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19:00:20 <sipa> DUNG
19:00:31 <achow101> hi
19:00:41 <Chris_Stewart_5> present
19:00:43 <jtimon> dong
19:00:49 <jonasschnelli> hi
19:00:55 <instagibbs> prezent
19:00:57 <wumpus> topics?
19:01:01 <cfields> hi
19:01:14 <wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101
19:01:39 <BlueMatt> blockers for review
19:01:40 <wumpus> let's start with 0.15.0rc1 - have any serious issues been reported?
19:01:44 <BlueMatt> and that
19:01:54 <wumpus> #topic 0.15.0
19:02:08 <BlueMatt> there's the openbsd stuff, but I'm not sure thats really 0.15 per se, more than just openbsd brokenness
19:02:15 <BlueMatt> there's also the version-reporting thing gmaxwell mentioned
19:02:17 <cfields> only thing i'm aware of is the version number issue, but that's nothing
19:02:28 <wumpus> that's just openbsd brittleness, I'm looking at it
19:02:32 <achow101> there's the duplicate hex in getrawtransaction
19:02:36 <BlueMatt> plus the new compiler warnings
19:02:36 <wumpus> cfields: do we have a patch for that?
19:02:50 <sipa> and the other things marked for 0.15... #11044 #11027
19:03:09 <cfields> wumpus: i haven't decided on where to fix it yet. Either way I'll PR something today/tomorrow
19:03:38 <wumpus> cfields: I guess in a hurry we could just revert luke-jr's patch that introduces the problem, for 0.15
19:04:17 <cfields> wumpus: yes, that was my initial suggestion, but luke-jr isn't a fan
19:04:28 <jonasschnelli> Can you elaborate on the version number issue (via luke-jr's PR)?
19:04:37 <wumpus> yes I saw the new compiler warnings, something about signed to unsigned comparison in the wallet version logic
19:04:41 <wumpus> is that something serious?
19:05:10 <cfields> jonasschnelli: the version string doesn't show v0.15.0 as it should, but a git commit instead
19:05:12 <wumpus> src/wallet/wallet.cpp:3668:38: warning: comparison of integers of different signs: 'std::set<long, std::less<long>, std::allocator<long> >::size_type' (aka 'unsigned long') and 'int' [-Wsign-compare]
19:05:16 <cfields> sec for offending PR
19:05:30 <sipa> suggestion: have travis (which has a deterministic compiler version) in one of the tests run with -Werror... but not for default builds
19:05:37 <wumpus> and another one on the same line
19:05:55 <BlueMatt> sipa: #10923
19:06:02 <kanzure> hi.
19:06:09 <wumpus> sipa: yeah, no that we no longer have any annoying warnings such as Wshadow we could do that
19:06:15 <cfields> jonasschnelli: #7522
19:06:26 <jonasschnelli> wumpus: isn't that (-WSign-compare) fixed with #11044?
19:06:38 <sipa> BlueMatt: oops, never read the second part of the title
19:06:44 <wumpus> jonasschnelli: could be!
19:06:49 <jonasschnelli> It is. Just checked
19:06:57 <BlueMatt> sipa: we already have --enable-werror which is an even more limited set of -W's that we error on, but we never enable it on anything
19:07:10 <BlueMatt> sipa: that pr enables it for thread-safety-analysis and then turns it on on travis-osx
19:07:14 <cfields> sipa: +1. I think 10923 is a great idea
19:07:31 <BlueMatt> 10923 is blocked on switching mutexes and sync.h to std, but I think we can just do that (tm)
19:07:50 <cfields> BlueMatt: not yet :(
19:08:02 <wumpus> we can just take the travis-werror part
19:08:17 <wumpus> I don't see how that is strongly related to the thread analysis
19:08:22 <BlueMatt> true
19:08:43 <wumpus> switching over mutexes and sync definitely sounds like a post-0.15 thing
19:08:46 <cfields> yea, we should just go ahead with that and add the thread checking when it's ready
19:08:47 <BlueMatt> cfields: oh? none of that stuff is used directly in the remaining threadGroup threads
19:09:06 <BlueMatt> oh, y'all want to turn on -Werror on travis for 15? yea, ok, not that then
19:09:34 <BlueMatt> anyway, looks like #11044 fixes the warnings, and its already tagged 0.15.0
19:09:47 <cfields> oh, i thought we were talking about it for master
19:10:03 <wumpus> the topic is 0.15 so I was assuming we were talking about 0.15
19:10:11 <jonasschnelli> cfields: I have a correct version string in 0.15.0rc1 (Qt, debug log). What do I miss?
