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19:00:24 <wumpus> proposed topics?
19:00:38 <sipa> proposed cheer: yay for 0.13.1rc
19:00:45 <CodeShark> ^ :DDD
19:00:50 <jonasschnelli> heh
19:00:55 <wumpus> yay for 0.13.1rc, haven't heard of any real problems yet
19:01:15 <achow101> hmm. where's gmaxwell-ping-bot
19:01:23 <wumpus> not that it says much given how short it's been out, but ok, it's somewhat promising :)
19:01:53 <CodeShark> if only execution paths with problems tended to occur first :p
19:02:03 <wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier
19:02:07 <jtimon> proposed topic: libconsensus: do we want to expose a verifyBlock function or a processblock one? do we want to expose verifyHeader and verifyTx ?
19:02:34 <btcdrak> here
19:02:50 <wumpus> ah yes I have another topic about the libconsensus interface: what to do with undocumented flags
19:02:51 <instagibbs_> present
19:02:59 <btcdrak> ping jl2012
19:03:01 * paveljanik here
19:03:08 <jl2012> yes
19:03:10 <wumpus> jl2012 was already here
19:03:35 <jtimon> wumpus: like bip113 ? or more like bip30 ?
19:03:46 <wumpus> jtimon: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8976
19:03:53 <wumpus> #topic libconsensus
19:04:05 <wumpus> currently it's possible to pass non-consensus flags into libconsensus
19:04:07 <wumpus> e.g. policy only flags
19:04:25 <CodeShark> yes, that should be pulled out
19:04:26 <sipa> i believe we should not expose policy functions in libconsensus
19:04:49 <sipa> as that would make it impossible to later split off policy code into a separate codebase
19:04:52 <BlueMatt> sipa: ack
19:05:00 <sipa> and consensus code should end up being isolated
19:05:04 <wumpus> ok so that means you agree with #8976
19:05:10 <instagibbs_> was there thought otherwise? (I'm outsider to this work)
19:05:20 <jonasschnelli> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8976
19:05:21 <CodeShark> yeah, doesn't seem very controversial
19:05:22 <jtimon> I agree, currently it is not possible (at least using bitcoinconsensus_verifyScript)
19:05:32 <instagibbs_> ah I see what you mean
19:05:32 <wumpus> no, I don't think so. But people may be relying on this. I don't know anyone that does though.
19:05:37 <wumpus> and NicolasDorier is okay with it
19:05:50 <BlueMatt> wumpus: dont have a strong opinion, but I'm fine with that
19:06:04 <wumpus> if there is to be a policy script library it'll need to be separate imo
19:06:15 <jtimon> btw, currently the flags in script/bitcoinconsensus.h and in script/interpreter.h need to match, that shouldn't be the case
19:06:20 <wumpus> this is lib*consensus*
19:06:20 <sipa> jonasschnelli: agree
19:06:23 <sipa> eh, jtimon: agree
19:06:38 <wumpus> jtimon: no, they don't need to match, that's just an artifact
19:06:56 <sipa> wumpus: is there are translation layer?
19:07:00 <wumpus> although it's no longer possible to change the flags now
19:07:10 <wumpus> ABI for libconsensus is fixed
19:07:20 <jtimon> wumpus: I mean, if I change  bitcoinconsensus_SCRIPT_FLAGS_VERIFY_WITNESS             = (1U << 11) to some other number different from 11, things won't work
19:07:22 <wumpus> sipa: no, that was never added
19:07:28 <sipa> we should add one
19:07:35 <sipa> and keep the flags for the existing bits
19:07:35 <jtimon> agreed
19:07:40 <sipa> as passthrough
19:07:42 <wumpus> yes, there should be a translation layer, though the current bits can no longer be changed
19:07:45 <wumpus> agreed
19:07:46 <sipa> but new ones can fill up the holes
19:08:12 <jtimon> btw, related branch: https://github.com/jtimon/bitcoin/commits/0.13-consensus-flags
19:08:15 <wumpus> at the lesat we should add the error when invalid flags are passed
19:08:26 <CodeShark> is anyone using these flags as ints rather than just as an enum?
