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On Employment

Okay, so it turns out an interesting, demanding, and rewarding job isn’t as compatible as I’d naively hoped with all the cool things I’d like to be doing as hobbies (like, you know, blogging more than once a year, or anything substantial at all…) Thinking it’s time to see if there’s any truth in the […]


MathJax is pretty cool — it’s essentially a client-side JavaScript implementation of LaTeX, so you can write maths in ASCII, like “x^n + y^n = z^n”, surround it with dollar signs, and have it look like: $$ x^n + y^n = z^n $$ And, of course, you can be more complicated if you like: $$ […]

WoBloMo 2, Epilogue

This year’s woblomo was a bit more consistent than last time — every post was either on the appropriate odd day of March, or before midday the next day. (I did backdate a few posts that actually got posted between midnight and about 4am the next day, just to keep the calendar widget in the […]

WoBloMo 2

So with March coming up again, I thought I might have another go at some regular blogging. The World Blogging Month page doesn’t seem to have been updated (and David Pennock hasn’t blogged at Oddhead since October…) but I figure every other day still sounds more reasonable than every day, so I’ll stick with that, […]

Social meeja

Ben posts about the point of twitter: As far as I can tell, Twitter is a flakier, crappier knockoff of Facebook, that has even less monetization potential than Facebook. Meanwhile, is an open source knock-off of twitter, FriendFeed is a knockoff of Facebook, LinkedIn is knocking-off a little bit of both of them, everything’s […]

WoBloMo, epilogue

Phew, so March is over in another hour or so, and this post will be my sixteenth of the month, thus kinda completing the woblomo challenge, even if it ended up pretty damn flaky after the 19th… But hey, it was kinda fun, at least from this end. If you’re looking for actual interesting content, […]


Okay, so it’s not writing a novel, but it could still be fun. Via David Pennock, who is apparently of the view that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth registering the domain and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. And hey, why not?

Blosxom to WordPress

So a quick blog on the switch to WordPress. The main reason I decided to switch was the ability to have comments; which you can do in blosxom with various plugins, but then you have to worry about spam yourself, whereas with WordPress comments (and comment moderation) are standard and plugins to deal with spam […]

Already obsolete…

Wow, I switch on the rewriting to make the switch from blosxom to wordpress actually happen, and what do I see when I go to blog about it? “WordPress 2.7 is available! Please update now.” I guess this is what you have to expect when you use software that’s actively maintained… UPDATE 2008/12/12: Okay, 2.7 […]

A new home…

inamerrata will shortly be moving to a new home, with a wordpress backend instead of a blosxom one. I suspect that means a little Planet spamming will be forthcoming, when I add the redirect rules to move the old posts/feeds to the new urls… On the upside: no more “Read more…” links, and comments! Truly […]

A new name

So it’s been a bit over five years of indolence, time for a change. The original title for this blog was in homage to Andrew’s incoherence log, and found by trolling for interesting sounding words beginning with “in-“. Not seeing any reason to change a winning formula, I tried the same again, and came across […]

Blogging Like Nobody’s Watching

While I do blog under the title “indolence log” for a reason, I’ve been a bit unhappy with how little I’ve managed to blog since April — barely managing one post a month. That drop-off coincided pretty sharply with getting elected DPL, and my best guess at the reasoning is that I’ve associated blogging with […]

Some Tweaks

I tried making some minor tweaks. Tables have been replaced with CSS; ugh, what an absolutely horrible control language. Tables are more elegant. Oh well. Also added some Google ads down the side — they’ve already made more than the single 1c donation the PayPal button managed to elicit. Interestingly, the Google Ads terms of […]

Two Years!

Well, that’s the second year of blogging down. Over a hundred thousand words, across a couple of hundred posts! (In the Advantage: Inchoate column, though, David’s blog’s had one hundred and fifty thousand words or so, across almost a thousand posts and updates. Wow!) UPDATE 2005/05/27: David points out that it’s actually over a thousand […]


Wow; I thought David getting a hit from the Troppo Armadillo was cool (not to mention the rest of his growing fan club), but now the other David gets slapped in the face with the velvet glove of the Mistress of Hollywood Babylon herself?