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19:01:09 <achow101> all I have to say is that #16341 does the wallet restructure and is very large
19:01:11 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16341 | Introduce ScriptPubKeyMan interface and use it for key and script management (aka wallet boxes) by achow101 · Pull Request #16341 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:01:11 <provoostenator> hi
19:01:32 <provoostenator> achow101: the infamous box? I'll add to my review list.
19:01:35 <meshcollider> #topic miniscript update (sipa)
19:01:40 <schmidty> hola
19:01:41 <sipa> hi!
19:02:46 <sipa> so me and some colleagues of mine have been working on a way to make more complex bitcoin scripts more accessible, in a project called miniscript
19:03:19 <sipa> this is about the bitcoin scirpt language as it exists today, without any softforks or other changes to consensus needed (but obviously prepared for those)
19:05:03 <sipa> the idea is that we can define a subset of script which is composable (so things can be arbitrarily nested, say you can replace a public key anywhere with a "subexpression" which corresponds to an arbitrary policy), has properties like correctness and nonmalleability that can be easily reasoned about, and can be targetted by a compiler that converts policies into scripts
19:05:32 <sipa> with this, we could make software/hardware wallets support basically arbitrary policies, without even any extensions to psbt
19:06:07 <sipa> there's a website which is still actively being changed: http://bitcoin.sipa.be/miniscript
19:06:30 <sipa> does this make sense?
19:07:10 <achow101> sipa: is your website the only documentation of miniscript?
19:07:30 <sipa> achow101: andrew and sanket are also working on a rust implementation, which is public i think
19:07:44 <sipa> but as we're actively changing things yet i prefer to not really have any production code available
19:09:13 <meshcollider> This seems very nice
19:09:13 <sipa> so the different moving parts would be (a) signing logic in core/other software which is miniscript compatible, allowing signing/updating of any valid miniscript-compatible script (b) extension to descriptors that lets you include miniscript expressions, which are kinda engineer-readable but maybe a bit less than descriptors are now... (c) a compiler from policies with probabilities for all
19:09:20 <sipa> branches/choices to miniscript descriptors
19:09:48 <jb55> I see the aor was replaced with explicit probabilities, is that overkill or are there use cases in mind?
19:10:11 <sipa> jb55: it was basically impossible to write a 3-way or where each branch is equally likely
19:10:32 <jb55> ah
19:10:50 <sipa> oh we also came up with a neat algorithm that lets you compute the worst-case satisfaction cost for a miniscript, with annotations on various branches saying "this key is certainly available, this key will not be available at signing time, this key may be available at signing time"
19:10:59 <sipa> which is useful for fee estimation
19:11:28 <bitcoin-git> [13bitcoin] 15sipsorcery closed pull request #15995: systemd service script: set usable permissions on /etc/bitcoin config dir (06master...06systemdconfig) 02https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15995
19:11:30 <sipa> and the compiler is also good enough now that it can construct scripts that are strictly better than the bolt 3 htlc scripts... but obviously incompatible with them
19:12:04 <sipa> it'd be nice to support all actual script people have come up with in the past, but it would require adding a whole bunch of ad-hoc extensions for weird tricks
19:13:25 <achow101> cool! how close to being finalized do you think it is?
19:13:32 <achow101> (aka when pr?)
19:13:46 <sipa> i think we're very close to finalizing the design of the language... but we've been saying that for a few weeks now
19:14:04 <sipa> it'll be some work to convert the hacky code to something PR'able
19:14:08 <sipa> but i hope soon
19:14:55 <sipa> so a motivation for this is for example being able to use a 2-of-3-timelocked-escrow-cool policy as a "participant" in a multisig, rather than being restricted to just keys in the multisig
19:16:04 <sipa> more questions? otherwise end topic
19:16:30 <achow101> the policy language is descriptors, right?
19:16:50 <sipa> nope
19:17:25 <sipa> the thing i envision becoming part of descriptors is a 1-to-1 mapping with script itself
19:17:47 <sipa> so there is no "compilation" step between the descriptor and the script, as that compilation is pretty complex
19:18:20 <achow101> is it policy -> descriptor -> script?
19:18:22 <sipa> so the policy language is similar, but it has probabilities in it, and only has and/or/threshold/key/hash/time functions
19:18:29 <sipa> policy -> descriptor <-> script
19:18:51 <achow101> ah, ok
19:18:56 <sipa> while the descriptor extensions have a ton of different ways of encoding an and/or, depending on context, probabilities, ...
19:19:39 <sipa> i don't expect the policy language and the compiler to become part of core,
19:20:26 <sipa> though maybe some analysis functionality may be (e.g. we can extract a policy without probabilities back from the script etc)
19:20:43 <meshcollider> So what are you planning to PR then?
19:21:08 <sipa> ability to sign/update/psbt arbitrary miniscript compatible scripts
19:21:11 <sipa> and extensions to descriptors
19:21:33 <achow101> basically replacing the solver and ProduceSignature?
19:22:00 <achow101> so instead of pattern matching to figure out how to sign and finalize, interpret miniscript/descriptors
19:22:05 <sipa> right
19:22:17 <sipa> maybe all of the signing code can become delegated to a miniscript module
19:22:45 <sipa> maybe the existing rawtransaction-compatible ones should just stay as legacy code, and only miniscript code gets invoked for more complex things
19:23:20 <achow101> and with native descriptor wallets, people will be able to track whatever weird scripts they want and be able to sign for them
19:23:47 <sipa> the conversion from script to miniscript structure is basically an LALR(1) parser (we have a handwritten one that's easier to read, but tools like bison/yacc can generate code to do this trivially)
19:24:11 <sipa> yup
19:24:28 <sipa> and with psbt, you can have even hardware wallets in theory participate in signing
19:24:46 <sipa> though they may freak out with the unconventional scripts, and change detection becomes a lot harder
19:25:03 <jb55> sipa: is the conversion from script to policy ever ambiguous?
19:25:11 <jb55> if that makes sense
19:25:41 <sipa> jb55: if you define an "abstract policy" which is a policy but without probabilities in it, you can always derive the abstract policy from a script
19:26:03 <meshcollider> Ah that LALR parser point answered my next question
19:26:04 <sipa> in such a way that it's equivalent to the policy fed to the compiler
19:26:43 <jb55> sipa: and that is guaranteed to be unique?
19:26:43 <sipa> jb55: though if the compiler gets a lot smarter, this may not be possible anymore (e.g. complex reasoning over booleans/threshold gates to simplify the policy before compiler)
19:27:15 <sipa> jb55: testing whether two different encodings of the same abstract policy are identical for arbitrary policies is an intractable problem
19:27:56 <sipa> like and(a,thresh(2,a,b,c)) is identical to and(a,or(b,c))
19:28:08 <sipa> things like that cannot be generally compared
19:28:28 <sipa> but the compiler (so far) won't ever make such transitions
19:29:13 <jb55> right
19:32:50 <meshcollider> Alright this seems very nice, thank you sipa, I need some time to read the website in more detail
19:33:12 <meshcollider> Does anyone have any other topics to discuss today?
19:34:17 <achow101> please review wallet boxes and the 3 PRs it depends on
19:34:47 <meshcollider> Yes ^ sorry I haven't reviewed much yet, it's been a crazy week
19:36:36 <meshcollider> #action review wallet box PRs
19:36:41 <meshcollider> #endmeeting