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19:00:20 <jonasschnelli> hi
19:00:22 <achow101> hi
19:00:24 <Chris_Stewart_5> ello
19:00:26 <sdaftuar> hey
19:00:45 <instagibbs> hi
19:00:59 <wumpus> any topics?
19:01:18 <jnewbery> #10882 please
19:01:22 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10882 | Stop advancing best block and shutdown node if keypool drops below critical threshold by jnewbery · Pull Request #10882 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:01:42 <wumpus> good idea
19:01:43 <wumpus> #topic Stop advancing best block and shutdown node if keypool drops below critical threshold
19:02:08 <cfields> hi
19:02:20 <jonasschnelli> jnewbery: is that the alternative for keypool topup for 0.15?
19:02:23 <kanzure> hi.
19:02:27 <wumpus> that replaced #11022 for 015.0?
19:02:29 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11022 | Basic keypool topup by jnewbery · Pull Request #11022 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:02:55 <jonasschnelli> What was/is wrong with 11022?
19:03:11 <achow101> jonasschnelli: 11022 is part of 10882 split into a separate pr
19:03:16 <luke-jr> if the node shuts down, how can users recover? O.o
19:03:18 <wumpus> it was getting too large IIRC
19:03:29 <jnewbery> #10882 is the same as it has been for the last few days (mark-used if later key from keypool used, try to topup, stop node if can't, etc)
19:03:32 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10882 | Stop advancing best block and shutdown node if keypool drops below critical threshold by jnewbery · Pull Request #10882 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:03:41 <jonasschnelli> Ah. Same problem I had with my original PR. :/
19:03:48 <jnewbery> I split #11022 off as the (hopefully) uncontroversial changes
19:03:50 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11022 | Basic keypool topup by jnewbery · Pull Request #11022 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:04:12 <jnewbery> it just marks keys as used and tops up the keypool. No stop node/don't advance best block
19:04:20 <gmaxwell> I was making the recommendation that we split out the part that marks used and refills the pool and get that merged. It is a strict improvement with no downsides or extra considerations.
19:04:29 <gmaxwell> that one!
19:04:42 <kanzure> (nick ping)
19:04:55 <cfields> gmaxwell: can you do your hilite reminder? almost missed this
19:04:58 <cfields> yes, that :)
19:05:35 <wumpus> sounds like a good idea to factor out the critical, lower-risk changes so that it can still make 0.15.0rc1
19:05:53 <wumpus> though this does mean it needs a new review round
19:06:00 <gmaxwell> I believe all the shutdown ones have unanswered questions.
19:06:07 <wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101
19:06:21 <gmaxwell> cfields: mine seems to be broken. Thanks wumpus.
19:06:25 <cfields> thanks
19:06:31 <sipa> present
19:06:36 <CodeShark> hello all
19:06:42 <paveljanik> here
19:06:55 <luke-jr> the startmeeting command should do it <.<
19:06:58 <Murch> hullo
19:07:04 <sipa> wumpus: the initial commits are the same
19:07:06 <jnewbery> I thought we were very close with 10882, with ACKs from several people. Greg - could you ask your unanswered questions in the PR? Your comments have mostly been in IRC and it's difficult to keep track of what your current concerns are
19:07:33 <wumpus> sipa: yes
19:09:09 <wumpus> 10882 was kind of a miscommunication, I almost merged than when it turned out that there were still critical concerns with it
19:09:40 <gmaxwell> jnewbery: it's not with your implementation specifically, but the correct behavior.  Shutting down on never-behind wallets who just drained their keypools (or never had a big keypool) is undesirable, but it doesn't appear to be possible to detect if a wallet had potentially been behind or not. (e.g. the only during rescan hurestic will fail in some places where the node and the wallet were both
19:09:46 <gmaxwell> behind; as a simple example: backup your whole .bitcoin directory and later restor the backup)
19:10:18 <MarcoFalke> so 11022 is for 0.15 and 10882 should be removed from the milestone?
19:10:20 <gmaxwell> restore*
19:11:03 <wumpus> MarcoFalke: huh
19:11:19 <luke-jr> IMO the correct behaviour would be an interface for pruning locks in general (usable by external wallets too), and track the best chain independently from where the UTXO set is. but this is way too complicated IMO. :/
19:11:21 <wumpus> wasn't it the other way around?
19:11:39 <gmaxwell> MarcoFalke: that was my suggestion: merge the part we know is done. I don't think we can make a 10882 right now that won't result in strange behavior in some corner cases.