19:08:31 <wumpus> this will discourage people from doing what they're doing now, e.g. treating it as a pass-through
19:09:05 <wumpus> they're using it as an unsigned int because that's the type passed in, remember it's a C interface, enums don't support bit field combos
19:09:06 <sipa> CodeShark: we're already abusing enum here. it's a bit field, not an enum
19:09:14 <sipa> the enum is just an easy way to give the constants name
19:09:15 <jtimon> CodeShark: AFAIK there used always like if (flags & MY_FLAG)
19:09:36 <sipa> for almost all operations we do with these enums, they decay into integers
19:09:41 <wumpus> yes
19:09:56 <CodeShark> right - I meant, does it matter if we shuffle the bits as long as the integer values are not used anywhere outside the definitions?
19:10:08 <sipa> CodeShark: that breaks the ABI
19:10:13 <wumpus> you can't shuffle the bits because it would break the *binary* interface
19:10:18 <CodeShark> oh...
19:10:19 <sipa> you can't link with an older version of the library in that case
19:10:23 <CodeShark> ok
19:10:30 <CodeShark> gotcha
19:10:43 <wumpus> the idea is that you can jsut drop in the 0.13.1 consensus library in place of the 0.13.0 one and it will work
19:11:08 <sipa> without recompiling your client
19:11:10 <wumpus> arguably the SEGWIT bit can be moved until 0.13.1 is finalized, but meh
19:11:23 <sipa> indeed, meh.
19:12:06 <jtimon> these are the consensus flags I end with in that branch: https://github.com/jtimon/bitcoin/blob/0.13-consensus-flags/src/consensus/flags.h
19:12:10 <CodeShark> sipa: so you're saying we can reuse the bits that get vacated when we remove the policy flags
19:12:24 <sipa> CodeShark: yes
19:12:34 <sipa> as those were never part of the abi
19:12:37 <wumpus> CodeShark: the policy flags were never really allowed by the interface, it's a bug that it posibble to specify them at all
19:12:40 <sipa> *api
19:12:58 <wumpus> this is what #8976 fixes by adding input checking on the flags
19:13:14 <jtimon> and my preference would be to expose a GetConsensusFlags call in libconsensus too
19:13:35 <wumpus> what would that do?
19:13:36 <jtimon> to hide the bip9 and previous developments stuff
19:14:11 <jtimon> you call it, now you know which flags to use verifyScript, verifyTx or verifyBlock (or verifyBlock could call it internally)
19:14:44 <sipa> and you pass in all block headers?
19:14:52 <jtimon> https://github.com/jtimon/bitcoin/blob/0.13-consensus-flags/src/versionbits.cpp#L153
19:15:20 <jtimon> no, the same CBlockIndex interface used for verifyHeader
19:15:59 <sipa> i really don't like turning our internal representation for headers into an index
19:15:59 <jtimon> similar to https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8493
19:16:11 <sipa> *into an interface
19:16:13 <CodeShark> sipa: agreed
19:16:22 <CodeShark> it could be done better
19:16:24 <jtimon> other ideas to interface with storage ?
19:16:31 <CodeShark> without exposing all that crap
19:16:33 <jtimon> CodeShark: how?
19:16:46 <sipa> just have an API where you can create a blockindexstore, and you give it headers
19:17:00 <sipa> which are copied into the blockindexstore
19:17:04 <CodeShark> yes
19:17:18 <jtimon> so libconsensus remains coupled with our storage?
19:17:28 <sipa> that's my personal preference
19:17:33 <CodeShark> well...hmmm
19:17:36 <jtimon> I wasn't planning on taking any headers from callers
19:17:38 <kanzure> i don't mean to go all pointy hair or anything, but what is current expectation around libconsensus separation milestone timelines
19:17:54 <sipa> kanzure: nobody even agrees what libconsensus means.
