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Consumer reports: Mobicity

When I was looking at what new smartphone to get, the cheapest place to get it from seemed to be Mobicity which seems to be a local shopfront for a Hong Kong warehouse. That there was a discount voucher on tjoos helped too. Anyway, the price was right and it got here reasonably quickly so […]

Eee box

So I fell for Zazz‘s “Thingy of the Day” last week and ordered an Asus Eee Box. It arrived today, and is pretty respectable — the “screws onto the back of your LCD” form-factor is pretty sweet, and having SD cards as the only removable media seems pretty decent too. Built in wireless, decent number […]

Symantec Error in Line 1

Admittedly, I get a bad impression of Windows software because the only time I ever touch it is when it’s already causing problems for someone. But gag. The latest wonderful bit of nonsense is thanks to Symantec, in particular their “Norton Internet Security” product. Its wonderful new activation feature is broken on Windows XP, so […]

EFX Newgen5

I’ve been thinking of getting an iPod for quite a while, but hadn’t quite managed to get over the “$500 for a fancy-shmancy walkman?? pfft!” mental hurdle. However things came to a head recently — I’ve joined the local gym to try to get a bit fitter for skiing in a couple of weeks (Mmmm. […]

Billion 743GE

As part of moving, I needed to get the Internet hooked up again, which meant getting a new ADSL modem. Looking around, there seemed to be good deals for combination ADSL modem/4 port hub/wireless access point dealies, and as it turned out I was able to get a second hand one for even cheaper. As […]