19:11:40 <sipa> luke-jr: yes, that's the eventual goal - agree, but we don't have to go there in one step
19:11:51 <jnewbery> wumpus : MarcoFalke has it right. 11022 is the simple subset
19:11:53 <achow101> wumpus: 11022 is newer than 10882
19:11:53 <wumpus> 11022 was removed from 0.15, and 10882 replaced it
19:12:00 <gmaxwell> (at least not in short order)
19:12:03 <wumpus> why and who did that then?
19:12:07 * wumpus is really confused
19:12:17 <gmaxwell> 11022 is a massive improvement and safty increase.
19:12:26 <achow101> wumpus: 10882 was created, 11022 was split out from 10882
19:12:27 <sipa> 11022 is 10882 without the shutdown logic
19:12:30 <wumpus> what can we realistically finish in say, a week?
19:12:47 <gmaxwell> wumpus: there was a thid PR you're thinking of 11022 is new, as of a few hours ago.
19:12:58 <luke-jr> what if we just stop pruning, and let the normal low-disk-space shutdown do the job? ;)
19:13:06 <sipa> luke-jr: die
19:13:11 <luke-jr> :|
19:13:13 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: pruning is also not the only issue.
19:13:14 <wumpus> we can't continue adding things for 0.15 as that fix grows in scope more and more
19:13:23 <sipa> wumpus: 11022 is a reduction in scope
19:13:35 <sipa> i think 11022 can be ready to merge today or so
19:13:38 <wumpus> as this all deals with something that is not a regression in 0.15, I'm starting to be really doubtful about this
19:13:44 <gmaxwell> wumpus: that new PR radically reduced the scope, to the core part that has been in every PR so far.
19:13:45 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: what am I missing?
19:14:00 <sipa> *today
19:14:12 <jnewbery> 11022 is ready now. It needs rereview by people, but it should be uncontroversial as it's a subset of what's already been ACKed
19:14:57 <wumpus> ah yes I was confused with the other 'keypool topup' PR
19:15:43 <MarcoFalke> ok, changed the milestones.
19:15:54 <wumpus> thanks
19:16:04 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: you could start by already reading the comments that are there.  Each version has failed in different corner cases.  I'll go update the PR with a longer list but after spending an hour talking to Pieter about it I'm just dispondent that it's all a mess that we won't fix quickly (again, not due to the code; but due to what behavior would actually be acceptable.)
19:16:09 <jnewbery> full history: Jonas's PR was 10240. I rebased and cleaned that up as 10830. I then reduced the scope and incorporated a bunch of feedback in 10882. I've now reduced the scope again in 11022
19:16:40 <wumpus> jnewbery: that's a painful history, thanks for sticking with it
19:17:12 <jnewbery> painful is a pretty accurate description!
19:17:34 <jonasschnelli> ;-)
19:17:43 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: but in general, versions that shutdown based on low keypool have a problem with existing wallets failing to work when users upgrade, and efforts to avoid that can create cases where we'll fail to force a shutdown when we should. (for example if the user backed up and restored a whole .bitcoin directory).
19:17:56 <jnewbery> but let's try to get 11022 reviewed, and if gmaxwell could leave a nice long comment on 10882 about edge cases perhaps we can try again after 0.15
19:18:21 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: and I think now that a whole subfamily of suggestions I was making are just impossible to actually make work right, for which I am very sorry.
19:18:35 <gmaxwell> jnewbery: will do
19:18:46 <jnewbery> gmaxwell thanks
19:19:32 <jnewbery> sipa ryanofsky morcos bluematt instagibbs reviewed 10882. Should be a straightforward task for them to rereview 11022
19:19:39 <sipa> jnewbery: on it
19:19:44 <instagibbs> gotcha
19:19:45 <sipa> (right now)
19:19:47 <wumpus> We can't rule all out edge cases. Tthe most important thing is that people upgrading won't automatically run into the issue because 0.15 sets a larger keypool default.
19:20:10 <jnewbery> upgrade isn't an issue in 11022
19:20:21 <wumpus> good!
19:20:25 <instagibbs> will review today
19:20:31 <jnewbery> (and actually isn't in 10882 as it's now implemented, but let's not get into that)
19:20:47 <wumpus> do we have a test for that? :)
19:21:11 <jnewbery> no, as far as I'm aware we have no upgrade tests. It'd be nice to have them
19:21:41 <sipa> (gmaxwell went offline)
19:21:57 <wumpus> no, we don't have any upgrade tests
19:22:11 <instagibbs> jnewbery, to refresh memory: "Notably, it does not stop the node or prevent the best block from advancing if the keypool drops below a threshold" this is only in case of crypted?