19:17:59 <kanzure> perfect
19:18:19 <CodeShark> the header storage engine is quite trivial, actually
19:18:37 <CodeShark> not sure it needs an abstract DB interface...but on the other hand...
19:18:39 <wumpus> I think the previous conslusion was that libconsensus should remain coupled with the current caching layer, but not with leveldb
19:18:42 <jtimon> ok, so you guys want the libconsensus++ luke-jr wanted (ie storage included), I would be fine with having both one with storage included and one without it
19:18:53 <BlueMatt> we already discussed this in milan
19:19:04 <wumpus> so the *memory* storage is part of libconsensus
19:19:08 <wumpus> the disk storage is not
19:19:12 <BlueMatt> that
19:19:13 <CodeShark> ok
19:19:14 <jtimon> BlueMatt: yeah, you and me discussed it a little, with no conclusion
19:19:29 <wumpus> right,we discussed that in Milan
19:19:30 <sipa> jtimon: my fear is that it's very hard to create a stable API for storage of headers... things like BIP9 cache and the skiplist for example are things that would break the API, but such changes may be needed in the future
19:19:32 <kanzure> meaning of "storage" has to be carefully defined
19:19:45 <sipa> they're perfectly compatible with a store into which you can load headers, though
19:20:12 <jtimon> sipa: so let's break the API, users of libconsensus++ may have a more stable API, but less flexibility and control too
19:20:16 <jonasschnelli> We are speaking of a in-memory only store, right?
19:20:30 <BlueMatt> i think the first target is this, and then, if at some point we decide we want to support no-headers-in-memory, we can add an api for storage
19:20:33 <wumpus> jonasschnelli: yes. as currently used for the headers
19:20:36 <BlueMatt> but i think that is further out on the horizon
19:20:45 <wumpus> BlueMatt: agreed, that's no issue right now
19:20:57 <BlueMatt> also because refactoring every use of CBlockIndex into an api right now would be a ton of work/review/diff
19:21:06 <sipa> the criterion would be that we ourself want to use it
19:21:13 <wumpus> later on it may make sense to not support storing all headers in memory, but let's let's not try to do everything atonce
19:21:26 <wumpus> s/not support/support not/
19:21:27 <sipa> if the API somehow needs to miss features, e.g. because adding some cache is hard, that goal is already broken
19:21:28 <CodeShark> no need for premature optimization here
19:21:38 <CodeShark> header storage is not a bottleneck ;)
19:21:44 <sipa> CodeShark: it's not premature optimized. it's breaking existing optimization
19:21:51 <kanzure> CBlockIndex usage is not necessarily libconsensus-only, right?
19:21:56 <jtimon> I was speaking both memory and disk storage, for all I know, some callers may have the headers on disk and maybe others have the whole utxo in memory
19:21:59 <sipa> storage isn't, but block index traversal needs to be past
19:22:00 <sipa> *fast
19:22:06 <kanzure> i mean that's only because nobody wants to maintain a CBlockIndex and also libconsensus, ya?
19:22:20 <sipa> kanzure: i have no clue what you're talking about
19:22:33 <Victorsueca> kanzure: maybe we could define "storage" as the port where you request/send data that needs to be stored but is not immediately required
19:22:50 <sipa> storage... port?
19:22:51 <sipa> wth?
19:22:57 <wumpus> I think a good goal should be that we could use libconsensus ourselves, at least it will have one client then :)
19:22:57 <kanzure> (i was responding to "refactoring every use of CBlockIndex into an api".)
19:23:20 <CodeShark> let's not get sidetracked
19:23:25 <wumpus> please, let's not split hairs over definitions
19:23:26 <Victorsueca> sipa: not a network port obv
19:23:27 <wumpus> any other topics?
19:23:36 <cfields_> wumpus: +1. As a side-effect, that also forces devs to become familiar with it.
19:23:57 <gmaxwell> sorry, went to sleep during API discussions. I agree that the library should be used by bitcoin core if it is to exist. :)
19:24:05 <gmaxwell> (I also support it existing, to be clear!)
