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Myths and disinformation

As Mike Burgess, Director-General of the Australian Signals Directorate — one of roles that is a direct beneficiary of the Assistance and Access bill — points out “there has been considerable inaccurate commentary on the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018″. His attempt to calm the waters down follows the standard […]

Parental Leave

Two posts in one month! Woah! A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of stuff about the Liberal party’s Parental Leave policy (viz: 26 weeks at 100% of your wage, paid out of the general tax pool rather than by your employer, up to $150k), mostly due to a coalition backbencher coming out […]

LCA Schedule

It appears the first draft of the 2011 schedule (described by some as a thing of great beauty) is up as of this morning. Looks promising to me. Of note: There’s lots of electronics-related talks (Arduino miniconf, Rocketry miniconf, Lunar Numbat, Freeing Production, “Use the Force, Linus”, All Chips No Salsa, e4Meter, Growing Food […]

On not being able to think straight

When I last posted about my pygame/trigrid hax0ring, I said: I’m now at the point where that all works, but there’s no intelligence — peon’s will buy and transport goods without checking first that anyone actually wants them. Getting past that is proving troublesome, so this is me thinking out loud about it. The key […]

Side project #1: Pageant

So as per my post from a week ago, here comes the description of my first little side project. But first a quick reiteration of the aim: I’m trying to get a feel for what it’s like actually doing a tech startup; so not charging for my time, but rather making something once that I […]

On organising oneself

Matt writes on ideas, organization and overflow, and that he’s ending up with so many awesome ideas, that even when he notes them down for future reference, he’s so busy that he ends up independently reinventing them before finding time to actually make them happen. (Spoiler: he likes the approach of Steven Covey’s Habit Three […]

Free The World

A little while ago I followed a link to a video of a Kathy Sierra talk (always good value). But one of the ideas therein that particularly intrigued me, particularly in the context of starting up a company, was the notion of “making the t-shirt first”. You can look at it as just compressing the […]

An event

What’s the difference between a company and a business? One’s an almost meaningless bit of paper, the other’s a way of making lots of money. Me, I now have a company!