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Pro-Linux bias at

Reading through some of the comments from last year’s Linux Australia Survey, a couple struck me as interesting. One’s on Java: seems to have a bias against Java. Since Java is an open source language and has a massive open source infrastructure, this has not made a lot of sense to me. It seems […]

Linux Aus face to face

So, catching up on my WoBloMo posts. On the 21st I was in Melbourne for the Linux Australia council meeting. Saturday was mostly organisational stuff: basically getting an idea what each of the council members thought about the approach we’d take for the rest of the year. Stewart invited Andrew Cowie to give a presentation […]

Facial Dignity, huh?

Bdale blogs about his new found sensitivity to breezes, which reminds me of two things. One, much like Arjen, I feel inclined towards some show of solidarity for Bdale’s follicles, hence: Second, and also coming somewhat indirectly under the heading of “facial dignity”, it strikes me as a good time to recall one of my […]

Tuz in Tas

At Meant to blog yesterday before it started. Didn’t. In a talk. Trying to blog a sentence everytime Pia takes a breath. May not have been clever plan. Hobart’s pretty nice so far. Networking worked in my room first go. The view out my window from Saturday: And the last two overs of the […]

Linux Australia Financial Status

So the pre-AGM drafts of LA‘s financial status are up, in particular the 2007/08 financial year summary and the (hopefully) easier to follow bottom line figures (also, the 2006/07 financial year summary since I couldn’t find it online elsewhere). I’m pretty happy with them, both in what the tell us about the health of the […]

LCA Sponsors

An article by Sam Varghese appeared on ITwire today, entitled What is Novell doing here?: A GNU/Linux system does not normally load modules that are not released under an approved licence. So why should Australia’s national Linux conference take on board a sponsor who engages in practices that are at odds with the community? […]

In review: 2006

Probably the thing I most love about is that every year is an experiment. In 2001 we changed its name, location and time, in 2002 we tried moving it outside Sydney and Melbourne and extended the programme to cover Monday and Tuesday, in 2003 we moved it to the furthest capital we could find […]

Catching Up

So, having been out of the country for the past few weeks, I haven’t really been up on what’s been happening with Linux in Australia. Slack, I know. It seems lots has. We’ve had Jon seeking fame and fortune in the opinion pages of the IT press, we’ve had the inaugural “LA Update” podcast, we’ve […]

Online Debating Is So Hot Right Now

Okay, I admit it, I left the tv on after Desperate Housewives, and not only caught Last Man Standing, but a small amount of the Hiltons’ Simple Life 3 – Interns. Anyway, having been referenced by name in the prestigious Australian IT press, how could I not continue the thread I left dangling last week? […]

Linux Australia Updates

More minutes and such: a second face to face session (covering organisational strategy, media strategy, projects review and some other stuff) which went over a second day (covering and included a formal session, as well as two formal meetings in May, one covering general business, the other specifically for some formal LCA2006 stuff immediately after […]

Linux Australia Updates

Heh, so much for blogging regularly on LA stuff. Anyway, we’ve had more meetings since being elected, including a face to face planning session in Sydney; a couple of other meetings to keep things running, and generally been trying to run a tight ship. Jon’s President’s report goes into a bit more detail of all […]

Linux Australia AGM Minutes

Well, a draft anyway. Available now from the linux-aus archives. Highlight? Announcement of the location and dates for 2006!