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Footnote URLs

So, one thing which annoys me a bit about writing blog entries is the way the horrible markup for links screws up the formatting of the entries as I see it in the editor. It makes a couple of words take up a whole line, and screws up the word-wrapping, and makes things unreadable. Which […]

Yay Me

Hey, there’s my submission! How bizarre though, that they seem to have printed out the (126kB) PDF that I sent them, then scanned it back in as a new (906kB) PDF. Arguably it makes sense to make sure that people looking at the website are getting exactly what the review are reading, but even so. […]

Economics is so interesting

Cypher was a fun movie, twisty and a little noir, with some suspense and revulsion and action and sexual tension and everything. The only problem with it was a strange mis-step in the script: a couple of scenes were about incredibly boring lectures at conferences, and while they at least weren’t so out of touch […]

An Open Letter to Paul Krugman

Read it. Bookmark it. Read it again, beforehand, next time you choose to argue about something.