19:24:10 <wumpus> cfields_: right, so it's possible to fork bitcoin core but still use the same libconsensus, for example
19:24:10 <jtimon> BlueMatt: an interface for CBlockIndex wouldn't requiore a ton of review, just some review. Remember you can use wrappers for the old stuff and only libconsensus needs to use the interface (uppper layers can remain using CBlockIndex directly), please see https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8493
19:25:04 <wumpus> gmaxwell: if some topic isn't interesting to you, you don't need to be loud about that
19:25:13 <jonasschnelli> Would it hurt if the libb*'s blockstorage be completly decoupled from the CBlockIndex, new structures, etc. as a first step?
19:25:32 <sipa> jonasschnelli: we're not even talking about block storage
19:25:40 <jonasschnelli> sorry, heards
19:25:40 <CodeShark> we're still on headers :p
19:25:42 <jonasschnelli> headers
19:26:05 <jtimon> conclusion, nobody seems to want the libconsensus I've been trying to move towards to, and as an external caller I wouldn't want a libconsensus++ (coupled to bitcoin core's storage and concurrency)
19:26:30 <kanzure> external caller == other wallet?
19:26:31 <jtimon> you guys want a processBlock function, not a verifyBlock one
19:26:44 <sipa> jtimon: i think exposing verification functions at different levels is useful
19:26:49 <jtimon> kanzure: yep, a wallet, an alternative implementation, whatever
19:26:53 <sipa> exposing headers, individual block, total block, ...
19:27:07 <sipa> jtimon: but the question is about whether or not to abstract out the state needed for that
19:27:08 <jtimon> sipa: cool, BlueMatt seem to think it's not
19:27:23 <sipa> those are independent questions
19:27:26 <jtimon> in any case, you don't want a verifyHeader independent of storage
19:27:57 <kanzure> jtimon: yes to me it sounds like you need to pass to libconsensus a reference to something that implements storage.  but iirc there are some concerns about consensus-coupled storage backend details.
19:28:01 <sipa> i think it would hurt our own usage of it, as it means fewer opportunities to improve memory usage
19:28:06 <jtimon> sipa: I think "is it needed" it's not the question, nothing is needed, the wuestion is what we want to do
19:28:19 <sipa> what i want to do is have the consensus code abstracted out
19:28:21 <wumpus> it is needed if it is used by us
19:28:31 <sipa> modularized
19:28:38 <jtimon> kanzure: I highly doubt libbitcoin will ever use a libconsensus that's coupled to bitcoin's storage and concurrency, for example
19:28:49 <BlueMatt> jtimon: I have no problem exposing a verifyblock function that makes no external state lookups, but I dont think its so useful
19:28:50 <sipa> that doesn't mean we need to abstract out every data structure it uses
19:29:07 <BlueMatt> jtimon: I dont see much use for a verifyblock function that makes external state calls when you could just do processnewblock
19:29:08 <kanzure> jtimon: well the complicating detail here is that folks probably just want to use core's current storage implementation details (etc) to cut down on work, i think.