19:22:49 <sipa> instagibbs: my belief is that it'll just succesfully top up when unlocked
19:23:24 <jnewbery> instagibbs, in 10882 we would only ever prevent best block advancing/stop node when top up was unsuccessful (ie encrypted locked wallet)
19:23:39 <sipa> jnewbery: great
19:23:39 <jnewbery> 11022 removes all prevent best block advancing/stop node behaviour
19:23:57 <instagibbs> got it
19:24:16 <wumpus> even better would it be if we had test cases for all of gmaxwell's edge cases
19:24:18 <sipa> <gmaxwell> we can now have rescan instructions in our relwase notes: unlock the wallet and run rescan rpc
19:24:19 <jnewbery> 11022 is really very simple. It has a bunch of refactor commits, but the functional change is fairly small
19:24:54 * gmaxwell back
19:25:20 <jnewbery> if we can get bitcoin-wallet-tool and offline topup into v0.16 we have a very nice way of sidestepping most of the problems I believe
19:25:44 <gmaxwell> jnewbery: sipa was just saying something like that to me.
19:25:54 <sipa> jnewbery: alternatively, make the dynamic-load-wallet RPC fail in case of too low keypool, and make it take an optional passphrase
19:25:55 <luke-jr> at least GUI can block on a passphrase
19:26:00 <sipa> luke-jr: that too
19:26:03 <jnewbery> yes!
19:26:08 <luke-jr> sipa: oooh, that's an excellent approach for bitcoind
19:26:23 <gmaxwell> but all to much for 0.15 now.  But at least 11022 massively narrows the window and creates a workaround.
19:26:26 <sipa> agree
19:27:19 <sipa> any other 0.15-related topics?
19:27:44 <wumpus> although harder to implement there's no reason bitcoind couldn't block on a passphrase, justblock everything until a walletpassphrase command
19:27:55 <jnewbery> yuck
19:28:04 <luke-jr> if I prioritise rebasing the optional default-wallet, would it be considered for inclusion?
19:28:05 <jnewbery> multiwallet?
19:28:50 <luke-jr> wumpus: can RPC run without the node running?
19:29:53 <wumpus> luke-jr: in the same way the GUI can I guess
19:30:09 <gmaxwell> jnewbery: I think that is less yuck than some other options.  Though really it's block until passphrase or the critical key level is changed.
19:30:34 <wumpus> holding up RPC commands for a long time is bound to run into timeouts though
19:30:53 <luke-jr> wumpus: we already throw exceptions during init
19:31:04 <luke-jr> so we'd just need to make an exception for walletpassphrase
19:31:13 <wumpus> yes it's kind of yuck, it's opposite from anything we want to do, with the wallet being able to block the node
19:31:18 <luke-jr> the catch to this (and GUI prompting I guess) is that we need to load the wallet earlier
19:32:17 <gmaxwell> longer term we'll need ways to rescan wallets when there is pruning.  E.g. PIR wallet queries. But that is a research project with a 1yr horizon or so.
19:32:41 <gmaxwell> once we have something like this I think much of this mess goes away.
19:32:50 <jnewbery> Are there any other circumstances where bitcoind waits for stdin? I think it might inadvertently break peoples assumptions
19:32:52 <jonasschnelli> pir?
19:33:07 <sipa> jonasschnelli: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_information_retrieval
19:33:08 <jnewbery> also it's messy if multiwallets are prompting for passphrases
19:33:20 <jonasschnelli> thy
19:33:32 <gmaxwell> jnewbery: not stdin, but accepting rpc connections and throwing the not ready yet error for all but walletpassphrase.
19:33:45 <gmaxwell> (like we do when loading the block index)
19:34:16 <jnewbery> oh ok, yeah that's not so bad
19:34:27 <gmaxwell> now I understand the yuck better. :)
19:34:27 <jnewbery> but to be clear, not for 0.15 :)
19:34:31 <gmaxwell> yes.
19:34:32 <wumpus> luke-jr: you mean going back into warmup mode? hmm then all clients would have to handle that
19:35:03 <wumpus> oh certainly not stdin
19:35:03 <luke-jr> wumpus: I mean never leaving warmup mode :p
19:35:12 <wumpus> luke-jr: that'd make sense
19:35:42 <wumpus> luke-jr: I somehow assumed it was something that could happen at runtime
19:35:54 <wumpus> anyhow, yes not for 0.15
19:36:06 <luke-jr> it probably can
19:36:17 <luke-jr> keypool size is still configurable I assume
19:36:29 <wumpus> but for dynamic wallet loading optionally passing the passphrase on load makes sense
19:37:23 <wumpus> ok - any other topics?
