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Why I’m a fascist

Nonsense on the debian-devel mailing list: From: Adam Majer <> On Sat, May 24, 2003 at 07:46:53PM -0400, Geordie Birch wrote: […] > May 20, 2003. French reporters covering Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) > arrested, forcibly repatriated: > > […] PS. Personally, I would prefer to travel for a DebConf in Cuba than […]

Secret Projects

Hrm, I wonder if blosxom has any way of handling accounts, so I could setup blog entries that only I could view… I wonder too if that’s a monumentally self-contradictory idea. The theory would be that I could add musings that I didn’t want to share with anyone to my blog in a password-only directory/category, […]

My new blog

So, I created a blog. It uses blosxom. It has links. It’s not the horrible ugly default, but the marginally less ugly sample customisation. It has links! It has a paypal button! Donate! In theory this should be easier than advogato to hax0r on; we’ll see. One thing I notice, is that blosxom doesn’t seem […]