19:29:33 <CodeShark> breaking out the storage engine can be done independently
19:29:50 <wumpus> BlueMatt: yes, I remember we discussed that before, too :)
19:29:51 <kanzure> what is the concurrency coupling that jtimon mentions in particular
19:30:00 <sipa> CodeShark: we're not really talking about (disk) storage here, just in-memory representation of data structures
19:30:07 <BlueMatt> wumpus: yes, this is exactly the discussion we had in milan
19:30:15 <jtimon> BlueMatt: right, I believe some callers don't want the library to do the processnewblock because they want to do certain things themselves (for example, libbitcoin AFAIK)
19:30:42 <BlueMatt> jtimon: have you spoken much to these folks? (I dont know, just asking, would love to see their responses)
19:31:13 <jtimon> kanzure: if it's to cut down on work we can have both, that was my conclusion from a previous discussion with luke
19:31:17 <wumpus> can we worry about that later? I think a good first goal would be to make the libarary useful for us, I agree with sipa that tha doesn't need abstracting every data structure
19:31:33 <sipa> yes, abstracting the data structures can still happen later
19:31:38 <wumpus> I think this is typical bitcoin scope creep
19:31:45 <CodeShark> yes - modularization is what's most important, then we can further optimize each unit
19:31:48 <kanzure> sounds like an emphasis on code movement first
19:31:48 <jtimon> BlueMatt: mostly only to erik from libbitcoin, but yeah, probably we should ask around before trying to guess what they want
19:31:51 <wumpus> nothing will ever get done this way and we keep repeating the same discussions
19:32:29 <wumpus> +tons of huge code changes that will take ages to review
19:32:46 <jtimon> I want libwally to use verifyHeader, its main author has seen #8493 but I don't know what he would think about a version with "storage included"
19:33:00 <sipa> jtimon: one reason for me is that for some things, performance is in fact consensus critical, and requiring the user of the library to implement their own optimized data structures is essentially requiring them to implement some portion of consensus-critical code
19:33:47 <wumpus> I just think it'd make sense to aim for a near-term goal of exposing something, instead of trying to refactor the whole code base first
19:33:56 <CodeShark> the focus for now should be on separation of units and removing dependencies
19:33:57 <jtimon> well, all I want is to have a common and clear idea of what libconsensus should be
19:34:10 <sipa> while we already have optimized data structures, and not abstracting them out leaves more opportunities for future such optimizations
19:34:14 <wumpus> it should be a libarary that we ourselves can use for consensus validation
19:34:36 <wumpus> sipa: exactly! *not* exposing something as part of the API leaves flexibility to improve things later
19:34:46 <wumpus> sipa: putting it in the API/ABI effectively sets it in stone
19:34:47 <jtimon> CodeShark: but then people won't "see the point" of taking consensus code out of main...
19:34:55 <CodeShark> ?
19:35:07 <CodeShark> there
19:35:13 <morcos> I think it would be nice if we proceeded down _a_ path right now but left ourselves open to revisiting some of these decisions as we get further along.
19:35:30 <morcos> For instance I disagree a bit with the flexibility when it comes to cache optimization for pcoinstip.
19:35:33 <CodeShark> there's a very simple justification for it - moving the code out of main.cpp means far simpler merging of code changes
19:35:43 <jtimon> CodeShark: ie #8337 #8329
19:35:54 <morcos> But we don't have to answer all those questions right now
19:36:02 <sipa> jtimon: i think everyone agrees that modularizing consensus code is a good idea, independent of whether it's exposed as a library, or has refactorings for data structures or not
19:36:11 <sipa> morcos: agree
19:36:13 <kanzure> jtimon: you are referring to friction with code separation changes? i think some of that friction can be ameliorated by having it a prioritized shared goal (like segwit was).
19:36:58 <CodeShark> kanzure: indeed
19:37:02 <jtimon> sipa: the thing is some dependencies remain "hidden" or hard to see until you separate stuff or try to move the "consensus files" to the consensus module to expose something
19:37:37 <sipa> jtimon: well things may not be easy
19:37:40 <jtimon> kanzure: I would love that
19:37:45 <CodeShark> let's not get hung up on how the lib API will be exposed and start working on moving code into separate units
19:38:02 <Chris_Stewart_5> ^
19:38:09 <BlueMatt> ^
19:38:12 <jeremyrubin> ^
19:38:16 <sipa> v
19:38:17 <jtimon> CodeShark: I'm happy with that
19:38:21 <jtimon> I tried that too
19:38:23 <Chris_Stewart_5> always one sipa..
19:38:53 <jtimon> but some people asked for the final API...
19:38:54 <sipa> i'd really just want to see a proposal of a directory structure
19:39:00 <kanzure> jtimon: iirc you in the past have had problems with some pull requests because others would complain about additional merge/rebase work for their unrelated changes.
19:39:12 <sipa> which explains code responsible for what belongs where
19:39:20 <jtimon> sipa: I gave you one: all consensus fles except those in crypto to the consensus dir
19:39:28 <sipa> jtimon: that's not an answer
19:39:36 <jtimon> it is one you don't like
19:39:38 <sipa> there is code shared between consensus and non-consensus
19:39:46 <sipa> what happens to script? is it split up again?