19:10:14 <wumpus> anyhow, I don't mind, let's enable it for some branch...
19:10:32 <cfields> BlueMatt: i'll double-check. But I thought we had some outstanding condvars that we couldn't switch yet. Will look after meeting.
19:10:32 <wumpus> master is what the PRs will be tested against so that makes most sense I suppose
19:10:58 <BlueMatt> cfields: we do, but they're directly calling boost::condition_variable, not CConditionVariable, I believe
19:11:00 <gmaxwell> We can turn of travis Werroring if it turns out to be a pain (or even when not if...) but gain advantages from it until then.
19:11:07 <wumpus> ok: does anything need tagging for 0.15.0?
19:11:23 <cfields> jonasschnelli: the splash screen, at least, shows the git revision
19:11:43 <BlueMatt> as for 0.15, I think its jsut the 3 tags + whatever for the version string issue
19:11:48 <BlueMatt> or, nothing else was brought up
19:11:54 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11044 | [wallet] Keypool topup cleanups by jnewbery · Pull Request #11044 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:11:55 <jonasschnelli> cfields: Ah. I see now.. releases don't have the commit&dirty.. nm
19:12:20 <wumpus> okay
19:12:30 <wumpus> #topic high-priority for review
19:12:52 * BlueMatt puts #10286 on the list
19:13:14 <wumpus> now that 0.15 is branched, we can start doing this again
19:13:35 <wumpus> added
19:13:42 <wumpus> it's lonely https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8
19:13:48 * jonasschnelli puts Implement BIP159 / #10387  on the list
19:14:03 <sipa> i'd like to draw some attention to #10785 (serialization improvements)
19:14:07 <BlueMatt> thats ok, 10286 needs to simmer on master for a month or three, so it is actually a should-go-soon, thing
19:14:13 <BlueMatt> :p
19:14:18 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11027 | [RPC] Only return hex field once in getrawtransaction by achow101 · Pull Request #11027 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:14:28 <jonasschnelli> sipa: It's on my list.. reviewed most of it and running on my node
19:14:43 <gmaxwell> lol poor gribble.
19:14:51 <gmaxwell> (he's way behind)
19:15:13 <cfields> I'd like to add #10756 please, as lots of things for 0.16 will build on top of that
19:15:20 <jonasschnelli> (gribble probably needs to process all the spam first)
19:15:59 <wumpus> gribble damnit you made me add 11027, which makes no sense as it's already tagged 0.15
19:16:05 <jonasschnelli> cfields. done
19:16:09 <cfields> (that's the signals -> interface class switch for message processing)
19:16:14 <sipa> cfields: ack
19:16:20 <BlueMatt> yes! 10756!
19:16:21 <cfields> jonasschnelli: thanks
19:16:22 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10923 | Use -Wthread-safety-analysis if available (+ -Werror=[…] if --enable-werror) by practicalswift · Pull Request #10923 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:16:55 * gmaxwell can't breathe
19:17:05 <jtimon> I would suggest #8498 but not sure if it can be high priority
19:17:08 <BlueMatt> poor gribble
19:17:18 <wumpus> aww :)
19:17:20 <jonasschnelli> :)
19:17:31 <cfields> haha
19:18:33 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/7522 | Bugfix: Only use git for build info if the repository is actually the right one by luke-jr · Pull Request #7522 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:18:45 <wumpus> jtimon: added
19:18:50 <jtimon> cool
19:18:51 <wumpus> ok, any other topics?
19:19:42 <jonasschnelli> short topic: adding bench to gitian build package?
19:19:58 <jonasschnelli> I can PR
19:19:59 <cfields> wasn't it just explicitly removed? :)
19:20:06 <jonasschnelli> Yes. At least on Win
19:20:18 * jonasschnelli searching PR
19:20:25 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11044 | [wallet] Keypool topup cleanups by jnewbery · Pull Request #11044 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:20:59 <achow101> +
19:21:05 <jonasschnelli> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7776
19:21:09 <wumpus> #topic adding bench to gitian build package
19:21:24 <jonasschnelli> I stumbled over it when wanted to bench sse4
19:21:26 <wumpus> I removed it because it was useless at the time, bench had only the examle benchmark
19:21:36 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11044 | [wallet] Keypool topup cleanups by jnewbery · Pull Request #11044 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:21:39 <wumpus> but now that bench is actually useful I agree with enabling it for the distributions, for all platforms
19:22:35 <jonasschnelli> I think its useful now.