19:37:25 <jnewbery> Being able to run commands on load was my main motivation for #10740 . Unlocking and topping-up keypool fits well with that
19:38:09 <gmaxwell> I'd like to remind people that we all need to be testing on master hard right now. :)
19:38:12 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10740 | [WIP] [wallet] dynamic loading/unloading of wallets by jnewbery · Pull Request #10740 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:38:45 <wumpus> if only we had rc1 out everyone could be testing on rc1 :)
19:40:10 <sdaftuar> where are we on the segwit address format?
19:40:21 <wumpus> #topic segwit address format
19:41:02 <sipa> sdaftuar: https://github.com/sipa/bech32/pull/21
19:41:19 <sipa> almost done with a C++ reference version (though gmaxwell keeps finding untested cases)
19:41:30 <sipa> when that's done, i'll submit a PR to core to integrate it
19:41:34 <sdaftuar> great!
19:41:39 <jonasschnelli> nice
19:41:39 <cfields> sipa: great. will review that.
19:42:02 <sipa> which will need some refactor to get rid of CBitcoinAddress (i'm sorry for ever introducing that... there is no point for that to be a separate class...)
19:42:25 <Chris_Stewart_5> Is this going to be in 0.15.0 or 0.15.1?
19:42:35 <cfields> sipa: maybe best to just cram it into CBitcoinAddress first for easy 0.15 backport ?
19:42:40 <sdaftuar> not 0.15.0
19:42:43 <wumpus> certainly not 0.15.0
19:42:44 <Chris_Stewart_5> ok good
19:42:49 <jonasschnelli> Chris_Stewart_5: not in 0.15.0 maybe in 0.15.SW
19:42:59 <sipa> cfields: i'll see what i can do
19:43:44 <cfields> ok
19:44:22 <wumpus> any other topics?
19:44:25 <CodeShark> I have a quick one
19:44:45 <luke-jr> the hardest topics to discuss are the ones that are not disclosed. :P
19:45:04 <CodeShark> I would need to rebase, but now that SegWit is activating I'd really like to merge https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10350
19:46:03 <wumpus> #topic Added support for MSG_FILTERED_WITNESS_BLOCK messages
19:47:00 <jonasschnelli> Wound't that require a bip first?
19:47:17 <CodeShark> is it really worth the effort?
19:47:23 <CodeShark> it's getting deprecated eventually
19:47:26 <CodeShark> probably pretty soon
19:47:33 <gmaxwell> well obviously not merged now, but perhaps in the .SW release. It needs a bip. unconditionally but it would be a trivial spec.
19:47:41 <CodeShark> ok
19:47:45 <gmaxwell> I can help with the bip.
19:47:53 <sipa> it doesn't look like it's too much work to add a witness proof
19:47:54 <wumpus> yeah it's a network protocol change so it needs some kind of BIP
19:47:55 <gmaxwell> (show of good will, since I really dislike the feature. :) )
19:48:00 <CodeShark> thanks, gmaxwell
19:48:20 <wumpus> if only to be able to refer to it in bips.md and such
19:48:26 <gmaxwell> (not due to it itself, but due to increasing the scope of BIP37)
19:48:33 <jonasschnelli> CodeShark: why would it get deprecated (you mean dep. bip37 in favor of client side filtering)?
19:48:39 <CodeShark> jonasschnelli: yes
19:48:43 <luke-jr> if it's literally only for short-term use by mSIGNA, I'm not sure it strictly NEEDS a BIP.
19:48:54 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: it's trivial to specify however.
19:48:56 <luke-jr> sure
19:49:05 <CodeShark> yeah, probably should stick to process
19:49:08 <wumpus> why not? it's good to have some kind of documentation
19:49:18 <gmaxwell> and the spec can also do things like tell people it is intended to be short lived.
19:49:20 <jonasschnelli> I guess there are still usecases for BIP37 once BIP150 is life (trusted peers)
19:49:21 <wumpus> others might want to use it too
19:49:46 <luke-jr> CodeShark: if you can rebase it quickly, maybe we can throw it in Knots until it's ready for Core
19:49:58 <CodeShark> sure :)
19:49:59 <jonasschnelli> I'm strongly advice for a BIP. Other may be interested and we don't want more specification within the code.
19:50:07 <gmaxwell> jonasschnelli: you can still do better things for that case, like send them the addresses explicitly.