19:39:51 <sipa> where does the signing code go?
19:40:02 <jtimon> but I really don't see how can we make a subrepository or subtree out of libconsensus otherwise
19:40:03 <kanzure> sipa did you read jtimon's libconsensus doc by any chance
19:40:05 <sipa> do we duplicate consensu logic?
19:40:09 <jtimon> sipa: signing code is not consensus
19:40:14 <sipa> sigh
19:40:18 <sipa> i know that
19:40:30 <jtimon> it remains in the common package
19:40:41 <jtimon> and the script dir
19:40:52 <sipa> ok, i'll shut up about it
19:41:00 <wumpus> I think this is monipolizing the meeting. ANy othe topics to be discussed?
19:41:04 <sipa> i can't seem to get my point across
19:41:15 <jtimon> no, you brought this point more times
19:41:23 <CodeShark> can we set as a goal to prioritize some moveonly PRs?
19:41:29 <sipa> yes, and i have never seen you give an answer to my question
19:41:47 <CodeShark> sipa, jtimon, let's save that for after the meeting
19:42:26 <CodeShark> can we agree for the time being to define a directory structure and prioritize moveonly PRs?
19:42:36 <jtimon> sure I really want to understand his concerns better. It seems related to the discussion we had around luke's script "debugger"
19:42:43 <wumpus> I can't prioritize moveonly PRs. There's just too much happening
19:42:57 <CodeShark> wumpus: the idea is that they should be super simple to review
19:43:05 <sipa> CodeShark: you underestimate it
19:43:13 <michagogo> achow101: looks like it finished uploading, if you want to try it
19:43:19 <sipa> moving the code is easy. deciding where things belong is not.
19:43:20 <wumpus> but if people prioritize reviewing them, sure
19:43:23 <kanzure> oh is review the bottleneck? i keep thinking it's "lots of other rebase work" for other pulls.
19:43:36 <jtimon> wumpus: I think it being a priority for reviewers is more important
19:43:39 <wumpus> kanzure: that's also an issue
19:43:39 <sipa> kanzure: imho the bottleneck is no agreement about what should be done
19:43:41 <michagogo> Wait, it's Thursday... sorry, didn't realize meeting was happening
19:43:43 * michagogo scrolls up
19:43:52 <jtimon> kanzure: I strongly feel review is the bottleneck
19:44:17 <instagibbs_> proposed topic: rc2 issues, etc?
19:44:18 <wumpus> kanzure: though not always a strong one, usually it's fairly easy to rebase over pure moves. As long as people agree that they should be done.
19:44:30 <kanzure> oh. alright.
19:44:31 <jtimon> CodeShark: also I think you understimate the potential for disagreements
19:44:34 <Chris_Stewart_5> How do we keep this from being discussed for the next 3 meetings is my question. What can actually be done persuade people one way or the other?
19:44:54 <CodeShark> can we at least agree to start discussing a directory structure? ;)
19:45:00 <CodeShark> (after this meeting, of course)
19:45:03 <jtimon> CodeShark: ACK
19:45:32 <wumpus> Chris_Stewart_5: you tell me
19:45:41 <morcos> Someone should schedule a small in-person retreat for people who really want to work on libconsensus, to make some headway
19:45:57 <kanzure> Chris_Stewart_5: perhaps sipa could make a proposal if we ask nicely.
19:46:01 <jtimon> I already buried my hopes of libconsensus becoming eventually C
19:46:01 <wumpus> Chris_Stewart_5: preventing the topic from being discussed is quite easy, but I think that would be seen as censorship :)
19:46:05 <Chris_Stewart_5> This is ALL libbconsensus right? Is tehre any concrete proposals?