19:22:39 <jonasschnelli> I'll PR that then
19:22:40 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10286 | Call wallet notify callbacks in scheduler thread (without cs_main) by TheBlueMatt · Pull Request #10286 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:22:51 <jtimon> suggested topic, what do we want to do about configs for different chains? related to issue #9374 and prs #10267 #8994
19:23:26 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10387 | Implement BIP159, define and signal NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED (pruned peers) by jonasschnelli · Pull Request #10387 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:23:48 <wumpus> jonasschnelli: thanks
19:23:53 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10785 | Connection reset by peer.
19:24:01 <sipa> do we want to discuss bip159 more?
19:24:02 <wumpus> jonasschnelli: no rush, we don't really need it in 0.15 yet
19:24:21 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10756 | Connection reset by peer.
19:24:24 <jonasschnelli> Yes. Certenly not for 0.15
19:24:47 <luke-jr> sorry, here
19:24:55 <wumpus> #topic bip159: (NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED service bits)
19:24:57 <jonasschnelli> last updates on BIP159: threat bits independently, fingerprinting protection
19:25:06 <luke-jr> ‎[19:03:38] ‎<‎wumpus‎>‎ cfields: I guess in a hurry we could just revert luke-jr's patch that introduces the problem, for 0.15 <-- it fixes other (more real) problems
19:25:20 <jonasschnelli> The address relay and whole peering maybe needs discussion
19:25:21 <jonasschnelli> cfields mentioned once some potential issues
19:25:36 <sipa> so, i'd like to suggest that bip159 only defines 1 bit, corresponding to 144/288 blocks
19:25:37 <wumpus> luke-jr: ok, well, can you help cfields fixing the problem then?
19:25:48 <luke-jr> wumpus: yes, already suggested a few ideas
19:26:09 <sipa> that gets 90% of the benefit I believe (nodes who are already caught up, and want to stay caught up)
19:26:21 <sipa> without needing to know what other ranges are important
19:26:24 <cfields> jonasschnelli: yea, i'll jot down my concerns.
19:26:48 <jonasschnelli> sipa: we could start with that. What's you concerns about definig two bots?
19:26:50 <jonasschnelli> bits?
19:27:07 <sipa> jonasschnelli: i'm beginning to think a second bit is just unnecessary for now
19:27:18 <sipa> and we may be able to make a more informed choice later
19:27:25 <instagibbs> sipa, prefer the week or day?
19:27:28 <sipa> day
19:27:35 <gmaxwell> It's also the case that the second bit doesn't really jive with UTXO sync, so it may just end up totally surpflous within a couple months.
19:27:46 <jonasschnelli> I think the week usecase can be interesting with SPV (client side)
19:27:50 <gmaxwell> the 288 matches the current minimum.
19:28:19 <jonasschnelli> You could run a pruned peer while syncing your phone
19:28:31 <jonasschnelli> (in an ideal BIP150 world)
19:28:35 <jonasschnelli> (or via tor)
19:28:40 <gmaxwell> sure, so long as you don't ever forget to run your wallet once a week. :)
19:28:57 <gmaxwell> you can still do that without the flag however.
19:29:04 <sipa> the most important benefit is that pruned nodes can and should help with partition resistence of the network, but they currently don't
19:29:27 <gmaxwell> as any whitepeer would still be able to request anythign we have. (in your BIP150 world that phone would be authenticated, presumably)
19:29:34 <jonasschnelli> I agree. I think defining only the 288 depth bit is okay. We can define another later.
19:29:40 <gmaxwell> sipa: well they do a littl.
19:29:56 <gmaxwell> jonasschnelli: yea, that was my thought. Now quick, slip it into 0.15rc2  _me ducks and runs_
19:29:59 <jonasschnelli> gmaxwell: good point about the whitepeer, right
19:30:21 <jonasschnelli> gmaxwell: No 0.15. Sadly
19:30:47 <sipa> jonasschnelli: i believe gmaxwell may not have been very serious ;)
19:30:49 <gmaxwell> I'm kidding. :)
19:31:20 <jonasschnelli> No joking about releases. :)
19:31:34 <gmaxwell> If we cannot laugh all there is left to do is cry.
19:31:35 <gmaxwell> :)
19:32:02 <wumpus> exactly
19:32:10 * sipa mourns the untimely passing of rc1
19:32:11 <jonasschnelli> Indeed
19:32:36 <jonasschnelli> Any other thoughts on dropping the 1'152 dept NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED_HIGH flag?
