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It is your destiny…

Speaking of 1c Paypal donations, joining the blogosphere today is Rhys Arkins. Welcome to the dork side, young padawan!

Shocked and Awed!

In a stunning triumph, and as a result of cunning diplomacy and an amazingly well-planned campaign that will surely be used as an example in academies for centuries to come, the mighty blender makes his return to the blogosphere! Only one question remains: is there a plan to win the peace, or will this hard […]

Bring Back Blenblen’s Blog!

As Elvis sang, I don’t need a lot of presents, To make my Christmas bright. I just need blender’s weblog, Up on his website! Oh, Santa: hear my plea! Santa, bring that weblog back to me! Bring back Blender’s Blog!

Additions to the Blogroll

I’ve been a bit lax about noting updates to my blogroll. Introducing Clinton’s blog: Whining, not dining, Brad’s blog, currently titled The Bored and The Geeky, and Pat’s blog: Got Meat?. (Hrm, I guess non-Aussies don’t have to grimace at the low hamming distance between “blogroll” and “bogroll”)

Burling Blog

Jason Parker, pondering his and Ann’s recent investment in a couple of decades of source material for the family blog.

Porcine Platitudes

David Jericho, thinking about movies. Let’s hope he can keep his composure as he rejoins the blogosphere.

Imperfectly formed

David Starkoff, refusing to respond to recent allegations that his new blog is harmful to animals and small children. (Guess who has a new digital camera! Yay me!)