19:46:25 <instagibbs_> 14 minutes in case anyone wants to discuss anything else
19:46:41 <jtimon> Chris_Stewart_5: afaik the most concrete proposal right now is #8493
19:46:41 <wumpus> instagibbs_: I asked in the beginning, don't think there's any issues with rc2 yet
19:46:45 <kanzure> Chris_Stewart_5: jtimon has made a number of proposals, such as https://github.com/jtimon/consensus-doc/blob/generated/libconsensus.pdf https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2016-October/013204.html
19:47:04 <Chris_Stewart_5> Thanks, i'll take a look at it.
19:47:15 <kanzure> ah 8493 is expose verifyheader. ok.
19:47:21 <instagibbs_> wumpus: ok great
19:48:07 <CodeShark> so any other topics?
19:48:08 <Chris_Stewart_5> rc2 issues?
19:48:16 <wumpus> which rc2 issues?
19:48:40 <BlueMatt> the lack of rc2 issues =D
19:48:43 <Chris_Stewart_5> *crickets*
19:48:50 <wumpus> 19:46 < wumpus> instagibbs_: I asked in the beginning, don't think there's any issues with rc2 yet
19:48:59 <kanzure> i think he was asking to hear for any
19:49:01 <wumpus> if there are, feel free to say so
19:49:14 <achow101> what about killing off windows 32 bit builds?
19:49:31 <jonasschnelli> I guess in 0.15
19:49:33 <wumpus> that's not an urgent topic really
19:49:36 <wumpus> yes, 0.15 I'd say too
19:50:10 <wumpus> I asked around and from 50 or so 'no' responses, there were two actual users admitting they were still using bitcoin core on windows 32-bit
19:50:24 <sipa> are there likely some who don't know?
19:50:29 <wumpus> they both expected this to stilll last only 6 months or so no longer
19:50:31 <wumpus> old hw
19:50:35 <gmaxwell> I haven't encountered any issues in RC2 yet, though its a bit new. The PR of mine that was merged appears to be working.
19:50:52 <jonasschnelli> If we have no other topic, we can discuss if we want to adjust the GUI default confirmation target down to the RPC interfaces value of 2 blocks
19:50:54 <wumpus> so that would time with 0.15, which is fine with me, no hurry
19:51:27 <Victorsueca> gmaxwell: the lastest travis build seems to have failed for master
19:51:30 <instagibbs_> jonasschnelli: yeah i suggested this a bit ago
19:51:43 <jonasschnelli> 25 blocks as "normal" confirmation speed sounds ridiculous
19:51:45 <achow101> jonasschnelli: I think it's a good idea
19:51:46 <instagibbs_> i dont understand why having different command line and GUI behavior like that is "good"
19:51:57 <morcos> jonasschnelli: to be honest, i actually agree we should make the target less than 25, but I think 2 is too low, and i think we're going to bikeshed where it should be
19:52:12 <jonasschnelli> Yes. I fear that as well. :)
19:52:14 <sipa> it seems reasonable that the default in gui and rpc is the same
19:52:18 <instagibbs_> morcos: "match between command-line and GUI" is a starting point :)
19:52:21 <BlueMatt> jonasschnelli: I'm for 25
19:52:23 <BlueMatt> 25 is good
19:52:24 <morcos> the issue is that when there is a break between blocks or network congestion, to be really sure you get confirmed very quickly, say in a couple of blocks
19:52:26 <jonasschnelli> And the slider should probably not touch nTxConfirmTarget!
19:52:30 <jonasschnelli> global!
19:52:30 <morcos> then you might have to pay areally high fee
19:52:33 <MarcoFalke> jonasschnelli: This should be uncontroversial. And actually it is a bug in the current code, as the default already says 25, but the slider is "mirrored", so it ends up on the wrong side.
19:52:37 <morcos> which is priobably not what you want
19:53:00 <MarcoFalke> I never fixed it because I wanted to clean it up "in a go" with all the other nasty things the gui does with the "fee"-globals
19:53:13 <morcos> more intelligent fee estimation would maybe gauge the current conditions against historical conditions or something.
19:53:20 <gmaxwell> Is anyone working on improving the estimator generally, right now?