19:33:02 <gmaxwell> that gets rid of anything to be debated.
19:33:36 <jonasschnelli> A single flag was also my original idea.. but we had then discussions and the second one came up. So going back to a single bit is fine for me.
19:33:44 <wumpus> yes, let's drop it for now
19:34:08 <wumpus> it's better to continue with something; the bits debate goes on and on :)
19:34:18 <gmaxwell> smaller changes faster plz.
19:34:23 <cfields> 3 bits!
19:34:26 <jonasschnelli> Heh. Right... okay, will update the bip and the PR.
19:34:31 * jonasschnelli curses cfields
19:34:37 <cfields> :)
19:34:41 <wumpus> cfields: moar!
19:34:54 <sipa> 3.14 bits!
19:35:00 <jonasschnelli> hehe
19:35:01 <gmaxwell> next subject?
19:35:03 <cfields> sipa: that's just irrational.
19:35:07 <jnewbery> sipa gmaxwell do you have data about what blocks are requested on the network? Have you shared it anywhere?
19:35:13 <gmaxwell> damn, I almost saved us from that pun.
19:35:29 <gmaxwell> jnewbery: we do, we have, I can dig it up again later today.
19:35:31 <jonasschnelli> jnewbery: sipa has that blocks-requested-chart
19:35:36 <wumpus> #topic what do we want to do about configs for different chains (jtimon)
19:35:40 <jnewbery> thanks
19:35:56 <gmaxwell> jtimon: 12:35:36 <@wumpus> #topic what do we want to do about configs for different chains (jtimon)
19:36:19 <achow101> pr/issue for reference?
19:36:29 <gmaxwell> there was an overlay config file PR I saw, I like that general idea.
19:36:34 <wumpus> related to issue #9374 and prs #10267 #8994
19:37:04 <jtimon> sorry, I just fell
19:37:08 <jtimon> so jnewbery had some suggestions for #8994 https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8994#issuecomment-321355349
19:37:10 <jtimon> #10267 is slightly related
19:37:38 <jtimon> and there's the issue #9374
19:38:21 <BlueMatt> <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10267 | INew -includeconf argument for including external configuration files by kallewoof · Pull Request #10267 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:39:37 <wumpus> not much to discuss from my side really, I think the idea of additional per-chain config files is good
19:39:42 <sipa> we know but one gribble, and his name is BlueMatt
19:39:42 <wumpus> need to review the PRs
19:40:02 <wumpus> also we really need test for initialization order / argument precedence stuff
19:40:11 <wumpus> as it becomes more complex with this
19:40:16 <gmaxwell> The Gribble is dead, long live the Gribble.
19:40:23 <jtimon> network.conf idea seems good to me, perhaps I could the something similar for /chain.conf, but not sure about jnewbery's suggestion because that would allow them to be used with the mainnet
19:41:02 <gmaxwell> okay, so comment on PRs?
19:41:12 <jtimon> well, I guess it can be discussed on the prs, yeah
19:41:43 <jtimon> just poiting out the 3 things seem related to me
19:41:53 <wumpus> yes
19:42:08 <luke-jr> wumpus: bitcoin_rw.conf solves per-chain at the same time, so IMO the approach to take there
19:42:18 <wumpus> luke-jr: that's a different issue
19:42:37 <wumpus> luke-jr: let's not blur everything together now jsut because jtimon started off with a whole list...
19:42:41 <wumpus> any other topics?
19:43:02 <gmaxwell> yea.. I want to talk about the impersonation issues and comms stuff for a moment.
19:43:03 <jnewbery> I don't think that #10996 (per network configuration) and #10267 (additional config file) should be held up on #8994 (custom chains)
19:43:20 <wumpus> jnewbery: no, I don't think so either
19:43:37 <wumpus> #topic impersonation issues and comms stuff
19:43:42 <gmaxwell> Kind of OT for the normal material here; but everyone should be aware that the developer of S2X is going around
19:43:45 <gmaxwell> spreading misinformation about S2X describing it as a harmless "upgrade" to bitcoin, misstating that things like
19:43:48 <gmaxwell> classic and BU are compatible (though they don't even implement segwit), and not making any mention of the serious
19:43:51 <gmaxwell> issues like its lack of replay protection, no HF bit, lack of a spec, this is especially bad because there have
19:43:54 <gmaxwell> been a bunch of efforts to impersonate our project supporting this stuff:
19:43:57 <gmaxwell> https://twitter.com/bcoreproject/status/897966294083018760 (click internal link for the S2X stuff)
19:44:00 <gmaxwell> I'm not sure of what to do but it appears to be a widescale effort to misinform people. :(
19:44:07 <gmaxwell> In the past twitter hasn't done much with people impersonating me, and this is happening on more than twitter.
