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19:00:19 <meshcollider> #bitcoin-core-dev Wallet Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101 meshcollider jnewbery maaku fanquake promag provoostenator aj Chris_Stewart_5 dongcarl gwillen jamesob ken281221 ryanofsky gleb moneyball
19:00:30 <achow101> hi
19:00:31 <jonatack> hi
19:00:31 <kanzure> hi
19:00:37 <meshcollider> Topics?
19:00:47 <jnewbery> hi
19:00:59 <achow101> how goes the wallet boxes review?
19:02:09 <jonatack> Suggested topic: deprecating getaddressinfo label in favor of labels, and adding multiple labels associated with an address (currently only one)
19:02:13 <phantomcircuit> hi
19:03:31 <achow101> jonatack: is it useful to have multiple labels with an address?
19:03:57 <meshcollider> #topic deprecating getsddressinfo label (jonatack)
19:04:01 <instagibbs> oh yeah, clocks changed
19:04:02 <jonatack> achow101: it seems to have been planned to be done
19:04:20 <jonatack> being the reason for adding the labels field?
19:04:31 <jonatack> in addition to the label field
19:04:47 <jonatack> which causes app developer confusion
19:04:54 <jonatack> see rationale in https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/17283/
19:05:18 <achow101> oh, i see
19:05:20 <jonatack> app devs wonder which field should be consumed, label or labels[]
19:06:16 <sipa> oh
19:06:41 <meshcollider> I didn't even notice labels was added
19:07:06 <luke-jr> me either
19:07:14 <jonatack> was added by jnewbery i believe? https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12892
19:07:38 <jonatack> er, label
19:08:07 <jonatack> right, label[] has no tests, so added in 17283
19:08:17 <jonatack> labels[]*
19:08:43 <achow101> ack deprecating label
19:08:48 <sipa> is there a use case for having multiple labels per address?
19:09:07 <meshcollider> jnewbery: what use case did you have in mind
19:09:09 <sipa> i don't object, but just because we merged an API that is extensible enough to support it doesn't mean it's needed
19:09:31 <sipa> as in: support can be added whenever there is a use case for it
19:09:32 <jnewbery> meshcollider: just refreshing my memory now!
19:10:31 <jnewbery> logically to me, it makes sense to be able to associate multiple labels to an address
19:10:51 <jnewbery> From 12892: "labels are
19:10:51 <jnewbery> associated with addresses, instead of addresses associated with labels. (unlike
19:10:54 <jnewbery> with accounts.)"
19:11:27 <jnewbery> I picked up that work from an older wumpus PR, and I can't remember all the details right now
19:11:33 <luke-jr> I mean, it makes sense if people want to do short labels like GitHub does for PRs
19:11:33 <jonatack> some reasons in https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12892#issuecomment-379016369
19:11:37 <jnewbery> I'll review jonatack's suggested changes in #17283
19:11:39 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/17283 | rpc: improve getaddressinfo test coverage, help, code docs by jonatack · Pull Request #17283 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:11:46 <meshcollider> Yeah that's true actually
19:12:04 <luke-jr> when I do my taxes, I take the label and match multiple regexs to extract metadata - having separate labels could simplify it
19:12:16 <meshcollider> if it's not an enormous change to support multiple labels then concept ack
19:12:25 <luke-jr> that being said, there is always a primary label, so maybe we should keep / should have kept it
19:12:41 <jnewbery> There's no concept of a primary label
19:12:43 <luke-jr> eg, "bought my pet hamster" isn't likely to have more than one tx
19:12:51 <luke-jr> jnewbery: maybe there should be
19:13:43 <meshcollider> Depends if label is for categorising or label is for describing I guess
19:14:26 <luke-jr> I've always used it for the latter, with the former thrown in
19:14:48 <luke-jr> categories without a description has limited usability
19:15:23 <luke-jr> I'd suggest instead a "notes" with the description part, but .. we've had label for years
19:15:24 <jnewbery> jonatack: I'll take a look at the PR and give concept feedback
19:15:36 <jonatack> luke-jr: say, ability to designate one of the labels as a primary, and one only?
19:15:38 <achow101> I think having multiple labls would be somewhat invasive due to all of the legacy accounts stuff associated with labels
19:15:53 <jonatack> jnewbery: ty
19:16:34 <meshcollider> I mean, I don't think it matters if the distinction is in the code. Supporting multiple labels allows the user to do whatever they like with them, I don't think it needs a "primary" one
19:17:31 <meshcollider> Ok yeah this can be discussed in the PR
19:17:43 <meshcollider> Other topics?
19:17:44 <jonatack> a) it seems we should decide re multiple labels before deprecating
19:17:56 <luke-jr> jonatack: maybe
19:18:06 <luke-jr> achow101: maybe rename "labels" to "tags"?
19:18:17 <jonatack> b) back to a) :D
19:18:21 <meshcollider> Please not another rename lol
19:19:04 <luke-jr> what's the "labels" PR?
19:19:14 <sipa> #12892
19:19:17 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12892 | [wallet] [rpc] introduce label API for wallet by jnewbery · Pull Request #12892 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:19:58 <luke-jr> PR description doesn't suggest it does that.. :/
19:21:33 <achow101> luke-jr: i don't think there's a PR yet
19:21:38 <luke-jr> ok, so it adds a "labels" array with only one possible value
19:21:53 <jnewbery> next topic?
19:22:19 <meshcollider> achow101: is there anything you want to discuss about boxes or just review beg?
19:22:30 <achow101> review beg
19:22:40 <jonatack> (yes it is indeed https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12892 despite the PR name)
19:23:02 <jonatack> luke-jr: right
19:23:28 <meshcollider> #16944 is finally nearly ready too which is nice, hopefully we can get it in after provoostenator rebases
19:23:30 <gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/16944 | gui: create PSBT with watch-only wallet by Sjors · Pull Request #16944 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
19:24:44 <meshcollider> Alright no other topics then :)
19:24:49 <meshcollider> #endmeeting