19:53:34 <jonasschnelli> I think there are some users fooled by the fact that RPCs sendto* uses different fee estimations then the "default" GUI send method.
19:53:46 <gmaxwell> It could use improvement, though I think bumping is more important.
19:53:49 <jonasschnelli> I mean only different confirmations targets
19:53:53 <morcos> MarcoFalke: i dont think it was a bug.  i noticed it when it went in and i thought it was on purpose, i think we discussed it at a time
19:54:01 <MarcoFalke> ok
19:54:02 <jonasschnelli> Someone should review the new bumpfee PR.
19:54:17 <jonasschnelli> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8456
19:54:25 <morcos> gmaxwell: i mentioned on that issue that i had worked on it..  6-9 months ago..  but abandoned it.  i have some custom code that does a lot more
19:54:29 <morcos> but nothing that really got polished
19:54:35 <wumpus> yes, we *must* have a bumpfee for 0.14
19:54:40 <kanzure> morcos: had you looked at bramc's work on fee estimation?
19:55:35 <morcos> kanzure: i've been shying away from algorithms which require replacement.  i think its a great idea, but not how most users expect their default transactions to work.  I think most users want them to get confirmed relatively quickly on the first try.
19:55:45 <morcos> But an algorithm for bumping when you guess too low makes sense.
19:56:08 <gmaxwell> in any case, in my expirence the core estimator usually produces fees which are generally too high (compared to what gets confirmed in the next block, also compared e.g. to 21inc's estimator), having a higher confirmed target helps reduce the impact.
19:56:39 <morcos> so to be clear, if someone else has an idea of how it should be improved, please go ahead.  and i'm happy to help.  but its just one of those things that there is no "right" answer for so it can get frustrating
19:57:04 <gmaxwell> I was just wondering if there was anything ongoing at the moment.
19:57:11 <gmaxwell> (since the subject came up)
19:57:11 <jonasschnelli> What about changing the default confirmation target to 6 for RPC interface and the GUI once we have the bumpfee cmd?
19:57:15 <Victorsueca> as example, most of my transactions where I set the fee slider to 25 it confirmed on the next 2 blocks
19:57:23 <morcos> gmaxwell: yes, exactly and thats by design.  i interprested the question of what does it take to be confirmed in X blocks as meaning you really want to be very sure it'll be confirmed wihtin the target
19:57:31 <jonasschnelli> Victorsueca: users made different experiences with that
19:57:51 <gmaxwell> morcos: And that is what it must do, esp when there is no bump. :)
19:57:51 <morcos> thats why i hesitate to set the default to 2
19:58:08 <jtimon> 2 mins
19:58:19 <morcos> jonasschnelli: i like 6, and i'd be fine with that....
19:58:25 <instagibbs_> overpaying is fine until we have bump, heh
19:58:31 <gmaxwell> I would be too.
19:58:47 <Victorsueca> jonasschnelli: yeah, I seen too lots of people blaming slow transactions even with recommended fee, but not my case for some reason
19:58:48 <CodeShark> wouldn't overpaying tend to raise fees up?
19:59:05 <CodeShark> for everyone
19:59:19 <wumpus> only if everyone is going to do that
19:59:20 <morcos> CodeShark: ah, that is one of bramc's concerns.  i think the existing algo is pretty resistant to that
19:59:29 <jtimon> CodeShark: I could think of some kind of overpaying race
19:59:31 <jonasschnelli> Most important is probably review of mrbandrews's bumpfee (https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8456)
19:59:36 <morcos> yes unless literally everyone does it
19:59:39 <MarcoFalke> We should just set it to a random value *ducks*
19:59:40 <instagibbs_> Assuming everyone is transacting at the same exact time, sure. But there's time preferences in real life, week/weekend patterns
19:59:41 <instagibbs_> etc
19:59:54 <wumpus> instagibbs_: +1
19:59:58 <instagibbs_> bitcoin businesses will do settlement on sunday evening to avoid fees
20:00:01 <sipa> TINGELINGELING
20:00:08 <wumpus> #endmeeting