19:50:25 <jonasschnelli> gmaxwell: Yes. But would require more work to do. :)
19:50:27 <sipa> i'd really like to see the addition of witness proofs, though - i understand that for your exact use case (which implies a trusted full node) that's unnecessary, but i don't think we should go that route in protocol extensions
19:50:42 <wumpus> gmaxwell: heh yes, if the connection is encrypted and the peer is trusted, why not, why even bother with a bloom filter
19:50:56 <gmaxwell> in any case basically any argument against doing a BIP is an argument for one too... it's trivial.  it's intended to be short lived (BIP would tell people that).
19:51:10 <gmaxwell> sipa: it would be a trivial change to make it do the witness proofs, no? just root on the other tree.
19:51:29 <sipa> gmaxwell: and give the coinbase, and normal merkle proof for the coinbase
19:51:36 <CodeShark> sipa: I am still not convinced it's worth the effort to add the witness proof
19:51:42 <wumpus> then again BIP37 works now, that's a point, step-by-step evolution usually means that things keep moving instead of being blocked by big moves
19:51:52 <CodeShark> the coinbase issue means we need an entire new data structure
19:51:53 <sipa> CodeShark: then i would be opposed to supporting it
19:52:06 <sipa> CodeShark: use RPC instead
19:52:11 <CodeShark> huh?!
19:52:14 <gmaxwell> CodeShark: it's just a existing thing for the coinbase, and then one more rooted in it.
19:52:54 <CodeShark> it already takes me hours to sync back just a few weeks
19:53:00 <CodeShark> RPC would mean it takes forever
19:53:03 <sipa> CodeShark: you're asking to add a feature, available to every P2P client, which can only be safely used in a trusted setting
19:53:03 <luke-jr> why would you need a witness proof in this case anyway?
19:53:14 <CodeShark> sipa: ah, I see your point
19:53:15 <sipa> luke-jr: because the full node can lie
19:53:37 <luke-jr> sipa: about what? these peers don't have any need for the witness data at all
19:53:38 <CodeShark> agree that the trusted mode is distinct from p2p, but the HTTP server approach just won't do ;)
19:53:45 <sipa> luke-jr: read the PR
19:53:55 <wumpus> sipa has a good point, if it's to be on the P2P network, it has to be possible to use it untrusted
19:53:57 <sipa> luke-jr: CodeShark needs it to determine which subset of multisig signers spent the coins
19:54:11 <luke-jr> oh!
19:54:13 <wumpus> if not you'd have to wait for BIP150 (authentication)
19:54:26 <wumpus> and allow it to authenticated peers only
19:54:42 <sipa> yes, that would be private extensions easier
19:55:14 <sipa> CodeShark: but honestly, i don't think adding a proof for the witnesses is that hard; just send two structures (one with normal proof for coinbase, one with witness proof for the rest)
19:55:37 <CodeShark> it requires a lot of additional clientside modifications as well, I'd rather focus on clientside filtering
19:55:44 <gmaxwell> yea, if we had BIP150 I wouldn't mind random extensions there even without bips. if you're only using it between trusted adjcencies the criteria is different.
19:57:13 <CodeShark> not saying it's hard - just time I think would be better invested elsewhere
19:57:26 <sipa> yes, like helping with client side filtering :)
19:57:31 <CodeShark> indeed
19:57:39 <sdaftuar> also though, if you intend to only use something on trusted nodes you could just carry a custom patch, no?  i mean, if there's not much other demand for this extension.
19:57:50 <achow101> does client side filtering have a bip?
19:57:55 <jonasschnelli> Could you not impelement directly the client side filtering?
19:58:07 <sipa> jonasschnelli: it's a nontrivial effort
19:58:11 <jonasschnelli> achow101: roasbeef hasn't opened the PR (last state is the ML post)
19:58:14 <sipa> needs stored bloom filters for all blocks on disk etc
19:58:33 <wumpus> achow101: not afaik
19:59:00 <jonasschnelli> sipa: Yes. But a long term strategy and there are a couple of people willing to contribute
19:59:05 <sipa> sure
19:59:05 <luke-jr> I assumed jonasschnelli meant implement BIP37 client-side
19:59:20 <jonasschnelli> not bip37
19:59:20 <CodeShark> lol, BIP37 needs to eventually die
19:59:24 <gmaxwell> I don't thin the spec has been updated to eliminate the divisions yet.
20:00:10 <wumpus> meeting time is over
20:00:18 <wumpus> #endmeeting