19:44:23 <sipa> :(
19:44:28 <wumpus> yea :/
19:44:30 <BlueMatt> I'm not sure what can be done about it, sadly, either, aside from everyone spending some time vigorously condemning such blatant fraud and reaching out to corners of the community to point this out
19:44:47 <gmaxwell> E.g. seen it on reddit and hacker news; and our community links people to https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Segwit_support but then gets trolls responding that its "fake" and "censored by theymos"
19:44:58 <achow101> for twitter impersonation, you can report it to twitter and they might do something about it
19:45:07 <luke-jr> maybe a bitcoincore.org blog explicitly rejecting 2X and warning people of the misinformation campaigns?
19:45:15 <wumpus> right, I'm not sure what recourse there is, fake news everywhere on the internet
19:45:20 <gmaxwell> achow101: I've heard that several project contributors have; so sure; but I wouldn't expect much.
19:45:35 <praxeology> gmaxwell: I saw in #bitcoin someone was saying that bitpay was linking to use btc1 https://blog.bitpay.com/bitcore-segwit-activation/  with "bitcore"
19:45:37 <wumpus> yes certainly report to sites where the impersonation is hosted
19:45:42 <BlueMatt> luke-jr: if carefully worded, seems fine
19:45:45 <wumpus> github is quite active with that at least
19:45:59 <wumpus> twitter usually ignores report unless a lot of people report
19:46:11 <gmaxwell> Right we may need to each be more outspoken personally, and perhaps organize some project things too.
19:46:16 <achow101> I like luke-jr's idea. having something explicitly rejecting s2x would be good
19:46:25 <Murch> I had already reported that account last week, I suggest that others which use twitter do so as well.
19:46:43 <jtimon> jnewbery: agreed, nor the other way around imo
19:46:49 * luke-jr notes he personally calls it simply "2X" because he doesn't want to give the impression Segwit is connected to it.
19:47:42 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: I've used S2X, but yea people are confused thinking 2X = 2MB  not 4MB (8peak) and other crazy stuff.
19:47:57 <gmaxwell> or thinking that segwit activation means s2x activation.
19:48:29 <wumpus> luke-jr: yes, I think an explicit post rejecting s2x would be a good idea
19:48:33 <praxeology> didn't help that the slashdot article was wrong, portraying it bcash vs segwit2x
19:48:52 <gmaxwell> I looked a week or two ago and there were under two dozen btc1 nodes after excluding VPSes and only something like 60 including. Non-entity on the network.
19:49:17 <gmaxwell> ironically, BCash seems the more honest and responsible of the two.
19:49:18 <Murch> gmaxwell: And no development activity since "rc2"
19:49:24 <achow101> gmaxwell: unfortunately their doing basically a misinformation campaign to get more people to run btc1
19:49:35 <achow101> e.g. bitpay telling people to use btc1 for segwit
19:49:43 <BlueMatt> ok, so objections to luke-jr's proposal to put something on bitcoincore.org that simply points out that s2x is unrelated to segwit, and a fork of bitcoin, not a "harmless upgrade"?
19:49:45 <gmaxwell> In any case, we're not going to solve it here, but I think we each can make little pushes to better inform people.
19:49:56 <BlueMatt> simple faq/error correction, not political "fuck this thing"
19:50:16 <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: would depend on the text! someone could propose some, maybe harding.
19:50:22 <luke-jr> I'll throw up a draft GDoc people can hack at after the meeting?
19:50:27 <BlueMatt> gmaxwell: yes, of course
19:50:33 <gmaxwell> We can also talk to the bitcoin.org folks in general.
19:51:01 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: It might be a streach for your approach to get something the rest of the contributors would find super agreeable.
19:51:19 <praxeology> How close is bitcoin.org w/ the core dev team?  Who runs it?
19:51:24 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: I think you do well staking out your own more extreme position and adding to the discussion that way, though-- so no offense intended.
19:51:45 <Chris_St1> maybe bitcoin.org people can throw up a warning about people promoting consensus imcompatible implementations
19:51:52 <gmaxwell> praxeology: it's run by the bitcoin.org people. They're generally reasonable folks.
