19:00:04 <wumpus> #startmeeting
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19:00:22 <kanzure> hi
19:00:27 <achow101> hi
19:00:34 <jamesob> hi
19:00:36 <sdaftuar> hi
19:01:00 <wumpus> looks like there have been no proposed topics in https://gist.github.com/moneyball/071d608fdae217c2a6d7c35955881d8a
19:01:10 <wumpus> does anyone have any last minute suggestions?
19:01:19 <sipa> hi
19:01:34 <midnightmagic> hello! \o/
19:01:34 <wumpus> hi
19:01:44 <meshcollider> hi
19:02:02 <instagibbs> hi!
19:02:23 <wumpus> #topic High priority for review
19:02:29 <wumpus> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects/8
19:02:54 <wumpus> 5 blockers, and 5 things chasing concept ACK
19:03:45 <wumpus> anything to add/remove?
19:04:51 <sipa> seems not
19:04:55 <wumpus> no...
19:05:08 <wumpus> that's a short meeting I suppose then
19:05:15 <midnightmagic> :-)
19:05:54 <sipa> no wallet meeting tomorrow, right?
19:06:09 <sdaftuar> perhaps people can discuss what they're working on, if there's nothing else to discuss and anyone is inclined to share
19:06:09 <achow101> sipa: right
19:06:23 <sipa> if not, i have a small wallet related topic
19:06:24 <jamesob> ah can we add https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16194 ?
19:06:34 <jamesob> at this rate assumeutxo'll be done by 2028
19:06:48 <sdaftuar> so you're saying it's going to be done at some point :)
19:06:49 <instagibbs> jamesob, woah there, why so optimistic
19:07:02 <jamesob> good points
19:07:15 <wumpus> jamesob:sure
19:07:22 <jamesob> thanks
19:08:01 <sipa> topic suggestion: explicit privkey derivation through descriptors, or generic support for all signingproviders?
19:08:27 <wumpus> #topic explicit privkey derivation through descriptors, or generic support for all signingproviders?
19:09:22 <sipa> so, right now (and correct me if i'm wrong), i think the only way to get a private key for a xpub-derived key, is by having a descriptor that encapsulates it, and then expanding it at the right position
19:10:15 <sipa> which is a weird restriction i think; signingproviders can contain keys, and derivation paths for derived pubkeys... they have all the information necessary to compute derived privkeys in general
19:10:41 <sipa> i'm suggesting this because i'd like a bitcoin-psbt tool that you just give psbts and utxos and descriptors and keys and figures out what it can do
19:11:03 <sipa> but if a psbt contains a pubkey derivation field, and you have one of the parent privkeys available, we *should* have enough to sign
19:11:15 <sipa> but afaik the current structure doesn't permit that
19:11:31 <achow101> sipa: you'd be missing the chaincode
19:11:32 <sipa> achow101, meshcollider: does this make any sense?
19:12:12 <sipa> achow101: ugh right... thanks :)
19:12:17 <sipa> it's not that easy
19:13:30 <sipa> i guess end of topic, back to drawing board :)
19:14:23 <sipa> ack sdaftuar's topic to share what people are working on
19:14:26 <meshcollider> That seems like a weird situation to be in anyway, if you have a descriptor and it's private keys in your wallet then why wouldn't you have included the privkey in the descriptor in the first place
19:15:12 <sipa> meshcollider: yeah but from a generic psbt perspective, if you have an xprv for example, and a psbt that claims the need for a key derived from it... it feels like you should be able to use it
19:16:28 <sipa> i think the point is that psbt assumes your "keystore" consists of xpubs/xprvs more than it assumes just individual leaf keys
19:18:19 <sipa> but i'll come up with something else :)
19:19:27 <wumpus> #topic what people are working on
19:20:08 <wumpus> feel free to say something about what you're working on, or want to review-beg for a PR etc
19:20:40 * sipa working mostly on miniscript, still a lot of design and proof of concept... no PRable code yet
19:20:58 <achow101> i'm working on native descriptor wallets (take 2) based on the SPKManager stuff
19:21:22 <sdaftuar> i'm working on an ATMP refactor to support package relay, and generally working on p2p improvements
19:21:54 <sipa> cool
19:21:55 <instagibbs> in review mode these days, focusing on wallet. With proper motivation you can bug me to review your scary p2p/consensus code :)
19:23:59 <sdaftuar> i'm also happy to be pinged to review (if anyone has a PR they think i should look at)
19:24:08 <wumpus> thanks for sharing everyone; I'm pretty much in review mode too at the moment
19:25:33 <wumpus> I think that concludes the meeting, maybe it's good to have this as recurring topic like "high priority for review"
19:25:40 <sdaftuar> +1
19:25:44 <sipa> agree
19:25:53 <wumpus> #endmeeting