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The Travelblog Prospectus

— Log opened Wed Feb 02 01:27:21 2005 <vorlon> btw, it seems Skolelinux is interested in sponsoring a physical meeting of folks related to the release process to discuss how we can get Debian to a state of timely, regular releasing. Your name was on the list of people I said should be there. Would […]

The Winner Is… Syduhney!

So I was in Sydney over the weekend for the first LA exec meeting of this term. The meeting was, like all meetings, boundlessly thrilling, and minutes will follow. This post is for the trivia. First, my poor, poor expectations. Cast mercilessly aside to be dashed on the rocks of reality. The trip started well […]

Skiing? Mmm, mmm!

Following the brilliant weekend at Mt Buller last year, we went back again in August this year to see if history wouldn’t mind repeating; this time bringing along my step-borther and his kids. Happily, things turned out even better: similar amounts of snow, even nicer accommodation, and way better weather. We tried rearranging our trip […]

Linux.Conf.Au 2004

Someone complained that my last entry wasn’t recent enough to “count” as an updated blog entry. Maybe that someone will be more pleased with an entry about stuff that at least happened this year. As mentioned previously on this blog, this year’s l.c.a was in Adelaide, and was hosted by Michael Davies and his crew. […]

Mmmm. Skiing.

So since I’m not in the mood to write much, I thought, hey why not put up some pretty piccies. And then I thought, why I have all those skiing photos I took last year; I haven’t put any of them up. And then I thought, mmmm, skiing. Anyway, I was priveleged enough to take […]

Dinner With Michael!

I had dinner with Michael. Other people showed up too. Michael forced me to post pictures, because he’s vain. Unfortunately he’s not vain enough to blog. Bitch.

Debcamp/Debconf, Oslo (and London!)

<stockholm> aj: will you come? <stockholm> aj: 12. -17 jul <stockholm> aj: please? (*bamby eyes*) <aj> stockholm: hey, if someone wants to wave free plane tickets in my face i could be easily convinced :) Europeans are so generous. Well, at least with money they collect from Americans. Continuing the exciting saga of the travelblog, […]

Linux.Conf.Au 2004 — Coming Soon!

Introducing the travelblog! Episode One: Adelaide, Excuse One: Linux.Conf.Au organising meeting. The trip was to help pass on any tricks and tips to this year’s organising committee, and make sure that everything’s rosy and nothing’s pear-shaped. Mmm. Pears. So I arrived Friday evening. Brrr. Cold. Southern states just have a different sort of cold, one […]