19:51:55 <BlueMatt> praxeology: not at all, but we can at least contact them or open github issues since they do put the source on github
19:51:57 <cfields> i think it's important that we point out that this isn't some NIH issue or aversion to change, rather a reaction to a fork that has not only ignored what we've learned from the recent split, but even manages to regress from it
19:51:58 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: maybe someone else can write a draft then?
19:52:12 <luke-jr> what I wrote so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D5wYL8mYTfswE94lzIe1RwdDP_rETpgXSWdkMUcpt1A/edit?usp=sharing
19:52:15 <sipa> cfields: indeed
19:52:47 <Murch> BlueMatt: Factual statement that the two are unrelated and perhaps a mention of the lack in replay protection
19:53:04 <gmaxwell> cfields: yes, indeed, in the few places where he even responded to concerns it was to claim things were non-issues with bcash when they actually were, and when bcash's better decisions were highly protective.
19:53:30 <BlueMatt> yea, that seems reasonable, just "hey, this is unrelated to Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin, really, they are playing a very, very risky game and most folks dont condone this"
19:54:04 <gmaxwell> In any case, beyond some factual statement... part of the consequence of having the project itself speak less is that each of us in the community sometimes needs to speak more. Otherwise the vacuum is easily filled with fakes and lies.
19:54:20 <gmaxwell> I dunno if everyone has seen morcos' blog posts but they've been fantastic.
19:54:34 <wumpus> gmaxwell: can you link them please?
19:54:42 <wumpus> (for the sake of the meeting log)
19:54:48 <gmaxwell> BlueMatt: even just many rather than most (while I don't doubt most is also true, a narrower thing can be said)
19:54:57 <BlueMatt> fair
19:55:27 <Murch> BlueMatt: Yeah, Replay Protection might be a bit over the head for the general audience. It should be mentioned though that it is unrelated to and _not supported by Bitcoin Core_.
19:55:33 <sipa> https://medium.com/@morcos/no2x-bad-governance-model-97b8e521e751 https://medium.com/@morcos/no2x-centralized-services-539e3b1b56c9 https://medium.com/@morcos/no2x-full-nodes-889c20100a8d
19:55:45 <BlueMatt> yea, ^ those are great!
19:56:10 <wumpus> #link https://medium.com/@morcos/no2x-bad-governance-model-97b8e521e751
19:56:17 <wumpus> #link  https://medium.com/@morcos/no2x-centralized-services-539e3b1b56c9
19:56:18 <luke-jr> some open source projects just do blog aggregation
19:56:18 <wumpus> #link https://medium.com/@morcos/no2x-full-nodes-889c20100a8d
19:56:27 <gmaxwell> it's a fine line to walk, to express the gist without seeming like there isn't substance or alternatively dropping people into the weeds.
19:57:04 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: I'm generally glad that we don't, in that joe-blow who just doesn't get open projects and is looking for an authority won't understand that a blog aggregation isn't an official position.
19:57:08 <Murch> luke-jr: That's why I'm putting it so carefully: "not supported" is easily true. Stating that there is no Core contributors that do support it, is probably hard to check and easily false.
19:57:19 <bitcoin-git> [13bitcoin] 15jonasschnelli opened pull request #11081: Add length check for CExtKey deserialization (06master...062017/08/fix_cextkey) 02https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11081
19:57:25 <wumpus> luke-jr: yes, something like https://planet.freedesktop.org/ would be nice, though on the other hand for bitcoin that would result in endless political discussions about who to include and who not
19:57:38 <gmaxwell> In any case, even if you don't have the energy or skills to write your own statements, if you agree with stuff like morcos' you can still link to it and let others know you support it.
19:57:52 <gmaxwell> luke-jr: aka bitcoin press center.
19:57:58 <BlueMatt> wumpus: I think we should include Mr Buckethead! I find his points on Brexit to be rather well-informed.
19:57:59 <luke-jr> :x
19:58:12 <luke-jr> gmaxwell: some people don't know to follow individual developers, though
19:58:21 <sipa> BlueMatt: *Lord* Buckethead please
19:58:30 <wumpus> lol BlueMatt
19:58:38 <BlueMatt> sipa: oops, sorry
19:59:02 <Murch> luke-jr: That's why a statement coming from Core would be useful. Especially since Core as an entity doesn't usually have a position.
19:59:18 <BlueMatt> if folks agree, @bitcoincoreorg could also r/t morcos' blog posts
19:59:32 <wumpus> @btcdrak
20:00:03 <wumpus> #endmeeting