together with SW in 0.13.1?
19:37:40 <gmaxwell> bluematt is talking about many, if the discussion is limited to nulldummy whatever.
19:38:01 <gmaxwell> But the policy changes are more important.
19:38:03 <wumpus> yes I think trying to stash a lot of changes into 0.13.1 has caused some delays already, at the least we shouldn't be adding anything else now and focus on what is there getting in
19:38:10 <gmaxwell> jonasschnelli: yes, we did.
19:38:30 <luke-jr> IMO nulldummy isn't worth all the time we're spending disucssing it now.
19:38:41 <jonasschnelli> https://bitcoincore.org/en/meetings/2016/09/01/#nulldummy-and-lows-softfork-proposals
19:38:47 <Chris_Stewart_5> Do we have a tentative release date for 0.13.1 or feature freeze?
19:38:53 <gmaxwell> wumpus: that isn't what happened. We had specific necessary to fix issues related to SW specific moderate risk denial of service attacks, and the path to fixing them spun off a number of sub isues along the way.
19:38:55 <wumpus> if you discover any other nice improvements they can wait until next version, unless it's critical to deployment of segwit
19:38:57 <jonasschnelli> cfields_: no
19:39:01 <jonasschnelli> Chris_Stewart_5: no
19:39:15 <gmaxwell> It's a little frustrating to loop rediscussing the same things over again. Makes the meetings feel like a waste of time, FWIW.
19:39:21 <wumpus> gmaxwell: agreed
19:39:30 <wumpus> there are a lot of repeated topics lately
19:39:31 <jonasschnelli> agree with gmaxwell
19:39:50 <jonasschnelli> (which is mostly a sign of not made decistions)
19:39:50 <wumpus> e.g. people that have been out of the loop then bring up something that was discussed a meeting or a few meetings ago
19:39:56 <wumpus> meetings are not there to bring you up to speed
19:40:18 <btcdrak> we publish meeting summaries, people should be reading them :-p
19:40:26 <wumpus> the logs and minutes are available, and summaries are made and published on the site
19:40:41 <gmaxwell> okay, thats enough probably. :) people get the point.
19:40:44 <wumpus> and you can always ask about things outside the meeting
19:40:57 <gmaxwell> (I am glad to not be alone!)
19:40:58 <BlueMatt> wumpus: IIRC there are folks complaining now who were in favor of it, as there are now 5 related issues that are coming up.....8634, eg, was not previously discussed and is in the same veign
19:41:03 <BlueMatt> maybe that should be the next topic
19:41:41 <BlueMatt> otherwise, someone can propose a different topic :)
19:41:47 <wumpus> BlueMatt: yes, I'm not saying it should be impossible to reconsider things discussed in previous meetings if convinng new reasons come up! just that repeating the same discussions with the same outcomes is not constructive
19:41:49 <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: thats fine, things can be rediscussed again, but instead of repeating the discussion we should focus on whats changed or whats disagreed with.. a diff rather than a redo.
19:41:58 <btcdrak> We need some more ACKs on #8634 and #8499 and #8526
19:42:04 <wumpus> yes
19:42:12 <wumpus> #action review #8634 and #8499 and #8526
19:42:42 <sipa> it's not clear what is being discussed. if we're talking about nulldummy sf, i think there is little risk, but little benefit. it was discussed before however, and unless people strongly feel that everything being done is too much, then this is something that can be reconsidered. please don't start reconsidering everything. there are good reasons and they were discussed before
19:42:43 <btcdrak> then the compact block/BIP thing needs to be finalised so we can merge the compact block pull #8393
19:43:04 <BlueMatt> sipa: eg, btcdrak just pointed out three prs...two of which i think are optional in 0.13.1
19:43:06 <BlueMatt> as is nulldummy
19:43:24 <BlueMatt> now we're in a position where we have a at least 3 prs that are "optional", at least one or two has been previously agreed upon
19:43:33 <wumpus> nulldummy softwork has been discussed zillions of times in the meeting, everytime the sentiment was slightly in favor of doing it because it has very little risk
19:43:34 <btcdrak> sipa: it's been well reviewed, and run on testnet for 4 weeks already.
19:43:41 <BlueMatt> but we want to get this thing out the door without spreading ourselves thin over too much review
19:43:49 <wumpus> and by now it has lots of testing and review too
19:43:51 <btcdrak> can we move on?
19:43:51 <sipa> so let's just stick to it
19:43:58 <wumpus> so if you want to reconsider it have a very good reason
19:44:04 <wumpus> not just 'I personally don't like it very much'
19:44:07 <BlueMatt> btcdrak: "run on testnet for 4 weeks" is the opposite of "good testing"
19:44:08 <gmaxwell> fwiw, all of my testing lately has been with most of this stack applied.
19:44:26 <btcdrak> BlueMatt: it's completely trivial, come on.
19:44:47 <wumpus> topc nulldummy is over now
19:44:50 <btcdrak> Is there any thing I can do regarding CB, I'm sort of confused about what is holding it up?
19:44:55 <wumpus> other topic proposals?
19:45:00 <sipa> segwit cb?
19:45:05 <btcdrak> yes please
19:45:14 <wumpus> #topic segwit cb
19:45:18 <gmaxwell> yes, I'm also unsure what else is required. I have been testing.
19:45:24 <sipa> gmaxwell: the latest version?
19:45:30 <sdaftuar> i'm working on testing.  i foudn a bunch of problems with the test unfortunately :(
19:45:31 <sipa> (as of a few days ago)
19:45:47 <BlueMatt> it was updated a few days ago, afaik only sdaftuar has looked at it since
19:45:54 <sipa> i did
19:45:57 <morcos> i like the concept of the latest version, and looked at the code.  but unfortunately i have to review CB in the first place before i can review the pull, so thats what i'm doing
19:46:04 <BlueMatt> and sdaftuar is now rewriting the testers for it, so not much to talk about aside from people should look at it?
19:46:09 <gmaxwell> sipa: as of a week ago? I could check.
19:46:34 <morcos> not to say you need to wait for my review of course
19:46:35 <sipa> gmaxwell: 2 days ago
19:47:55 <BlueMatt> next topic?
19:48:12 <gmaxwell> (Fwiw, more segwit traffic on testnet would make live testing of that PR more useful)
19:48:27 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: where did you guys go btw?
19:48:35 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: to the photo room.
19:48:37 <btcdrak> gmaxwell: roasbeef is preparing to produce some load in the next day
19:48:56 <gmaxwell> btcdrak: okay, I'll try to get things updated to the latest first.
19:49:58 <jonasschnelli> any other topics?
19:50:10 <sipa> specifically it would be useful to test connections between 0.13-with-segwit-activation-removed testnet nodes with #8393
19:50:24 <sdaftuar> sipa: i'm also working on doing that in regtest, fyi
19:50:32 <sipa> awesome
19:50:34 <btcdrak> great
19:50:40 <gmaxwell> sipa: okay, I'll make sure that I run with that too.
19:50:52 <sipa> thanks
19:51:37 <luke-jr> would be handy to have some regular segwit spam on testnet in general IMO
19:51:56 <btcdrak> luke-jr: it's coming, roasbeef is setting something up
19:53:02 <btcdrak> *silence*
19:53:41 <jonasschnelli> #endmeeting