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I’m inclined to think that I’ve worn out the “newly conservative” explanation for blogging under the “neo-con” tag, but I haven’t come upon a replacement yet, and I can’t resist commenting on this. The Senate Select Committee on the Free Trade Agreement has an interesting membership. It’s designed, depending on your level of cynicism, either […]

Sticking it to the Bourgeois

Pick the prominant third-way thinker who said this: America rejects the ethic of sink or swim. America rejects social Darwinism, because strength is not the same as worth. Our greatest failures as a nation have come when we lost sight of our compassionate ideals — in slavery, in segregation, and in every wrong that has […]

Psychopathic Corporations

Martin points to an Economist review of a anti-corporate film that tries to make the case that corporations are “pyschopathic” by their very nature. It’s presented as “asking the question”, but I can’t see how you’d get a different film if you’d started off with the answer. I think this is a further trend of […]

Prices and Costs

Heh. The Gnu Hunter scoffed at my attempt to draw a distinction between the price and cost of email delivery; so I’m pleased to find I’m in good company on that issue: here’s Thomas Sowell doing a similar job on the costs of medical care. Also of interest is Brookes News, which has some interesting […]

Quality Reporting

Here’s the story: Australia’s inflation rate lowest in 4 years CANBERRA, April 28 (Xinhuanet) — Australia’s annual inflation rate slowed to 2 percent, the lowest since December 1999, official figures released on Wednesday show. The story‘s headline is Living costs rise slowest in 4 years, the Herald Sun says Inflation at four-year low, Yahoo […]

The Threat of Globalisation

The Daily Ablution complained to the BBC about a poll they ran that concluded US is bigger threat than terror. Well, that was the headline, anyway; the real conclusion was that the US and globalisation combined were a bigger threat than terror, at least given the online poll they did. Apart from being an online […]

Dubya and Gay Marriage

The world’s an odd place. In this year’s State of the Union, and as one of his election platforms, President Bush has supported the push to reserve marriage in the US for straight folk. Various sensible folks were naturally outraged at this, just as other various sensible folks have been concerned to various degrees by […]

Cats and dogs, stewing together

Eating cats and dogs is now illegal in SA. Conscientious objector Kris Hanna had this to say: It plays upon unfounded fears about people from our own cultures who have different eating habits to our own. I wonder if he meant “It plays upon unfounded fears about people from other cultures who, in actual fact, […]

AJ blasts sloppy ABC

So, here’s the lede: Howard blasts ‘sloppy’ Latham Prime Minister John Howard has launched a scathing attack on Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham, saying he is sloppy with the truth and he wants to expose him. But the Labor Party is unfazed by Mr Howard’s criticism. At the time of writing, that’s what’s visible on […]

Who’s Responsible?

Ben and David have been having a little cross-blog discussion about Saddam being found in a hole, and how much America sucks. In his followup, Ben writes: But no, I dont believe the Americans should get a break. The US is unquestionably a superpower and with that superpower status comes a responsibility to lead like […]

It’s a Free Country

Isn’t it?. Where’s Media Watch when you need it? On Christmas Holidays, of course.

Idiotic Reporters

Feh. Listening to Sky News tonight report on Bush’s visit to Baghdad airport. What did the Iraqis think? “Some were indifferent, others were angry.” Apparently not one actively approved. Meanwhile the ABC’s current take on it is to headline a story that says: The American media has given a generally favourable response to US President […]

Economics is so interesting

Cypher was a fun movie, twisty and a little noir, with some suspense and revulsion and action and sexual tension and everything. The only problem with it was a strange mis-step in the script: a couple of scenes were about incredibly boring lectures at conferences, and while they at least weren’t so out of touch […]

An Open Letter to Paul Krugman

Read it. Bookmark it. Read it again, beforehand, next time you choose to argue about something.

The Three Conjectures

Quoth the Belmont Club: The so-called strengths of Islamic terrorism: fanatical intent; lack of a centralized leadership; absence of a final authority and cellular structure guarantee uncontrollable escalation once the nuclear threshold is crossed. Therefore the ‘rational’ American response to the initiation of terrorist WMD attack would be all out retaliation from the outset.