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Yay! Memory!

Decided to wander into NextByte to see about getting some more ram for my nice new iBook today. I’ve been tossing up whether to go for an extra 512MB (for 768MB total) or an extra GB (for 1280MB total) — I really wanted as much as possible, since OS X is a memory hog and […]

Apple Mail Readers, continued

I can’t say I’m surprised to find most of the alternative MUAs to Apple’s are shareware. What I am surprised is to find that they’re not terribly functional — and some aren’t even pretty!’s threading support is pretty basic: it’ll collect related messages together, highlight related messages, and let you collapse a thread […]

AppleMail and IMAP

Continuing my transition to Mac OS X as desktop of choice, I’ve been trying to get my email to work. Getting GPG working was happily easy — just a matter of downloading some stuff, and having AppleMail suddenly support signing email. It seems reasonable functional. Harder is dealing with the couple of hundred megs of […]

My New iBook

* aj continues waiting impatiently for his ibook * Rukh continues waiting impatiently for Bush to be booted out <blender> rukh: a week to go <aj> Rukh: true, i suppose i could be happy that my wait will be a lot shorter than others’ <Rukh> heheh <Rukh> aj: so you’re getting your ibook in a […]